A case to answer for SFA and Celtic


Referee Steven McLean saw the incident when Josh Meekings stopped a Leigh Griffiths header crossing the line with his hand.  He was 12 yards away with an unobstructed view.  The blame for getting the decision wrong is entirely his.

We can only speculate as to why he didn’t award a penalty.  At best, McLean didn’t believe the evidence of his own eyes and passed the buck to his assistant Alan Muir, who was around 6 yards from the action but with a less-clear view.

Muir did not see Meekings clear the ball legally.  If he was distracted, and failed to see what happened clearly enough, he should have informed the referee.  If Muir told the referee anything else, this is also a failing.

The SFA have a case to answer. Not fit and proper, to use their parlance.

Notwithstanding the fact that if the rules of the game were followed Celtic would be in the cup final right now, they are out because they failed to deal appropriately with the known qualities of Inverness.

Three goals were lost, all of which were defensive mistakes.  A break downfield which caught the defence cold, a cross from the right which was not properly contested with all defenders in position, and a failure to match a back post run (similar to a recent League Cup final goal conceded to Kilmarnock).  Fatigue may have contributed to the final goal but being down to 10 men was not a contributing factor for the first two.

The game should have been won in the first half but we opened the second period off-pace.

Another matter which should be on the agenda at Lennonxtown today is why didn’t we have the right studs on?

It should be someone’s job to make a decision after the team arrives at a ground on which studs to wear.  If the decision was made, the decision was wrong.  If this process was not followed, it should have been.  Either way there is also a case to answer internally.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:05 on 20 April, 2015





    But not the linesman. Bobby was frequently called offside because of his pace.



    Nothing personal,but I’m bloody sick and tired of hearing the Jock Stein mantra of just sticking the ball in the net more than the opposition.



    I don’t want favours off anyone and nor does anyone else on here.



    I want the rules applied. And I want those who would do us down,regardless of the rules,booted out of the game.



    Bastards make a bloody fortune out of the game and laugh in our faces.

  2. Scunnered with the whole charade.



    Seriously considering my options re next season.



    I won’t be party to corruption anymore.




  3. FourGreenFields on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    You forgot the word Unrepentant :-))

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    12:07 on


    20 April, 2015


    Ard Macha,



    The tolerance shown to the Caley players was just another manifestation of the cheating.



    They knew how much they would get away with, whereas Brown’s booking put a marker down to our players that no leeway would be allowed.



    we need the fresh impetus that Armstrong and Mackay-Steven can provide, to get us over the line.



    Their energy was badly missed yesterday.



    Our bench must have been very weak if Ronny felt the need to introduce Tonev, even only for his lack of match practice.

  5. bournesouprecipe


    11:53 on


    20 April, 2015





    There are season ticket renewals at risk. I’m sure other fans of other clubs consider officialdom at Scottish Football as ‘sub standard’.



    Our complaints, and emails going to Celtic this morning shouldn’t be about incompetence, we’re surely way past that stage.




    I don’t disagree – the problem we have (as South of Tunis has pointed out) is that cheating is difficult to prove. It would require us to prove that the ref saw the incident and made a conscious decision not to award the pen. Unless he admits to that we will only ever have suspicions. Incompetence is more straightforward and I think can easily be demonstrated in this and in other cases. As you say, there are probably fans of all clubs who could give examples. In fact, the view from almost every other club in Scotland is that big clubs like Celtic get the decisions more often than not. So you’d imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to motivate fans of other clubs to support a change for fair and unbiased reffing?

  6. from Desmond and co…………..“I admit it. We don’t have anything to say. But we’ve had nothing to say before and we’re still here…not saying it”.




  7. thomthethim for oscar ok



    12:07 on 20 April, 2015



    Agree the bench was weak and needlessly so,IMO. Young Liam could have made a big difference if he had not been loaned out but hey, ho the club decided to let him go and we pay the consequences.


    As for the ref? No more to say and we can be certain the club will say nothing.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Scottish football has been corrupt for years just look at the old Rangers not paying tax paying players by loan that need not be paid back and then we are told this did not give them an advantage.I am confident the Rangers will be in the SPL very soon and the cheating from the refs will become more and more noticeable so when you got to watch Celtic you will know you are not watching a level paying field but its your money your choice. H.H.

  9. Rumour has it SFA lining up Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder to ref all future Celtic games….

  10. Jinky was my hero on

    not posted in a long time, however, like all supporters I am gutted about the injustice with a hun and a whistle doing us over like many times in the past, my first memory was JPR Gordon at the 1973 final with a fine goal by Jinky being chalked off to level the score at 3-3 iet. My point is that this has been going on for decades and we should not be surprised, let us look at the things we could have right but a the moment we do not.



    Firstly we were bullied out of the game and intimidated at times, which is unacceptable for a Celtic team versus ICT. We have two full backs who cannot defend and the position of Izzy for the winner was poor, ball watching again! we let go young Henderson who I believe with his grit and pace could have been effective in the game. Commmons again was missing in action when needed most, the substitution of Forrest was a major clanger from RD.



    It was a poor effort all round and the Hun with the whistle is not going anywhere soon, so we need to be above this and set our stall out to win this type of important fixture. We missed GMS and SA very badly and it showed in the performance, RD is a work in progress and he has the luxury of no Huns at present, so to this effect he needs to bring in pre CLQ: 2 x FB, 1 x CH, 1 x CMF, 2 x Strikers. PL must support the transfers and get rid of the deadwood he has wasted a fortune on.



    Keep the faith and look forward as we cannot change the past.



    Hail Hail

  11. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    This it is difficult to prove stuff.


    Tell Celtic the fans are contemplating a boycott unless the club speak out.


    With Ronny at the forefront.

  12. FTSFA



    Possible banner idea for certain people



    I wouldnt criticise them anyway.

  13. Garngad to Croy on




    Who do we contact to have Meekings red carderd ? If it can happen when a player dives then it should happen when a defending player cheats as well. The thought of that Cheat collecting a winners Medal really makes me sick !

  14. bournesouprecipe on




    Email sent to Celtic.



    ‘We are being treated differently’



    With regard to soccer I think Celtic weren’t focussed when the entire back line was posted missing, ‘still smarting’ about the penalty. They were completely out of focus, when the first half finished, complaining to the referee.



    Your article on Saturday went unheeded about ICT breaking, but that’s the high pressing game when you don’t cover a simple runner.

  15. NatKnow



    It’s incompetence and no accountability. Going with a liar liar pants on fire or yer aw cheating bassas will get you nowhere. It needs to be smarter. We may all believe they are cheating us at the SFA and under the referee branch of that lodge but what needs to happen is that the fans unite under an incompetency and accountability remit.


    Any mistakes must be punished by demotion and retraining. Every referee should speak to the media within 10 mins of the game finishing to explain their decisions.


    If they got it wrong or claim not to see something then an independent committee has to sit and look at the numerous camera angles and decide whether that is the case.


    If the referee and his officials appeared to have a clear view and still didn;t see it then they must explain why and then be demoted.


    Being a referee in this country gets you around £1k per game plus expenses. You can also make a decent wedge with 4th official gigs and assistant referee apppintments. Most referee’s in SCotland will make a lot more than the players do.


    They should be professional and accountable.


    The whole of the SFA & SPFL are a shambles and why the clubs are not calling for removal of the top men at least a year ago is beyond me.




  16. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:17 on


    20 April, 2015





    Agreed 100%

  17. Herbo



    Any chance you could email me with details of the incident involving the supporters club mate?

  18. How anyone can attach any blame to Ronny or the team in any way for yesterday’s defeat is beyond me.



    They played for over an hour with 10 men and fought until the end,



    Mistakes happen when u get tired



    People coming on here having a go at Commons, Johansen, Griffiths need to wise up and have a look at themselves


    It looked like the players were out on their feet by the end of the 90 and yet they still managed to get us level again after going behind in Extra Time



    The SFA cheated us out of the Treble and the sad thing is after all of Ronny’s great work this season it will probably be remembered for yesterday’s disgraceful display of cheating



    I was extremely proud of the team yesterday when the final whistle went

  19. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    lennon’s passion,


    Sorry if you thought that was a jibe at you mate rather than the article.


    Forrest was arguably our best player and was ripping that defender a new one until he was subbed.


    Commons should have been taken off.In my opinion

  20. I said yesterday,we were one up,their keeper had a handful of good saves,we hit the bar.ICT did not have one shot on target in the 1st half.Maybe some were off form,but we were streets ahead in an attacking sense.The cheating done us,nothing else.


    Look at the picture in the Celtic Diary today.Both officials have a perfect view of the “Hand ball”If the penalty is given,Meekins sent off,then its game over.Could have finished 5-6 .


    What happened in the second half is immaterial.The game was decided with that one cheating decision.Gordon would not have been sent off,and we would have went on to win comfortably.


    Anything else is waffle.We were cheated.Not for the 1st time at Hampden.

  21. coolmore mafia on

    hire a private detective to watch the referees.



    Look what happened the last time we did this

  22. Are some really suggesting that Celtic, with the possibility of going 2-0 up, against 10 men, would not have went through?? Seriously? ??


    Someone needs to give their head a shake and have a word with themselves.


    The failure to award Celtic a penalty and give Meekins a red card MATERIALLY affected the outcome. End of.


    Now what are we ( given the consistency of these decisions) and those who profess to lead us going to do about it.


    Could a shareholder claim that THE decision was such that it impacted financially on the value of their holding??? and the SFA/Mac Lean is culpable because of their/his incompetence?


    Clutching at straws here but completely fecked off.



  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Celtic do indeed have a case to answer: why are the SFA and their officials still in a position to screw us over time and time again?

  24. bournesouprecipe on




    What happened in the second half is immaterial.The game was decided with that one cheating decision




  25. On the premise that the ref and co are huns.



    What are the rules regarding refereeing, for example employing/hiring referees from other countries to officiate on a weekly basis? What is stopping this (cost?/Rules?), as the bias will work in other ways, there must be a Celtic minded referee out there also.



    It is only natural for people to be biased one way or the other especially if the officials are like you and me and have support from one team or another.



    If officials come from other countries where they don’t give a toss about who is playing and who wins then there are far few chances of dodgy decisions like yesterday.

  26. Ziggy from last thread I was just thinking about that incident. Davie syme got hit by a coin turned and saw Tony shepherd and assumed he had hit him so he sent him off . Can’t remember how Tony convinced him otherwise but he changed his mind anyway.

  27. coolmore mafia



    Please no. Do not even think about this garbage.


    It’s about accountability. The structure is all wrong.


    The background is not important. Collum works at an RC school and is one of the worst. They need to be held to account for errors that change the course of matches. Mclean MAY have cost us a cup win but let’s not be disrespectful to Falkirk there was still a game to be played.




  28. Tricoloured Ribbon on




    I share your anger and frustration pal,


    maybe a few beers up the Falls in a few weeks might temper our rage? ;-)

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