93 days of this left, the farming of Patrick Roberts


May is not out, the manager is not formally in place yet, but there’s an early bit of transfer rumblings underway as Celtic begin the process of building a squad for an attack on The Nine.

In response to speculation linking Celtic to one of his players, Motherwell chief exec, Alan Burrows, wrote on Twitter, “figures in papers are often educated stabs and not a true reflection on either what one/any club might be prepared to pay or the other might be prepared to accept.”

In short, any inquiry from Celtic for David Turnbull is at an early stage and conversations will not be around the figures reported.

We have 93 days like this until the transfer window closes….

Like you, I enjoyed watching Patrick Roberts.  He is a gifted player and good professional.  His could have been a permanent signing for Celtic but Pep Guardiola had other ideas.  Now he has signed a new contract, keeping him at at Manchester City for another three years, a club he will almost certainly never play competitively for, while simultaneously agreeing to a one year loan at newly promoted Norwich.

It is hard to escape agricultural metaphors when watching what the tier one clubs in England do with young talent.  They are a crop to hoard and sell, not to consume.  City paid Fulham £12m for Patrick four years ago.  His new contract will be worth several millions per year, and when his value is right, they will sell him.  This is a business model, independent of first team considerations.

A season in the English Premier League could be enough to raise a fee in excess of £20m, but there is a risk going to Norwich.  Patrick’s talents are most valuable unlocking packed defences.  Players of craft are less valued the further down the league you go, where robustness and counter-attacking football has become mandatory.

He would contribute his share in that Manchester City squad, or at Celtic, but his bit-part season at relegated Girona is a portent of what could lie ahead for him in Norwich.  At least he’ll be able to catch the tunes on North Norfolk Digital.


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  1. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 1ST JUNE 2019 10:54 AM


    Did anyone notice this Turnbull guy when Motherwell played against us. Unless he was the eejit who scored the goal from a free ball then I certainly didn’t.






    Said the same yesterday. I didn’t. We had the 2 standout youngsters on the pitch that day in Henderson (who if he played for Motherwell or the like we’d be raving more about) and big Odsonne.



    This signing has become more of a litmus test against Lawell after the McGinn fiasco (another limited fella too imho).



    Hold our nerve csc

  2. Oh I do enjoy seeing fans of English clubs taking a heavy leathering off the Spanish polis. It fair warms the cockles of my heart so it does.

  3. weebobbycollins on

    A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “”The decisions on public processions are a matter for local authorities. We note the sheriff’s comments and we will continue to work closely with local authorities…….to ensure the safety of those taking part in parades……..”





  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Had a few wee jars today, nothing unusual in that, but as soon as


    i start talking in my Glesgy parlance somebody always and i mean


    every time will ask ” where do you come from ”


    Now i’ve been asked that question all of my working life, from Boston


    where they thought i was South African to Birmingham where they


    thought ‘ he’s no right in the heid ”


    Now a wee question for all you CQN’rs where do you comefae?


    I know we have Celtic family all over the globe so how about a list?


    I’ll start


    MELBOURNE MICK..eh Australia.k


    H.H Mick

  5. Matt Stewart on

    It used to be that some posters on here had an affinity with Poland, The Polish and their contribution to life in Scotland…. I certainly do as ‘The Slabbery Wumin’s’ dad escaped from a Nazi camp in Danzig/Gdansk and made his way across Europe eventually settling in Wales, meeting the love of his life and begetting the love of mine ??.



    Anyway on a wander around Glasgow yesterday I came across these wee signs outside an RC Chapel…..so in the time honoured inter-season question….where am I? or as they say in Poland “Gdzie ja jestem?”..






    Hail Hail




  6. Chairbhoy @ 12.26



    I thought the hastily arranged appointment and even more hastily arranged press conference, went very well, I thought Peter Lawwell quickly corrected his understatement of squad freshening, to squad strengthening. I believe Neil Lennon is a lucky, lucky man, to have been handed a golden baton, and he is in clearly subservient to ‘the elite people’ he referred to, at the start, he ‘understands the transfer strategy’ whatever that it is.



    Therefore and all that remains is for the club to hand the new budget over, and Neil ( who has a very good eye for a player ) gets on with it. If Neil Lennon wants to remain in his rolling contract he won’t be able to do it, by trading punches and Bosmans with closet rivals in Scotland, its very simple the spine of the club is built on buying the best players, no one else in Scotland can afford.



    Having been left in the lurch by BR, I think Neil Lennon was the right choice as caretaker, and I said at the outset a completed treble,treble was never going end with the job being handed over to someone else.



    There are Celtic fans that don’t particularly care who we choose as the manager, as long as we get the Odsonne Edouards.

  7. Melbourne Mick on




    Never worked in Poland but always had an affinity with those


    wonderful people, think big Artur had something to do with that.


    H.H Mick

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Newcastle to launch £20m bid for Morelos so say the SMSM, you just have to laugh at these clowns. Now the EPL are more stringent at none EC player criteria and as far as I can recall his substitution cameos don’t count

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Now we have Prestonpans , lovely part of the world.








    H.H Mick

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    Very reluctantly ( im not comfortable with this subject ) I am posting to express my utter condemnation and disgust at the child sex abuses that occurred at Celtic boys club. Collectively we must face this, as must society in general.



    As the latest child abuse case rocks Scotland with the church of Scotland paying record compensation we must leave no stone unturned to address this historic scandal.



    Clubs such as Celtic ” Rangers ” Hibs, Dundee Utd, Falkirk et al, ( including the SFA ) must face any responsibility. However we must guard against Celtic being singled out and our legal teams must be viligant and pro active.



    Unlike some we must refrain from point scoring and disgusting songs and slogans.



    Parliament the BBC and many other institutions at the top of the tree have been implicated and from a Scottish perspective the case of Hollie Greig continues to disgust and flabergast.



    HH to all.

  11. Park Road 67 on

    Hail Hail from a hot and sunny Puerto Del Carmen ?


    MELBOURNE MICK how many jars of the black stuff did you have ?? Hope you and family are all ok !

  12. Back to Basics at foot of page 6 – brilliantly funny and quite possibly accurate!!




    Surely with such precision analysis you must blog.can you direct me.? :-)))))




  14. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    Thought i would like to know where all our bloggers comefae.


    I’ve met so many of you and your wonderful wife over the years


    here in Melbourne and i’ll always treasure these moments.


    I love talking to people like FOOLTIMEWHISTLE who lives in


    North Carolina or our auld pal AWE NAW in Germany where i


    also worked and they thought i was Scandinavian when i spoke.


    As regards how many pints of the black stuff have i consumed?


    well when i can’t consume them thats the time to worry.


    H.H Mick

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BBC News 24 at 1.30pm,a programme looking at the death of Emiliano Sala ,and his family looking for the truth.

  16. BSR @ 12:24 PM,



    Yes, one of many things that confuses was the “haste”, if we have been sorting out management, coaches and player appointments/acquisitions since February why this week’s clusterduck?



    The “Elite People” are impressing me less and less I must say.



    Lenny wouldn’t have been my choice, I have a vision of the Football operation and ambition Celtic Football Club needs and in the last few Seasons I’ve seen it in action. It works, it needed tweaking for sure, but it is a model that’s been proven to work.



    We are not going get that. Eliter and Wiser folk than I, have deemed – You just need to keep on doing the right things and believe in yourself and making the right decisions.



    And that’s what they’ll do continue to make the “right” decisions, for so it is written.



    Despite what his detractors say, Lenny is a very good manager. So you are correct, after all that’s said and done Lenny must be backed to strengthen the squad. If the head of recruitment appointment is… whenever. It sounds like they’ve already identified the targets.



    Spend the cash. Bring the newbhoys in, early in the window and give Lenny and his staff every chance of success.






    Hail Hail

  17. When I hear people talk of abuse of children and refer to the Catholic Church and/or Celtic, I quickly discover that they have no interest in the abusers nor in the victims but only in the Church and the football team.






    Melbourne Mick – Melbourne – AUSTRALIA


    Prestonpans Bhoys – Prestonpans – SCOTLAND


    Jobo Baldie – East Kilbride – SCOTLAND

  19. Melbourne Mick on




    ” No heels were dug in while making this comment.”


    I think that is the key to any observation regarding our unique club.


    We all have our opinions, some want to moan continually ,others


    just love to be part of the Celtic family win or lose, but at the end of


    the day i always go to bed happy to be a part of it.


    H.H Mick

  20. MELBOURNE MICK @ 1:36 PM,



    Too True… Have A Good night… All is good in Paradise.



    Hail Hail

  21. Melbourne Mick.



    Hot Smoked , Arbroath (nee Glasgow), Caledonia.




  22. Melbourne Mick on




    Where do you comefae? if it’s not to nosey to ask.


    H.H Mick

  23. Not at all Mick…



    I’m in High Wycombe, England via the land of the monks in the Kingdom of Strathclyde.



    Hail Hail

  24. Melbourne Mick on




    Great little town Arbroath, spent many a boozy night there with my offshore


    friends, big Celtic pub down near the harbour i think.


    H.H Mick

  25. Mick


    Biddulph, North Staffs, England



    My bank details



    Sort 25-05-67


    Acct 18886674

  26. CHAIRBHOY @ 1.22



    True, but it did do what it said on the tin, ‘killed speculation’ whilst the players were still soapy and the


    support elated.



    The board’ unwittingly or not have placed themselves behind the Celtic eight ball, with the appointment of a mere cheapo ’sellick man’ . If we can see that the squad strengthening is paramount ,so can Neil Lennon and so can Peter Lawwell.



    The non appointment of the new Mourinho actually puts the elite people more directly in the locus, and the spotlight swings back to them.



    Only Celtic fans can turn ‘planning transfer targets since February’ into some form of criticism, as if it doesn’t somehow conform with any other big club, where the procedure is the same, scout, plan, sign.



    But then transfers have been explained ad nauseum on these pages, particularly by SFTB, posters still don’t get it, and want to go internet pitch forky about what is after all a treble, treble winning strategy.






    Melbourne Mick – Melbourne – AUSTRALIA


    Prestonpans Bhoys – Prestonpans – SCOTLAND


    Jobo Baldie – East Kilbride – SCOTLAND


    Hot Smoked – Arbroath – SCOTLAND


    Chairbhoy – High Wycombe – ENGLAND


    Park Road 67 – Girvan – SCOTLAND



    Aff oot, yies are on yer own now…. ;-)

  28. prestonpans bhoys on

    And to add to the location crack, being pedantic, Prestonpans bhoys is in his caravan near Aberfoyle. Sober too??

  29. Melbourne Mick on

    O.K i’ll need to compile the list before i conk out.



    MELBOURNE MICK… Australia




    CHAIRBHOY… England


    PARK ROAD … Scotia


    HOT SMOKED…Scotia


    JOBO… Scotia


    Better include PADDYMACOZ or he’ll give me pelters.


    PADDYMACOZ… Australia.


    H.H Mick




    Melbourne Mick – Melbourne – AUSTRALIA



    Prestonpans Bhoys – Prestonpans – SCOTLAND



    Jobo Baldie – East Kilbride – SCOTLAND



    Hot Smoked – Arbroath – SCOTLAND



    Chairbhoy – High Wycombe – ENGLAND



    Park Road 67 – Girvan – SCOTLAND



    Gene – Biddulph, – North Staffs – England



    PADDYMACOZ – Australia.



    BSR – Lower East Kilbride – Scotland

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