A ‘Grand’ old Kano Foundation


Across the globe in Western Aus, our friend and CQN’er, Martin Kane, will hopefully have a warm glow today when he hears that the charitable foundation that bears his name, The Kano Foundation, will this month take its 1000 child through the turnstiles at Celtic Park.

The guys at the Foundation would like to mark this occasion by giving credit where it’s due: “Taking 1000 kids to Celtic Park would NOT be possible without the fantastic support you guys have given us and for that Heartfelt thanks. You have all played an important part in this and should be very proud of your efforts.

“To mark the occasion, our good friend AMAC has re-designed our logo and we would ask that for at least 1 day as many of our online friends would do us the honour of changing their profile picture/avatar to this logo and ask as many of their friends as possible to do the same.

“We sincerely hope you will all join us in celebrating this fantastic achievement.

“We thank you once again for your wonderful support and look forward to seeing sea of KANO avatars.”

You can get the avatar from the Kano Foundation Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. hmmm, takes me ages to get a piece written and Paul67 starts a new article AT THIS TIME ????


    Looks like Section 31 to me !



    Just a quick few words on the game last night.


    Obviously disappointed with the result, but given our undoubted progress in the last few weeks,


    I’m not going to go over the top with negatives.


    I agreed with the team formation but not the players.


    If Mulgrew was fit then Loovens should not have been playing.


    If Wanyama was fit Loovens should not have been playing.


    And if Wanyama and Mulgrew were fit Loovens and Mastorovic should not have been playing.


    That been said.


    Wanyama and Kayal were brilliant last night.


    I know the goal came from a mistake(not cowardice as someone said on here last night)


    from Kayal, but other then that he played a great game, I’m only sorry Daglish was there to see it.


    Ki drifted in and out of the game and gave away the ball too many times.


    Young Mathews, in my opinion, had an off night. I’m a big fan of his but his distribution last night


    was well below his usual standards.


    Sammi was excellent, I worry about his defending, it goes with the midfield job, but his holding


    of the ball and particularly his running at the defenses was top class.


    Young Forrest had a decent game as did Stokes and Ledley.


    Forester was nervy on some occasions, but made a couple of good saves.


    We went down hill in the second half when Wanyama went off.


    Brown, in my opinion, offered absolutely nothing on the night.


    Indeed I believe Paddy McCourt coming on would have created far more for us.


    Anyway we are still in with a shout and the league is now back within our grasp.


    If Neil Lennon is determined to bring Brown back into the team, it will have to be at the


    expense of Ki.

  2. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67 – any idea why RTC tweeted The Sun = Lowlife Vermin this morning?


    He then followed it up with this on his blog;


    It will be very obvious when it comes out. Not commenting further, except to repeat: The Sun = lowlife vermin.

  3. Snake Plissken on

    Tweeting the Sun and lowlife vermin needs to be far more specific, it really could be anything.

  4. The Honest Mistake on

    Well that’s amazing work by the Kano foundation.


    I hope all involved get the thanks that they deserve for all the hard work that they have put in to help others.


    Altruism and Celtic go hand in hand.


    Couldn’t be prouder to be a supporter of the same club that you are.


    Hail hail.

  5. MadraRua says:


    1 December, 2011 at 09:17



    We were too open in midfield to have Paddy McCourt come on. Based on his recent performances I’m not too sure Paddy would have offered more of a threat. He certainly wouldn’t have been as effective at shutting them down as Brown, and he did offer us something in that respect. And he got a decent shot off too.

  6. someone get Big Eck Salmond on the next flight to Madrid – the opening line of the match report on Marca.com begins “Ante los catolicos de Glasgow…”

  7. Snake Plissken says:


    1 December, 2011 at 09:31






    aye it does leave the door wide open!



    come on RTC clarify

  8. Paul67 et al



    As long as we have those such as the Kano Foundation, the spirit of Celtic will live on.

  9. tomtheleedstim on

    Snake/Che – unless he is referring to the Brian Wilson/Kevin Barry (non) story which is in today, timed do deflect from the dirty huns financial release.


    I hope it is that because the more they deflect the better we will enjoy it when the time of reckoning is upon them.

  10. Snake



    “Tweeting the Sun and lowlife vermin needs to be far more specific, it really could be anything”


    Tweeting the Sun and lowlife vermin would be a prime example of stating the obvious o:-)



    Team Kano. Brilliant.




  11. A rainy, but promising sort of morning here in North Ayrshire.



    Hard luck to the Bhoys last night. Athletico are a slick fast-passing side, but we should have won.

  12. corrib04 is Neil Lennon on

    Well Done Kano Foundation.


    At the risk of being obsessed with Calamity Rangers I thought this was interesting.



    From the herald:


    ….Meanwhile, the latest accounts for the club published yesterday showed the debt due within the next year has nearly doubled to £49.1 million.



    Long-term debts fell from £38m to £20.4m. In total, Rangers’ debts are up 6% to £69.4m. They also showed that pre-tax profits for the year ended June 30 fell from £4.2m to £76,000 as a result of a near-£4m rise in operating expenses.




    Hello! 69.4 MILLION.

  13. Maleye


    Salmond was on the One Show the other night and gave his usual, confident performance (I choose the word deliberately). When asked about that Scotland`s Greatest Music Album, he stated quite strongly that Paulo Nutini would be his choice. Inasmuch as it it usually the covert sniping at “us” that is most effective, I see this as quite a positive from Eck,




  14. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on




    There are various rumours regarding a media exclusive being the catalyst of the Gary Speed tragedy. Said rag has been mentioned in this regard

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning to the Celtic Family from a Sunny Central Scotland. I am not in theleast concerned if managers from top EPL clubs are watching any of our players that tells me news of how good they are is starting to spread.Now from the Celtic point of view as long as our players are under contract we are in a strong position we can ask for latge transfer fees for any player that we are willing to sell and hopefully use the money to further strengthen the team.However,I think in the case of Scott Brown we have been played and the sharp suted man has been sleeping on the job in Broonies case I could be wrong but I think he will be off in January.H.H.

  16. tomtheleedstim on

    Citibhoy – I have heard those rumours and noted that they denied them of the evening his death was announced. Not that their words mean anything.


    If this is true then I hope that rag is finished. Finished.

  17. Ciao —-



    Last night —-



    Lost -0- 1 to a better team which cost money Celtic can only dream about. Onwards and upwards.



    Another great shift from the class attacking midfielder who is Samaras..



    Wanyama looks to be a player .



    Watched all of Rennes 0 – Udinese 0 . A walk in the park for Udinese -played high tempo pass and move keep ball for 90 minutes. Missed loads looking for that perfect goal . The Rennes keeper, Costil played really well. Udinese brought on their excellent playmaker- Pinzi-with 10 minutes to go . They upped the pace , they missed more. Di Natale stayed on the bench.



    Udinese are a real good team . They are not unbeatable. They are prone to profligacy . They are prone to defensive lapses. They don’t seem that interested in The Europa League. They have other priorities . The stadium will be less than half full . It is very likely to be cold and wet,it could be cold ,wet and windy.. Udinese will be thinking of the much more important Serie A game on the Sunday after the game. They will not want a battle.




    For those who are going to Udine —- take care ——- The Udinese support includes several groups of Ultras who like a wee bit of serious violence..



    Warm and sunny —- not a cloud in the sky —– way down south.

  18. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Great effort by the Kano Foundation,the main thing is I hope the whole thing helps the main mhan and his family through low periods and its such a great thing for the weans,I’m sure one day one of those youngsters will don the hoops.





    Can anybody tell me if Ledley is ok and if we picked up any injuries last night?



    U can’t help but feel we could be doing without the next stage of the EL so I’m not too upset about last night.



    Just hope we’ve no injuries.

  19. corrib04 is Neil Lennon on

    South of Tunis,


    Tbh, I doubt our players would be up for a battle either. We have a bigger fish to fry also.



    Thanks for the info.

  20. I think we have plenty of decent players BUT………… are we getting enough out of them?


    Is our basic teamwork lacking?


    Do players often find themselves isolated with no-one showing to receive a pass.


    Are corners at either end worked on?


    Is the general fitness up to scratch?


    When quite a few of our guys lose the ball ,do they stop and appeal to the ref instead of quickly getting back into the action?


    Is Loovens ???

  21. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Why would RTC concern himself with the Speed tragedy if its that that he was referring to the Sun about?



    I wouldn’t be surprised if some hun in the Sun has tr8ed to hundermine him.

  22. Once A Bhoy..... on

    The original aid for Kano was and is the best example of how the internet should be used IMO. It was a truly wonderful effort by a group of bloggers who’s only previous common concern was Our Football Club and who’s inherent belief in the ethos of Our Club brought them together. Most of us will never realise how much that work meant to Kano’s family.



    Having been away from mine for some time a year before Kano’s illness struck through my own ill health I know how it felt to finally come home to my wife and kids. No words can describe it. It took me a while to realise the effect it had on my wife.



    A magnificent cause to start with and wonderful news that the youngsters are being introduced to the ethos of Our Club in this way.



    God Bless Kano and thoughts and prayers to his family.

  23. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) says:


    1 December, 2011 at 10:08



    Replied mate.

  24. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    Hail Hail to the Kano bhoys and ghirls. No avatar so name changed for the day in deference to the fabulous work.



    Very proud of you all.

  25. South Of Tunis says:


    1 December, 2011 at 10:00



    Thank You for this info.



    The wee man was asking about going to Udinese. He really has the Celtic thing going on. I am not sure if I have over done it with him. I asked my Dad if I could go to a Scottish Cup tie when I was just a couple of years younger than him. Stirling Albion, I made sure I brushed my teeth before I asked, I brushed them like never before. My old Dad has had falsers for as long as I can remember.



    It won’t be possible for us to go to the Udinese game but it won’t be long before he is following Celtic everywhere. The kids are growing up fast these days.

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