A decade of special Scottish Cup Finals


Recent seasons have seen Celtic dominate the Scottish Cup like no team has in history, taking the prize in five of the last seven years.  That success aside, the other five of last 10 finals have also been special reasons to celebrate.  Inverness and Newco won their first Scottish Cups, St Johnstone had their first and second successes, while in 2016 Hibs won their first ‘Cup since before the Wright Brothers got off the ground at Kittyhawk.

Delighted that James Forrest and Tony Ralston are included in the provisional Scotland squad for the Euros, alongside Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor.  James has not been a regular starter for Celtic in four years and has been hamstrung by persistent injuries throughout his career.  But when fit, as he is right now, he is one of the most productive players in the business.

He also enjoys himself at Hampden.  Don’t bet against him delvering there and in Germany this summer.

Good luck to Jeremie Frimpong in Dublin tonight, where his Leverkusen side take on Atalanta in the Europa League Final.  German and Italian teams have a terrible record in this tournament, winning only one Uefa Cup/Europa League between them this century.  But goodness, it was an important one.

Of the 20 finals since Celtic lost in Seville, 12 have been won by Spanish clubs and seven of them by current holders Seville.

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  1. Concerned citizen appears just as they are polishing the pre season cup



    But not before they lose the scottish cup



    Full moon tomoz right enough…

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Sure I read somewhere that Atalanta winning means huns will be unseeded in qualifiers ?

  3. Majestic Hartson on




    I think that was discussed on here a week or so back.



    What a real shame for them. 🤣




    “A win for Bayer Leverkusen in last night’s Europa League final would have guaranteed the Ibrox club seeded status in both rounds.



    But, despite Atalanta’s 3-0 victory, that will still happen if Club Brugge get at least a point against Cercle Brugge on Sunday to win the Belgian title.”

  5. glendalystonsils on




    Thanks ghuys . Part of me wants Sevco to miss out on qualifying but another part of me doesn’t want them to have the advantage over us of having no taxing midweek European travels .


    Then again , I don’t want them getting any Euro cash at all if it leads to another liquidation !

  6. Good morning all from a wet, dreich, 11 degree Garngad.



    Only 2 more sleeps to another Hun Skelping.






    D. :)




    I THINK Ive managed to Sign Up to The SUPERBRU EURO 24 this morning and I have submitted my Predictions for the first 12 Matches.



    i have chosen ” ITALY” as my Team to support….Feck that SFA MOB ….I hope thats okay ?





    I have also Phoned in a Bank Transfer this morning to the Account ” Walk With Shay”…the £20.00 Entry Fee and a wee bit EXTRA for The Charity.


    I am NOT sure whether it will show up as my ” CQN Moniker Big Jimmy” or my Full Name on the Bank Transfer ?



    I hope to see you next Friday ( 31st MAY) in The Shipbank Pub for a wee Bevvy…I haven’t been out for over Two Weeks, but I hope to get out BEFORE next Friday to CELEBRATE the CELTIC ?


    HH mate.

  8. DAVID66 on 23RD MAY 2024 5:27 AM


    Good morning all from a wet, dreich, 11 degree Garngad.







    Only 2 more sleeps to another Hun Skelping.











    I hope that YOU and all the Family are all okay.


    I am in some desperate NEED of some Beers ASAP……I haven’t been able to DRINK to Celtics League success so far, cos I havent been able to go out however….I hope to have a few Beers very soon and being able to celebrate Celtic winning the ” DOUBLE” ?


    Ive forgotten what Beer tastes like ?






    All the best and HH Ma Big China.

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Good morning early CQN risers.


    When we were kids we had rosettes with ‘ Celtic for the cup’ and ‘ Play up Celtic’ What was the name of the hand held thingy,that would make incredible noise as it was spun around.


    Memories CSC



    I was looking forward to watching the Europa League Final last night on TNT Sports only to hear the absolute GARBAGE that the so called ” Expert Pundits” of ” PETER CROUCH and JOE COLE”….Yet again spouting a whole lost of PISH BEFORE the game.


    At one point they Two CHUMPS were talking about the Atalanta Striker while showing some of his Goals from the past.



    Whilst showing the Strikers previous Goals…Peter Crouch said ” Yes Joe….He has SOFT FEET” “……with that Wee Chump Joe Cole agreeing with Crouch…..WHAT the FECK does that even MEAN ?


    What are a Fitba Players ” SOFT FEET” ?



    I am convinced that those Two so called ” Expert Pundits Crouch and Cole” ( and others) just like to say ANYTHING to try and justify whatever TV Fee they get ? i pressed my TV MUTE Button while those Two were on.


    My mood worsened when suddenly McCoist opened up with even MORE PISH as the Match started.



    Honestly, what ever possessed TNT Sports to employ those THREE CHUMPS as so called ” Expert Pundits” ?


    I watched the Match with my TV sound turned down very low again…all because of that Hun Chump McCoist, repeating himself at every opportunity.



    Ive asked this before…..Did McCoist actually speak like that when he was in the Dressing room as a Player and/or Manager…or on the Pitch ?


    Does he speak like that when in a Pub ?…..Has anyone knocked him oot yet ?



    Well done Atalanta…even though they Fecked up my Bookie Bets……LOL.




  11. I watched the Match with my TV sound turned down very low again…all because of that Hun Chump McCoist, repeating himself at every opportunity.







    Ive asked this before…..Did McCoist actually speak like that when he was in the Dressing room as a Player and/or Manager…or on the Pitch ?





    Does he speak like that when in a Pub ?…..Has anyone knocked him oot yet ?




    OOPS…I have just REPEATED myself in my last Post because I have asked the above questions BEFORE on CQN !





  12. Burnley78/ Blantyre kev



    Any word on the cqn golf day this year? Can you point me in right direction



    Thanks in advance




  13. Does anyone on here know any Fitba players with ” SOFT FEET ” ?



    I know that there have been many Fitba players with ” SOFT HEIDS”….but FEET ?




  14. I think Soft feet means great control, first touch.



    Someone like MOR for example and not Maeda 😁

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BLAKEY on 22ND MAY 2024 10:41 PM



    McCoist absolutely murder co commentator….I’ll tell ye.






    “Ah have to say … You’re spot on there”

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If Newcastle rumours are true … looks like we can forget Lloyd Kelly, left sided CB at Bournemouth, available on a free transfer.



    Celtic rumoured to be interested a while back.




    Interestingly, several years ago we were linked with Fabian Schar on a free.



    He went to Newcastle on (reportedly) £60k per week.



    What we’re up against.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Lint on Twitter is routinely good for a chuckle or a chin stroke.






    Truly desperate stuff from deluded Sevcoites.



    This is what the absence of success by one’s own club drives the desperate to.



    As that lack of success perpetuates … the associations with the success of others becomes more tenuous and risible.

  18. ” CROUCH and COLE”….


    Instead of saying a Player has ” SOFT FEET”…What is wrong with just saying the Player ” Has a good touch ” ?


    Crouch and Cole ….Just another Two bang average players who were vastly over rated by the English Media, and some Managers.


    Personally, I was never impressed by either of them in their ” Playing ” Days.




  19. Coal miner Peter Johnstone signed for the Bhoys in January 1908 from Glengraig Celtic and for the best part of the next decade the Fifer was to be an invaluable asset to the Parkhead side before the horrors of war claimed his young life.



    He was idolised by the Celtic support, and it was said:



    “Celtic fans idolise Peter Johnstone… a lion’s courage… has played in almost every position… never let the side down“.



    In Memoriam on 23 May 2015, in memory of Peter Johnstone, a remembrance service was held in respect to him organised by the ‘Peter Johnstone Memorial Group‘. Funds were raised to build a lasting memorial, comprising a wonderful statue and surrounding gardens. Much respect to all for this fitting tribute.

  20. General Election JULY 4th 2024……


    Apparently, this will be the FIRST SUMMER General Election since 1945…..



    I wonder what Party did BRRB Voted for back then ?





    HH Mate.

  21. Football rattle



    Early versions of this rattle or ratchet are said to have existed since Biblical times, when it was a type of musical instrument. The rattle consists of a gearwheel and small stiff pieces of wood linked to a handle. Swinging the handle moves the rattle head round, forcing the wood against the gearwheel, creating a series of clicks or rattling sounds. The faster the rotation, the louder the noise.



    In 17th century America, a group known as the Rattle Watch patrolled settlements at night and used their rattles to warn farmers and fellow colonists of danger. In 18th century London, early policemen or “Peelers” used rattles to summon assistance. Rattles were also used in the First World War trenches to warn of poison gas attacks and by Air Raid wardens to warn the public of impending raids and the possible threat of gas attack during World War II.



    Between the 1940s and 1960s wooden rattles were a common sight and sound at British football matches, including those held at the Plough Lane stadium of Wimbledon Football Club and the Sandy Lane terraces of Tooting & Mitcham F C. Fans would wave their rattles enthusiastically, sing team anthems and chants, creating a wall of sound designed to cheer on the home team and silence their opponents. Rattles were eventually banned during the 1970s, to prevent them from being used as weapons by football hooligans – however by this stage they were already falling out of fashion.

  22. Claudio Caniggia, £1million: Argentinian signed from Dundee for £1million in 2001



    EBT Payments



    soft feet and a soft heid]]



    thanks for your part in their downfall

  23. Big Jimmy



    Yes I can see that you and 5 others have started to make their predictions (I am not allowed to see what they are until kick off takes place). I have to say I am spectacularly uninformed about International football and have no idea who is favourite.



    I won’t make your Friday Shipbank gathering as I’m going to a lunch at the Golf Club on that day- so I may have turned racist by then. If you’re out for a midweek celly before then, let us know

  24. bournesouprecipe on




    “ What would you have been if you hadn’t been a footballer? “



    Graham Norton






    “ A Virgin “



    Peter Crouch


    What about that hat rick last night.







    A. Who score 3 goals in EUROPEAN FINAL and was not top scorer.



    B Who scored 3 goals in EUROPEAN FINAL and got a losers medal.



    C Who score hat trick in EUROPEAN CUP FINAL got carried off with a suspected broken leg and came back on in second half and score 3 more goals.

  26. glendalystonsils on

    BOURNESOUPRECIPE from last night some time .



    Thanks and glad to see you back on . I’m as well as my age allows (which is not too bad !)

  27. bigrailroadblues on

    “Lunch at the Golf club”.


    Big Jimmy


    He’s worth the watching that yin.

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