Challenge for makeshift Celtic


Anyone who thinks that Rangers will arrive at Celtic Park on Wednesday evening low on confidence or strategy better think again.  For all their poor recent form they are top of the league, beat Celtic comfortably earlier this season and have a squad full of players who know what it’s like to win the league.

They will revert to a familiar strategy.  Pack the midfield, deny Celtic’s creative players space, take no chances at the back and wait for a seasonal gift from Celtic.  I watched their recent defeat to St Mirren and I think it’s possible to question some players’ attitude to the game but things will be different at Celtic Park.  Already written off by many, ironically, they will arrive with the confidence only a team with nothing to lose can muster.

Celtic’s league form over the last two months has been exceptional and their Europa League performances indicate there is a lot more to come from this squad but they still have plenty to prove.  A particular concern will be the lack of a settled team in recent months.  Kelvin Wilson is likely to start his first game in months and I’d not be surprised to see Emilio Izaguirre back.

The front pairing is also a concern.  Georgios Samaras is back to his best form but he and Hooper have never convinced as a partnership.  We have to hope that Victor Wanyama can be relieved of central defensive duties to allow him to anchor midfield alongside Beram Kayal.  Neither Brown nor Ki are sufficiently imposing in the crucial central midfield area.  No matter how Celtic start on Wednesday the team will have a makeshift feel to it, any win will be hard earned.

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  1. Santa sent me over a signed ‘to Keith in Kentucky’ copy of Sutton’s autobiography, good stuff.



    My old man was telling me yesterday what a great guy he was in person, staying back for hours after the scheduled time to make sure everyone that wanted a photo got one. 



    Nice to know one of my (our heroes) is indeed the man we thought he was. 



    Foreword from Henrik saying Chris was without a doubt the best partner he ever played with. Lofty praise for a chap that ran out on Old Trafford, Camp Nou and world cup semis. 



    HH all and hope you all had. Great weekend. 

  2. Not surprised they appealed, with no panel till Jan and apparently no additional punishment for failed appeals they were always going to abuse the system. Really hope he does play as he is rank as well as a big fearty! With Goian out they have three choices that I can see, 1 – Play Papac in one but that would mean playing Broadfoot at right back (great for us), 2 – They play Weary Dave (great for us) or 3 – They play Bartley at centre half (again great for us).



    Don’t think it will be as one sided as we think/hope but any win is a good win on Weds….




  3. Celtic v Dignity – Dec 28th 2011





    Cha Rogne Mulgrew Ledley




    Forrest Brown Kayal Samaras



  4. ElDiego



    Maybe she watched out recent game in Inverness and heard the Bhoys chants of, “Diego, Diego Diego Maradona!” directed towards el Tel?? :-)



    It’ll be interesting if nothing else. Hope you enjoy your day mate.

  5. My team for Wed would be.









    Sammy Forrest


    Ledley Kayal Brown




    Izzy Mulgrew Wanyama Mathews (if fit) if not Cha




  6. kelvin wilson on the bench for me ,i dont think he will be up for it against rangers, he looks to me as a very nervous player and that goes for rogne as well .go with wanayma and mulgrew in the centre of our defence .the rest can sort its self out

  7. Seasons greetings friends,…Hope we all kept Christmas holy, and had a peaceful day!!



    So, the fraudsters have appealed.Big wow guys!! …we know this would happen anyways.



    I, personaly am glad that they have…I am of the thought that, I’d rather them being weakened against some other mob than being weakened against us..Its a win win.If we win on Wed then it makes theyre troubles worsen!



    We should be able to handle them on Wednesday…Yes, I am confident, but I am equally aware of the unpredictability of this fixture..WE CANNOT BE COMPLACENT!



    I’m starting to get in the mood guys!!!!!! Lets make Le Sally as uncomfortable as we can..

  8. Gollum will, as I stated earlier, ignore McCulloch on Wednesday. He will foul with impunity. Mark my words.



    HT – that for me sums up the humour that seems inherent to the Celtic support.




  9. gallagher



    Your team selection would be mine also. Need to have Wanyama in front of the back four in my opinion.

  10. OH and by the way,..lets see Mcculloch go head to head with Big VIC! …….only ever going to be one outcome there.

  11. Ten Men Won The League on




    The only thing that is correct in that article is the mandate part



    As i said the other day, he will be Russia bound

  12. hamiltontim



    Agreed they’ll not get near our centre backs if Vic’s patrolling in front of them.



    Merry christmas and HH

  13. Mc Shagger, Davis, Whitakicker, Laughinboy, Jellylegs.



    10 – 12 mill tops for the lot.



    In saying that, they will be lucky to shift them all.



    Jelly on his own 3 mill tops, or he will stay.

  14. Just about to go round 2 with the Christmas bird and trimmings.



    Is it wrong to be looking forward to it so much?







  15. SwanseaBhoy



    The biggest clue that they are making it up, is the opening line ” Scottish giants Rangers…………”



    There are no suitors for that fee, despite the laptop’s best efforts.



    * unknown club, unknown planet, from an unknown universe © Peter Lawell *

  16. BSR



    My guesstimate is they’d be accepting £4m – £5m.



    I actually think he’s not a bad player (although talk is recently his heart’s not in it) so I’d be glad to see the back of him. Especially considering Sally will need to prize a pound out of Craig Whyte’s cold, dead, hand. He’ll see none of it.



    First preference though is that he suffers a Naismith style injury in minute one of the game on Wednesday and is out for the rest of the season. Best of all worlds.



    That’s not very Christmassy of me but never mind.




  17. Uly



    Actually more of a leg man but……..ach, I’m no getting dragged into this! :0)



    BT, I hardly eat a thing me. It’s my metabolism, honest!



    Just been informed it’ll be another half hour. Jeezo.




  18. This won’t be a popular view I’m sure but I think Regan goes some way to engaging.



    StewartRegan Stewart M. Regan


    For those seeking clarification…any appeal from games on Saturday have to be submitted by 3pm on third working day after the game.



    StewartRegan Stewart M. Regan


    Christmas Day and Boxing Day are not working days so appeals can be submitted on Wednesday.

  19. BT – Merry Christmas big yin:)


    Heading oot shortly tae do some boxing day damage at golftown; generally buying more stuff i don’t need or cannae use.





  20. Gallagher @16.10



    Yes, I would go along with your second team selection. If memory serves me right, Wilson did not impress me in the derby game last September and Wanyama is a must for a midfield berth, and might be a bit of a risk in central defence against an experienced campaigner like Jelavic. Young Victor although a fine footballer can be a bit casual at times.



    Celts are on a terrific run at present and have impressed both in Europe and the SPL but a win will be hard earned on Wednesday.


    Rangers proved last season despite finishing second best to Celts in derby games, they still won the title. The real hard work is done on the tight provincial grounds in the SPL.

  21. If


    Elbows appeals on 5th Jan …. appeal rejected …… misses St Johnstone and Aberdeen or does it mean misses Arbroath in Cup and St Johnstone?



    Anyone know …. just curious to know.

  22. hamiltontim



    Since my Dad passed away earlier this year we’ve gotten even closer to his remaining sis and she’s arrived just now for dinner.



    To say she talks………………. I probably won’t get a word in for the next few hours! I’ll just drink instead.

  23. SwanseaBhoy



    Hmmm……. £4 million is still Christmassy, having seen him disposessed, and fall over at the St Mirren winner on Saturday, especially.



    I reckon Rangers financial plight, despite Scottish Press propaganda makes them the esiect team in the world to negotiate a fee.



    I’d like to see the back of him also, as he normally tumbles to better effect in the opposition penalty box, his Celtic fan Jellylegs jibe


    is corny, but dead accurate.

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