A decade of special Scottish Cup Finals


Recent seasons have seen Celtic dominate the Scottish Cup like no team has in history, taking the prize in five of the last seven years.  That success aside, the other five of last 10 finals have also been special reasons to celebrate.  Inverness and Newco won their first Scottish Cups, St Johnstone had their first and second successes, while in 2016 Hibs won their first ‘Cup since before the Wright Brothers got off the ground at Kittyhawk.

Delighted that James Forrest and Tony Ralston are included in the provisional Scotland squad for the Euros, alongside Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor.  James has not been a regular starter for Celtic in four years and has been hamstrung by persistent injuries throughout his career.  But when fit, as he is right now, he is one of the most productive players in the business.

He also enjoys himself at Hampden.  Don’t bet against him delvering there and in Germany this summer.

Good luck to Jeremie Frimpong in Dublin tonight, where his Leverkusen side take on Atalanta in the Europa League Final.  German and Italian teams have a terrible record in this tournament, winning only one Uefa Cup/Europa League between them this century.  But goodness, it was an important one.

Of the 20 finals since Celtic lost in Seville, 12 have been won by Spanish clubs and seven of them by current holders Seville.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on




    1 and 2 Gould


    04 McGovern 05 Marshall 07 McGovern 11 and 13 Zaluska 17 De Vries 18 Bain 19 De Vries 20 Bain 23 Siegrest

  2. Greenpinata



    Here is my outline of steps to Join our Euro Predictor.



    You have to apply – I cannot invite you in- I just get to approve or decline the applicants. Here are your steps:-



    1. Open Superbru.com on your device


    2. At the top of the page you’ll see a choice from Tournaments, News, Apps etc; – choose Tournaments


    3. Click on the Football icon


    4. There are 3 headings- Starting soon, Underway & Back Next Time- choose Euros from the Starting Soon option


    5. Choose Euros 2024


    6. Click the Euros Predictor Game button


    7. 3 options in blue ink- Start a Pool, Join Pool, Manage Pools- choose Join a Pool


    8. From 6 options- Anyone, Prize, Media, Business, Team Fans & Autopools – choose Media


    9. Under Media you will find the Quick News Quinta Sentinels Pool- click on it


    10. If it asks for a password for this pool- it is- SCQN1888 Or willycops



    Let me know how you get on and where it breaks down. It may be that you have to register for the Euros Predictor before you get to “Join A Pool” but don’t worry- it’s a free app- you won’t be charged for anything. The only costs fall to me in setting up the pool.




    I set the pool up with the SCQN1888 password- when I checked today Superbru seemed to have allocated this 2nd strange word- Let me know if either works

  3. Tom McLaughlin on




    When Celtic played in Brisbane I met Kitalba, Macjay & Sydney Tim.



    Later met Midfield Maestro who was on holiday in Oz.



    Can’t think of anyone from Adelaide.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on




    Can’t help wondering if the Willy cops have a helmet.






    Can’t help wondering if the Willy cops have a helmet.



    *probably a german one

  6. garygillespieshamstring on 22nd May 2024 5:35 pm






    1 and 2 Gould



    04 McGovern 05 Marshall 07 McGovern 11 and 13 Zaluska 17 De Vries 18 Bain 19 De Vries 20 Bain 23 Siegrest







  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    Tbh, I’d never have got close if the initials of the surname hadn’t been provided and McGovern was a bit of a punt.

  8. Thanks for the Superbru walk through SFTB.



    Tony, with the regards to the awarding of final places and there subsequent rewards.



    I feel slightly disappointed not to have recieved the ‘genuine wooden spoon’.



    I hope Freisdorfer considers my intention if awarded with this prestigious prize, inspired by other winners and their intentions to donate their winnings.



    If I was awarded the ‘GWS’ it was my intention to the new clubs trophy room, down Edmiston way. :)




  9. Cheers Tom


    -Macjay has sadly passed on



    -Kitalba like South of Tunis has not responded to email prompts



    Sydney Tim has not posted for years,



    Thanks for your reply








    You were asking of South of Tunis(class tunester and numbers guy) i recall he lived out a mile or so away from Lampedusa beach as he would report the number of souls washed up onbits beaches




  10. Euros Predictor Competition



    We have 33 entrants already for our competition but we are aiming to double that before June 14th. I am suggesting a £20 entry fee but, based on feedback, I have decided to proceed with the same arrangements as we had for our SPFL tournament. We will pay out 50% of the money raised to charity immediately and I would suggest a 50/50 split between a) Sentinel Celts nominated Blood Cancer charity and b) John Fallon’s 12th Lion scheme to raise money for a school in Africa.



    The other 50% will be paid to the Top 3 in the competition after the final is played to do with as they please. I will announce the actual prize money once we see what we’ve raised.



    Now to pay an entry fee- these are the methods:-



    Superbru payments:-


    By cash in person to CRC or SFTB if you see them


    By bank transfer to


    Account name: Walk With Shay


    Account number: 15326765


    Sort code: 80-22-60


    Bank: Bank of Scotland


    Ref: Enter your name or blog moniker (so we can identify you and check off that you’ve paid!)


    By paypal to walkwithshay@yahoo.com (please send as gift, so prize money pot is not diminished by paypal charges).



    Feel free to pass on to friends etc; Those who have played before should be able to enter directly without fuss. New players might need to wait a day or two to get approval from me as the Competition Captain. As soon as you are in, you can start making predictions on the matches. Provided you do not click on the green lock beside your prediction, you can change your prediction several times on the way to kick off (but not afterwards). You can make all your predictions in advance if you are going on holiday or you can make each in the last hour before kick off.



    Just join in and have a bit of fun. The money is going to a good cause.

  11. I would imagine Matt is gona be replaced by Calmac who will move forward (IMO his best position)



    Iwata can cope easily in the holding midfield role – he is more than capable and, I think, is better in the holding role than Calmac.



    Calmac Hatate and Iwata will be backed up by Barnardo and another project (who hopefully fares as good as Matt did)



    I will be sorry to see Matt go, he has repaid our faith in him with hard work and lots and lots and lots of improvement in his fitness, positional sense, passing, shooting and mindset



    He will be missed, but for our model to flourish – now is the time to sell him

  12. This is my final offering of this season – I hope for a great day out on Saturday, but for this season in particular the cup(s) are bonus items, the title was paramount.



    We have just won the league, a very important title bearing in mind the changes to the Champions League next season, with a net minus spend on the squad. Our Ibrox rivals have seeming outspent us on wages and yet we still pull in title twelve from thirteen, albeit from a rocking rolling surreal season when at times, as Paul alluded to yesterday, it looked like we could have blown it.





    Tomoki Iwata (£1m, Yokohama F Marinos), Odin Thiago Holm (£2.25m, Valerenga)


    Marco Tilio (£2m, Melbourne City, Yang Hyun-jun (£2.1m, Gangwon FC)


    Kwon Hyeon-kyu (£850,000, Busan I-Park),Maik Nawrocki (£4.3m, Legia Warsaw)


    Gustaf Lagerbiekle (£3m, Elfsborg) Luis Palma (£3.5m, Aris Thessaloniki)


    Nicolas Kuhn (£3m,Rapid Vienna)



    Total £19m





    Filipe Jota (£25m, Al-Ittihad)


    Carl Starfelt (£5m, Celtic Vigo)


    Ismaila Soro (£150k Beitar Jerusalem)


    Conor Hazard (£150k Plymouth Argyle)


    Liel Abada (£10m, Charlotte)


    David Turnbull (£2m Cardiff)


    Yosuke Ideguchi (£700k Vissel Kobe)



    Total £43m



    Notional profit on season £24m



    This has been quite a feat and I’m not quite sure what the overriding message is – have those who run the club been proved right again? To have had such a consistent level of success cannot be down to chance. There is obviously a system in place with a code that delivers honours season after season. So if there is a code for success, it follows that there must be a coder – is it Desmond, Lawwell, or, both and the board thrown in? We have had the right manager, the right players at the right time and, the finance in place to support all of them.



    Since 2000


    18 titles (72%wr)


    11 Scottish Cups (45%wr)


    11 League Cups (45%wr)


    That’s forty honours won from seventy four available, an overall win rate of 54% – a phenomenal record by any standards.



    So how has this happened? Well to use a quote from Bill Clinton “If you see a turtle on a fence-post, you can be sure it didn’t get there by itself”



    Our success is not a happy accident. Will we go big in the market next season to make an impact in Europe? Will the code change?



    The journey continues – see you in August.

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Victoria Bar. A collection of rogues, rascals and ne’er do weels on this blog. I feel right at home.

  14. Melvin Udall on

    SAINT STIVS on 22ND MAY 2024 2:02 PM


    So, if we finish 20th in the league, we’ll play either the 13th or 14th team in the play-off (middle-bottom), then either the 3rd or 4th team in the knockout round.



    i like that positivity, city in the quarters, barca in the semi, madrid in the final




    Based on many seasons of playing football manager, teams need between 10-12 points to qualify for the Play-off knockout round (9th-24th place).



    Not easy when you think about it. 3 wins and a draw or 2 wins and 4 draws from 8 games. 2 from Pot 1, 2 from Pot 2, 2 from Pot 3 and 2 from Pot 4.



    You only have to look at the teams in each pot to see how strong most of these teams are. This tournament gets harder every year and although we’re playing more games, it is still going to be really hard getting close to qualifying for the Play-off round by finishing 9th-24th.



    I liked what I saw from us last season in most of the CL. A few rookie mistakes and some terrible officiating let us down. There were still some very promising signs though, and Brendan has now had time to work with the players and will hopefully strengthen the squad in the summer.



    Fingers crossed we can make the 10-point mark. 😃👍🏆🍀⚽️🇮🇪

  15. bigrailroadblues on



    Entered superbru comp. I expect that the large bribe supplied will win me the first prize. Works for the hun.

  16. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    GARY G…..@5:35


    Almost a clean sweep….2020 Hazard in goal B as sub.Not Bain.

  17. bigrailroadblues on



    They don’t need to be bribed for the hun. It’s a labour of love. Rancid hun canutes.




    Many thanks for the instruction.



    It let me in immediately using password SCQN1888 ( it did not acknowledge Wilycops)



    Will sort payment out.



    Thanks again,



  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Ryan Jack in Germany is a deal between the SFA and Sevco




    Shirley CSC

  20. BSR



    As is Liam Kelly



    Whether he goes or not is another thing (another 3 keepers ahead of him – Zander Clark, Craig Gordon and Angus Gunn)



    But it pushes him as an international and cushions the blow of Butland leaving

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Haw haw haw haw haw.



    Sevco at their best.



    First, the story plant by staunch SMSM subordinates into the guy at the top of the online media reporting pyramid.



    Then the fake news tweet about this lad’s capability.



    If there any remaining Celtic fans out there who still hold lingering hopes of us winning the Preseason Cup or the Summer Back Pages League?



    Forget it !!!!



    In the bag already.



    For any remaining Celtic fans who, incredibly, are still feart of Sevco?



    They’re coming ! 😨😨😨

  22. 1-0







    naw lookman


    aye look at whit


    will you look at lookman ffs


    why look at lookman



    doesnt matter,



    can you look at frimpong



    you are at it noo

  23. i forgot final was in dublin, not a peep in the scottish press, which is a real suprise given the rangers are there

  24. I see that some are suggesting that we sign some of our former players who have left. I see Armstrong, Forster, Juranovic Tierney and Eduoard have been mentioned in reports.



    I am of the opinion that we should not resign any of them. It rarely works out well. Bertie Auld is probably the last time it was successful.

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