Stop press: charade continues


Prospective Rangers owners, Brian Kennedy and the Blue Knight (I refused to continue to pluralise a singularity) have submitted a joint bid for the club, which they consider to be “substantial”, which should mean it’s worth a lot more than the £11.2m Bill Miller spoke about last week.

The offer is conditional on a CVA being approved and Craig Whyte’s shares being acquired.  For a CVA to be put to the unsecured creditors, the secured creditor, Craig Whyte, would have to be satisfied first.

Whyte’s security as a creditor is valued (by him) in the order of £30m.  All proceeds from the sale of the club up to this value go to him unless he waves his rights or is subject to lengthy legal challenge.  Only money over and above this value will be available to the non-secured creditors, most importantly HMRC and Ticketus.

So, unless Kennedy and the Blue Knight have bid considerably north of £30m, we’re not talking pennies in the pound, we’re talking pennies in the £100m.  In the event a CVA is concluded, Ticketus own circa the first 25,000 tickets sold for each game for the next three years.

Apologies for repeating the same story now for ten weeks: Craig Whyte is the only show in town, he always has been.  Unless you agree to purchase his shares and security, any bid is a fantasy.  I think I can hear Mr Whyte laughing from here.  Perhaps they’ll now stop blaming Raith Rovers.

Apparently, the charade continues.

One team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.
One team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.

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  1. Don’t post much, more of a lurker, but Sunday does concern me



    I have two teenage nephews with season tickets who will be at the game.



    They say a wounded animal is very dangerous – I hope security for this game has been stepped up.



    Be safe – and look out for fellow supporters



    cmon the hoops

  2. unintentionally funny tweet from “I’M JOHN MCKAY”



    John MacKay ‏ @RealMacKaySTV Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    STV News @ 6-5 years each for Lennon parcel bombers, Blue Knights’ Rangers bid remains despite Ticketus withdrawal & Nicole Kidman.

  3. Ah’m sick of them and their endless pointless machinations. When yer deid yer deid. Frack ’em.

  4. After sadly having to forgo my season ticket since 2010 due to work and travel commitments how kind and thoughtful of my employers to give me and 4 fellow Tim colleagues’ tickets for Sundays last ever SPL meeting with Rangers (IA). Also my heart felt gratitude to the sneaky Celtic supporting sales manager who purposefully forgot to invite the non-Celtic supporting / non-football loving corporate clients to the game. What was he to do with 4 spare tickets? :-)

  5. re punchestown earlier today


    thanks to whoever recommended lucky william



    got back 4 times the cash on an e/w bet



    mugs game – but bit o fun nontheless

  6. I saw rumours of a 4pm press release or pres conference. Did anything come of that?

  7. Paul murray: I Identified early that a deal with ticketus was crucial in obtaining a CVC unfortunately we couldn;t do it jim so the rest of this nonsense i’m spouting on SSN is made up waffle thanks for letting me spout tripe brother.

  8. Hi, are they dead yet. Who cares they can die after sunday. Not been on here for a couple of days. But even more important not been to the Paradiso Park in a while either but goin on Sunday. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA. Cant wait. Weekend has started and what a weekend its going to be. Nothing sensible to say just COME ON YOU BHOYS IN GREEN……………………………………………………………………………………COME ON YOU BHOYS IN GREEN. etc, etc, ……..

  9. Sparklegirl, 17.49


    Yes, Rangers have been saved. All is rosey again at Ibrox. The work starts on the casino/hotel/conference centre/indoor ski slope/megamall building on Monday. Ally given 100million for next season. The 10 points have been added back on, and if they win on Sunday they are crowned champions. Hope that clears it up for you.

  10. sparkleghirl on 27 April, 2012 at 17:49 said:


    I saw rumours of a 4pm press release or pres conference. Did anything come of that?



    In D&P speak 4pm deadline means 5pm,6pm, what time do you want?

  11. gallagher on 27 April, 2012 at 17:34 said:



    Couldn’t agree more about ibrokes.



    Surely if the value of their property is enough to cover the debts should it not be sold to ensure the creditors get their dues?



    Sure Whyte has first dibs on it, but like any ailing company the assets should be realised asap to satisfy the creditors, side affect is of course the huge employer which Scotlands entire economy is dependant on will cease to exist but hey ho thems the breaks. Oh aye don’t forget they are a ‘special’ case – feel free to interpret ‘special’ in any way you wish!




  12. game just about to start


    toulouse v top of table montpellier


    5 games to go




    gonna be a fine game, ah can sense it

  13. What’s this RFC advert on Clyde?



    The spirit of Rangers!


    The spirit that conuered Europe!


    The spirit lives on!




  14. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 27 April, 2012 at 14:53 said:


    AGENT CRAIG 1442



    Should we one day meet,I will tell you the story about the time I met Gascoigne in The Bluebell-honest-in Gateshead around 2pm on a Friday prior to a match.



    In 1987,surrounded by hangers-on and relations,which amounted to the same thing really.



    He didn’t stand a chance in the real world.



    I don’t think he enjoyed having to use the physical side that playing for Rangers allowed him to do, I think he would have preferred to be the player he once had been.



    Although there is no excuse apart fom being a simpleton for his behaviour on the pitch,it can be no fun realising how everything that made you who you are as a player has disappeared. Due to a shockingly bad tackle in a Cup-final.



    And all because he didn’t have a brain,and neither did those around him.



    Yes, abit two faced of me but I actually enjoyed gazza before he went to Italy.


    When he then joined the huns the enjoyment ended. Then having to watch as the SFA instructed the refs to protect him while he , undoubtedly still a talented player, used his elbows and hands to make himself at times unplayable.


    I’m sure one season he was sent off twice in 6 CL games but still no reds in Scotland. Even when Rowbotham sent him off eventually for slapping MW in the face the outcry against Rowbotham more or less finished his career.



    Your story of when you met him would have to be good for him to be removed from my list…lol.

  15. I can’t envisage any crowd trouble at the game on Sunday. The ground and its environs will be well policed and I am sure that if any of ‘ra pepeil’ steps out of line in or near the ground McPlod will be administering prompt sedation from a Taser. Where we need to be wary is away from the vicinity of the ground especially if we are traveling as individuals or in small groups. Bhoys be wary be smart but don’t fear them.

  16. Ooooh, yes sir, I’d go for that type of ban. This eejit thinks they will pay of all their debts in 12 months? Then that they can pay ALL fees up front in future?



    They think 12 months is harsher????

  17. DuffinPhilps don’t do deadlines. They go that extra yard, all for the sake of the quintesenshioly eshtablimentsalt of the earth, fabricofsociety kind of club.



    P.S It was CraigyWhite/Whyte by the way dupenbarsteward.




  18. Just saw Keech Jackson’s report in the Record and nearly split my sides laughing.


    He writes of Kennedy and the Blue Knights putting an offer together to buy the club and proclaims that “Ticketus have been cut out of the proposed partnership”.



    Makes it look like poor old Ticketus being gutted to being excluded.



    Only the Record could put spin together like that as they fawn over their favourites.

  19. abii ✌ ‏ @ABTEE_ Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    I don’t even like football that much but I cannot stand rangers


    Retweeted by Ryan Finesy



    A young woman who understands the situation perfectly..



    Tweet of the Year

  20. Aw naw!! A shark n a Knight huv got together lookin forward to the baron Brian Shights challenge in a few years time.

  21. Anyone that didn’t see the ‘Gers saved’ guff coming prior to Sunday simply wasn’t paying attention.



    What else can they say?



    Life in administrone



    LOL Creme CSC

  22. I would just like to hold my hands up and say that from between now and Monday can everyone please scroll past any comments that I make.



    Thanks in Advance



    Mr DJBEE

  23. Well, Raith Rovers have certainly not pulled any punches with their official statement about the abuse they are suffering at the moment.


    Good on them. That club has just gone up in my estimation. Wonder if statement will be printed in tomorrow’s redtops?


    Don’t think so myself.

  24. DJBEE on 27 April, 2012 at 18:20 said:


    I would just like to hold my hands up and say that from between now and Monday can everyone please scroll past any comments that I make.





    You do not have to ask.



  25. Stringer Bell on

    Scotish football will struggle to exist. It’s finished.



    So speaks billy Dodds.



    Wonder who will give the opposing argument on bbc Scotland tonight.

  26. Stringer Bell on 27 April, 2012 at 18:26 said:


    Wonder who will give the opposing argument on bbc Scotland





    Walter Smith circa 2009

  27. Offences against Neil Lennon since 2000



    University students Gregg Miller and Neil MacLeod were fined a total of £900 after Mr Lennon was attacked in September 2003 in Glasgow’s west-end.



    Car salesman Thomas Ferrie was then fined £500 in April 2004 for road rage after chasing Mr Lennon along the M8 and yelling abuse




    In January 2009, Rangers fans Jeffrey Carrigan and David Whitelaw were jailed for two years each after the then Celtic coach was attacked in the city’s Ashton Lane.


    Stephen Birrell was locked up for eight months last October for posting comments on a Facebook page called “Neil Lennon should be banned”.



    Robert Rollie was spared jail that month after he wrote threatening messages about the Celtic boss on another Facebook site.



    David Craig was sentenced to 14 months in March this year after he posted a picture online of Mr Lennon covered in bullet wounds




    Hearts fan John Wilson was convicted of a breach of the peace and jailed for eight months for lunging at Mr Lennon at Tynecastle last year.



    Christopher Hay was charged in March this year with threatening Mr Lennon on a social networking site. He made no plea when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court. No date was set for a further hearing.



    Trevor Muirhead and Neil McKenzie jailed for five years for sending devices they believed were capable of exploding and causing injury.

  28. From FF..





    Can we *ahem* ‘make it clear’ to Whyte


    That it is in his best interests to hand over the shares to the administrators?



    I’m not one for advocating violence of course, but then I never thought we’d be owned by someone who would happily let Rangers die so he can make millions selling a new company with the old company’s assets.



    Now a Credible bid is in it still faces major stumbling blocks, one of the biggest being getting a hold of Whyte’s shares. Can a way be found to convince Whyte it would be, shall we say, in his best interests to cooperate with D and P and The Blue Kennedy’s?




    Re: Can we *ahem* ‘make it clear’ to Whyte


    Perhaps some of our friends in Ulster could engage the “persuasive powers” that undoubtedly exist amongst some associates.

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