50 ways to leave your Legia


If there are 50 ways to leave your Legia, Josip Juranovic surely picked the best.  In their Europa League qualifier against Slavia last night, he took a high clearance out of his own box, controlled with his first touch, ran 50 yards against a retreating Slavia defence, before pinging a 25-yard shot into the postage stamp corner (kids, ask someone).  He is an absolute baller (ask a kid).

If the deal completes (you’ve been here long enough to know nothing is done until it’s done), we will recruit a player who adds quality to the first team.

After climbing such a peak on Wednesday, our collective nerves probably extend no further than St Mirren at home tomorrow.  The visitors drew at Dundee on the opening day of the season and lost to Hearts last time out.  I know you’re thinking, so what?, but they are the only team to take a point away from the city of Dundee all season, and we also lost to Hearts.  Although, I suppose, there has only been one other visitor to either United or Dundee this season, and they have their own nervous condition to worry about.

You cannot ask teams to climb the mountain every game, people do not work that way.  After a big result, energy levels often crash.  Think beating reigning European champions, Milan in 2008, then being a goal down 87 minutes into facing Gretna at Motherwell next time out.

Let’s get the job done early and rest as many limbs and minds as possible.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 20TH AUGUST 2021 12:06 PM


    Just had a text saying I can come for my 4th Vaccine anytime.Brilliant Vaccine programme ongoing here,yet UK still has Turkey on their Red List.





    Meantime,India,and China,and a great many African countries,on Amber.Wuhan in total lockdown again,and we all saw what India was like around a month ago.





    Aye,right Boris.Trade deals,you say?

  2. the baller scored some goal right enough, from the first control to the accelerated run, 50 yards covered, 6 touches of the ball, and a wonderful powerful but accurate with some curve on the shot.



    the complainers –


    aye but all his touches were with his right foot, and nobody tackled, and they all back off him.


    Only 10 caps, means nothing.

  3. You just slip out the back, Jack


    Make a new plan, Stan


    You don’t need to be coy, Roy


    Just get yourself free


    Hop on the bus, Gus


    You don’t need to discuss much


    Just drop off the key, Lee


    And get yourself free


    Ooh, slip out the back, Jack


    Make a new plan, Stan


    You don’t need to be coy, Roy


    You just listen to me


    Hop on the bus, Gus


    You don’t need to discuss much


    Just drop off the key, Lee


    And get yourself free

  4. Without wanting to throw too many pebbles into the pond …


    Interesting that there is a lot of interweb chatter on the state of the team that is TFOD2.1.



    Some of their players it is noted are looking like chesterfield couches with all their fake gym bunny / over inflated “wimpy kid” muscles.



    Plus you have the thousand yard stares of those who seem to spend their time swimming in caffeine or playing with the good friend Charles..



    And to think that the SPL drug testing regime is currently drifting towards non existence.



    For the record I always thought that Gullane Sands back in the 70’s with the old jungle fighter that was JW was just cover for a much more focused approach and then came the tragedy of WJ at the 78 WC — old habits die hard?



    For the record the Dutch seemed to have been the instigators of the 70’s new wave of non natural stimulation so the jump to Govan could have been cultural.



    Do the moons align on any of this?

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Personally, until I see the Celtic FC tweet or statement that begins



    “Celtic are delighted to announce …”



    I try to ignore the yap.



    But it can be tricky.



    Negotiations to sign players which appear to be protracted also run the risk of prompting an “ach, awright, finally” response rather than a “wow, ya beauty” type feeling when player X signs.



    We need to work deals faster.



    As for the upcoming fixtures, in the lead up to a match in Glasgow on Sunday, 29 August?



    Wednesday home


    Saturday home


    Thursday Netherlands



    feels better than



    Thursday home


    Sunday in the Highlands


    Thursday in Armenia

  6. Just get enough back-up in Celtic.


    We’re gonna be hammered by everyone and anyone…….*cough*………….



    More than we need would seem prufdent not profligate under currant circumstances.



    The huns will either hump the opposition or squeak by on sleekit dig oots from malleable hun nuggets carrying whistles or flegs….so we need to be confident of blowin’ thems ooot the water when we face them.



    ( I’ve no expectations in Europe. None.)







  7. Another pebble …



    GO — he wrote as he lived — distressed gentlefolk grifting a turn as best he could.


    Poverty and conflict tourist doing 6 months here and 6 months there.


    Clergy end of the upper middle class spectrum — skint but with standards.


    Interested visitor to a working class zoo …



    Not a big fan but he is worth reading.

  8. Anyone watch that dross at Mordor last night.Alashkert were so bad,it should have been about 5 or 6 nil.Good thing is,the Huns cannot take the away tie lightly.It will be baking hot in Yerevan.This mob are garbage away from home,but not the same at home.Some good results there.All in all,a horrible night awaits them.

  9. BRIAN F on 20TH AUGUST 2021 12:16 PM


    Why would you need a 4th vaccine?



    They issued double Vaccines of Sinovac,to all over 60s,at the beginning of the crisis,as an emergency measure.


    Now anyone who had these is being offered double doses of Pfizer.

  10. MADMITCH on 20TH AUGUST 2021 12:36 PM



    Orwell never claimed to be anything he wasn’t.



    The greater part of his adult life was spent in penury, notwithstanding his background, connections and cultural capital.



    That penury most likely contributed to his contracting the TB that killed him at 46.



    The bullet through the throat in Spain probably didn’t help either.

  11. 4th vaccine .. wow


    A friend just buried his ex partner last week had blood clots on the brain .


    Couple of weeks after her first dose


    43 and no underlying health issues .


    Stay safe all

  12. EL @ 1.07



    GO — if you understand his background you can understand the viewpoints he wrote about.



    He had connections who he could rely on to pull him out of whatever hole he found himself in.



    However he did write with a vision / clarity / scope that others denied to themselves.



    The poverty tourism does present its own problems.


    He wrote as he saw it / not how the poor lived it.


    Method acting before its time.



    However — he got it talked about where the Jarrow March was not considered proper conversation.

  13. Fully expect their game in Dingwall, on Sunday, to be delayed by a couple of hours. Jimmy Bell has them all in the CR Smith kit so taxi required asap from the Big Hoose with the right gear.



    Welcome to Celtic’s season 20/21Govanites. What can go wrong will go wrong.

  14. Hello online chatbot. can I take your order please.



    Yes, I want to order a , a left back a right back and a centre back.



    Ok sir, we have some available, here is the selection here please place your order.



    Ok, I have a total of £20 millions to spend, that should get me what I want.


    Oh that greek, this irishman, a dutchman, the croat an israeli and a south korean.



    Ok sir, thanks for your selection,



    Oh, the greek is on hold at the moment he is on back order for germany


    the irishman wont be released for another week.


    the dutchmans costs just went up because he comes in a special edition.


    the croats wife has changed his mind


    oh and the south koreans has added shipping and agents fees.


    we can do 4 from israel though with our old supplier.






    pesky celtic dragging their heels.



    Lawwell Transfers Emporium,

  15. Timbhoy….who’s the Dutch man?…I thought we were after a Greek, a Croat and and a Reb ??!!!

  16. MADMITCH on 20TH AUGUST 2021 1:27 PM


    EL @ 1.07









    ‘He had connections who he could rely on to pull him out of whatever hole he found himself in.’






    On a couple of occasion, in extremis, people helped him out, but, to the best of my knowledge it was the friends who volunteered help, it was never sought.



    He had a far tougher life than he needed to have.

  17. Surely the Great Michael Beale must have left the huns with the displayes so far this season!!…..he’s such a super duper coach …..there’s no way if he was pulling the strings would they have been humped by Malmo twice and Dundee United AND beat the equivalent of East Fife 1 0…..especially faced with a nightmare trip……he just wouldn’t have let it happen !!!!…….cos he’s MB ( ©️ madmitch)

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Swiss Ramble has been busy preparing 10 year financial performance views of a selection of English clubs.



    Really good stuff.



    I’d love to see similar for all SPFL clubs.



    Would make for fascinating reading.



    Obviously, Sevco’s would be a 9-year view.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Timing of the Goodwin Covid-19 announcement (Friday morning) feels fortuitous.



    More than 24 hours to process contacts and confirm other isolations among the playing staff.



    Limited time to prep replacements for Saturday.

  20. Still no defenders in.


    Dom must working night and day to get some deals over the line.



    Let’s hope they can clear their lines using both feet.

  21. EL @ 1.37



    Martyr complex ?!?


    The desire for authenticity of the true artist?



    He had a strange upbringing and career history.


    However he looked for — and sometimes found — nuggets wherever he went.



    However he was an upper middle class voyeur of urban poverty.


    No amount of TB will change his background and belief system.


    He seems to have been a method actor to challenge MB or RS.



    If he hadn’t scraped by in literature what chance he would have become a missionary?


    However I need to read more about the Spanish Civil War.

  22. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH AUGUST 2021 1:07 PM


    MADMITCH on 20TH AUGUST 2021 12:36 PM







    Orwell never claimed to be anything he wasn’t.




    Which would have been difficult,because,as they say,


    If it walk like a Duck,if it quacks like a Duck,chances are,it’s a Duck.

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