A few players look close to burn out


At the risk of hyperbole, I don’t think I have seen a Celtic team as dead on its feet as the one that limped through the final minutes of the cup final on Sunday.  While I would like to finish the Europa League group stage undefeated, Thursday’s game in Cluj is just not worth the muscle fibre.  We have earned the luxury to treat this game as a training match; do so.

Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Brown all need a midweek break.  Odsonne Edouard, Mohamed Elyounoussi, Leigh Griffiths and Mikey Johnston require various levels of action to get them back to full fitness.  Players burn out and there are a few who look close to this position.

We have a huge game at home to Hibs on Sunday and a trip to Tynecastle one week tomorrow, facing Hearts under new management.  I know the game on the 29th feels like the next big date, but win the games between now and that game will take care of itself.

Tom Rogic signed shirt raffle for Celtic FC Foundation

The Celtic squad wore a special shirt for last month’s league game against Motherwell, bearing the Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal logo instead of the normal Dafabet logo on the front, and the words “Christmas Appeal” on the back, instead of the Magners logo.

Tom Rogic’s signed shirt from that day is available for raffle.  Each donation of £10 or more will be entered into a draw, which will take place on Friday 13 December.  The shirt will be posted on Monday 16th (or available for collection at the Hibs game on Sunday 15th).

The Celtic FC Foundation do incredible work throughout the world all year round, but their work with those most in need in the winter months, and for children and families coping with chronic poverty, can give warmth, nourishment, self-respect and  human compassion that some people struggle to find.  All donations go straight to the Foundation.

This is why Celtic exists.  You can enter here at JustGiving.  Good luck and thank you!!

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  1. Lovely Post, Connaire. God be good to James Doherty, May he Rest in Peace.


    Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilis.

  2. Connaire


    I was on the Camino when we played them at ipox – spent the time the game was on praying the rosary. Not to get a result, God has more important things on his plate, but for me to cope with whatever the result through up.



    Condolences for the loss of your friend



    RIP James Doherty

  3. A Xmas Tale


    Oldest daughter just got a phone call from a young father who she has been working with for the last year as he has successfully rehabilitated himself and has now got his young family back.


    Said father has battled horrendous weather conditions in D&G today to see his youngest daughter in The Sick Childrens Hospital at their new home down Govan way. His daughter needed an operation to remove a growth from a condition only 40 people in the world have. Not only that, but he had to take his other two daughters in tow as their Mum refused to cooperate in any way.


    A bedraggled and exhausted family finally made their way to the hospital to discover the operation was a great success- but early days- and the wee yin was doing really well. All worthwhile and happy…. then the door opened and there was the entire Celtic team! Each and every one of them a gem. Naturally the Dad is a big Tim and was completely bowled over. Had no idea the Bhoys were going to be there. His daughters were treated like princesses and he is now regarded as an Uber Dad. A special mention to Wee Jamesie- one wee ghirl has just had her recovery boosted big time. Her Dad, on the other hand, feels his rehabilitation is complete.


    Sometimes It’s A Wonderful Life.

  4. F.B.


    Did you meet Tommy Coyne?


    If so, superb.


    I knew him 40 years ago, a great guy and Tim.


    I always remember, we all went to see him play for Bankies against Oldco at Ibrox.


    He played really well then was sent off for punching Craig Paterson.


    Last I knew he was in Oz.


    I hope he was well.

  5. HRVATSKI JIM on 10TH DECEMBER 2019 7:22 PM


    Great story Scaniel. Truly uplifting.



    Knowing your love for the equine species I hope that you will enjoy this from Willie Nelson.







    How prescient, HJ


    a) Whist typing the above, Mrs S got a phone call to rescue a donkey down Dalbeattie way. We’ll be picking him up tomorrow. &


    b) we were in Krakow last week and I was told I was the spitting image of Willie Nelson!


    I don’t look anything like him ( I think) but I was wearing a fancy hat!

  6. PHILBHOY-good stuff mate,no need for me to tell you to watch you’re footing then when this bloody weather gets worse ⛄️

  7. Scaniel


    Brilliant story M. So pleased for everyone involved. A day to remember, in more ways than one.



  8. JIMMYNOTPAUL-Hi pal,I did meet and get a photo took with Tommy 💚


    Honestly he was an absolute gentleman,he made me think that it was him that was happy to have a photo with me.Hopefully BMCUWP has the evidence 😉


    Wee photo with aiden and Thompson to 🍀


    The Beechwood was jumping 🕺🍀💚

  9. JIMMYNOTPAUL-Marspapa definitely has all the photos 🍀


    Forgetting about the fitba for a minute 🤔It was a really good day and night 🍀

  10. F.B.


    What a brilliant day all round for you.


    Tommy’s not had an easy time if it, so it’s wonderful to hear that he was upbeat and happy, it must have been your patter. :-)

  11. Hope Eddie doesn’t travel on Thursday as he’s sitting on 2 cautions from the first 2 group games and a 3rd one means missing the next game.


    The cautions won’t be wiped until end of quarter finals so he will carry that with him until the semi-final !


    Broony picked up a 3rd caution against Rennes so is suspended for Cluj (well done Broony). If Eddie had been fit and also picked up a 3rd caution, he would miss Cluj through suspension and his slate would be clean. Pity he missed it.

  12. JIMMYNOTPAUL-ha ha remember this was after the game,so drink had been took 😉


    Tommy got his bhoy to take the photos and marspapa definitely has them.


    It was a great day with my two brother n laws ,ended up back in the auld hoose 🎉🎉🍺

  13. Embramike.


    I don’t know if Eddy will travel or not but Neil has already said that he is looking towards having Eddy ready for Sunday.


    I don’t think he will be playing any part on Thursday.

  14. May James Doherty Rest In Peace



    Scaniel 👍




  15. Hello again all you young rebels.



    What a lovely wee story to waken up to this morning SCANIEL.


    These are the moments that make people dewy eyed and happy.


    Of course reading about the ugly hurtin huns helps anaw lol.


    H.H . Mick

  16. Paul,



    Many thanks for the post. As it popped up in my notifications, I found it an interesting header. I watched the game back last night and my honest thought was there was a lot of energy in the team in the last ten minutes. I didn’t think this at the time. If, indeed, the team looked out on their feet, would this not be because they took on a Newco team with 10 men for 30 minutes?



    A point I would like to make to the CQNers. The team is 6 old heads 5 new heads (I include Morgan) in the starting 11. Neil Lennon is overseeing a huge amount of change in the squad whilst delivering a phenomenal start to the season at times with no striker to call on.



    I do hope the board appreciate the gaps in the squad in the next window and react accordingly to keep us outwith touching distance for the next few seasons. 2 shrewd signings in January has the potential to deliver a lot more than the vaunted 10 in the next few years.




    King of Kings.. great name for a pub, cracking vid.


    I’d bet there were pubs all over the world with those same


    mental scenes.


    RIP James Doherty.


    H.H . Mick

  18. prestonpans bhoys on




    Did smile during that Ajax game, their fans are the pits deserve all they get, gits

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