A conspiracy theorist industry was born


With three weeks until the scheduled kick off of season 2020-21 and 25 days until Uefa’s deadline on submitting champions for season 2019-20, the Scottish Government will today permit football to be played behind closed doors.

An industry was born this spring for conspiracy theorists who insist Scottish football would have been able to complete last season’s league programme, with blame variously laid at the feet of the SPFL or Peter Lawwell.  The former were told in no uncertain terms by the Government that the game would not resume as early as it has across Europe.  The latter, with his club sailing towards nine-in-a-row, wanted the season finished on the pitch.

Facts never matter to conspiracy theorists, they are too much trouble.  Lazy thinking will allow them to reminisce about what happened this spring for decades to come.

Uefa’s ruling yesterday that the first three qualification rounds for next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues is welcome.  Celtic will be seeded for each of these rounds, so given an even chance, we would hope to progress.  The biggest obstacle on this front is playing away in front of a partisan crowd – and let’s remember, Scottish clubs have waited longer than virtually everyone else for permission to even cross the white line.

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  1. Hashadenough 6.38pm



    ha ha … you certainly would :-)



    Played in the East of Scotland u-21 league back in the day, Whitburn, Winchburgh, Bathgate etc in fact even Shotts all had lovely grass parks … made a change fae some of the red ash we had to play on at times

  2. One 9 in a row saltire on top of Glasgow city chambers Trump’s any shite bunting and regimental crap they string from lampposts.



    Roon em

  3. DD


    I don’t have any younger brothers , 4 older ones


    I turned 60 last week. I used to go on the Whiteinch bus from the Kingsway flats.


    I lived in Pikeman rd


    I became a fan of Leeds when my brother borrowed my Celtic scarf to go to Elland rd in 1970. He swapped it for a Leeds one , so they then became my second team

  4. ST TAMS on 12TH JULY 2020 7:04 PM



    I turned 60 last week.




    Aye? I hope your missus Isn’t reminding you at least a couple of dozen times a day like mine :O(

  5. ST TAMS on 12TH JULY 2020 7:15 PM







    She certainly is. Her being only 51




    Understandable ,mine’s only a couple of years behind me…not that I would dare bring that up :O(

  6. Park Road 67 on



    I think I’m right in saying that Dave Smith of the old Rangers spent some time in Penninghame open prison

  7. weet weet weet on

    I remember about 25 years ago in a Celtic view supporters page



    barlinnie prison no 1csc


    Inaugural meeting Saturday .C. Hall


    Season tranny holders only

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Post office is the place to go


    I’ll ask K to check on Wednesday



    Good evening all,


    I thought I’d provide an update on the latest LMS competition, which many of you took the time to support (again).


    This weekend, we reached the climax of the competition.


    After 10 rounds, unbelievably, we had 10 contestants who made it all the way through. Round 11 took place this weekend, in the form of a shoot-out, using the EPL Fixtures from this weekend. Each remaining contestant was require to predict the winner, or a drawn game, in each of the 10 fixtures beginning yesterday lunchtime. The winner would be whoever made the most consecutive correct predicitions, beginning in game one, followed by game two etc.


    Norwich v West Ham was the first game, but no-one picked Norwich to win. 3 contestants however thought the game would be drawn, so we were very quickly down to 7 for game two – Watford v Newcastle. This game proved quite difficult to predict, with 3 contestants going for Watford to win, 2 going for Newcastle, and two plumping for a drawn game. As a result of Watfords win, we had shed 7 (eh ?) contestants in just two games – all who had come through 10 rounds of correct predictions !


    Game 3 appeared to be one of the easiest to predict over the whole weekend. Liverpool, newly crowned champions, on a long run of winning home games, against Burnley at Anfield.


    Our 3 remaining contestants all picked a Liverpool win (as had everyone else who had made it into


    round 11 ), and so after just 3 games, the competition was done.!!!


    Since we had no outright winner, the 3 ‘Last Men Standing’ were declared joint winners, since they had gone further than anyone else, and had all ‘fallen’ at the same point.


    GSC Bhoy, OneMalloy and KelvinBhoy will share the prize of £500, each pocketing the tidy sum of £167. Congratulations to Bernie, Hugh and James on a great effort.


    If I was a betting man, I could tell you how much they could have won for a £10 accumulator over 13 games, but since everyone remaining got the last game wrong, they’d have lost the whole lot…unless they cashed out – whatever that means….


    Sincere thanks to everyone who took part in this very unique competition. I think I can safely say there’ll never be another one like it.



    Bateen Bhoy and Celticrollercoaster

  10. Park Road 67



    Name doesn’t ring a bell, I was there from 1997 – 2001, then very kindly transferred to the north east, Peternapper, not a nice place!!







  11. Park Road 67 on



    The ex rangers player I’m talking about was there well before your time there , probably late 70’s early 80’s

  12. IniquitousIV on



    Yer just a lad then. I was long gone by then. Wouldn’t it have been surreal if we had been on opposite sides?



  13. Park Road 67



    First started at Low Moss ( April 1988 ), finished at Inverness 2004, I have never missed it for one day since



    Scrambledbrain CSC







  14. BelmontBrian 7.57pm



    Wasn’t on the blog when you joined, but thought straight away Belmont Street when you mentioned the Bammy



    If you drank in the Bammy most of the prison shifts would probably be less hassle :-)

  15. BelmontBrian 8.13pm



    Am not too far away from you, originally from Summerlee but now on missionary work in Gartsherrie



    Gartsherrie is Green & White :-)



    Spent many a day, night and morning in the Bammy … even when it was Swings & Roundabouts … sometimes venturing across the road to the wee bowling club … especially after the 6-2 Martin O’Neill first game against them .. in fact for a quid we put Gerry & the Pacemakers on 7 times in the “lounge” childish .. but very rewarding :-)

  16. GFTB



    Also spent some missionary time in Gartsherrie, ( North Sq ), can proudly state that I have never ventured into the Blazer Club, standards after all :)







  17. GTFB



    was the bunting up today, poor souls, no where to walk. Mrs BB and myself passed the Segton Bar yesterday, apparently they now have a beer garden at the back of cesspit, how convenient, the place was hoachin’







  18. Anybody else heard about ac Milan


    Offering up to 22million and two players for Ajer .


    Rumer is Celtichave knocked it back.


    Anyone heard anything.

  19. Belmont Brian 8.30pm



    No bunting up … Covid-19 is terrible but if any positive it’s the lack of the “culture walks” … we sometimes go away for the weekend when the lowlifes parade their queens highways, the Segton is so apt for the Sevs … stuck in another century … when going to the games I went on the Fountain bus …. used to jump between the Bammy & the Fountain but would now drink more in the Georgian … with the odd pint or two in the Banks club as that’s where my older brother drinks/works

  20. Newradbhoy, just read the rumour online. With 2 players sounds a nonsense – or sounds like they aren’t players imho.






    Do you know big Davie Tonner from Whitburn?








    Post office is the place to go





    I’ll ask K to check on Wednesday







    Ya madman give K peace……think about it…no driver is going to believe I’m 60 :O)

  22. Was waiting on Leicester for a decent treble Wolves, Leeds & Leicester at enhanced odds … Leicester 1-0 up then go 4-1 down … I sort of shout at the tv and Kasper Schmiechel … my daughter without looking up says .. “that’s what you get for taking Rodgers’s Leicester”



    Sometimes you just have to nod and take your medicine :-)

  23. Bateen Bhoy 9.01pm



    Apologies for missing LMS, think it’s the first I have missed, wasn’t on the blog when it started .. count me in the next time and cheers for the good work

  24. GFTB



    My Best Man ( Andy L ) taxi driver, Gerry T ( Optician ), Jim S and Austin O’C, ( ex pro ) I believe are regulars at the Georgian, Gerry used to take us to the game in his old bashed up Vauxhall Marina,



    Happy days







  25. BelmontBrian 9.08pm



    Know them all, not very well .. Austin should have made the grade, I played Saturday morning & Sunday afternoon when going to watch Celtic … A few good friends always raved about Austin think I played against him when he played with the Connolly … the age you are you will probably know my two big cousins … Mackie (taxi driver) and his big brother Terry … first house in Lomond Road once you go by the clinic :-) you will obviously know the Reigart mob as well … used to play up front with Tam R in a DHSS works team :-)

  26. Bateen Bhoy 9.23pm



    On my best behaviour so hopefully here for next LMS …



    A wee break/rest (enforced or not) is actually refreshing :-)

  27. GFTB



    Crackin player Austin, must admit though, for pure natural ability, IMHO, Oweny McGivern was better,Oweny sadly passed recently.



    Know the Reigart family well, john (RIP) went school with me, Thomas, Jim and Terrence went to St Barts chapel, as did Pat.



    The only Mackie’s I knew, were second cousins, Stayed in Tantallon Drive.



    All good people







  28. BelmontBrian 9.39pm



    Oweney McGivern …



    Whooft … there is a name from the past, totally agree whit a player, the demon drink has a lot to answer for, played many a sidey down the parks (Espieside) back in the day… I thought you mentioning Austin was a great shout but Mr McGivern was a player

  29. BelmontBrian 9.39pm



    The surname of my cousins was McMahon … one of them was referred to as Mackie :-)