State aid advocates ready to help Rangers


Quite apart from this week’s admission by First Minister, Alex Salmond, that he has been arguing with HM Revenue and Customs to “for goodness sake get a settlement” with Rangers, I continue to receive reliable assurances that HMRC are coming under pressure from all political angles to effectively offer state aid to Rangers FC PLC (in administration).

In short, if HMRC acquiesce, Rangers will have their debt zeroed and will be out of administration with only their 10 point penalty to show for years of financial doping.

Fifa guidelines explicitly prevent governments from interfering in football.  State aid to any one club is about as explicit a contravention of Fifa rules as there can be.  This jeopardises the places of Scottish clubs in next season’s European competitions and could lead to the Scotland national team being banned from the World Cup qualifying group, due to start later this year.

It is the SFA’s job to insist that all state intervention in football stops immediately.  I urge you to write to the SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, stewart.regan@scottishfa.co.uk and Uefa president, Michel Platini via his PA marion.haap@uefa.ch, asking them to take immediate action to stop all state interference in Scottish football.

Celtic have an excellent chance of Champions League football next season and we don’t want politicians of any colour getting Scottish teams banned from international competition.  The silence of the SFA on the subject, despite extensive media coverage, is very disconcerting.

It’s time for you to play your part in these important times.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    The Thief and Lettuce (off please – coz it wisnae oor fault mister honest, a knight of the realm did it and ran away)

  2. . Your thoughts on this Paul67




    “@NCCMick: HMRC are going to court for the removal of Duff&Phelps as administrators after D&P post  link on there website about e-petition to save huns”




  3. When people said they won’t be punished because they ARE Scotland there was some truth in it if these moves are really happening.



    Surely this cannot be allowed as FIFA and UEFA would act and have to act against ALL Scottish clubs.



    Another disgusting move from filthy peepel.



    HMRC should take a leaf out of Thatcher’s book – The lady is not for turning.



    Let them die.

  4. Re-post and Correction from previous thread.



    The Exiled Tim,



    Thank you.



    If there are others who would like to help but don’t do facebook then perhaps they could mail me: mark_colhoun@hotmail.com



    Please ignore the gmail address on previous page…it doesn’t work

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Scottish football history for Dummies:



    1993 Celts for Change



    2012 Bears for Spare Change

  6. The Law and the Courts are the way to go and if any politician, any vote grabing politician, is trying to subvert the Crown and her officers then hell and jail mend them.

  7. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    17 February, 2012 at 13:04



    Absolute dynamite if this is true.




  8. rt rev david hay



    As the others have said security must be their concern.



    Bad enough their club is in admin, but asking them to fork out in the same week might just be like a tele screen breaking down.



    I’m sure the discussions with the polis had this in mind.



    I would also expect sally to go next week as well, he must be on a decent whack.

  9. Knew all along they would get away with it , and said all along that every helping hand available would be thrust in their direction .


    As i said yesterday time to let the rest of the uk and beyond know what is going on .

  10. Well said Paul67, but surely Hector can stay strong?



    Utterly ridiculous if the whole of Scottish football is sunk by a club too arrogant to pay for its willful tax evasion.



    As you say the silence from the SFA and SPL is deafening.

  11. AS someones already said, if they get help why not Portsmouth? They cannot set a precedent for Rangers or they will open a floodgate of massive proportions. All any club in the mire with HMRC will just point to their case an say, you did it for them, why not us!

  12. RATM - A BAMPOT! on




    That’s a good piece! I hope we, as a club, are making contingency plans for any scenario that could involve us being banned from Europe at the expense of rangers misdeeds. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now, these politicians better zip it, and allow HMRC to conduct their work without distraction, because FIFA and UEFA do not take government interference lightly.

  13. The fat slug Salmond is a confidence trickster of the highest order.



    He is the master of all things to all men, promising the earth and delivering one thing…………Votes, to ensure his party of fellow trvellers maintain their lavish lifestyles.



    How any Celtic supporter fall for this shower of Huns is beyond me.

  14. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    By any measure of sanity – this crap fails the 400 mile test.



    If it was Tottenham Hotspur going bust, would state aid be offered? – absolutely no chance and quite rightly so.



    I can see Scottish Football being stuck in courtrooms for the next year if this isn’t nipped in the bud a.s.a.p.



    P.S. Celtic should refuse to play them ad-infinitum unless a satisfactory and fair outcome on the most blatant case of financial doping isn’t resolved to our satisfaction.

  15. I think they are underestimating public reaction. I don’t see anyway this would or could be allowed to happen. There would be a public outcry.




  16. Some outstanding work lately Paul67……..really superb and what I’ve come to expect from this great site.



    The lurking has become even more enjoyable over the past week or so.

  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    TBB (I think) put up a post the other night about the total amount of taxpayers money that has been/could be wasted on Dignity FC. There was a similar post taken from another Hoops site as well.



    Could you re-post please, as these figures should be used to back up the letters to UEFA/SFA/MPs/MSPs(!) that Paul is quite rightly pushing for.






  18. Paul67



    How long have I and others been banging on about the brotherhood, seems like the time is now.



    If they can’t play, either can we, they would be prepared top go that far no doubt.



    I will mail these and I also urge others to do the same.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Quick email to PR at Duff & Phelps Corp, New York:



    Dear Sirs,



    I was interested to note the appointment of your firm as Insolvency Administrators to UK company The Rangers Football Club plc.



    Coming so quickly after your acquisition of MCR in the UK, the resulting public exposure of your brand in what is a very high profile engagement must be a boon to your marketing activity in the UK.



    Indeed, both the UK Prime Minster and the First Minister of Scotland have involved themselves in the case in the past 24 hours, and press coverage has been widespread and international.



    One trusts that the previous and extensive business relationships between MCR’s senior partners and the party responsible for your appointment on this engagement will not interfere with what ought to be a reputation enhancing case study for your Professional and Ethical approach to complex insolvency matters.



    Kind regards,

  20. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    Paul if this becomes a reality, then I would hope Celtic & many more would resign from Scottish football. Surely sense will prevail but from your article it seems funny handshakes are once again being allowed to manipulate. I know we don’t have anywhere else to go but hand on heart who would want to be part of this sham?

  21. jock steins celtic on

    Paul 67 is this a spoof ?



    anyway they still owe 24m to Ticketus, 9m for PAYE, plus all the other debts. even if the big tax case disappeared they’d still go under IMO.

  22. Paul67, well said,glad someone is being proactive in all of this.



    The SFA and the SPL must release a statement and i think it will be early next week, they will want the fraudsters last home game out of the way first.




  23. there will be no public outcry in this country . Thats why the english media and english politicians must be informed .

  24. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    17 February, 2012 at 13:04


    . Your thoughts on this Paul67



    “@NCCMick: HMRC are going to court for the removal of Duff&Phelps as administrators after D&P post link on there website about e-petition to save huns”









    Is this for real mate?


    If so it will take the entire proceeding into complete chaos. Makes you wonder how long this will drag on.





    /Bishop B

  25. precedent precedent precedent. Can HMRC set this precedent? Cheat the crap out of everybody and get away with it. We’ve got one thing that they didn’t have when they sat down and wrote two contracts and that’s the internet. Can they shut that up ? Alex Salmond – get into bed with tax cheats, are you fit for office ?

  26. Ranjurs might have their debt zeroed? That will never happen.



    It means every club or major institution can evade tax and get away with it? Shyeah!

  27. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    For those of us living in England, I suggest an e-mail to Vince Cable pointing out the potential misuse of UK taxpayers money to support a bunch of cheats, con men and incompetents.

  28. Paul67



    Agreed. Put as much pressure on our politicos.



    HMRC must not be forced to back down.



    Their cry should be “No Surrender”!

  29. Exiled Tim


    I’ve always been very concerned about the influence of the brotherhood.


    Knights Templar Smith right in the mix.


    A worrying development for me.

  30. As this involves the HMRC, which are a BRITISH Govt dept, could this not then result in the banning of all British clubs as well as all British national teams?


    It would be interesting to hear how the English media feel about that?

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