93 days of this left, the farming of Patrick Roberts


May is not out, the manager is not formally in place yet, but there’s an early bit of transfer rumblings underway as Celtic begin the process of building a squad for an attack on The Nine.

In response to speculation linking Celtic to one of his players, Motherwell chief exec, Alan Burrows, wrote on Twitter, “figures in papers are often educated stabs and not a true reflection on either what one/any club might be prepared to pay or the other might be prepared to accept.”

In short, any inquiry from Celtic for David Turnbull is at an early stage and conversations will not be around the figures reported.

We have 93 days like this until the transfer window closes….

Like you, I enjoyed watching Patrick Roberts.  He is a gifted player and good professional.  His could have been a permanent signing for Celtic but Pep Guardiola had other ideas.  Now he has signed a new contract, keeping him at at Manchester City for another three years, a club he will almost certainly never play competitively for, while simultaneously agreeing to a one year loan at newly promoted Norwich.

It is hard to escape agricultural metaphors when watching what the tier one clubs in England do with young talent.  They are a crop to hoard and sell, not to consume.  City paid Fulham £12m for Patrick four years ago.  His new contract will be worth several millions per year, and when his value is right, they will sell him.  This is a business model, independent of first team considerations.

A season in the English Premier League could be enough to raise a fee in excess of £20m, but there is a risk going to Norwich.  Patrick’s talents are most valuable unlocking packed defences.  Players of craft are less valued the further down the league you go, where robustness and counter-attacking football has become mandatory.

He would contribute his share in that Manchester City squad, or at Celtic, but his bit-part season at relegated Girona is a portent of what could lie ahead for him in Norwich.  At least he’ll be able to catch the tunes on North Norfolk Digital.


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  1. glendalystonsils on




    It’s actually getting more and more difficult to ridicule Sevco when we open ourselves up to ridicule.

  2. Who is Turnball and why are we all going dewy eyed over him?



    Was at the 4-1 game and he was anonymous.



    Half the player Ewan Henderson is.

  3. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Pog: Congratulations to your boy on his degree.All degrees are good and gaining one when against the odds are even better.Well done young man(not you Pog,your boy?).




    Great news about your Bhoy, congratulations to him and his proud parents.




  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Mon the pogín



    go and build the world, save the planet and get yer da a beer.

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Daughter No.2 currently in Berlin,looking for information re where to watch football tomorrow evening and also any recommendations re eating places would be welcome.


    55 years since I was there so not much use??!

  7. We’ve just done a treble treble won 14 out of last 19 available league titles.



    Won 5 out of 10 available Scottish cups this decade and 4 league cups.



    I like a moan about Celtic but reading the blog and twitter since last Saturday has been grim.



    Folk going on about Lenny only signing a 12 month rolling contract the same MON and Brendan signed .



    Lenny giving the players days off after we won the league was terrible but no mention that Brendan let them go to Tenerife after we won the league last year.



    Can’t wait till the next manager ,board and Chief executive come into replace the duds we’ve got just now . We’ll never lose a league or cup again.

  8. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 31ST MAY 2019 4:31 PM


    Total lack of experience re the coaching stuff. But saved a few bob, so all good….



    One year rolling contract? Say no more….





    Hi mate,hope your good


    I think since MON we have had all managers on a rolling 12 month contract,up to BR.


    Who had a 3 ys deal .










    well done to your lad.some achievement,well done.magic



  9. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    Delighted for your lad congrats!!! Please pass on our best



    Date for the diary: Sat 29th June for the third Summer CQN beer bas ! Details to follow but likely will be an early afternoon kick off in Glasgow Merchant city



    All welcome to join. Email at cqnpredictor@gmail.com to register an interest







  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    HOT SMOKED on 31ST MAY 2019 4:55 PM



    If — a poyum by Rudyard Kipling..


    If — a choon by David Gates


    If — a flick by Lindsay Anderson



    IF — a forgotten word on CQN when conspiracists are afoot.



    The conspiracies so far..



    1) They would have you believe that the NFL offer tweet was put out while all the butterfly brains were distracted by the treble treble, just so that you wouldn’t grasp what was happenning. The fact that every player who was interviewed on the pitch after the win was asked specifically about NFL situation kinda/sorta made it clear that the media were NEVER going to let that issue rest – until a formal decision was made. The interview to camera by Lawwell was airbrushed out of existence too, because yes, when you’re trying to baffle folk into believing that you haven’t made a decision on the choice of manager the thing to do is to agree to a live interview about it when they are all watching.



    2) The offer was made in the shower. Now this was as a result of NFL’s own careless use of language but how it was exploited as more evidence of Biscuit Tin/Back of Fag Packet PLC and their standard of corporate excellence. Bare scudyy NFL covering his manhood while Pedro, Desmond & one other speak solemnly while dodging the shower spray. It all fell apart when NFL refused to shake hands since he needed both to retain his dignity. The three anmigos did come into the dressing room and offer NFL the job, but that wa just the start. Offer? Whadya mean offer? The alacrity in announcing NFL had been offered the job overlooked the begged question from all of us – what did he say in reply?



    3) NFL has been offered but (at that time) not yet accepted merely because he is the cheapskate option & in any case he is so easily manipulated & bamboozled by those wicked directors into agreeing to much less support/finances than the club can afford & much less than a clever man like Rodgers would agree to. the evidence for this was non existent of course, but when you are on a roll & the board are taking a mnadatory count – then pile in and say what you want. No one, probably not even NFL himself at this stage knows what funds he has at his disposal, but based on experience from every year for the past 14 – we will sell/move on a wheen a players to trim the burgeoning squad and the big payroll. This activity will free up funds to enable squad additions by NFL.



    Big question for me is – why is spending gazillions on an exotic sounding person, about whom many of us would know next to nothing so important? I’m fed up with “it shows real intent” or “it puts down a marker for the opposition” or “it’s the going rate for high quality”. I know it’s sexy to have men with unpronounceable names, roll up complere with a serious tan, Italain suits & heavily accented English – but is he worth the phone number salary his agent is demanding? Could he thrive in Scottish football or would he be a Warburton-Caixinho clone?



    I want the club to avoid paying over the odds for everything – even players & managers.


    That said, it looks like NFL has played his cards well & didn’t let his emotions on the day force him into accepting the offer before ALL terms & conditions were agreed.



    4) The rolling one year contract is a sure fire sign that NFL is already half way out the door – apparently. Except of course that that is precisely the form of contract that WGS, RD and BR had. It means little in terms of the intent from manager or club, and is an arrangement that ensures that clubs can pay closer to what the applicant wants without being committed to a 3/4 year contract. Paying up the remainder of a mutli year contract is what hurts clubs and as such they will not agree to the same annual salary in them that a one year rolling contract will offer.



    5) The whisper today that Moyes was to be THE one as agreed by the key players on the board, but that somehow, that all came to nought, when the same men witnessed the aftermath of the Cup win – has got to be the silliest conspiracy yet. Having done our due diligence or their man, interviewed him at least twice, discussed strategy, tactics & ambitions & agreed to his backroom staff & assistants – the whole project was thrown into chaos when the emperor himself decided that, after all, the interim man should get the job. The same man that they rejected days before as being no better than second choice behind “their man”.


    This would also imply that Moyes had been told that he was their choice and that NFL had been told he wasn’t getting the job – you know for all these sources to be so aware of what was happenning word would have to have gotten out to the candidates. Maybe that’s an inconveneient fact though.



    If coos had teets they’d be bulls, but if you hate the board no matter what – then coos do indeed become bulls.



    Good luck to Neil, John & Damien – I agree that they’ll need luck since so many are determined to undermine them before they even get their seat warm.




  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    If bulls had teets they’d be coos –



    Can’t tell a coos erse from….

  12. pogmathonyahun



    Congratulations in order, to the parents, and in particular to the son.


    Terrific achievement.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 31ST MAY 2019 8:42 PM



    You can hit a coo’s erse wi’ a banjo……..but…….



    …..if it turns oot tae be a bull……..make sure you’ve got yer runnin’ shoes on!

  14. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/inside-celtics-transfer-window-plans-16235887



    I’m intrigued by Lawell’s comment that they have had wheels in motion since February with regards to player recruitment and resolving the positions that need filled.



    That all sounds good. But actions speak louder than words.


    And I would find it strange that Lennon is obliged to agree with whatever targets were identified February / March. Surely he’ll want his own say on player recruitment.

  15. Ruggyman



    Am intrigued too.


    Why believe anythin in that paper?


    Suprised at ye. Lol


    Hope yir good





  16. 29th June? Yer kiddin’ The only date I can’t!!


    I’ll try to adjust arrangements.

  17. Thanks to everyone who passed on their congratulations to my Bhoy. He is over the Moon. He can now put his qualifications down on his job applications.


    A Treble Treble last weekend and passing his degree this weekend – what a week ? ??????

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Pog:Thanks for the heads-up re Berlin.The ‘Bhoy from Swindon’ just home and daughter has been given the info.Vielen dance.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just wakened after a night on the port, not at the port which i used


    to visit regularly, Port Glesgy, that is, wonderful place and full of tims.




    Great reading about your bhoy, get him over here now where his


    achievement will really be recognised.


    Oz Tims.


    Our CSC have accepted a golfing challenge from PADDY ON THE PENINSULA.


    Great name for a golf club, and it,s Paddys versus Jocks on the 7th june at


    the Dunes golf club.


    So far the Paddys have twelve in their team, no doubt our gowfin bhoys will


    match that.


    If you are interested more details about the event are posted on the Social


    Celts Mornington face book page.


    If like me you are not a gowfer, waste of good guinness drinking time


    join me in the Dubliner and blether about all things Celtic.


    H.H Mick

  20. Fool Time Whistle on

    Cosy Corner Bhoy



    Myself & Mrs FTW were in the metropolis of Kilwnnin by the sea 2 weeks ago.



    I have a cousiin living thereabouts.



    2 things – we had a chicken curry pie from the bakers on the HIgh St – top marks.



    I didn’t realize that your moniker was related to the boozer until I drove past it.



    Hope you are all well.




  21. POG… Congratulations to your Boy, having a lad with dyslexia who had no real support I can understand how rightly proud you are of the lad.



    A Great achievement…



    Well done Lenny, JK & DD on your appointment. Tuff times ahead but I’m sure the combination of grit and experience will get you through.



    Can you add to the trinity? Tuff ask, but think we’ve got a rollercoaster Season and youse ghuys know how to hold on…



    Green&WhiteKnuckleRide CSC






    Neil and Peter’s Presser…



    …Thanks for the link.



    Not at all sure how how I feel after watching that.



    Obviously a lot of pressure on and the NL & PL were pensive.



    That aside, I did get the feeling that some sort of strategy for the way forward was being enacted. That there was a determination to go forward and make it work.



    Of course the downside was That there was a determination to not reveal anything about what this could entail, how we were going to get there and how ambitious we were.



    It was a wishlist, shrouded in secrecy pronounced with a bunker mentality.



    There is something at odds with Celtic’s senior management approach. Why was Lenny at pains to underline he was more grown up now, almost an unnecessary mea culpa, to the obvious approval of PL.



    We really don’t need a Parent- Child relationship between our head of business and head of football.



    It was good to see a little respect afforded to the old football coaching regime, this seemed to come out of a professional respect from Lenny. It was somewhat tentative from PL but nonetheless applicable, maybe they have Lawyers also.



    So, what can we take from it. Well Celtic’s Executive Management style, unfortunately hasn’t changed.



    And Lenny and the bhoys are up for the challenge…






    Hail Hail

  22. Fool Time Whistle on




    I watched that media session and the Celtic TV one with NFL on his own.



    I thought his comments were addressing the (often unspoken)doubts that some may have about his suitability because of his past lifestyle & personal issues. I took PL’s nod & eye movement in response as an endorsement of what Neil said & a gesture to suggest that the PLC had successfully considered the new NFL versus the old NFL. PL’s comments about the stress inherent in the job seemed to support that.



    I heard Pl’s answer to the female reporter – that it was a sensitive matter & not the time of place to go into that. I couldn’t make out the key words in her question, so was she asking about the handling of the announcement about NFL getting the job or was it something else?




  23. FTW



    the question was relating to the child sex abuse scandal.


    I’ve heard we will be responding to this over the weekend- at long last.

  24. C’mon the Celts.



    Celtic need to really refresh the First Team.



    I was on my feet a couple of times with the play of Karamoko, we are seated where he was dojng his thang, first impressions iz he is a very wee Brammer, a Magical wee Brammer.




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