5 weeks ahead will define our season


In the next five weeks we play seven away games and only two at home (Ross County and Hearts).  If we beat Partick Thistle on Saturday, a tenth game will happen during this timeframe, making the series either seven or eight away from home in 10 games.

Apart from the final games in the series, in Copenhagen, the others all have a must-win look to them.  Thistle are struggling for form at the moment, so are unlikely to pose much of a threat, but we have two games on plastic – Kilmarnock and Hamilton – as well as trips to Motherwell and Aberdeen.

This is an exceptional load by any standards.  Getting it right during this period will define our season.


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  1. The competitive set that previously stymied the huns has weakened and they’ve goat a bit better. Not much we could have done about that.



    We’ve done okay, pretty good….remember them points denied at the start of the season??



    Kilmarnock were SFA’d, Hertz ran outa gas, Hibs hibsed it and Big Deek is on a promise……………



    The Mibs can’t be trusted, they are either bent or rubbish and bent – with a venal understanding how bad it gets if the huns are penalised.



    We Know The Score.

  2. An unexpected 8% fall in share price in a successful company with ample cash reserves in the bank is worrying. If it continues to fall it is more than worrying – the market is reacting to something.



    The fact that we are only spending around £5/6m, which could be recouped if Lyon sell Moussa is perplexing.



    NL ‘out of the blue’ praising Shved & Arzani, two players hardly mentioned for six months is interesting.



    Sinclair’s erstwhile wages will more than fund those of the new arrivals.



    It could therefore work out as a negative spend window. With our main rival breathing down our neck, that is surprising.



    Worrying, perplexing, interesting & surprising, looks like there is something brewing in the background – wonder what it can be?

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Probably just a little correction but a bit of a drop in the share price considering its not exactly been volatile previously.




  4. Celtic don’t swoop. Celtic win races.



    Welcome Patryk.



    Be the hunslayer you’re parents brought you up to be.

  5. I heard a wee story that it was Soros partner that was holding up the move.Did not like Scotland.In the words of Elton John,


    “Soros seems to be a hard nosed bird”.

  6. MCNUT on 14TH JANUARY 2020 1:50 PM



    We have no control over what goes on with Moussa. We should be working with a budget that excludes that.



    The January window is always quiet and generally, the only players who move are unwanted by their current club.



    We’ve got rid of the deadwood, we’re hopefully getting a young prospect out on loan and added a striker.



    I expect more movement over the next 17 days.



    No point getting worried about scenarios you’ve drawn up in your head.

  7. Rumours, or predictions about our “main rivals” could be causing our share price to dip, por cierto.

  8. Saw a wee bit about Share Price had a wee peep as far as I can see they fell from 1.55 to 1.51 with 3000 shares being traded, hardly worth a mention.



    Anyhow You are Welcome Polish Paddy,


    In our side you’ll surely stand,



    Now Pedro 3 more please.

  9. In anticipation of any further signings can anyone tell me where we will stand in terms of our Europa league squad. I know that we can only list a squad of 25. But can we make wholesale changes to our existing squad – for example make 4 or 5 replacements? It’s surely certain that young Master Frimpong will be added. And, yes, I do realise that the league is our most important target. Although a Quadruple would be nice ;-)

  10. We gave Lenny 15 million in the summer with loans added.We have given him another 3.5 million,with more to come.We have already a huge wage bill.At the start of the season,we were all saying our squad was much better then theirs,rightly so.What’s changed?.I fully expect us t repeat last season post break form.What they do,we have no control over.

  11. TIMALOY @ 14:02


    CORKCELT @ 14:13





    I am aware we have no control over Moussa, however it may be considered as ‘money in the bank’ – he will move sooner, or, later.



    Surely you must appreciate that with 9/10iar on the line, Ibrox breathing down our neck, so many away games coming up, that this is not a normal January window for us.



    I have not drawn up any scenarios in my head – I respond to only to actions and information currently in the public domain – should I just ignore these things?



    Don’t you think that Paul’s article rather terse today?





    The share price has fallen from £1.65 to £1.51 – down 8%

  12. MCNUT on 14TH JANUARY 2020 2:29 PM



    Lyon’s chairman said he’s not moving this window



    “Moussa will not leave. On one hand, he wants to stay with Lyon. It’s the best way for him to continue to improve his game. There have been offers for him and other players, but no one we want to keep will leave in January,” Aulas said. (Lyon’s chairman)



    Maybe he moves in the summer. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he moved for less money than he thought. Maybe he gets injured. Maybe his form drops. This is far from “money in the bank”



    You are counting chickens before they hatch.



    You mentioned a scenario that includes Celtic only sign Klimala and receiving similar money for the Dembele deal thus making a net profit.



    That is far from confirmed.



    Celtic won’t rebuild the squad in a January window. It doesn’t afford the club the time and the players simply won’t be available.



    There are 17 days remaining in this window.

  13. TURKEYBHOY @ 14:19



    “We were all saying that our squad was much better than their’s at the start of the season” – are we all still saying that now? Performances don’t back that up.



    We might “repeat last years post-break form”‘kick however the task is stiffer than last year.



    “What’s changed”? The quality of the Ibrox challenge has changed. We can’t stop them improving, but we can gear up to meet it – are we doing that?

  14. McNut today share Price fell from 1.55 to 1.51 but it’s 6 separate deals totaling 3,300 Shares about 5,500 pounds changed hands altogether. Hardly much of an indicator of anything.

  15. Our run of away games should keep us focused.



    We’ve 2 months to win this league.



    No excuses, Celtic.

  16. if we don’t win the Ten then I don’t think it will be tumbleweed Parkhead. I for one will be renewing my season ticket whether we win honours or not.



    Celtic are the team I support and anyone who quits when we don’t win is no more than a glory hunter. Most of my friends and those sitting around me are there to support Celtic and its not conditional on the winning of titles.



    When Fergus McCann asked the fans back the share issue they duly did and have supported the club well since then. There have been periods when game attendance has dipped but these are likely to be partially as a result of financial pressures,



    There are also complaints about the standard of football and of the tactics, personnel and signings from the fans but Celtic have always had a section who are never satisfied and the fact we are top of the League on the way to 9 in a row and 10 consecutive trophies won, is a good example.

  17. MCNUT on 14TH JANUARY 2020 2:45 PM



    “What’s changed”? The quality of the Ibrox challenge has changed. We can’t stop them improving, but we can gear up to meet it – are we doing that?






    Celtic had 42 points after 20 games last season. They have 52 points after 20 games last season.



    Even if you line up the exact 20 games from last season (swapping in Ross County for Dundee) they are 10 points better off.



    Celtic have raised their game and sit top of the league. It’s tight no doubt. They have improved no doubt.



    But Celtic haven’t stood still.

  18. The fixtures this year could create problems balancing out home/away games against the same clubs.



    Should the top 6 stay the same as now, at the split Celtic will have played all the other 5 teams twice away and only once at home.



    Post split, we should be due 3 home and 2 away games.



    So, we will have to visit 2 of these teams (The Rangers, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Livi and Hibs) for a 3rd time this season.

  19. Well Jim it definitely won’t be the Huns we will be visiting. If there is sleekitry a foot it could include Livingston.


    Reality is home or away we just have to keep winning from now on,

  20. BIGBHOY, Like you if we don’t win 9 or 10 in a row,God willing I will renew my season ticket, on transfers I would like us to sign another Goalkeeper.

  21. HRVATSKI JIM on 14TH JANUARY 2020 3:00 PM



    Can’t believe it.



    How can it come to this? My prediction is Livi & Motherwell.

  22. Hibs game, start of the season………points denied.



    Just sayin’



    the margins………………..




    I have no idea what criteria is applied to determine how fixtures will be balanced out as best as possible. I also haven’t looked at how the other teams are affected.



    Kilmarnock are next in line to make the top six which would solve one problem if they replaced Livi or Hibs but that still leaves one other situation when we would have to go back to a ground for the 3rd time.

  24. Big Jimmy just to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I remembered to say a prayer for you at Mass today. Having had heart failure I know some of the feelings you have but like you I just live day by day and enjoy being a Celtic Supporter.



    By the way, I have shares. Stood up to be counted when the call went out from Fergus. I could not tell you what they are worth. Never put my money into to make money. I simply would not let my team die. That was more important to me and many others on here and elsewhere than the chance to make a profit..

  25. Why should the board spend our money on our team when we have supporters like bigbhoy.


    If there are 50000 supporters like him willing to renew their season tickets come hell or high water why make an effort to improve the team.


    The lesson to learn here is don’t give your unconditional support to anyone. Whether it is political leaders, religious leaders or our board. If you do, then be prepared to be treated badly.


    £40m in the bank!

  26. Mr Allan the new SFA head of referees gave an interview on his active retirement a few years ago and used the comparison between the treatment refs get from football or from rugby players. “Gentle giants”, when he waxed about those who play with an oval ball. “Lacking respect” when he criticised footballers. That is the sad reality of those who officiate scottish football….they prefer rugby. The aspiring journos think the same and our game is demeaned constantly. Cowan and Cosgrove the pinnacle of all this.Celtic have all the credibilty from their hard but fair football nature to take on this narrative and to focus more on the reality and demand that referees need to be held much more accountable. Nice and grown up like rugby no?

  27. BSR…..



    no doubt bud.



    The effect is won or lost points.



    We’ll lose games for sure but when points make prizes and the margins are tighter, thems will benefit and we wont……..in the balance of probability.



    By losin’ to the huns at Christmas we’ve made our lives that bit more difficult but the reality was always going to be that this and next season were going to be mountainous………




  28. Allan Crawford



    *shakes heid wearily*



    – enthralled by Walter’s “passion” after The Auld Indulged Ned’s Mixu touchline brawl.



    ’nuff said.

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