5 weeks ahead will define our season


In the next five weeks we play seven away games and only two at home (Ross County and Hearts).  If we beat Partick Thistle on Saturday, a tenth game will happen during this timeframe, making the series either seven or eight away from home in 10 games.

Apart from the final games in the series, in Copenhagen, the others all have a must-win look to them.  Thistle are struggling for form at the moment, so are unlikely to pose much of a threat, but we have two games on plastic – Kilmarnock and Hamilton – as well as trips to Motherwell and Aberdeen.

This is an exceptional load by any standards.  Getting it right during this period will define our season.


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  1. I seen during the Liverpool game that Spurs, for the replay, had priced tickets at £20 and £40 for a family ticket! por cierto

  2. Its a shame bbc shortbread gave up even trying to get scottish football rights.



    Last time i checked people in scotland paid the same license fee.



    And I am pretty sure scottish cup tv rights would not have cost half as much as gary linekars salary.

  3. Tontine tim



    Great to see you posting again on this site.



    Thanks for your considered response.



    On a kind of related topic….



    My old man (he was not from an educated or indeed fanatical Celtic background) always said Celtic’s owners / manager / players performed a great role in life.



    He said the club initially gave supporters with little in their worlds ‘a cause’ and a feeling of belonging and something to express themselves through.



    He said the custodians (owners / manager / players) also gave a disenfranchised class of people something to moan about and kick and punch metaphorically. He reckoned it was a great distraction for these folk from the ‘impoverished’ lives they might otherwise have.



    It sounds a bit fancy and almost arrogant but it was not meant that way. It was dad’s way of explaining why Celtic performed an important social function and why I shouldn’t worry that everyone else actually knew how to run the club or manage the team or even take a ‘shy’ better than those that were doing it.



    It also helped him explain the euphoria when we won ‘against the odds’ so often in the late 60s and early 70s and how the fans and club aligned back then to be such a powerful force at occasions like Leeds at Hampden or Benfica at Celtic Park or Rangers those 3 King Kenny games in a row at Ibrox.



    It is a special club with quite a few paradoxes and peculiarities amongst the way the faithful engage with it.

  4. bournesouprecipe on 14th January 2020 6:55 pm






    Win or lose I am just happy to have Celtic fc in my life



    Long live CQN CSC





    Hail Hail

  5. glendalystonsils on




    I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about without listening to Grima Wormtongue.

  6. Copa Italia is played at a strange time – this afternoon Napoli v Perugia 3pm on a Tuesday when as far as I know this isn’t a holiday.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Philbhoy on 14th January 2020 8:29 pm



    Grima….never seen in the same room as a certain poster!

  8. Don’t care about the age of players or their value, but i am interested in their attributes. Its reported polish paddy is a bit of a workhorse and is happy to press off the ball, soro also quoted as sharing these attributes, perhaps Lennon wants to add those 2 to redress the passive approach of late and to take the game to teams when off the ball.




  9. MCNUT-McNugget -I told you all right of the bat he was trying to hard😉


    Big Jimmy-you’ll be fine tomorrow,even better without that sleekit dog groomer giving you his best😉



  10. glendalystonsils on

    With your long blond hair and your eyes of blue………



    the only thing I ever get from you……..



    is SORO , SORO….



    Stuckinthesixties CSC

  11. Hello again all you young rebels.



    What’s been appnin then? has our board grew a set of balls yet?


    Been very busy with our preseason at our local soccer club and just


    had a wee lurk now and again.


    Really can’t get my head round why they won’t take on that corrupt


    cabal and back not just our players but fans, really it’s a mystery, or


    is it ?




    Our CSC’s new party pub for the coming season is THE DUBLINER and


    what a deal they’ve given us on most alcoholic drinks, with beer wine


    etc.all reduced for Celtic club members.


    Our third Sunday of the month meet up and singalong starts this weekend


    as usual big Richie on the tunes and hopefully Paddymac back to his foot


    stompin best.


    For new members and visitors THE DUBLINER is behind Main St Mornington


    just up from the library.


    Are we signing Soro?


    O.k. here’s my song for him.


    THE MERSEYS 1960′ ish




    Your hair is short and your eyes are green


    you play for Celtic and you hate the queen


    Soro… Soro


    I’m sure sumbdy can improve on my limited musical


    ability lol.


    H.H . Mick

  12. jamesgang @ 10:12 am




    “To lose this title – our first real challenge since 2010/11,” (MCNUT)




    Aye! They don’t really count as a Title unless the Huns win it or are in it (SFTB).





    It’s entirely possible for both these views to accurately co-exist. I savour everything we win…. match, cup, league. And if we’re being objective, this season is the first where we’ve faced an opponent with a strong chance of winning the title. (JG)






    We often claim objectivity without showing any signs of evidence based thinking . We have been behind by more points and for longer, in previous seasons, than we have been this season.



    Last year, for example, we did not hit the no.1 slot in the SPFL until Week 13 and we did not establish an unbroken position at no.1 until week 17 (we were lying 3rd in week 16). This season we are at Week 20 in no. 1 slot, albeit with the 2nd place team having a game over us.



    There were other seasons in our 8iar where we trailed Hearts, Motherwell and Aberdeen for significant portions of the season, very similar to the current position giving rise to dire threats that “we better get the finger out or we’ll lose this league”.



    Were all the posters who made such threats and forecasts just kidding? That is not the impression I got at the time. Apart from the invincible season (well, after a significant part of it), there have always been genuine and heartfelt prophecies of doom made by CQNrs- You cannot have missed all that or suppressed all memory of it.



    The only difference this year (and last) is a Subjective, not an Objective, one. That is the name of the team challenging and the fear that carries for some of us.



    I agree with you that there is a higher fear of failure this year, even higher than last year, but there were fears of failure in every year of our 8iar. However, when Aberdeen or Well or Hearts were close to us, nobody was calculating how many away or home games they had to complete respective to our programme of fixtures. The reasons for that are subjective (the foe malign, the historical threat, the hated rival) rather than objective (the size of the gap or the late stage of the season)




    Couldn’t bring mysel to print blue lol.


    brilliant minds think alike.


    H.H . Mick

  14. Out of the night,


    When the full moon is bright,


    Comes the horseman known as Soro.


    This bold renegade


    Carves an “S” with his blade,


    An “S” that stands for Soro.



    Soro, Soro, the fox so cunning and fresh,


    Soro, Soro, who makes the sign of the S.



    He is polite,


    But the wicked take flight


    When they catch the sight of Soro.


    He’s friend of the weak,


    And the poor and the meek,


    This very unique, señor Soro.

  15. SFTB



    The evidence upon which my fears are based is:



    1. They’ve been markedly the better team in several recent encounters.


    2. They’ve shown themselves to be much better than the rest and are unlikely to drop many points.


    3. The stakes are ‘life and death’ high for them and they and their establishment are acting accordingly.


    4. We were till the arrival of Polish Paddy, one lunge on Eddie away from no strike force.


    5. Our manager’s till now inability to adapt his tactics.


    6. Our custodians tacit acceptance of the old firm business model, evidenced by their gutless approach to Res12



    These are not facts and data per se. But it’s a pretty compelling set of evidence.






    HH jg

  16. Custodians’



    Can’t believe I missed that apostrophe. Sorry Jim, you gorgeous, erstwhile English teacher in Smokie-ville!

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