8 days before we see Celtic war face


How many preseasons have we seen Celtic style to throw off lethargy before finding their rhythm when league business starts?

Our preparations often fell short when it came to Champions League qualification but the domestic marathon is a specialty of Celtic.

As Ange Postecoglou said, his style concern is to prepare the team to win games. He will not be remotely concerned with a result against Norwich tomorrow, instead he is likely to take risks in order to test and tax the squad.

We’ll wait another 8 days before we see Celtic’s war face. Enjoy the end of the summer strategy, whatever the score.


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  1. Gooooooood afternoon Ernie.


    We are in for a roller coaster of a season.



  2. Last season we won 3 from our first 7 league games. If we make it 7 from 7 this season, I think we’ll comfortably win this league.

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  4. An Dun,



    21 points doesn’t guarantee us the league. :)



    Let’s see and go with hope in our heart but new season, new problems to solve ( a New version of Sevco being one of them)….VAR should be a hoot and the biggest and baddest Euro talent lining up against us.



    I’m looking forward to it and what Ange can deliver. I think the league will be close this year.




  5. BRRB



    Enjoy your day,will get ticket to tlt for tomorrow,dunno if he still wants.not heard anything.




  6. P67 vs War face …



    Surely you are taking the “game face” analogy just a bit too far?



    Hopefully we put on a show against Norfolk FM sorry FC — if we can get our A game in play for more than 60 minutes that will be a huge step forward.



    We are playing a lot of good stuff at the moment.


    More comfortable with the style AP want’s to play.


    The problem is keeping up the standard in the second half when the subs come on.


    So hopefully we play it as a real match with fewer changes in the second half.



    We should be running B team / youth warm-up games by now.


    We need more people out playing for longer / taking responsibility.



    Plus it would pad out CTV with content and keep the pre season kettle boiling.



    Finally is there a cricket ground in the East End?


    FrF/off programme last night was eye opening in the extreme.

  7. LEFTCLICKTIC on 22ND JULY 2022 12:06 PM


    Gooooooood afternoon Ernie.





    We are in for a roller coaster of a season.








    I think we were warned when AP was appointed that it would be a rollercoaster ride..



    The concern has to be that the ups will be domestic and the downs will be European.



    Last season was all about winning the league. This season is perhaps not so straightforward.

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    An Tearmann, TLT should be at cqn corner with me and Friesdorfer, Leggy and crew.

  9. Bookies have us as favourites at 4/6 — good odds or a bit optimistic?



    I think that we will improve.



    More experience of the system.


    Better pre-season training.


    Fresh legs — Jan recruits.


    Stronger squad — hopefully more to come.



    Big steps forward vs TFOD2.1 spending / Ludge MIB upping its game — discuss?

  10. quadrophenian on

    Interesting watching Hjelde v Edouard.


    Neither would get a pick for an Ange Post team.


    The Palace lad Mateta is an absolute handfull – brains and brawn.


    Eddy just got hooked.

  11. Reading P67’s leader, one would suspect he’s trying to dampen down fans expectations regarding tomorrow’s result in what is, after all, a friendly.


    Reminding us all that it’s an exercise aimed at getting as many players legs a shot of match action, before our real games start next weekend.


    Also, perhaps Paul has just seen that Norwich just beat Marseille 3-0. lol




  12. Is CQN too old for “ultra” nonsense?



    The GB seemingly are in a bit of trouble because they got a banner knicked in Poland.



    The chat on KDS would have you raising the voting age to 30.

  13. CMG @ 1.01



    The reasons behind the game are the same for both teams.



    Stiffs — if we play them and they don’t — then why?


    The two leagues start on the same weekend.

  14. Quad @ 12.47



    LH — not good enough …


    Are you sure — we are currently starting with SW @ CB?


    Is LH now the LU starting CB or do they have better on the bench.



    I feel for OE — CoViD and NL’s last season really seem to have taken their toll.


    Hopefully he kicks on with more experience of the EPL.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    I hope we’re done with moody Gauls for a wee while


    they always seem to get itchy feet or is it itchy palms?


    David Ginola was nearly a Hoop, but sadly got a better offer en route by Bothwell Services. Jeremie Alliadiere of the Arsenal sounded good, but unlike Ginola didn’t get another offer and embarrassed the Hoops in a short loan spell at Parkhead. Dembele, Ntcham, Edouard and Jullien quickly got bored with winning.



    If we do go Francais again in future, I hope it’s the Stephane Bonnes attitude in the Barnes Dalglish era, he didn’t even get to a Celtic debut, before he was spirited on up to Firhill for thrills! where he scored a single goal in his season with the Jags.



    Dedication is what you need if you wanna be a Celtic player, not huffy Hoops.



    S’il Vous Plait CSC

  16. MADMITCH on 22ND JULY 2022 1:04 PM


    “Is CQN too old for “ultra” nonsense?


    The GB seemingly are in a bit of trouble because they got a banner knicked in Poland.”



    Seemingly, being 67yrs old I’m well equipped to keep everyone up to date with the workings of an ULTRA :)), if another ULTRA gang nicks your flag, and the Legia Ultras did just that to the GB, then you have to disband, so farewell Green Brigade, por cierto

  17. Don’t know where Jenz is fitness wise, but would be good to get a look at him tomorrow.



    The league will be the usual marathon and impossible to predict how it will go. The last two titles have not been won by the favourite. We will be in the top two, that’s a given. Only 16 games before the World Cup break, considerably fewer than the usual pre-winter break number.



    Looking at last season’s Champions League group stats. Average points won by third place team was 6.5. Average points won by fourth place team, 2.75 . There is usually a group whipping boy, let it not be Celtic.


    Two wins and a draw should guarantee European football after Christmas.

  18. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 22ND JULY 2022 1:12 PM


    “I hope we’re done with moody Gauls for a wee while”



    Aye, that’s me:


    “Moody by Name Moody by Nature! por cierto.

  19. JimDom,



    Jenz has been in pre-season with previous club. No reason why he can’t get minutes tomorrow. Mooy might be a bit more rusty but would be good for a cameo.



    It’s either a play 2 teams or get close to your 1st team and make them play further into the 2nd half. Not bothered either way. Last chance for some on the periphery though before the serious stuff begins.




  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Por Cierto



    They will come back as The The Green Brigade or Green Brigade International.



    They will, of course, retain all the old green brigade’s fines and flounces.

  21. Our new lads will know all about the pressure and expectations associated with Celtic after this preseason- I doubt any of them have ever been subject to such scrutiny in preseason.

  22. quadrophenian on

    MADMITCH on 22ND JULY 2022 1:10 PM


    Quad @ 12.47


    LH — not good enough …


    Are you sure — we are currently starting with SW @ CB?


    Is LH now the LU starting CB or do they have better on the bench.


    I feel for OE — CoViD and NL’s last season really seem to have taken their toll.


    Hopefully he kicks on with more experience of the EPL.






    Leo came on as sub but on this showing, he is a Norwegian man’s Stephen Welsh.


    That said, the Leeds backline really is the stuff of Tebillian nightmares. They need Jullien. Or Dane Murray.


    Odsonne looks out of sorts. I think Palace fans think we’re in the lemon-selling bizo.


    I hope he gets the heid sorted. I though Viera’s paternal embrace might help; he was pretty ineffective in a friendly that wasn;t a friendly.



    PS: Was our best-ever Frenchie big Mouusa or mad Mahe ?

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Was unmasked last night….ooo err missus…..by the excellent CQN”R EK Bhoy…….thanks for saying hello J…..

  24. I’m a middle aged (upper middle I confess) guy. So I get uncomfortable with some of the young ones ways. However, I have to say overall I love the green brigade and I think we lose the energy of groups like that at pur peril. In fact you could say we did lose a bit of that from the redevelopment of the stadium until the emergence of the GB.


    Fitba has been gentrified and sanitised enough. I don’t want to go back to the jungle and what could be a very unwelcoming environment for women and weans bit I think we should embrace what is a generally progressive ‘ultras’ type culture. Livorno, AEK, Marseilles, Omonoia – look them up. A much needed counter cultural focus for fans and an oasis of progressive politics in football to counter the generally racist right wing garbage of many other ultras around Europe.



    I know it’s a bit much to extrapolate that from the GB banner thing but I’m at a loose end!

  25. Por Cierto



    You are correct re the flag thing and the green brigade.



    It is really not a good look in the ultra world of this happens.



    Follow Follow revelling in it all of course.



    As someone who has a mixed perspective on the green brigade ( they bring some very good and some rubbish ) I think it is pretty amusing really.



    On more important matters I actually do hope we treat tomorrows game as a proper dress rehearsal. The Norwich mob are a decent outfit with a solid manager. They also start their league next week. As noted they have had a decent pre season results wise also. I hope we use at least the first hour to get the right system and resource fully functioning. If we want to then let Mooy and the big defender engage then fine but for me at least an hour of our best tomorrow.

  26. By the way meant to add ‘aged’ to upper middle! For the avoidance of doubt – upper middle aged is what I am, not upper middle class! Most definitely not that 🤣

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