A decade of special Scottish Cup Finals


Recent seasons have seen Celtic dominate the Scottish Cup like no team has in history, taking the prize in five of the last seven years.  That success aside, the other five of last 10 finals have also been special reasons to celebrate.  Inverness and Newco won their first Scottish Cups, St Johnstone had their first and second successes, while in 2016 Hibs won their first ‘Cup since before the Wright Brothers got off the ground at Kittyhawk.

Delighted that James Forrest and Tony Ralston are included in the provisional Scotland squad for the Euros, alongside Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor.  James has not been a regular starter for Celtic in four years and has been hamstrung by persistent injuries throughout his career.  But when fit, as he is right now, he is one of the most productive players in the business.

He also enjoys himself at Hampden.  Don’t bet against him delvering there and in Germany this summer.

Good luck to Jeremie Frimpong in Dublin tonight, where his Leverkusen side take on Atalanta in the Europa League Final.  German and Italian teams have a terrible record in this tournament, winning only one Uefa Cup/Europa League between them this century.  But goodness, it was an important one.

Of the 20 finals since Celtic lost in Seville, 12 have been won by Spanish clubs and seven of them by current holders Seville.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I reckon we have a 75% chance of winning the cup. It will be painful if we don’t, but it was all about the league.



    Strategically speaking blowing the league this season would have been a calamity. Now it’s time to take the Lawwell handbrake off and cast it into history. Which isn’t to say go mad financially. It’s to say let’s bring in 4 or 5 players at Jota/CCV levels and dispense with the cheap duds.



    If we well MO’R for the expected fee and perform wider surgery on the squad (Kobayashi, Kwon, Mikey J, Bernabei, McCarthy, Lagerbielke, Welsh etc) we could probably break even on transfers whilst strengthening the team massively. The time for Lawwell’s ultra conservative bean counting approach is past.



    Good luck to the magical Jeremy tonight. Fantastic player and fantastic lad. Oh my days!

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    Prestonpans tells me that the cheapest hospitality seats for Saturday are £300. SFA, aka thieving hun dratsab.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Nothing to do with the SFA, it was Celtic’s bronze/silver/gold tickets.



    Can’t recall where I saw it, probably videocelts or celts are here?

  4. watchibg Stevie Clarke live interview with the press, every sinew, shrug, grimace, teeth cleched arms crossed, gruph , measured words, …… screams i really dislike you.




    thats the way to do it, they aint your pals, and they write absolute made up shite,



    take note, mckeown, mcgowan, jackson,

  5. One of my earliest football ball memories was the 1973 final. Just shy of my sixth birthday.



    Just had a look at the stats from the game and was shocked the winner came so early in the second half as i always thought it was right at the end.


    I can remember asking my mum if it really was a goal as the ball only just crossed the line.



    It would be interesting to know the feeling before the game, were we confident etc . Also the aftermath, was it just one of those days.

  6. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 22ND MAY 2024 12:46 PM



    hello, could you ask the off duty nurse if it is ok for me to post today,



    i know it is not very professional of them to offer an opinion, but let them know i have been taking the tablets.



    that ocd doesnt look after itself.

  7. we could probably break even on transfers



    celtic plc are in profit for player trading for years and years and years.



    so what is we turnover 20-30 every season, so do most big clubs nowadays.



    we will have a massive uplift in the next published accounts with secondary fees if Eddie and Frimpong ans doemone else who icant remeber moves on in the window,



    it is in the accounts.

  8. bournesouprecipe on




    Well done, Kittyhawk and The Wright Brothers in a Celtic article 👍

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ve done Celtic hospitality before, recall 2009 against the huns. Access to a suite at CP they provided a drink pre-game, took you to Hampden and the tickets were at the half line, North Stand.



    Then back again to CP for Pies and access to the bar, not free, think that one was around £180 ??

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Prestonpans 12.46


    Don’t let facts get in the way of my rant J.



  11. Celtic plc






    In – 13 players including loans – fees – £21.5m



    Out – 36 players including loans (aye 36, you read that correctly) – fees in – £42,8m.



    loss makers from that – Barkas, Ajeti

  12. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 22ND MAY 2024 12:41 PM


    Prestonpans tells me that the cheapest hospitality seats for Saturday are £300. SFA, aka thieving hun dratsab.





    I tried the Tuesday after semi to get hospitality ( i had been abroad for semi).


    I think cheapest were £250 +VAT and i was trying to insure against no luck in draw even although


    i have been in HTCS for ??? 15 years.



    Anyway hospitality was only open to season tkt holders and if you got one in draw you wouldnt get one in hospitality.



    I applied anyway and email said sorry this is TUesday we stopped taking names on MONDAY.



    At either minimum £200 or £250 plus VAT.

  13. Hampden Hospitality.



    Gold and Silver packages are via Hampden Park services, not direct with THE sfa, it is sub-contracted to SODEXHO.


    These are debenture holders and sponsorship for boxes and centre stand behind podium. Suited and booted.


    Tickets this year were £500 and up to £5,000 for a table,


    Sponsor boxes I dont know.



    Silver access to the big lounges, cant remember the name other than they were not ex celts. Then seats in centre stand top deck, suited and booted.


    Tickets this year were £380 start price



    Boronze debenturea are the top deck of the main stand both wings,


    Tickets £50, mormal turnstile entrance and no freebies, these tickets often end up in the glasgow “hospitality” sector, with various nightclub owners having their own days out from their own establishments,



    Celtic hospitality is in the north stand lounges, hosted with a meal at celtic park, bus to hampden, ticket to match, pies at halftime return to celtic park, packages this year started at £300 but were not on public sale, and only offered to Celtic Hospitality buyerrs , the £50k tables buyers.

  14. because I take interest in such things, and it is probably ocd, but hey ho.



    I am at hampden early usually, park at asda, walk up aitken head road, passed the official bus park behind the celtic end.



    a few years ago for the 2018 final v motherwell you could see the official celtic busses from celtic park, turning up, park of hamilton, former players 9george mcclucket etc) as bus convnors, there were maybe 12 busses, so 600 or so packages.



    why mention this, well the 2nd huns semi final a few weeks before, the glorious 4-0 going on 7 game, where we once again slowed down, there were about 20 busses, so over 1,000 packages,



    the old firm model is alive and floroshing in the celtic park lounges,

  15. PLB,



    When you say,”Bring in 4 or5 players,at the Jota,CCV levels” ,do you mean at the £6 million level we paid for them,or what they would go for now?..Think you will find that,£5 or 6 million does not get you what you seem to think,Unless you are prepared to gamble on projects,like Jota,Benfica sub,or CCV,touted around on loan for most of his career, then again,who wants projects?.

  16. bigrailroadblues on



    Ridiculous cost for a football match. But there is a market for it. I’ve booked hospitality for the Victoria Bar. 🤣

  17. I actually think every transfer at every level is a gamble and a project, all of them



    oven ready to go slips on the kitchen floor and does a ligament, lose a season.



    unkonwn kicks about the english divisions for his first 6 years, plays less than 100 games, gets picker up by celtic for £1.5m, and might now be sold for £20m+

  18. SAINT STIVS on 22ND MAY 2024 1:34 PM


    I actually think every transfer at every level is a gamble and a project, all of them




    Yep, you only have to look at the success of transfers made by the money rich teams.



    No matter the eye watering sums paid the hit rate is pretty low.



    Sign 3 £50mill in a transfer window and usually only 1 of them is a true success and guaranteed 1 will be flop.

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Queue at the T.O. waiting for it to open this morning, women at renewals said they were nearly all sold, she reminded me that we go fully digital next year and everything would be online.

  20. Summertime Greens,



    Ok, we are nearly done, and interest will turn to the EUROS hurrah, but in between can I recommend the CELTIC EXCHANGE podcasts,



    Especially the BATTLE TO SAVE CELTIC series.



    Whatever you recall, whatever sides you took, whatever part you might have played, give them a listen,



    Brian Dempsey is really an excellent listen.



    His thoughts on “everyone wants to be the manager, wants to pick the team, tell the manager who to select, everyone in the board_room telling Big Billy what to do with team matters, seriously”.


    I told them to stop.



    and modern football fans, very different to our generation, dare he say it, consumers first, i want, i need, i demand.



    it is a brilliant listen,



    i did not know he grew up 5 doors along from billy,



    or that his uncle was a close friend of jock,



    have a listen.





    The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 6 – Brian Dempsey, Rebel Consortium



    March 22, 2024




  21. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST on 22ND MAY 2024 1:43 PM


    Re Cup Final – Packages available from £175.00 + VAT for hospitality.



    got a link Adi ?

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic supporters look forward to,



    1. Teams go into the usual 4 pots, but we’re not drawn in groups this time.


    2. We will be drawn to play two teams from each pot. For each pot, we will play one team at home, and one away. So, we’ll play 8 games against 8 different teams.


    3. You can only play a maximum of 2 teams from one country.


    4. Teams go in one big league.



    After 8 games, the top 8 teams get a bye for the knock-out round. The bottom 8 are oot.



    The next 16 teams have a play-off to see who joins the knock-out teams.



    A big change for the knockouts is that it’s no longer an open draw, and it’s going to have a tennis-like seeding system. For example, the teams who finish 1st and 2nd in the group stages will be in opposite halves of the draw and can’t meet until the final.



    So, if we finish 20th in the league, we’ll play either the 13th or 14th team in the play-off (middle-bottom), then either the 3rd or 4th team in the knockout round.




  23. garygillespieshamstring on

    I believe Jamesie’s best periods of fitness and consistency of performance have all been under Brendan’s management.

  24. AIPPLE @ 22:01



    Scans the leader for Brendan kudos…




    I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you 😉




  25. So, if we finish 20th in the league, we’ll play either the 13th or 14th team in the play-off (middle-bottom), then either the 3rd or 4th team in the knockout round.



    i like that positivity, city in the quarters, barca in the semi, madrid in the final

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    James Mortimer’s company has/had hundreds of debenture seats in main stand ,and used to sell packages to go via one of his city centre venues, not sure if still operational.

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