Challenge for makeshift Celtic


Anyone who thinks that Rangers will arrive at Celtic Park on Wednesday evening low on confidence or strategy better think again.  For all their poor recent form they are top of the league, beat Celtic comfortably earlier this season and have a squad full of players who know what it’s like to win the league.

They will revert to a familiar strategy.  Pack the midfield, deny Celtic’s creative players space, take no chances at the back and wait for a seasonal gift from Celtic.  I watched their recent defeat to St Mirren and I think it’s possible to question some players’ attitude to the game but things will be different at Celtic Park.  Already written off by many, ironically, they will arrive with the confidence only a team with nothing to lose can muster.

Celtic’s league form over the last two months has been exceptional and their Europa League performances indicate there is a lot more to come from this squad but they still have plenty to prove.  A particular concern will be the lack of a settled team in recent months.  Kelvin Wilson is likely to start his first game in months and I’d not be surprised to see Emilio Izaguirre back.

The front pairing is also a concern.  Georgios Samaras is back to his best form but he and Hooper have never convinced as a partnership.  We have to hope that Victor Wanyama can be relieved of central defensive duties to allow him to anchor midfield alongside Beram Kayal.  Neither Brown nor Ki are sufficiently imposing in the crucial central midfield area.  No matter how Celtic start on Wednesday the team will have a makeshift feel to it, any win will be hard earned.

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  1. tictalker says:



    Yes I watched them against st midden on saturday and he has very quick feet and he will be dangerous.

  2. .






    Been reading the Blog during the Festivities a Lot more than l have been of Late..



    One thing l really Noticed..That 90 odd Percent of Posters want Sammi AND Skoosh as Defo Starters for The Orc game..



    Jings how Times Change..Ehhhh..



    Hands Up All Who supported Both Players through thick and Thin..



    CQN can be Very Fickle at Times..



    Summa ft Sammi & SkooshCSC

  3. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    I didn’t understand the derision towards the Huns taking Aluko… Particularly as the player has backed himself financially. It may be an odd way of doing business but knowing the player well from my jaunts to Pittodrie I reckon it is potentially great business.



    He has the ability to win games but also to throw them away. He is powder puff and lazy when not in possession but he has good feet no doubts about it.

  4. Concerning news regarding the fitness of young Forrest and samaras ahead of Wednesdays game .


    Forrest in particular whom is apparently suffering from tight hamstrings and fatigue.


    We need both available but will get late fitness tests

  5. Broony gives us what we are missing, although not the best player in the team he has drive and passion that will force others on for the team. The best team isn’t alwaays made up of the best 11 players.

  6. The Honest Mistake on

    Haul hail bhoys.


    Typing after another skin full. Tell yous what though I canna wait to absolutely pump the Huns. To see their greetin faces after a pumpin makes life all the sweeter. All this apprehensive stuff about not underestimating a wounded animal. Nonsense look at Naismith a wounded animal and he isnae on the pitch. Good 5 evil 0.


    God bless every tim.

  7. Gy


    Broonie will be in for rough treatment wed looking fir a reaction!


    He cannot allow them to drag the captain and our team to their level.


    When the tackles start flying we need him on collums case

  8. pauloantony says:


    27 December, 2011 at 02:02



    Think Broony’s grown up since he’s been made captain, think Lenny sees himself in Scott and has schooled him in the Dark Arts.



    In Lenny we believe

  9. GyEmerald



    Should wee James be wrapped in cotton wool for this game?



    I can just imagine McCulloch crippling him.

  10. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    utter fools n fuds.. (must be hard work talkin to yersel awe night on the internet)



    the world HAS clearly gone mad

  11. Rascar Capac says:


    27 December, 2011 at 02:29



    Would rather see Kayal, Vic & Broonie win the initial battle before releasing wee Jamsie on the battle scarred huns.



    He’s probably been player of the year so far, yet there’s horses for courses, protect him there’s a long way to go yet and as you say them will be out to stop us in their most agricultral way.

  12. But Lenny wasn’t the typeof captain who could approach a ref nor who could avoid confrontation!


    However. … He was an out and out winner and one of the best in the game in holding midfield and retaining possession

  13. My mid would be …. From a 4-2-3-1 formation




    Sammi ——–broon ———Forrest




  14. Can’t leave James out of the team, he is our best player this year.



    We need a midfield of Broon, Wanyama, and Kayal, to balance Wee Jamie Boy.

  15. pauloantony says:


    27 December, 2011 at 02:37



    Would still have him in there.


    One of the best games was when press slaughtered Strachen for playing Lenny & Roy Keane centre mid together, until they put barry (8) ferguson in his place. : )

  16. Rascar Capac says:


    27 December, 2011 at 02:42



    Would like to see the Kayal, Wanyama, Broonie with Joe Ledley leaving Jamsie Forrest off Hooper, but think Joe will be left back and Sammi given the free role

  17. What I think he will play …..
















  18. GyEmerald






    I would like Sammi on as well.



    We don’t need to score, we just need to be solid.



    Rangers will drop so many points, our job will be easy.

  19. Rascar Capac says:


    27 December, 2011 at 02:55



    We’ve still not got a settled back 4 yet the best defensive recored in the league.



    They’ll not come to play football so unfortunately we have to be prepared, which does affect our selection.


    Get it to them Celtic a bunch of chancers!!”!

  20. Rascar Capac says:


    27 December, 2011 at 03:07



    Should be the first two names on the team sheet (in those central midfield positions) please

  21. Ridiculous situation in my house.



    Sisters Ex is here, she has gone to bed, three brothers having to entertain him.



    The temptation to take the piss is overpowering.



    He has a posh English ascent, despite growing up in Lenzie.

  22. Wee brother is captivating our guest.



    The wee man is a commando, with many tales of the high seas.



    Easy for me.



    Sister is well rid of this guy by the way!

  23. Why are we concerned about mc cullough playing against us?,he is an ordinary footballer,one we should be relishing meeting,the bigger picture here for me is,should the appeal fail,and,being realistic,it will,he will then be out against weaker opposition,leaving the uglies more liable to drop points,this may not be the best Celtic side I have ever seen but,we are more than capable of handling this donkey.

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo –



    I see you have been bringing CQN into disrepute yet again.



    Writing a fictitious post purporting to be the work of a well-known journalist who works for a popular Scottish newspaper is crass in the extreme, and potentially libellous, leaving Paul and CQN open to litigation.



    I never read your posts. I always scroll on past, because I know your words cannot be trusted. I am only aware of the situation from reading the angry comments from other respected CQNers who were originally taken in by your nonsense. Others find it hilarious and hold you up as some kind of folk-hero. I find it astonishing that you of all people, working as you do in the field of online security, are happy to put the blog at risk in this way. You should know better. In fact, I am sure you DO know better, which makes it all the more appalling.



    Grow up, and if you do choose to respond to my comment, let’s see if you can do so without resorting to the age-old smokescreen of multi-usernames.



    The name at the top of this comment is Tom McLaughlin, formerly Gold Coast Tom.



    No, thought you couldn’t.