A kind of transubstantiation


Bobby Clark was the first Aberdeen goalkeeper I knew.  He was thought of highly, until Jim Leighton and colleagues stepped the performance levels up a pace at Aberdeen.  He has two places in the history books, one for the longest period not to concede a goal in Scottish league football, which when established in 1971 was also the European record.  He was also the first goalkeeper in European competition to face a penalty in a penalty kick competition.

Back in the dark days of the late 90s I had a Celtic mug with the message ‘Records can be broken but history can never be changed: Celtic, first British team to win the European Cup, 1967’.  Bobby Clark lost his European record within months and at Tynecastle next week Fraser Forster can break his Scottish record.  Bobby’s place as first to face a penalty competition is his in perpetuity.

Records are harder to break than they should be.  People get nervous when they approach, but it will be enormously satisfying if Celtic can sail through 31 minutes at Tynecastle without conceding.

Back in 2011 and early 2012 practically the entire CQN community was discussing Rangers impending insolvency event as an absolute certainty, but we’ve never been the most impartial community.  It was not until Daily Record journos stopped applying to Our Hero for a job and suggested ‘this excrement is about to get real’ that the penny dropped in many places.

This included portions of the Celtic support, who responded to the ‘news’ with a Congo line at Inverness, at the same time forever changing the substance of jelly and ice cream; a kind of transubstantiation, if you like.  This was no longer a sweet, it is nourishment for the ages.

Now the same newspaper has been authorised to run a story that there is doubt over this month’s payroll – would they dare suggest as much without authorisation?  When your friends are telling you they can hear the bell toll, you know where this is heading.

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  1. W.C.


    I’m looking forward to reading the new book, I missed out on going, baby twins rob you of those opportunities:-)


    It was the night Miss Doc really got Celtic though, that really made up for missing out on the trip.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    21:39 on 17 February, 2014



    Looks like the whole murky truth is about to be revealed…..none of them can hide from justice…..let’s just see how it develops from here

  3. Kojo: Wanna Mak God Laugh?



    Nutsy: Tell him Your Future Plans.



    Kojo: Na.. Tell Him Sevco’s!






  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Surely with the Charlotte tapes being admitted as evidence, the game is up for sevco, sfa, ogilvie, the lot of them…..karma, feckin karma………this development is staggering

  5. 67Heaven



    Not really, all that has happened is the judge has allowed them as evidence, not that they are fact, they could be thrown out as evidence.



    Still, it warms the cockles of the heart knowing that quite a few will be cacking themself’s.




  6. Houl yer wheest


    Not the only place I read about the incident but as soon as the historical inquiries team get any where near the truth a public imm cert will be slapped on it and by the time the truth does out it will matter not a jot. Lost in the mists of time, much like a DR retraction.


    On a completely different matter I always disliked Mourinho but he did go up in my estimation with his comments re our participation in the EPL (I’m sure he’s thrilled). If the Chair of Bolton calls for it nobody really bats an eyelid but rightly or wrongly Mourinhos views appear to carry some gravitas with those savvy EPL types.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the exiled tim



    23:14 on 17 February, 2014



    Ah, but when they are asked to authenticate individual emails under oath, one or two might actually tell the truth…?……no?

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Off to bed now…….will READ ALL ABOUT in the LL tomorrow….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. 67Heaven



    A couple of years ago I posted that when someone is under the threat of doing jail time, that is when we will find out the truth.



    Till that happens, they will do what they have been doing, keeping quiet.



    There has been a serious fraud committed, there has been rules broken all along the line re the governance of the game, there has been theft committed, and yet the media are silent, they still hold the power, the people in the media are still fearful for their jobs and their family’s well being, and who can blame them.



    The police are standing idly by and watching this theft and fraud being committed, this is what we are up against mi amigo.



    Your desire for them to be punished is wonderful, but, I wouldn’t be holding your breath for justice to be metted out.




  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    gearoid1998 23:14


    Also good to see that he didn’t feel the need to add the name of another team into the discussion, as normally happens when this topic comes up.




    23:26 on 17 February, 2014


    The SFA allowed it.


    The SFA encouraged it.


    The MSM are just media whores.


    Next year we will have the huns and the mini huns in the Scottish Championship. Both been in administration but only one is protected. The SFA allowed that.


    The current SFA president is the recipient of an EBT for gods sake.


    What do the Celtic bored do:


    park resolution 12


    Join the SFA

  12. HT


    HYW can no doubt speak for himself but more than a few feel that to be the case. There are a number of deaths, one of an IRA vol called Green that took place over the border that the Capt was alleg involved in.




    23:43 on 17 February, 2014



    Absolutely agree! And it has pained me since 2009 but that includes Celtic PLC.

  14. Willo Flood..proved to me that our Bored were just self serving and was the burning bush of the Bored’s 4 commandments.

  15. margaret mcgill



    The board are waiting for the glorious return of “thems” .



    I’ve been surprised of late speaking to stalwart Celtic men… They can’t wait for their reincarnation to field a team against us.



    That will be the day I have to make a big decision…

  16. Glasstwothirds


    Great to be talking about the fitba again lol. Yep his omission spoke volumes. We will be remembered for Seville and their legacy is Manchester. To Mourinho, much like ourselves, the deid team are an irrelevance as William Connolly might say ” they are more to be pitied than scolded”.


    Don’t think the LL would have let Mourinho “get away with it” though had the interview taken place in Scotland.

  17. MM



    Was the willo that far back, time is running away with me.



    Life in the slow lane is no all that it’s cracked up to be.



    What I ask myself is, why the hoarding of the cash, why the silence, why sit by and watch the corruption, why the cleansing on the support, why the tet a tet’s with the government.



    Why do we bother supporting an obviously corrupt game ?



    The love is still in the heart, but even that is draining away, slowly but surely.




  18. Retard running with it.



    SECRET recordings of Craig Whyte and Charles Green discussing the takeover of Rangers are to be used as evidence in a £28million court case, it was reported today.



    The club’s liquidators BDO began legal action last year against Whyte’s lawyers Collyer Bristow, claiming the law firm was partially responsible for the downfall of the club, negligence and breach of trust. Collyer Bristow has denied the allegations.



    In a pre-trial hearing held yesterday in London’s Royal Courts of Justice, judge Mr Justice Newey ruled that recordings of Whyte in conversation with others involved in the takeover were admissible as evidence.



    The recordings along with a series of documents relating to the club were leaked on the anonymous Twitter account “Charlotte Fakes.”



    As well as tapes of Whyte discussing his Rangers takeover, the account published e-mails between the club and their PR advisors, and documents concerning the club’s finances.



    The leaks led to an online debate with fans discussing who was behind the leaks and whether the documents were genuine.



    Cyril Kinsky QC, representing Collyer Bristow, told the court there were concerns that the recordings may have been illegally obtained, but he claimed that they had been circulated widely on internet forums and so were no longer confidential.



    Last year Police Scotland said they were investigating the source of the leaks, but Mark Phillips QC, representing BDO, told the court that police last week dropped their objections to the recordings being used as evidence and that Craig Whyte himself had no issue with them being heard.



    Philips argued that transcripts of the recordings should be partially redacted to remove references to confidential legal advice received by Whyte, and Mr Justice Newey agreed that edited transcripts should be made available.



    The case is due to be heard next January.

  19. sipsini



    23:54 on 17 February, 2014


    Yeah. Football is quickly deteriorating not just in Scotland but everywhere. It will soon be like watching golf or curling. If Celtic ever play the huns again then that’s the proof that all that is left of the so called sport is a bunch of self serving bonus seekers carving out their last niche. Youre all welcome to it.

  20. Have seen a number of posts tonight about Robert Nairac. Even at the time that grisly event seemed highly unusual – an upper class British officer drinking in a Republican boozer trying to pass himself off as a Party. Or so the MSM told us.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Fair play to you, trying to focus the blog on the big picture.



    The petty squabbling forum that CQN has descended to is doing a grave disservice to the game.



    CQN is fiddling while football burns.



    The battleground for all supporters, of ALL clubs is ST renewal time.



    Nothing is sure than that the next incarnation of the hun will be smoozec into the league, due to the recent amendment to the rules.



    To halt this will require a united effort from Scottish football fans.



    Unfortunately, the public face of our support seems to be “ourselves alone “, which could be misconstrued as, no one likes us, etc., whereas, in reality, no club, in a league can exist in a vacuum.




    As I have posted before, it is time to ditch the internicene strife, most of it fabricated to suit various agendas and concentrate on the real enemy, the SFA.



    Heading of to the hammock.

  22. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Is it possible to be blessed with Taigness and Teuchterness simultaneously? Cos I’m wan.



    The Bhoys fae Barra say aye.