A league for the Celtic in his crowning year! Too la rue, too la ray!!


Celtic did not do enough to earn three points against Motherwell on Saturday. Kyogo’s turn and shot – off target, Rocco Vata’s cross onto the head of Oh – also off target, were as close as we came, but it was insufficient. Without Hatate and Jota, we are easier to defend against, without Abada, we have one less match-winner.

This far into the season, you and I are familiar with time-wasting antics; Motherwell excelled in this department. An injured player, mostly off the field, managed to cling to some on-field territory for an entire physio visit. Another rolled around in distress after bumping into the chest of Oh. Motherwell’s Kevin van Veen was already booked when he carried a second ball onto the field in a blatant attempt at time-wasting. Referee John Beaton looked the other way.

Fair play to Motherwell. If we are back in the Bernabeu on Champions League duty, I would expect Celtic to do the same. It is the referee who sets the parameters for time-wasting. The game will be disrupted until he shows sufficient resolve to caution players. Or he can just acquiesce and be party to a farce.

Celtic already have a Coronation Cup, so it’s appropriate for the club to win a Coronation League on the weekend of 6/7 May. It would be even better if Hibernian were the opposition, ‘ensure Parkhead is covered in shamrocks of green.’

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  1. Made me Laugh



    A recently widowed woman call the Aberdeen Press & Journal to insert a death notice.


    Hello she says, I want to put a death notice in the paper, how much does it cost?


    £3 a word, says the guy, what would you like to say.



    Peter Reed frae Peterheed is deed.


    Thats a bit curt is it not says the pressman, and if you have 5 words, you get another 3 Free.


    After a bit of thought she say, good.


    Peter Reed frae Peterheed is deed. Volvo for sale




  2. CAn blame Motherwell for time wasting, of much more concern was the ease the ball was dispatched, Greg taylor truly swfull, Joe hart making himself small as possible



    Both areas should be upgraded next year if we want to make a dent in Europe

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Celebrating after a home draw with Motherwell because another team have lost is great for old firmery, not so good if you are looking to be competitive in the Champions League.


    Fortunately we have a manager who is fully focused on improvement and will be looking for that between now and the end of the season and certainly into next season.


    Disappointing to have lost out on the opportunity of a 100% home record so late on – must be almost the exact same stage as 01-02?


    Like you say, Paul, missing three of our most dynamic attacking players didn’t help. Hopefully all back soon.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’ll admit it.



    My specs are green tinted and it affects my judgement.



    I hope and believe Ange will be with us for another 2 seasons at least and possibly 3.






    I don’t think he is the kind of man to bring six athletes half way around the world on four and five year contracts … and leave them after 1 or 2 years.






    He should not consider a job outside top six.



    Yes one can put oneself up against top English teams regularly… but unlikely to win silverware.



    Top six?



    Spurs and Chelsea jobs likely coming up.



    Structures at both clubs are a mess.



    Manager has almost zero control or autonomy.



    Potter had a decent reputation – lasted seven months.



    Conte had a HUGE reputation. Lasted a year and a half.

  5. You cite two excellent chances Paul. But there were many more. Kyogo through on the keeper tried to dink it but keeper got a hand up to claw it away. Starfelt header. CCV header. Both didn’t hit the target (like Oh). Maeda header where he opted to go near post and was saved. A header back across gives Kyogo a tap-in to an empty net.



    We also got to the bye line quite often only for the crosses to elude our forwards.



    Having read many social media posts criticising Celtic’s performance (from our own supporters) I will once again say that the result influences the perception. Bad result, yes. Bad performance, no.

  6. https://spfl.co.uk/



    Two games from a bygone era feature on the front page under the title of “Classic Match!”.



    26/11/2000 – Rangers 5 v 1 Celtic


    27/10/2004 – Celtic 2 v 3 Aberdeen



    Paranoid much?

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    I was reminded at the weekend of a hapless Kilmarnock full back trying to face down Giorgi Samaras in majestic full flight.



    Regrettably, it was a Celtic full back trying to face down the veteran former Scunthorpe forward Kevin Van Veen.



    One hopes the experience was sufficiently humbling for Greg Taylor to ensure that it never happens again.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on




    Unfortunately Taylor his been caught out like that before against FK Bodø/Glimt at Celtic Park.

  9. So there’s no denying Cantwell is the second best midfielder in the league now? (Behind Tillman IN 1st and in front of Raskin in 3rd)

  10. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Willie Collum has been appointed referee for Sunday’s massive Scottish Cup semi-final showdown between holders Rangers and treble-chasing fierce rivals Celtic.

  11. BOGNORBHOY on 24TH APRIL 2023 9:10 AM


    24th April 1937, Celtic beat Aberdeen 2:1 to win the Scottish Cup in front of a world record attendance: 147,365 fans.



    BOGNORBHOY, as a young guy I had the pleasure of getting to know big Geordie Johnstone, the Aberdeen keeper in that match. An absolute gentleman, he was happy to answer my daft-teenager questions about playing professional football, playing in a record cup final and even, with a wee smile on his face, playing against Celtic.



    Different era, I know, but he was a helluva nice man and a great neighbour.

  12. Our players are not robots. Some like Callum McGregor need a break and recharge. ( Even if you are a Duracell ultra )



    It was a poor performance by our own standards . No amount of rebooting can respin that. We lacked byte and some players seemed rusty and slightly cross wired.



    However we have been over this circuit many times before and rest assured we wont come up short in the big picture.




  13. The huns are very predictable in their attack. TavPen/Barisic crosses into the 6 yard box and hope fatty finds himself on a loose ball.



    We nullify their full backs and defend our set pieces then we’ll win. You’d imagine that defence of theirs will cough up plenty of chances when pressed.

  14. i can’t travel 6/7th (wife birthday) so hopefully away and we are at home 13/14th. Purely for selfish reasons of course

  15. The SPFL rule book states: “All clubs will play a minimum of two and a maximum of three home fixtures after the split. We try to ensure that all clubs finish the season with a home fixture in round 37 or 38 – they would typically be away from home on the other matchday.”


    The SPFL rule book states: “All clubs will play a minimum of two and a maximum of three home fixtures after the split. We try to ensure that all clubs finish the season with a home fixture in round 37 or 38 – they would typically be away from home on the other matchday.”

  16. Anyone else notice Joe’s attempt to punch the ball clear in the first half? He was under no real pressure and came to clear it with his fist. The ball went about 6 pitiful yards landing at the feet of a Motherwell player.



    The man is a great ambassador for the club and, by all accounts, a massive presence in the dressing room but is he still a top class keeper?



    This should have been the season Siegrist staked his claim for the jersey but he can’t make the bench despite being back in full training.



    Do we go with Joe for 2023-2024?

  17. An T



    Really hoping for an early KO for us on the 6th or 7th.



    I ann actually off to Naples on a flight at 5.40pm so need to be away sharp.



    Mind you the idea of celebrating us winning a league and then heading Italy to celebrate as Napoli might just clinch it at home to Fiorentina on the 7th has an appeal.



    If Lazio win at Inter next weekend it will need another point for Naples to secure it on the following Sunday.



    It will be crazy over there. Either way.

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