5 weeks ahead will define our season


In the next five weeks we play seven away games and only two at home (Ross County and Hearts).  If we beat Partick Thistle on Saturday, a tenth game will happen during this timeframe, making the series either seven or eight away from home in 10 games.

Apart from the final games in the series, in Copenhagen, the others all have a must-win look to them.  Thistle are struggling for form at the moment, so are unlikely to pose much of a threat, but we have two games on plastic – Kilmarnock and Hamilton – as well as trips to Motherwell and Aberdeen.

This is an exceptional load by any standards.  Getting it right during this period will define our season.

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  1. One thing we need to do, is stop moaning about playing on plastic. Of course, we shouldn’t have plastic pitches, but we do. Put out there right team and get the job done.

  2. Last post on previous blog. Just filling in for Melbourne Mick..:)



    Re TBB @ 10.17 – good post.




    I see a few guys have mentioned 3) We don’t really know what to do with our stack of dough as the likely reason for our cash surplus. Have to disagree and say that’s the most unlikely reason imo.




    The type of folk on our board and their likes are so focused on money/profit (their lives work for some). It’s inconceivable to me that our board could be so aimless with such a large sum. There’s not a chance in hell they’ve let that huge amount accumulate with no medium or long term plan for the money. It’s way too important to them and it would also be negligent on their part to let that situation occur with no benefit to our club. It makes zero sense to have it there doing nothing.




    As for the reason it’s there…




    A new emerging European league set up which would give us a much more level playing field than we’ll ever get in Scotland. Might be wishful thinking but a bhoy can dream.





  3. ST TAMS on 14TH JANUARY 2020 12:19 PM


    Why does it always take us so long to announce a new signing






    Cause the internet makes us all impatient.



    A bit annoying that there are so many mischief-makers on Twitter telling folk he’s failed his medical

  4. Great debate on the ole Blog this morning and hope it washes over to this latest article.


    Re Paul67s final sentence, for “this period” maybe substitute “this month”. Could do with some white smoke this afternoon. HH

  5. St Tams,



    I think we do most of our business away from the headlines. The huns do it in tandem with their


    media partners / pardoners……………


    I think Celtic try to complete business and then unveil while the huns use the theatre as part of their bombastic approach to everything.


    Also, when the huns are going thru this delicate contractual rigmarole, they have the media as willing, co-operative partners / pardoners….we do not.

  6. Timaloy29:



    ` A bit annoying that there are so many mischief-makers on Twitter telling folk he’s failed his medical`



    iwas n`t aware of what those` mischief-makers` were telling folk until you mentioned it.

  7. Celtic dither while ra’ gers swoop, jet in etc etc etc………………



    The actual truth is obskured by hunguffery and scoddland is happy with that.

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Have a terrible sense of foreboding. The huns have invested in seasoned pros. We continue to rely on kids. Even the new lads coming in are 21. It’s a helluva pressure to place on such inexperienced shoulders, irrespective of their talent.



    It’s a huge gamble by Lawwell and I fear it will blow up in his amply remunerated face. And ours.



    It seems we have decided as a club that our business model relies on transfer profits rather than Champions League. The logical extension of that is that it might prove more lucrative to sacrifice the league by blooding talented young players who can later be sold for huge profits to the EPL.



    Precisely the Ajax model Lawwell said our fans wouldn’t tolerate when speaking at our AGM.

  9. I’m sorry but the Kilmarnock and Hamilton matches are two I will be avoiding



    The dog will need walked at that time on those days

  10. …It’ll be interesting to see how the Tyrese Campbell thing plays out…………………not sure we were ever interested in the fella, but when I see us bracketed in the same breath with the huns then I instinctively think he’s given the nod to the huns and the media are just lining up another story that the ( insert name) decided on Ibrox and Stevie G, full -on rainjurzitis….etc etc etc…………and so the ditherin’ myth is reinforced…..Guff.




    I would be in 100% agreement if the transfer window was closed, but we still have time to add the nous, experience and bite our squad needs.


    We’ll soon find out.







    Relying on Champions League revenue is a recipe for disaster. Qualification is far too treacherous to base a sensible business model on. A bad 90 minutes, even a bad 45 can ruin everything, not to mention bad refereeing decisions, injuries to key players.



    Aiming to win the SPL every season is a very different thing.

  13. Aipple,



    I met him in London years ago and again more recently in Schull – quite by accident. Decent sort, quietly funny and down-to-earth.


    That clip is unbelievably funny……



    This ad is currently running on RTE………..any huns behind enemy lines must be seeeek.







  14. ZIGGYDOC1 on 14TH JANUARY 2020 12:16 PM



    Totally agree, the often posted ‘let’s not raise a reason for failure’ is very very apt there.





  15. Based on the league table: Motherwell and Aberdeen away should be hard games; Killie and Hamilton away shouldn’t be



    Both Hamilton games this season are a microcosm of when out tactics are not working and we don’t seem to know how to change it. We should be hammering Hamilton



    Killie will always have a chance at home but based on their season so far, we should be professional and win comfortably.



    An uptick in intensity post Dubai and some tactical intervention from the bench are what I asked Santa for!



    I am in Dubai later in the month so I expect an uptick in my work performance after that too….

  16. BANKIEBHOY1 on 14TH JANUARY 2020 12:35 PM



    Possibly. We were looking at Joe Aribo but decided not to make him an offer. The press obviously played up that aspect. “RANGERS have won the RACE to sign Joe Aribo”



    Aribo said: “I wasn’t aware of that but my agent might know a bit more about that.



    “There were a few others but once I had spoken to the gaffer I knew this is where I wanted to go.



    Gerrard said: “It obviously came out in the public domain that Celtic had made him an offer as well so if we manage to get that one over the line it’ll be a big coup for us.”

  17. Chris Commons was experienced and signed in Jan 2011. Ultimately, we lost the league but he fair picked up out performances after a dire Nov/Dec 2010

  18. Timaloy…



    Good point bud.



    I’m sure we have made mistakes and will continue to do so. It’s not a science.


    Good news stories for huns sells papers an’ promotes clicks. In scoddland it works the same way for bad news stories about us.


    in the footballing realm the truth of the matter is usually pitched to favour the huns imo.



  19. Play Bayo against the jags. If he plays well we should think about using him vs the likes of Hamilton



    He’s capable of bullying defenders.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Is the selection of new top ref and share price drop linked?


    Same time frame



    If we don’t win 9 in a row, it’ll be tumbleweed Parkheid?






    More like pitchforks and torches

  22. BANKIEBHOY1 @ 12:53



    Nice one, hadn’t seen it. Fair braw, perfect.



    Ps When I sing it to my parrot he dances. True story.

  23. We have gone from when we win 9 and 10 in a row to if we win 9 and 10 in a row to the next 5 weeks will define our season.


    How quickly things have changed.


    Who could have predicted this?

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