95 years since 3-in-a-row league 0-0s


The prospect tomorrow is to move 12 points ahead with only 12 points available to others.  Win, and 8-in-a-row could be real by 17:00 on Sunday, after our two nearest rivals face each other.

While the championship is all but decided, Killie have everything to play for with four games remaining.  A win would see them go fourth, for a day at least, and into a Europa League.  Whereas a defeat could see Hibs close the gap below them to just two points.  Whatever occupies the minds of Celtic players, Kilmarnock will be there battling for a win.

Kilmarnock have mastered the art of defending in recent weeks, conceding only twice in seven games, most recently as the haemorrhaged players to a flurry of red cards against Aberdeen.  Steve Clarke will have watched how lesser teams have tightened up against us, successfully inhabiting our goals for column.

Kilmarnock’s two central defenders against Aberdeen, Broadfoot and Findlay, were sent off and are suspended tomorrow.  While this will provide encouragement to Celtic, it will convince Clarke to pack his defence ever-tighter.

There’s another thing.  We do not often draw 0-0 twice in consecutive league games, but after Livingston and Hibs kept us at bay, this is where we find ourselves.  It has been 95 years since we drew three consecutive league games 0-0.  Let’s just put the ball in the net and avoid disturbing the record books tomorrow.

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  1. Batten Bhoy….’cause PMTYH’s street cred know no limits by quoting Bad Boys Inc lol ?







  2. Bateen Bhoy, I’m at the other end of Dundee, coincidentally Premier Inn Dundee East is about 200 yards away off the A92. I realise you have travelled on the A90, so your pit stop is en route. Hope you are well, and maybe see you tomorrow. Our bus leaves Arbroath at 8.45 am. HH

  3. TheLurkinTim,




    Before we jibber jabber about the plastics/waste…..And the Morphing of Climate change into that….



    Tune Me&u


    should MAGNIFY His Name.



    The radical Left are Bonkers.

  4. Friesdorfer, will be at ‘the usual place, before the game, weather permitting. Would be good to catch up ?

  5. Leeverpool minus 4 + Ross County was a decent bet.



    Whatever happened to Sturridge? Great player at chelski… similar, though not as good as Drogba.



    Great interview by J Klopp.



    The only man capable of doing Lenny’s job.



    Hail Hail ??

  6. CYRENEAN on 26TH APRIL 2019 5:41 PM



    Big Jimmy Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I seem to recall Big Billy being sent off at Firs Park against East Stirlingshire.



    *Correct he was sent off in a 5-1 victory at Firs Park, he was injured and with no subs went out tae the left wing. Jim Kennedy moved tae centre half and Chopper went fae inside right back tae the oul right half position.



    After Billy was sent off, I believe for talking back tae the ref a hail hail of bottles appeared fae the travelling support.



    He was also sent off again 9 years later in a friendly in Bermuda, Jimmy Quinn was badly injured to which Billy complained, shortly after the mitb sent him aff.

  7. End Times? Beliefs should never be discarded if from the Word.



    A Celtic Win the morra would be MEGA.




  8. Lovely words by Ally Begg.



    I have a big birthday coming in a few weeks time but got an early present tonight when I got home after a couple of hours relaxing in the local bar with Mrs. HJ



    A picture of Billy with the Big Cup from Mrs HJ.



    With apologies to Charles Rennie McIntosh (ok. Margeret McDonald)it has replaced a mirror in his/her style in pride of place in our hallway.



    Tomorrow is going to be so emotional.







    Win Lose or Draw.



    BSR- Yer a Star – yer comment that stays with me is the Flag over the seats…… Look over there noooo. :)




    WE are doing ok.

  10. A huge Celtic day awaits tomorrow. I’ve visited Billy’s statue twice this week and meeting Celts from near and far has been humbling.



    North men South men comrades all …



    Hail Cesar

  11. Celtic By Numbers



    (from earlier)



    Ryan, Callum & Jamesy were your top 3 and I should not disagree because you back your opinion up with facts .. BUT … surely Broony should be up there (in my opinion just pips wee Jamesy F) … our capitano has dragged us through some games, scored more than the last few years and in my opinion has been the heartbeat of this season and many others … but, again I quite like the fact 4 Scottish bhoys whether born into Celtic or just now Celtic fans are in the reckoning .. don’t think that’s s common occurrence in any country these days …



    Celtic By Numbers … good stuff glad you put your stuff up … even though Broony doesn’t need all that stat stuff :-)

  12. For a while this morning, I faced the ultimate dilemma. The wee mhan’s 9.30 kick off in Falkirk was shifted to 11.00 before reverting to the original time.



    Much though I love my Bhoy, and live/love to watch him play…..had I been forced to choose, I would have chosen Celtic and Billy McNeill.



    I will cry an ocean of tears of thanks and love tomorrow. I’m not ashamed to admit it.



    HH jg.

  13. Correct he was sent off in a 5-1 victory at Firs Park, he was injured and with no subs went out tae the left wing. Jim Kennedy moved tae centre half and Chopper went fae inside right back tae the oul right half position.



    Meant tae add that wee Luggy moved fae the right half position tae the other flank, a position he would make his own a couple of seasons later.

  14. No Mr Croppie



    I never will. Nor will you.


    The Celtic family. The only thing I’ve ever joined in my life. What more would I need?



    I’ll never forget my words upon meeting you.


    ‘You look like Roy Croppie should!’



    Another example of where you should meet your heroes!



    HH & stay groovy!

  15. PETEC on 26TH APRIL 2019 9:38 PM



    Celtic have to get Better and Better. It is interesting that comments were about Celtic needing a Young Celtic CH coming through and the lack of. John Kennedy should have been that Man a while back, cruelly taken from him. When a Great passes I reckon another is born



    *When I was a wee bhoy my first Celtic hero was Bobby Evans, my mother was a big fan tae as he epitomised all that she admired, great working class ethic.



    My da took me tae a reserve cup final 2nd leg at Parkheid, main stand tae, against falkirk who were one up, they fielded Scottish international John white that night.



    I have spoke about this game before, honest mistakes that I have never seen since occurred and the bairns finished winning the trophy.



    The only player that I knew at the time in the young Celtic side was Jim Kennedy who was captain but we had a young blonde heided lhad at centre half.



    As the falkirk side were being presented with the trophy the crowd started the slow handclap as a result of the cheatin that went on, this was common back then as opposed tae booing which was a hun thing.



    A young gentleman suited and booted, turned tae my da and said while pointing tae our centre half “that yin there will never be a Celtic player”. My da, being a rancher lol, was very diplomatic in nodding and saying “ is that right”.



    So one night he comes home fae working another late shift tae tell me my hero Bobby Evans had been sold, my eyes filled up and at that he said “don’t worry son we have another player better than Bobby tae take his place”.



    So if asked about the comment the young man had made a couple of year before, his response was “disnae know what he’s talking about”.



    Now I don’t really think my da was a seer, just doing what we all would tae console a heartbroken wean.

  16. Petec 11.06pm



    Ryan Christie & Broony we had to purchase



    Put all the academy players out on loan and let them learn their trade, KT is the exception to the rule .. Callum had to go to Notts Co to learn his trade



    Fitba is no different from any other trade … the more practice, experience and hard work .. the better the outcome :-)

  17. Huge day tomorrow.



    Legends meet the mortals and that spells Celtic for me.



    There’s a fairytale about this club…B Mc Neill




  18. Gravediggers indeed.


    I’d arrived in the WITS Fenian Mobile.



    Great days. Amazing people. Blessed.



    HH jg

  19. I recently found out my dad voted Yes.



    Last night I found out he was at the 65 Final



    I told him that if things come in threes….the next thing will have to be pretty special to match these two.



    HH jg

  20. Trust the Young yins to go oot there and Make it happen?



    As Ever the Almighty puts a Question to Everyone Every Moment in Everyones Life.



    Incredible I reckon.



    Sorry for the Bullshit you were forced to be taught in School huh?



    Wow the class of 2019.

  21. Ahhh…the myth of the legend of 3’s…be it for good or bad….seems we’ve all been through one…tomorrow will be 5 ;-))




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