A kind of transubstantiation


Bobby Clark was the first Aberdeen goalkeeper I knew.  He was thought of highly, until Jim Leighton and colleagues stepped the performance levels up a pace at Aberdeen.  He has two places in the history books, one for the longest period not to concede a goal in Scottish league football, which when established in 1971 was also the European record.  He was also the first goalkeeper in European competition to face a penalty in a penalty kick competition.

Back in the dark days of the late 90s I had a Celtic mug with the message ‘Records can be broken but history can never be changed: Celtic, first British team to win the European Cup, 1967’.  Bobby Clark lost his European record within months and at Tynecastle next week Fraser Forster can break his Scottish record.  Bobby’s place as first to face a penalty competition is his in perpetuity.

Records are harder to break than they should be.  People get nervous when they approach, but it will be enormously satisfying if Celtic can sail through 31 minutes at Tynecastle without conceding.

Back in 2011 and early 2012 practically the entire CQN community was discussing Rangers impending insolvency event as an absolute certainty, but we’ve never been the most impartial community.  It was not until Daily Record journos stopped applying to Our Hero for a job and suggested ‘this excrement is about to get real’ that the penny dropped in many places.

This included portions of the Celtic support, who responded to the ‘news’ with a Congo line at Inverness, at the same time forever changing the substance of jelly and ice cream; a kind of transubstantiation, if you like.  This was no longer a sweet, it is nourishment for the ages.

Now the same newspaper has been authorised to run a story that there is doubt over this month’s payroll – would they dare suggest as much without authorisation?  When your friends are telling you they can hear the bell toll, you know where this is heading.

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  1. 67Heaven



    They are still here, ugly as ever, and not going anywhere soon.


    They are rabid with hatred for Celtic, and me and you.


    Get ready, because we are going to be absolutely sickened by their rampant bigotry and bile, which they will take to a new level completely.


    I just cannot watch that filth ever again, especially at cp.




  2. GG, Green Man, an others …



    I’m more optimistic about the current situation: in particular, I have a strong feeling (based on my impression of how the past couple of decades has been unfolding, but not – I confess – based on any scientific analysis) that we’re entering a final phase in the shrinkage of the malign influence of freemasonry in Scottish life.



    Once freemasonry’s flame has been dimmed to a mere background glow, we will, of course, still have numerous on other pernicious goings-on with which to contend.



    (With a will …) In this the internet age, blessed as we are with tools our ancestors could not have dreamed of, we can disseminate information and organise ourselves more quickly than has ever been possible in the history of mankind.



    Until this very time, it was so much easier for wrong-doers to cover up, deny, deflect, misinform, and confuse, fuelling these actions by fear and ignorance.



    Not that attempts at these things won’t still be made by those with an axe to grind or something to hide. It’s simply that it has suddenly become much more difficult to keep unpleasant facts out of the public domain: subject to widespread publicity and analysis; not least by that new branch of humanity known in these parts as the internet bampot.



    Solely in relation to Scotland, it is merely a typically parochial wee land. Perhaps even the best example in the world of a wee parochial country (the land of my birth and one which, for all its failings, I still love.)



    As a small country, it follows that it is (inevitably) vulnerable to the machinations of various well-resourced and organised cabals and vested interest groups (be they based on wealth, political aspiration, brotherhood, or any other kind of self-interest).



    But the activities of such interest groups are now subject to more scrutiny than has ever been the case before.



    Narrowing this down further to the latest RFC(IL) and Sevco shenanigans, should the latest clumpany to play football at Ibrox once more find itself in the throes of an insolvency event, I will be surprised if we don’t see sudden, immense, fan-driven pressure being applied on the clubs (and therefore the SFA) to get this sorry mess sorted out once and for all, towards the greater good of the game.




  3. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on



    09:40 on


    18 February, 2014


    They came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.





    There are a couple of books that detail the Scots and English “irish slave” trade. I could only find one solace reading the books, the English / Scots plantation owners in the west indies and new world refused to take Irish slaves, the reason being they were considered indolent and continually rebelled and encouraged other slaves to do so.

  4. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    A big happy BURPDAY to 67, hope your day/year is all you and yours could wish for.



  5. And one that will be close to you John…



    A Terrible Revenge, The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans… by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

  6. 67heaven,



    Hope you have a great day, I had the ice cream this afternoon, white chocolate malteser an awe, fantastic! I needed it to cool doon after watching the movie Philomena with my good lady. Those magdalenes have a lot to answer for.



    Hail Hail





    67 HEAVEN



    You must be younger than I thought if you are still celebrating your birthdays!



    Have a good ‘un,mate.

  8. Morning Gordon wishing you all the best for yet another birthday!!! Maybe the 27th will bring you awee belter of a present-fingers crossed.Hail Hail hebcelt awee=a wee

  9. Fitba taps? Should only be worn by those under 20 years of age, or by people who are actually taking part in an organised football match. FACT!

  10. JC by putting FACT in capitals unfortuneately does not make it a FACT it’s an opinion and thats a Fact. Hail Hail Hebcelt





    I know what you mean,and I commend you for your stance. I have never balked at entering their establishments,and take great pleasure in signing their visitors books.



    That Timmy sounding name of mine has pride of place in some unlikely scrolls….

  12. Kitalba



    Thanks for these great references.



    I can see a need for some new shelves chez moi …




  13. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Johnny Clash


    what about training shoes? Auld heid young feet syndrome?



    (no slur on our own resident Auldheid intended, Im sure his training shoes are impeccable!)

  14. I haven’t watched a tv in the best part of ten years, other than the football. (cricket, tennis, rugby).

  15. Interesting read Kit. But surely James the 2nd of england 7th of scotland was born in 1633 so think the dates are wrong as he could not have made a proclamation in 1625

  16. We wook forward to wee chic / iShortie


    feverishly counting down the kwock


    in hopeful expectation of Big Fraser spilling one………


    for the guid o’ scoddish fitba’


    …..of course.

  17. Tamrabam



    I’d be a bit more lenient regarding trainers. But there are still rules, e.g. NO Adidas Samba if you are currently in paid employment, and a running shoe can NOT be worn along with a jean with a crease down the front.

  18. Henriks Sombrero on

    Kit – was that from the book ‘To Hell or Barbados’ ? A shocking book on the ethnic cleansing of Ireland by Cromwell.

  19. Folly Folly:



    There are dozens more, take the last one I mentioned – A Terrible Revenge – written by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, check his credentials on line and then read his book and see where it takes you, probably After the Reich by Giles MacDonogh and a vast, ugly, evil, history, that Britain never, ever, talks about.



    And people dare climb on high horses, there are no innocents.



    Also if you ever do read The Ministers and the Massacres by Tolstoy (a book banned by the British Government in schools and Universities and libraries) then buy The Cost of a Reputation by Ian Mitchell and see how masonic the British Judicial system really is. Sevco don’t merit a flicker on the meter.



    One writer I would recommend is Robert

  20. Gulag -A History –Anne Applebaum


    The Gulag at War——-Edwin Bacon


    The Origin of Forced Labour in the Soviet State–James Bunyan


    Soviet Psychoprisons -Harvey Fireside


    Fires of Hatred-Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth Century Europe -Norman Naimark

  21. South Of Tunis:



    If anybody was going to add to the books I mentioned, I’d have betted it would’ve been you.



    All the books listed copied and noted.

  22. Thanks again, Kit.



    Having read all these works, replete as they must be with grisly detail – and to save me the bother of relying solely on the limited knowledge of my elderly GP – can you tell me what medication you’re on to help keep yourself so cheery …







  23. Bmcuw. A big shout out to you and your Ivory Coast tops. Hopefully some day we will be able to share a bev before a game. Always in a rush for boats afterwards. Going to change next year to flights, getting to old. On that subject happy birthday 67.


    Kitalba, so many books so little time. With an open mind and a willing heart there is no excuse for not improving your education on here HH mo chara.


    Wearing of fitba’ taps in fine for all as far as I am concerned.



    Unless you’ve got a beer gut.



    And that includes wimmin!

  25. Henriks Sombrero:



    It is an insight into White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh