93 days of this left, the farming of Patrick Roberts


May is not out, the manager is not formally in place yet, but there’s an early bit of transfer rumblings underway as Celtic begin the process of building a squad for an attack on The Nine.

In response to speculation linking Celtic to one of his players, Motherwell chief exec, Alan Burrows, wrote on Twitter, “figures in papers are often educated stabs and not a true reflection on either what one/any club might be prepared to pay or the other might be prepared to accept.”

In short, any inquiry from Celtic for David Turnbull is at an early stage and conversations will not be around the figures reported.

We have 93 days like this until the transfer window closes….

Like you, I enjoyed watching Patrick Roberts.  He is a gifted player and good professional.  His could have been a permanent signing for Celtic but Pep Guardiola had other ideas.  Now he has signed a new contract, keeping him at at Manchester City for another three years, a club he will almost certainly never play competitively for, while simultaneously agreeing to a one year loan at newly promoted Norwich.

It is hard to escape agricultural metaphors when watching what the tier one clubs in England do with young talent.  They are a crop to hoard and sell, not to consume.  City paid Fulham £12m for Patrick four years ago.  His new contract will be worth several millions per year, and when his value is right, they will sell him.  This is a business model, independent of first team considerations.

A season in the English Premier League could be enough to raise a fee in excess of £20m, but there is a risk going to Norwich.  Patrick’s talents are most valuable unlocking packed defences.  Players of craft are less valued the further down the league you go, where robustness and counter-attacking football has become mandatory.

He would contribute his share in that Manchester City squad, or at Celtic, but his bit-part season at relegated Girona is a portent of what could lie ahead for him in Norwich.  At least he’ll be able to catch the tunes on North Norfolk Digital.


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  1. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ !!BADA BING!! on 31ST MAY 2019 3:38 PM



    God, think of all the money we are going to save.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on

    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “We’re delighted to name Neil as our new manager. Neil stepped up to the plate and answered our call in February, and in the difficult circumstances, played a huge part in delivering the treble to Celtic.



    “We have known Neil as a player, captain, coach and manager. He has brought great success to Celtic in the past and we’re sure he’ll do so again in the future. He’s a Celtic man, a winner and someone we’re delighted again to have as part of the club.



    “Neil has a great record in identifying players, and he has already been working hard in this area as we look to strengthen the squad this summer. We’re all looking forward to a positive future together.”



    From the club’s website.

  3. THE TOKEN TIM on 31ST MAY 2019 1:54 PM





    PL or DD?



    Ultimately the job offer decision would only have been made with DD’s blessing. And as i heard it (no way of knowing if there is any truth in it) the job was going to be offered to Moyes, until DD turned to PL in the immediate aftermath of the Final and said go down and offer the job to Lenny.



    Which kind of makes sense to me given the shambolic and haphazard way it was announced.











    I have heard exactly the same thing from a usually informative source.


    It would also explain why the ” informed ” people on CQN got this so ” wrong ”




  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 31ST MAY 2019 3:59 PM



    Well the league was weaker then. No Sevco, no Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock, Hearts and Hibs were woeful and were both relegated in Lenny’s last year.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Name another Club, where assistant manager and coaches are forced on you? Every manager works with his own guys…

  6. What management and coaching qualification do John Kennnedy and Damien Duff hold?

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 31ST MAY 2019 4:15 PM


    Name another Club, where assistant manager and coaches are forced on you? Every manager works with his own guys…



    Pat Rice and Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

  8. A one year rolling contract ( contract ends when somebody decides to end it ) seems remarkable for just appointing the outstanding candidate with no competition.




  9. Fool Time Whistle on

    Token Tim & Greenpinata



    If the story about a last minute impulsive offer the NFL is true then this whole thing is …words fail me frankly.



    Trying to imagine the mind of hard nosed business guys being so feckless as to be set on offering this particular job to another man, in the full appreciation that the interim incumbent could very easily win the last game of the season to deliver the treble treble, Then to be influenced enough at the last minute to ignore that planned course of action that all had signed up to, just to offer it to NFL – it would seem on the basis of that win and the emotional aftermath. It really beggars belief.



    The other thing it does is account for the alleged “offer in the shower” version.



    I suspect that they had decided to offer NFL the job if he won that game – regardless of all the talk to the contrary.



    Perhaps they spoke with Moyes when he was up recent;ly with his brother.




  10. Not the most inspiring of announcements — the coaching staff looks very thin with DaD seemingly given a lot of responsibility on the back of very limited experience.



    The whole situation reeks of low rent / low investment renewal done on the fly by people with little talent beyond their own enrichment.



    Six weeks to the first competitive match — best of luck guys.


    I have a feeling you are going to need it — rebuilding in a time of austerity?



    Huge issue regarding player recruitment.

  11. What do you get if you cross the useless with the lazy?


    A CFC Manager Selection panel holding its meetings in an imaginary phonebox.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Total lack of experience re the coaching stuff. But saved a few bob, so all good….



    One year rolling contract? Say no more….

  13. `…as we look to strengthen the squad this summer.” Peter Lawwell, today.



    Peter is obviously lying ……unless the in the know CQNers are wrong.




  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Would love to know how much the manager has actually got at his disposal for new players. Sure Neil won’t complain though.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    So we were going to appoint Davie Moyes as the new manager but in the immediate after match euphoria of having won the treble treble we decided to appoint Neil instead? If that story is genuinely true chances are we’re screwed, a shooting from the hip style of management will not get us to the Ten, we need to be clever, cool, calculating, ruthless even to be successful. Maybe if they had had a few more shandies they would have fallen asleep Neil would have gone home and we would have got Davie Moyes as the new manager, who knows, but certainly not a good sign if this is typical of how we are being run. In fact it’s a very worrying sign.

  16. The truth of the matter is that PL had a look on CQN and decided they Neil was the better option as no-one wanted Moyes

  17. For all the miserabilist Morriseys in our support (with the exception of our Res. 12 guy)






    I was happy in the haze of a Treble treble


    But heaven knows I’m miserable now


    Vilas-Boaz was looking for a job, and then he found a job


    And heaven knows I’m miserable now



    In my life


    Why do I give valuable time


    To Board people who don’t care if I live or die?




    Lawwell and Lennon entwined pass me by


    And heaven knows I’m miserable now


    He was looking out of a a job, and then we gave him a job


    And heaven knows I’m miserable now



    In my life


    Oh, why do I give valuable time


    To Board people who don’t care if I live or die?



    The willy-waving in the showers at the end of the game


    Caligula would have blushed


    “Moyes, you’ve been in our ground too long” Lawwell said


    And he naturally fled



    In my life


    Why do I smile


    At people who I’d much rather kick in the eye?




    I was happy in the haze of a Treble treble


    But thank heaven I’m back to being miserable now


    “Oh, I’ve been in this state for so long” I said


    I think my face has set



    In my life


    Oh, why do I give valuable time


    To things that will be tomorrow’s chip wrappers?

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sarri and Chelsea needed Zola to get the fans onside, if Smith didn’t want Terry, he wouldn’t be there IMO

  19. glendalystonsils on




    Why would Neil Lennon complain? If he was unhappy with the Board’s plan for the season ahead do you honestly think he would have taken the job?

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