A few players look close to burn out


At the risk of hyperbole, I don’t think I have seen a Celtic team as dead on its feet as the one that limped through the final minutes of the cup final on Sunday.  While I would like to finish the Europa League group stage undefeated, Thursday’s game in Cluj is just not worth the muscle fibre.  We have earned the luxury to treat this game as a training match; do so.

Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Brown all need a midweek break.  Odsonne Edouard, Mohamed Elyounoussi, Leigh Griffiths and Mikey Johnston require various levels of action to get them back to full fitness.  Players burn out and there are a few who look close to this position.

We have a huge game at home to Hibs on Sunday and a trip to Tynecastle one week tomorrow, facing Hearts under new management.  I know the game on the 29th feels like the next big date, but win the games between now and that game will take care of itself.

Tom Rogic signed shirt raffle for Celtic FC Foundation

The Celtic squad wore a special shirt for last month’s league game against Motherwell, bearing the Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal logo instead of the normal Dafabet logo on the front, and the words “Christmas Appeal” on the back, instead of the Magners logo.

Tom Rogic’s signed shirt from that day is available for raffle.  Each donation of £10 or more will be entered into a draw, which will take place on Friday 13 December.  The shirt will be posted on Monday 16th (or available for collection at the Hibs game on Sunday 15th).

The Celtic FC Foundation do incredible work throughout the world all year round, but their work with those most in need in the winter months, and for children and families coping with chronic poverty, can give warmth, nourishment, self-respect and  human compassion that some people struggle to find.  All donations go straight to the Foundation.

This is why Celtic exists.  You can enter here at JustGiving.  Good luck and thank you!!

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  1. Watched the Cup final game again.


    Against 10 men with 35 minutes to go, they made one chance, Morelos in injury time.


    Morelos should have been booked 3 times. They didn’t give the ball back after fat Charlie raked his studs down Jullien’s Achilles. They didn’t wait to congratulate Celtic and their orange tracksuits


    A classless shower of sh/t.


    That’s as good it will get for them.




  2. weebobbycollins on

    Back to Basics…”Would send Mo Elyanoussi, Boli and Griff out for game time and rest the rest.”


    Which of them would you play in goal?

  3. EUROCHAMPS67 on 10TH DECEMBER 2019 3:36 PM



    Spot on. During that time, although it didn’t feel like it at the time, we were reasonably comfortable. We also had the best chance from open play

  4. Just my thoughts on Sunday.


    Oh Hampden in the rain,


    The Bhoys just won the cup again


    All the Huns they just shout and scream


    As they are runners up to this Invincible team.



    The Rain came down and the park was crap


    It looked like our Bhoys energy had sapped,


    But the Great Wall just stood up and stares


    As he stops all that came from the Teddy Bears



    Ryan Jack struck the baw


    Fraser stopped it with his paw


    Morelos tried again and again


    But he finished the day in a lot of pain



    We needed Eddy and on he came,


    He brought us back into the game


    Ryan swings the perfect kick


    and big Julian makes the Huns feel sick



    Then wee Gollum gives the Huns a chance


    and a penalty he gives to restore the balance


    Moreslos steps up and as 11 times before


    Against the Tims he can never score



    The whistle blows and the Players do cheer


    The Huns will have to try again next year


    Glasgow’s green and Glasgow’s White


    We won the cup, even playing shite



    Oh Hampden in the Rain


    Stevie GEE was in such pain


    10 in a row for this wonderful team


    10 leagues titles will be a reality and not just a dream.



    Sorry for the length.


    Need to do something while my students are testing :)))


    Hail Hail

  5. This game v Cluj is our least important game as it has no bearing on our season as we have already qualified.



    We need to give Gordan a game, Bauer is fit and Frimpong is not been overplayed. Biton needs games and O’Conner hasn’t even made his debut. Hendry and Taylor need games Ajer had cramp on Sunday and Julien got a sore one from Morelas. If Boli is fit then he needs games. Hayes also needs games.



    Midfield Brown and McGregor need rested, N’tcham and Kouassi need to start with Shved and Elannoussi to me needs a game as he has had a rest and was off the pace on Sunday. Rogic needs games as does Griffiths








    Bauer Biton Hendry Boli



    N’tcham Kouassi



    Shved Rogic Elynoussi






    Bain O’Connor, Frimpong, Johnston Morgan Hayes

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    But manager Lennon explained how the striker did not miss out due to a lack of fitness, rather he was dropped from the squad to accommodate Odsonne Edouard’s place on the bench after the Frenchman was deemed unfit to start.




  7. glendalystonsils on



    Mikey Johnston should have put them to bed



    If Eddy had been fit enough to have played longer , I’m convinced he would have created more chances like that one , and at least one would have been taken.

  8. Cluj team rumour. Same source that gave correct Final team…






    Bauer Bitton Ajer Taylor



    Ntcham Robertson



    Shved Rogic Johnston




  9. Don’t think Morgan should be anywhere near the team, same as he shouldn’t have been on Sunday. What about SS is he still in the Bobo Balde situation

  10. BOONDOCK SAINT on 10TH DECEMBER 2019 @ 3:48 PM





    I can hear Harry Belafonte singing this in my head.

  11. DAVID17 on 10TH DECEMBER 2019 4:05 PM



    Happy with that team. I’d have Hayes at LB because I’d want Taylor to start against Hibs.



    Maybe Boli will start vs Hibs.

  12. I would rest the players that NEED rest and play the likes of griff,gordan ,rogic and ncham who NEED games….other than that i would play as strong a team as possible.


    Injuries can happen in training..this is a good chance to pick up more cash ,points and co-efficient numbers.


    There will be first team players who want to play..i would play them.

  13. Macjay



    Hope you’re well



    The point I’m seemingly failing to make is that Leigh Griffiths ‘if’ fully


    fit should be in the starting line up before Lewis Morgan, who is depending on your


    viewpoint an experimental success, failure, or mibbees.



    I get the bit about 3 strikers, and IMO Lewis Morgan was clearly preferred over Eddy and Leigh Griffiths, who hasn’t started any game never mind a Cup Final, lately.



    I think NFL uses the tactical argument mask why the second best striker at the club isn’t getting a game, which IMO is lack of fitness.




  14. Thought Hibs played well on Saturday.



    Good pace in one or two areas.



    We’ll need to be sharp…………….and well rested!

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    Neil Lennon will not publicay reveal our internal workings and thought process to a generally belligerent media.



    Take his tactical reference to Leigh Griffiths ommision with a pinch of salt.




  16. That was some day on Sunday but I still find myself watching the highlights from behind the couch.



    Meanwhile in today’s Daily Ranger:



    Rangers tax bill slashed by more than £5m as fight with tax man continues (‘slashed’ to a mere £64,000,000 by the way)



    And meanwhile, on the same page:



    Ex-Celtic player admits taking cocaine on night out (Darryl Murphy, who last played for us in 2013 was it; the drug-taking referred to happened years after he left Celtic).



    So it turns out that Rangers weren’t that bad, really – it’s just the £64,000,000 – whereas Celtic employ drug-takers. Presumably Darryl Murphy bought his drugs out of taxed income.

  17. Fieldofdrams



    There is a book waiting to be written re the MSSM `s reporting ( Radio/TV and) and written) of all things Celtic compared with the way in which they report `Rangers` ` matters.


    Even little things like reference to `Rangers and Celtic` on positive or neutral stories but `Celtic and Rangers when negative.


    It could be, of course, that I am just paranoid and these things don`t really happen….although I am reasonably confident Rangers really did go into ( and remain in) liquidation.

  18. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    Hot Smoked, as the saying goes- “we aren’t paranoid enough”

  19. BigBhoy 3.49.


    4 of your preferred team & subs are not on Europa List so cannot play,


    Kouassi, Hendry, Frimpong & Liam O’Connor are not on list.




    BDO are hurrying it along I’m sure to keep their fees down!



    Seven and a half years and counting!



    They must be Tims!

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    WeeBobbyCollins – wouldn’t have an out and out goalie.



    Maybe Bolingoli as the “backie” ?






    Hail hail

  22. 7 subs at the weekend, Bitton, Edouard, Gordon and Johnston were always going to be listed. Of the remaining 3 spots one of Rogic, Boli, Griff and Ntcham had to miss out. Probably some truth in the tactical comment as we were always going to bring Edouard and Johnston on at some stage therefore bringing on another forward was unlikely.



    Also likely Griff was not fit enough for a match at that level. Despite appearing to be injury free he hasn’t seen much game time in Eddys absence. Even the cameos from the bench have been short. Thursday will be interesting to see where he’s at.

  23. rangers media



    Poster 1: People need to stop calling our players losers. We lost today because of one player – their goalie



    Poster 2: Well we can’t call them winners can we?



    most of the stuff on there you cant post because of the dreadful language, but that one gave me a laugh

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy – Very funny



    Johnny Hayes looked like he was struggling again with his shoulder at full-time. He couldn’t even lift the trophy with his left arm. He may need a bit of rest now to get it right.

  25. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on



    Wee Johnny looked miserable as the others were singing in the rain. He was standing under a brill eye held by one if 5he Celtic staff and didn’t look comfortable at all – mentioned in dispatches – he left nothing on the pitch. Hope he gets a break and his shoulder has the time it needs. Lesser men would have taken the excuse for a day off.

  26. Just dropped in to say that I was in Lourdes Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I lit a candle for the intentions of all CQNers. Because my visit was a short one, being in need of prayer time and not to cause my mind to wander during the game, I spent my time in the Rosary Basilica at a Holy Hour of Adoration animated by the lads from the Cenacolo Community in Lourdes. So deep in prayer I tried to keep my mind off the game.



    At 6 p.m. Lourdes time, end of game, I received a text from two friends. One read, so your prayers worked, Were you at the Grotto praying all through the game? The other one merely stated…So your prayers worked.



    Not sure what they were on about I text to ask the result rather uneasy. But all was well.



    St Stivs sorry to hear your news when I returned late last night. Will have you all in my prayers.



    A very good friend of mine, James Doherty formerly of Port Glasgow died in the early hours of this morning. Some on here may know of him as he taught in the Port, Johnstone and was Headteacher in a Glasgow school.



    He was a great Celtic supporter and he and I often drove together to matches. Even up to a few months ago he was attending matches in a wheelchair. God rest the souls of these two Port men.

  27. I’d rest the spine of the team for Thursday. Forster, Ajer, Julien, McGregor, Brown, Christie & Edouard should not be looking for their passports this week.




    Yeah James too. I’d risk no starter in this game.



    Gordon, Elyounoussi, MJ, Griff, Ntcham and Rogic need game time and the rest can be filled by young guns.

  29. The priority this week should be to get everyone ready for 3pm Sunday.



    We could do with a return to form.

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