A conspiracy theorist industry was born


With three weeks until the scheduled kick off of season 2020-21 and 25 days until Uefa’s deadline on submitting champions for season 2019-20, the Scottish Government will today permit football to be played behind closed doors.

An industry was born this spring for conspiracy theorists who insist Scottish football would have been able to complete last season’s league programme, with blame variously laid at the feet of the SPFL or Peter Lawwell.  The former were told in no uncertain terms by the Government that the game would not resume as early as it has across Europe.  The latter, with his club sailing towards nine-in-a-row, wanted the season finished on the pitch.

Facts never matter to conspiracy theorists, they are too much trouble.  Lazy thinking will allow them to reminisce about what happened this spring for decades to come.

Uefa’s ruling yesterday that the first three qualification rounds for next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues is welcome.  Celtic will be seeded for each of these rounds, so given an even chance, we would hope to progress.  The biggest obstacle on this front is playing away in front of a partisan crowd – and let’s remember, Scottish clubs have waited longer than virtually everyone else for permission to even cross the white line.

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  1. An Tearmann


    My Aunt lived in Norfolk St, visited there regularly in the 60s, as well as my Granny who lived in Eglinton St.


    Hope all is well with you.



  2. Scott Brown & Gerry McCullough on Celtic TV



    impressive barnets



    Hair Hair … the Celts are here

  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    Saint Stivs


    Glad you are doing well across the Clyde.


    That was a very good image of the misty Erkine Bridge. Every morning when I open my curtains, the first thing I see is the Erskine Bridge and Kilpatrick Hills. Gives me my weather picture. The clearer I see both, the better the day. 😊

  4. Friesdorfer


    all good ma mhan.missin football tebilly 😊 as I don’t do sky so actually gaun to a game. all the meeja slant,I can leave but gain to a game I miss in every way….that apart am grand A hope you and yours doin the safe thang 😊.





    good to see yi 😊




    smile Celts



    night night



  5. One of my favourite cup finals that Celtic weren’t involved in was the 2016 Sunshine on Leith cup … although Celtic had a fair interest that day.. Alan Stubbs, Liam Henderson, Dylan McGeouch, Anto Stokes, James Keatings and the Bhoy who nearly signed John McGinn … reading a few posts it seems like yet another John McGinn windae .. the Bhoy had the chance he didn’t take it … we should concentrate on the players who took the chance :-)



    I still wish Kieran was on megaphone duties but delighted to see one of the best left backs I have saw flourish in the so called best league in the world, Kieran Tierney if fit could probably be one of the best left backs on the go (I have always thought he is a better full back than fellow Celtic fan Andy Robertson)

  6. GFTB on 11TH JULY 2020 12:39 AM



    every fullback must think, let me play in midfield boss, less running but more impace, kieren and jeremy could be, maybe ,

  7. Saint Stivs 12.53am



    It’s like most goalies who think they can play up front :-)



    I live wee Jeremy’s attitude but really think Kieran has the whole package .. the Bhoy loves his work … if it wasn’t for the life changing money am pretty sure the No. 63 would have stayed where it was .. I have zero interest in the EPL but have started watching the odd Arsenal game and love the fact Kieran is doing magic … but I do agree with you it’s easier to “cheat” and go further forward than be the defender that gets the “blame” … when it goes wrong :-)

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thank you all CQN for the good wishes yesterday, they fairly


    tickled my wee princess.


    Great discussion as well regarding Paddy, Bobby, and Charlie.


    My wonder is, will our young Bhoys discuss the likes of Callum


    Ryan, big handsome Tom, Broony, etc. when they’re our age.


    4.o clock here now, keep looking over the barricades to see if


    there’s any Celtic life across the gardens, but not yet.


    Fiji rum finished, so rid biddy here I come.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    And a big hoopy happy birthday to a sorely missed blogger




    H.H. Mick

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    Think Kieran was already on life changing money.


    Stillpissed csc.


    H.H. Mick

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    X Men: Class of ’21



    Mohamed Elyounoussi, Stephen Welsh, Patryk Klimala


    James Forrest


    Ryan Christie


    Ismaila Soro


    Scott Bain


    Christopher Jullien




    Who did we enrol this month?





    Big adventure happening today – taking a train into town.



    Hardly been over the door in four months, I’ll be taking cues from others around me. Comfortable in the knowledge I’m not a walking virus, it’ll be fun to see if I can bite my tongue for several hours in the face of the necessary inanities to come. Refund cheque is in the back pocket although I’m not expecting a bank visit yet.



    Always grateful to be one of those lucky few still alive and moving around, who has watched The Karate Kid.



    Mask On. Mask Off.

  12. MM 7.10am



    The “Kieran” money brought us big Julien … always take the positive out of it … I wish him all the very best and concentrate on who we still have :-)



    Let me add to the good wishes for you and Mrs MM and hope there are many more anniversaries for you both



    And a happy 11th of July birthday to BMCUWP, personally just a pity his birthday wasn’t a day later and then CCB could have kidded him on that the whole of Kilwinning had the bunting out for him when he was a nipper :-)

  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Yes, you’re right, I’m usually a positive person but… Arsenal


    bigger than Celtic?


    Thank you for the good wishes.


    Love the thought of the whole of Kilwinning dancing to Micks




    H.H. Mick

  14. Taurangabhoy on

    Congrats Melbourne Mick and Mrs MM. Have a magic one.



    Happy birthday BMCUWP. Have a cracker mate.

  15. Melbourne Mick on




    How you doing over the big pond? looks as though we won’t


    be getting over there for a wee whiley.


    Got a free cruise out of the last catastrophe so maybe we’ll finally


    manage to have a beer when this sh@t is finally over.


    H.H. Mick

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Stay safe, not used public transport since 19th March


    Heading into town later today also as daughter has a day planned in Ashton Lane with her pals



    We will just head into Balloch or somewhere for a drive

  17. fourstonecoppi on

    Eeeeuch the mother of all hangovers this morn ooo ma heid. ‘Bloody rid biddy’

  18. garcia lorca on

    On a train home to London this morning and on reading back it was interesting to hear all the names of Celtic men from the past being brought to life again.


    Jim Conway got a mention and I am pretty sure he played at Shawfield on a very foggy Saturday afternoon the day the wall collapsed . I was at that game,quite near the front and remember the rubble as the retaining wall gave way.Many people were seriously injured and , from memory ,a fatality from Holyrood school.


    That was a Celtic team going well in the league but,as frequently happened ,they lost form and drifted away from a challenging position. I grew up with the urban myth that Celtic were really a cup team I’m used with fighting Irish spirit so that when the chips were down we would come good.


    Nice to see Alex Byrne being recognised and John Higgins also. Wee bit of social on the latter. When I was getting married in 1971 my father in law to be fractured his wrist which was a disaster because he was helping me wallpaper my first home. He worked at Babcock and Wilcox and his friend was John Higgins.John stepped in and came round on nights after work and finished the job. He was a real gentleman and Celtic to the core.


    I was reflecting on some of the personalities from those distant times . Vincent Ryan ,Alex Rollo ,John Colrain ,John Divers. When I get to London I will delve into my Celtic books and stimulate the memory.


    One last point. Mike Jackson , friend of Paddy Crerand and Billy McNeill played inside right before the emergence of Bobby Murdoch. Mike is still going strong and my older brother chats with him in his walks around the Queens Park area. I used to argue with my Dad about this new lad Bobby Murdoch. He looked a good player but perhaps not as good as MIke Jackson. Agree it was until Bobby was switched to right half that he emerged as magisterial.


    Honestly this is the final point. When Bertie Auld left to go to Birmingham I was gutted. I thought he was brilliant for Celtic.He was brazen, gifted and brave as a lion . Celtic were often bossed by an industrial Rangers. Bertie and Jock helped change that and I will be forever grateful.


    On to 10-in- a- row!

  19. Taurangabhoy on

    All good this side of the ditch, for now. Look after yourself. Look forward to that beer over here or in vic one of these days. Hail Hail.

  20. RIP Jackie Charlton….



    Lifetime memories for me in the Giants Stadium & Orlando in ’94.



    An absolute legend.

  21. Good morning CQN from a dry but cloudy Garngad



    A good read back there with some great posts.👍



    Good to see my auld Knightswood pal DD on… Garry I hope you and the family are well amigo.





    D. :)