95 years since 3-in-a-row league 0-0s


The prospect tomorrow is to move 12 points ahead with only 12 points available to others.  Win, and 8-in-a-row could be real by 17:00 on Sunday, after our two nearest rivals face each other.

While the championship is all but decided, Killie have everything to play for with four games remaining.  A win would see them go fourth, for a day at least, and into a Europa League.  Whereas a defeat could see Hibs close the gap below them to just two points.  Whatever occupies the minds of Celtic players, Kilmarnock will be there battling for a win.

Kilmarnock have mastered the art of defending in recent weeks, conceding only twice in seven games, most recently as the haemorrhaged players to a flurry of red cards against Aberdeen.  Steve Clarke will have watched how lesser teams have tightened up against us, successfully inhabiting our goals for column.

Kilmarnock’s two central defenders against Aberdeen, Broadfoot and Findlay, were sent off and are suspended tomorrow.  While this will provide encouragement to Celtic, it will convince Clarke to pack his defence ever-tighter.

There’s another thing.  We do not often draw 0-0 twice in consecutive league games, but after Livingston and Hibs kept us at bay, this is where we find ourselves.  It has been 95 years since we drew three consecutive league games 0-0.  Let’s just put the ball in the net and avoid disturbing the record books tomorrow.

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  1. I would not be in favour of retiring the no5 shirt. When folk talk about naming the North stand or Lennoxtown i am of the view that Celtic is only 130 years into it’s history and that many more icons and legends will become. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future and as such we need to make sure we leave room for new legends to be honoured and recognised. In the same vein future generations of Celtic players will aspire to wear the no5 and no7 shirts, they are iconic and i am of the view that we should not take that chance away from them.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on

    Has NFL been told that the permanent position of Celtic manager is his?



    His team selections suggest that he might have been & perversely, that this knowledge has influenced his team selections. We have assumed that we will win this league & I suspect that despite cliched rhetoric, the manager & players think the same. Neil’s task was/is simply to get us across the finishing line for the league & cup AND help prepare us for next season. Win games & assess current staff.



    He is evidently trying to win games with only those players who are contracted to Celtic AND likely to be at the club next season. He has 5 games left to assess existing players so that he can advise the board/Peter what positions need bolstering & which players need not be offered new contracts. Between May 25 & June 21 – NFL (or whoever) will have to sign up replacements/new players to help with securing UCL qualification. He has to have those needs clearly identified as soon as possible but at least by May 25 so that he can start the recruitment process in the 4 week off season period. In an ideal world. we’d like to think that the club is well down that road.



    However, because we’ve dropped four points in our last two games Neil’s caught in a dilemma: he needs to assess players as assets for the reasons outlined above BUT he wants to get the league won as soon as possible. He seems to have decided that loan players who’ll return to their parent clubs on May 25 are not worth playing at the expense of contracted players – even if it means that we may stumble & fall over the finishing line at this stage.



    Mrs FTW asked me on Friday if I thought NFL would be manager next season (during road trips when I’m doing all the driving she has a checklist of subjects to keep me awake!!) I said that if he led the team to cup & league wins then it would be hard NOT to give him the job.


    During Sunday’s roadtrip after the draw with Hibs she asked me the same question. After some thought I said that if NFL contrived to lose the league after being 13 points ahead with 5 games to go, then I couldn’t see how they could appoint him as permanent manager for next season.



    Doesn’t bear thinking about I know, but have we lost our goal scoring mojo as we approach the finish line?


    Did the team, fans, management think that once we beat them on St Patrick’s day it was job done & plain sailing downhill? (mixing metaphors unless it’s a sandyacht)



    If we don’t locate our mojo for the next 2 games we could be rolling up to their place with the points gap down to as little as 3 points, making that game a genuine six pointer. Gawd forbid, but we could be playing our final league game of the season at home against Hearts level on points with the team in 2nd place and with no goal difference advantage. A doomsday scenario I know but it puts the result of tomorrow’s game into sharper focus. We simply need four points from the next two games & we can forget about results from other games.



    Tomorrow is the day to answer some of these questions & get the victory, but Neil needs to choose the best team to win the game & be unconcerned about whether they are loanees or permanent staff.




  3. I see the Gerrard lecture today to the assembled lambers ignored the comment from him today about Aberdeen not laying a glove on Celtic, that is far from the truth as Ryan Christie has injures to his face consisent with a head butt of considerable force, ratbag with a smirk on his face.

  4. weebobbycollins on

    BSR…I thought JF didn’t go to games these days…


    You and your bigger season-ticket :-)

  5. BREAKING: Scott Brown has avoided a ban following his Scottish FA hearing today.



    He was cited for his post-match celebrations against Rangers.

  6. Big Jimmy



    Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I seem to recall Big Billy being sent off at Firs Park against East Stirlingshire. I could be wrong.



    Hail Hail

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Big Jimmy…Billy was never subbed and I believe he was never taken off injured…

  8. In light of the great camaraderie amongst the footballing fraternity, I’m reluctant to have a go at Steven Gerrard. However his comments that Aberdeen try harder against Rangers and that they never lifted a finger against Celtic in the semi final are delusional. Has he seen Ryan Christie?



    Very strange weather for this time of year. Autumn is normally the best time for magic mushrooms

  9. Rocky Marciano made Celtic attackers look like ‘Bums Of The Month’ last week when he took all their best shots on his inspired gloves and no doubt Kilmarnock will draw an iron curtain accross the goal tomorrow to keep the Hoops out at all costs. Surely we cannot drop more points to these tactics. Three points a must tomorrow.

  10. Greenpinata on 26th April 2019 6:02 pm



    In light of the great camaraderie amongst the footballing fraternity, I’m reluctant to have a go at Steven Gerrard. However his comments that Aberdeen try harder against Rangers and that they never lifted a finger against Celtic in the semi final are delusional. Has he seen Ryan Christie?



    Very strange weather for this time of year. Autumn is normally the best time for magic mushrooms







    The Mushrooms have been Magic All Seasons with the P!sh coming out of Gerrards uncouth mouth.



    Jabber the Gutter rat is giving him all this stuff.



    HH Bro and I hope we play to our very best the morra.

  11. Radio Clyde – A hurtin huns channel.



    No doubt it will be toned down now the Embarrassments are being exposed.

  12. Greetings from Platform 8 in Inverness, enjoying a wee libation before catching the bus down to G town for tomorrow’s game. ?????????**


    I was supposed to stay in Dumbreck but the daughter’s dog decided to have a dirty protest in my bedroom, it’s bad enough fouling the carpet but it did my bed as well ? I’ll just have to slum it in the new Glasgow MotelOne ?



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  13. Petec,



    I hope that the ” occasion ” will not be too much for some of our players.



    It would be great on sooooooo many levels to achieve a win played the ” Glasgow Celtic way”.



    Cheers and HH. A vision for tomorrow.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Strange comments from Gerrardiola. Would have made more sense if he had said it before an Aberdeen-Celtic game to get them fired up.


    Does he expect them to say “you know what, lads, we’ve been trying far too hard against ‘Rangers’ this season. Let’s take it easy this time”?


    Baldrick’s “cunning plans” look well thought out by comparison…..

  15. Disciplinary Tribunal Update | Scott Brown, Player, Celtic FC



    Friday 26 April 2019


    Alleged Party in Breach: Scott Brown, Player, Celtic FC



    Match: Celtic FC v Rangers FC



    Date: 31 March 2019



    Competition: Scottish Premiership



    Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 77 – A recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player, match official or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall, at all times, act in the best interests of Association Football. Furthermore such person or body shall not act in any manner which is improper or use any one, or a combination of, violent Conduct, serious foul play, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour.



    Principal hearing date: Friday 26 April 2019



    Outcome: Not proved.

  16. EMBRAMIKE on 26TH APRIL 2019 @ 6:43 PM



    brulyint that pistol pete has delivered again. owning the sfa is getting to be fun.

  17. Not Proved!!!


    So why was he cited?



    The blazers must go, for the future of the game in Scotland the Petries of this world must be retired to the Bowling club and potting shed of anonymity



    Hail hail Broonie

  18. Hebcelt



    No offence intended… I had 2 wait for comment posted before I read the attributes. Good link H J



    Ruggyman – nah, just want them to win for Jobo, TBB and all the rest of our EK Tim’s.



    Hail Hail ??

  19. Trumped up charges rarely stick, but the SFA appeased Sevco, SMSM and Scotland by hauling up Scott Brown, in the process causing just more laughter, and derision.



    Job done?



    The week of deflection where a club had three players sent off was the same as the shame game when original Rangers single handedly caused the silly summit.



    Silence from Celtic, the alternative is a club that squeals like Sevco and who issue more statements


    than the Halifax

  20. Big Jimmy…2.11.63 Billy McNeill sent off against East Stirlingshire…courtesy of The Celtic Wiki…waaay before my time…well remembered Cyrenean…one that got a lol from me…and seen on youtube for the disgrace it was…20.8.77 John Doyle off against Ayr United….for hitting the ref with a cross!!!




  21. Lurkintim – I’m sure Johnny hit the Ref wi the Baw – although Refs as Vampires has an appeal!

  22. hi ghuys just been reading the online book of remembrance for billy, overwhelming comes to mind, supporters of teams from all over the uk and Ireland and sevco, truly humbling to read,.hail hail.ceasar.

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