A conspiracy theorist industry was born


With three weeks until the scheduled kick off of season 2020-21 and 25 days until Uefa’s deadline on submitting champions for season 2019-20, the Scottish Government will today permit football to be played behind closed doors.

An industry was born this spring for conspiracy theorists who insist Scottish football would have been able to complete last season’s league programme, with blame variously laid at the feet of the SPFL or Peter Lawwell.  The former were told in no uncertain terms by the Government that the game would not resume as early as it has across Europe.  The latter, with his club sailing towards nine-in-a-row, wanted the season finished on the pitch.

Facts never matter to conspiracy theorists, they are too much trouble.  Lazy thinking will allow them to reminisce about what happened this spring for decades to come.

Uefa’s ruling yesterday that the first three qualification rounds for next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues is welcome.  Celtic will be seeded for each of these rounds, so given an even chance, we would hope to progress.  The biggest obstacle on this front is playing away in front of a partisan crowd – and let’s remember, Scottish clubs have waited longer than virtually everyone else for permission to even cross the white line.

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  1. Majestic Hartson 10.23pm



    Excellent …



    My wee yin (11yrs old) was never interested in football too much plus her mum & two Sevconian big sisters were always a worry … but thankfully she has followed in her fathers footsteps and regularly refers to the Huns as “them” and Celtic as “us” at times including her mother & sisters as “them” :-) job done ….. BUT this is only partly down to me, the KANO Foundation are more important than many people think .. I hope Celtic go that wee bit extra to help the Kano Foundation because I have witnessed the good work they do and the kids they actually bring to Celtic should never be under estimated … in the two games they took my daughters class to the games done more for these kids than many parents ever could (I am the proof) … and my daughters friends who didn’t even like football loved going to Celtic park through the Kano Foundation… I really hope Celtic don’t underestimate what the Kano Foundation actually do

  2. Leigh asked to stay at home while team travel to France – record story.



    Fella’s got problems we should be sensitive to but that’s also unacceptable for a sporting professional.



    One for the club to solve. New striker required?

  3. Big Wavy



    “Rekord” story … regurgitate it



    Weismann … a wise man wouldn’t read the Daily Record



    I really hope the Leigh story is wishful thinking for the Scott McDermott fraternity…

  4. I suppose it’s easy enough for the journos when some of Leigh’s “own” supporters are eager enough to jump on the “media” Hun bandwagon

  5. GFTB



    I hear you but we seem to be using record to spread the news these days. God knows why. No sign of Griff in Loughborough so we’ll know tomorrow if he’s in france.



    Weisman story, to be fair, has been leaked by Weisman’s club president not the record.



    Sad news re Leigh great talent so natural , remember watching him play for Dundee many moons ago and he stuck out a mile, this lockdown won’t have helped him as I think he is a hyperactive character needing to be busy. GFTB lovely to see all the kids in the Kano foundation with their bibs on singing all the songs goodstyle.HH

  7. Leigh Griffiths hat trick in our last competitive game ..



    Leigh has had his on issues …



    A young 18yr old Celtic fan from Coatbridge took his own life a few weeks ago … Leigh Griffiths without any media coverage paid his respects and the family totally appreciated Leigh’s actions …



    The Griff is a Celtic legend … and don’t believe everything you read in the red tops … it’s the things you don’t read that actually matter

  8. GFTB



    If true I hope the club can help him, I was at McDiarmid park when Leigh and Eddie clicked it was magic.




    I agree wholeheartedly re the bricks great going round the park finding friends and family no longer with us.HH

  9. Papajoe55 11.01pm



    A wee while back at one of BMCUWP CQN hoots the Kane family were in the Blane Valley then McChuils I was oblivious back then at what the Kano Foundation was all about … a terrific legacy and even more so when I have witnessed my daughter and her friends being so excited to going to Celtic park .. again I reiterate .. Celtic have to realise how important the Kano Foundation are for the youngsters .. especially the kids whose parents can’t afford to take them … when my daughter went they are not allowed any money from their parents … just in case some of the parents can’t give their kids the £5 or £10 fir a scarf s and a sweet … the Kano Foundation is terrific part of our club

  10. GFTB



    I agree 100 per cent re the Kano foundation they are the supporters (customers) of the future. And the club would be shortsighted not to support them back. When we were young there were very little season books it was all pay at the turnstiles and up to 13/14 the kids were all lifted over . Equivalent to now encouraging the fans of the future.HH

  11. Papajoe55



    I hit the big 50 next Saturday .. as a kid got lifted over up to about 14 as I was still about 4ft 6in… my father was barred from going to games by my mum before I was born and my two older brothers played every Saturday … my Celtic experience was dogging the train to Carntyne jumping thorough the gypsy caravans through onto the Main Street en route to paradise … then getting Phil Coles bus back to the brig ..when Phil Coles pub was actually busy if 12 people were in the pub … all this before secondary school … changed days indeed … I don’t let ma wee yin walk the length of herself :-)

  12. Thanks gents for your replies.



    GFTB – that’s great to hear. Long may their good work continue.



    I caught a bit of an interview on Radio Scotland a good few months back from an ex player – speaking to a colleague he reckoned it might be Alan McLaren of Deidco.



    He is involved in boys football – I think mainly from lower income areas – and was saying how difficult it is for some families to even afford their son/daughter to pay 2 or 3 pounds to train so they had removed any costs.



    He would also give “prizes” of boots out to some of the boys who had trained best the previous week – avoiding any embarrassment amongst them.



    Much like the work of the Kano foundation, it is humbling to hear the work that some do to bring much needed joy into some people’s lives.

  13. Might be a slip of the tongue ..



    watching Open Goal with Halliday and Bobby Madden … Bellshil Bobby is asked about no fans at Aberdeen v “Rangers” first game of the season … quote .. “aye, it will be hard if we don’t have our fans there”



    Just imagine a Celtic “ref” made that error …

  14. Bellshil Bobby



    Might just be my unconscious bias as it might have been the other Hun ref that had his stone island jacket on in a boozer in Bellsy Hill … but the Beaton / Bobby = Huns

  15. GFTB


    Just going to bed , enjoyed the chat just one question for you re 12.02 post what is a Celtic “ref”. In 50 odd years going to see the bhoys never saw one is themHH🤣

  16. After reading your comments GFTB I’ve been on the Kano website and signed up to a regular small donation so I’ll post this a few times over the next 24 hours to see if I/we can drum up a bit of support…



    You can donate as little as £1 a month – or just commit to a one of payment, to help a group of kids from all backgrounds experience a game at Celtic Park. “A virtual lift over” they call it :)




  17. Papajoe55 12.12am



    The “Celtic ref” was tongue firmly placed in cheek …



    Willie Collum


    Kevin O’Donnelll



    Might have been two Celtic orientated referees but they were worse than the Hun refs :-)

  18. PHILCOOL on 11TH JULY 2020 9:24 PM




    Best rock guitar intros ever;


    1, stay with me -the faces



    Absolutely no argument from me, The Faces were great musicians, vastly underrated! por cierto

  19. Majestic Hartson 12.14am



    Every day a school day ,. I didn’t realise you could do that so cheers :-)



    The Kano Foundation in my opinion is exactly what Celtic should be about 🍀



    Very apt tribute to the big man well done. I actually wore that cassette tape out in my car rewinding that song. Christy was on the Late Late show music highlights of the year last night he must be in his late 70s now himself . He was talking of his love for the genius of Shane McGowan and sang a Pair of Brown eyes , beautiful it was. Also on was Christy Dignan of Aslan. He was talking of doing a gig in Glasgow and getting tickets to go watch his beloved Celtic play them at Celtic park . He recalled we scored 1st then they equalised, I prayed for us to score a winner and if we did I would get an Emerald implanted into one of my front teeth , he smiled at the host and said we won 2-1 and there is the Emerald. HH

  21. PAPAJOE55 on 12TH JULY 2020 12:12 AM




    Just going to bed , enjoyed the chat just one question for you re 12.02 post what is a Celtic “ref”. In 50 odd years going to see the bhoys never saw one is themHH🤣



    Surely you remember Jim Callaghan, never sent Yogi off for headbutting Willie Johnston, got a ban and was seldom seen reffing at any meaningful matches thereafter, mind you it was 51yrs ago, 1969 :)) por cierto.

  22. GFTB 12-26


    Sorry my poor attempt at humour, sarcasm lowest form. My Apologies if you thought I was serious. Definitely off to bed this time.HH

  23. Papajoe55 12.38am



    No apology necessary at all



    It was read in the spirit it was written :-)

  24. Fellow Celts … good night n god bless



    Nice on Thursday … will be nice to see the hoops take the field again 🍀

  25. Travellerbhoy on









    My da


    For him







    Hail Hail

  26. Hi


    Wow, CQN is a quiet place these days.Lurking is no good. “I must try better”

  27. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    You’re probably all still sleeping or just rising, but I’ve had another


    wee lockdown day in the garden, so quiet a few rid biddys taken.


    Sitting thinking about past players I’ve played with and Celtic players


    over the years .


    Who was the hardest? who was the fastest? who was the funniest?


    who had the most ability?


    O.k here’s my picks and some are surprising.


    Especially when I had a spell in the churches leagues and one of my


    team from Govan playing a Pollok church, whipped out a open razor


    from his socks and proceeded to chase the lot of them down


    Corkerhill rd.


    Hardest Celtic player…Big John McNamee


    Struggled between Davy Hay and Jim Brogan but big John would have


    taken Bobo on.


    Fastest.. Bobby Lennox


    I’m going with his rapid reaction and speed of thought nobody could


    keep up especially the mibs.


    Most ability..Jinky who else.


    Don’t need to say anymore, nobody and I mean nobody, could match him.


    Funniest,daftest..Frank McGarvey.


    Even Frank didn’t know what he was doing with a ball, never mind the


    opposition, but having been in his company a few times in a snooker hall


    in Cardonald he wins hands down.


    How about the handsomest.


    Johann Mijalby.


    What a fine figure of a Bhoy, going by the time he walked into a pub in the


    Gallowgate and all the ghirls chirping away ten to the dozen stopped and


    sat with open mouths drooling at a big Norse ghod. (a know he was a Swede)


    Cleverest..Big John Cushley.


    That was the year Celtic won everything including the BBC sports quiz and


    Cush edged us home.


    The cheekiest.. Bertie Auld


    Another close one between Charlie Tully and him but Bertie gets it just because


    I didn’t make him the hardest, embody else remember him putting Johnny


    haynes on his erse and his big minder who came running in with hauners got


    put on his erse as well lol.


    Be interested in anybody else musings.


    H.H. Mick

  28. Good morning, friends from a rather beautiful, bright, dry and optimistic looking East Kilbride.

  29. MM



    I remember we were playing Hibees in a midweek game. Big John McNamee was play for the Hibs came out for the second half with a cigarette cupped in his hand. You could see the glow in the dark.


    McNamee,Cushley and Kurilla fine hard men for the Celts

  30. Park Road 67 on

    Morning Mick sorry to hear you’re in lockdown again hopefully won’t be too long for you , at least you’ve got your Fijian rhum and red biddy 🍷!

  31. Melbourne Mick on




    Would take any of the three of them for back up.




    Fiji rum finished until my Bhoy goes back there lol.


    but the rid biddy is everlasting.


    H.H. Mick

  32. Very bad news about Griff not training with the squad. Whatever the reason, he played a key role last season upfront with Eddie and he will be missed. I suspect we won’t see him near the team for quite some time. We’ve Klimala and Elyounoussi but a for Griff would have been a huge benefit to Neil Lennon.