93 days of this left, the farming of Patrick Roberts


May is not out, the manager is not formally in place yet, but there’s an early bit of transfer rumblings underway as Celtic begin the process of building a squad for an attack on The Nine.

In response to speculation linking Celtic to one of his players, Motherwell chief exec, Alan Burrows, wrote on Twitter, “figures in papers are often educated stabs and not a true reflection on either what one/any club might be prepared to pay or the other might be prepared to accept.”

In short, any inquiry from Celtic for David Turnbull is at an early stage and conversations will not be around the figures reported.

We have 93 days like this until the transfer window closes….

Like you, I enjoyed watching Patrick Roberts.  He is a gifted player and good professional.  His could have been a permanent signing for Celtic but Pep Guardiola had other ideas.  Now he has signed a new contract, keeping him at at Manchester City for another three years, a club he will almost certainly never play competitively for, while simultaneously agreeing to a one year loan at newly promoted Norwich.

It is hard to escape agricultural metaphors when watching what the tier one clubs in England do with young talent.  They are a crop to hoard and sell, not to consume.  City paid Fulham £12m for Patrick four years ago.  His new contract will be worth several millions per year, and when his value is right, they will sell him.  This is a business model, independent of first team considerations.

A season in the English Premier League could be enough to raise a fee in excess of £20m, but there is a risk going to Norwich.  Patrick’s talents are most valuable unlocking packed defences.  Players of craft are less valued the further down the league you go, where robustness and counter-attacking football has become mandatory.

He would contribute his share in that Manchester City squad, or at Celtic, but his bit-part season at relegated Girona is a portent of what could lie ahead for him in Norwich.  At least he’ll be able to catch the tunes on North Norfolk Digital.


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  1. mullet and co 2 on

    The only reason we won all9 trophies was because Rodgers instilled a mentality that we must win every trophy. He believed it yet Neil Lennon has already said it will never happen again. In the same press conferences he has been saying the players are tired. Lennon Lawwell and Desmond all believe in having a Rangers competing. The ability to win a dozen trophies is there but these guys don’t want to demand it.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    MULLET AND CO 2 on 31ST MAY 2019 1:57 PM


    I expect MCGregor and or Forrest to go in the last days of the transfer window with some wonder kid coming in on loan.



    By the way – Ajax are trying to buy Martin Odegarrd for £17m. Ajax who recently became cash rich. You would need to ask them how they afford the wages and compete with the EPL? Peter Lawwell tells us we can’t compete but Ajax do and can?





    They don’t compete with the EPL really.



    They sell top players for top prices because their league is much higher rated than ours. They sold De Dong for £75m, they will get £50m+ for De Ligt, and there is another the big guns are eyeing right now as well.



    Plus, I’m sure they get substansially more from TV than we get.




  3. weebobbycollins on

    Could it be that Jim Goodwin´s talks with Dundee stalled because someone whispered that Neil wants him at Celtic Park?

  4. I’m just sitting here thinking……(c) C Nicholas.



    I’m wondering if the reason that Lawwell went public with the announcement that the Board had offered the job to Lenny was actually to put pressure on him to accept the job. Perhaps they were worried that itf they had offered it to him privately he may have ended up declining.



    I can’t think of any other reason to have behaved so recklessly.

  5. Bad a Bing.


    I still don’t agree and i don’t understand your reasoning.


    Lawwell is the boss and although the boss isn’t always right he is always the boss.


    Willo flood anyone?


    Strahan walked and lawwell remained.

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TRADITIONALIST88 on 31ST MAY 2019 2:03 PM



    De Jong and De Ligt were sold this year. Ajax have traditional received more for their players but they have also reinvested more. The team that made the CL semi final spent £25m on two players the summer before (Blind and Tadic).



    We only broke our transfer record last season after nearly 20 years (and even then, i doubt we paid anywhere near £9m up front for OE).

  7. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ WESTCRAIGS on 31ST MAY 2019 2:09 PM



    “Lawwell is the boss and although the boss isn’t always right he is always the boss.”



    Have you been watching Bridge of Spies recently?

  8. Conspiracy theories aside…



    Neil Lennon has said he wants the job full time. PL said he was a strong candidate. NL was working on the summer signings with Congerton. He went to watch the young lad at WBA.



    This has been lined up for ages.

  9. T88 @ 2.03



    Ajax and TV money — They do not get much more than us.


    They are just better run with more ambition and imagination.



    Simple really.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    WESTCRAIGS- because PL runs the show, doesn’t mean he’s bulletproof, we’ve been in the car park before getting rid of people who ran the Club, this Window is vital, as much for Lawwell, as it is for the team IMO HH

  11. I consider myself a pragmatist, neither optimistic nor pessimistic. And I’m old enough to remember the great Lisbon Lions team and how disappointed I was when some of the team wee unavailable for whatever reason and some young “academy” kids filled in. Thinking they would never fill the shoes of the Lions.


    These guys were Danny Mac, David Hay , Kenny D and SkiptamLou Macari.etc


    The moral of this is to trust the young boys, you just never know




  12. glendalystonsils on



    What happened to the Dembele money?



    D’ye mean wee Karamoko’s pocket money?

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    Despite not trusting PL to do the the best interests for Celtic, ill reserve judgement until the window shuts (i know how humble of me), though he never fails to disappoint.



    First signing will/should be a notice of intent but we’ll see. I still cant fathom how we have money in the bank “if we invest every penny we get into the football club” or did i miss this memo.



    There’s one thing for sure, whatever he does there will be plenty of supporting articles found on here

  14. mullet and co 2 on 31st May 2019 2:02 pm


    ‘The only reason we won all9 trophies was because Rodgers instilled a mentality that we must win every trophy.’






    In which case it’s a pity he forgot to include the Champions League when he was doing the instillation.

  15. The ole CQN ’drive them to the airport myself’ list



















    De Vries





  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Newcastle will launch a £20million bid for Alfredo Morelos – according to reports in Colombia.



    From The Hun…..no laughing at the back…..

  17. Fool Time Whistle on

    You’re a CEO at a football club in a European backwater league.



    You’ve been in post since 2003 & are well paid by market standards.



    You’ve increased revenue & reduced debt at your club.



    You’ve also ensure that the league championship has been won by your club in 12 of the 16 seasons since you took up office.



    The four titles NOT won were secured by a club that did so by obtaining an unfair sporting advantage, in that they secretly paid millions to their players & staff, all undeclared to tax & football authorities. That club subsequently was liquidated owing 144 million to creditors. Football authorities found nothing wrong in this industrial scale cheating & allowed that club to retain all trophies won illegitimately.



    Your club lost one of those titles on the last day by one point in a season where referees chose to strike rather than retain their integrity when several of their number were exposed as having colluded to cover up cheating to your club’s disadvantage in a game involving your club.



    Your club’s European ventures have been a mixed bag. The club has qualified for European football in every season since you toolk over, qualifying for group stages & last 16 in the CL in some seasons & in others failing to qualify for the CL at all.



    You are a member of the Professional Game Board of the SFA.



    You are reported to have a heated driveway at your home address.




  18. Fool Time Whistle on




    More importantly – when does it close?



    Soon isn’t soon enough.




  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ ERNIE LYNCH on 31ST MAY 2019 2:56 PM



    BR gets hammered for his European record.



    Certain individual results are disappointing- the kamikaze approach v PSG and Barca away particularly come to mind. However, does anyone now expect we will qualify for the CL 2 out of the next 3 seasons and have post-Christmas European football twice?



    People compare to BR to Lenny’s European record and while Lenny made the last 16 (from a group of Barca, Benfica and Spartak- far easier than groups BR faced), he also failed to qualify for Europe twice and finished bottom of a CL group once.



    If offered the above outcomes (if not the performances) I would choose BR’s record over Lenny’s.

  20. weebobbycollins on

    Jist wait and see! When the transfer windae opens…whooossh…the Dembele money will get sooked right oot…and who knows where it’ll end up?

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wonder how Ajax’s TV money compares to Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Juventus and Tottenham, all of whom they played off the park this season…..?

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Put the golf on,only to find the loathsome ‘Clyde fan’ Dougie Donnelly commentating…..* switches over…

  23. fieldofdrams on

    Further to ‘Morelos to Newcastle for £20m…’



    According to the Daily Rec###, ‘The striker has been linked with numerous clubs after an incredible goal scoring season for Rangers (sic) that was only hampered by his five red cards.’



    They’ll print anything to help the Govanites sell this guy.

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