A Mooy shaped hole


Reports from Australia that Aaron Mooy is considering retirement are not surprising.  He has one year left on his Celtic contract and his absence through injury during the final months of the season were a big part of the story behind Celtic’s drop in form in that period.  Aaron brings game intelligence to the team.  He knows when to move the ball forward quickly, and when to slow things down – which you need to do sometimes if you want to retain possession.

We acknowledged the drop in team performance without him.  His individual form when returning after an injury lay-off, as he worked towards full fitness, was also well below optimum levels.  He will be 33 years old in September and is a player who needs to be at his peak to be effective.

This is not a reason to retire, but the nature of the knee injury that caused problems in recent months may be.  Athletes get to a point when they face a trade-off: continue to compete and earn, or give your body a break.  Many play through pain, which continues even when walking, or at rest.

Whatever Aaron decides, John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan are sure to advise Brendan Rodgers we need to sign a younger, fitter, Mooy.  There are several areas of the squad that need bolstered, but that Aaron Mooy shaped hole central mid is the most pressing area in the starting 11.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MSM and Tillman fairy tale?



    Lol. Don’t sweat it.



    SMSM and Sevco are dance partners.


    Inextricably linked.


    They’re waltzing on quicksand.



    SMSM will die but would die quicker without Sevco.



    Mutually assured slow destruction.



    Sevco have no structural or financial reality to share with their base so resort to fantasy.



    Each year that fantasy moves further and further away from reality.



    In this case



    “Footballing giant loaned Sevco a player.



    When loan ended footballing giant owed Sevco money”






    SMSM are missing a trick.


    They should charge Sevco fans £5 to buy their newspapers.


    They will swallow ANYTHING !!!

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Back to Basics



    That Tillman tail merely establishes that football journalism does not exist in this country, they are a fanzine offering all sorts of absolute shite.

  3. I thought Brendan’s interview was good. It was short and to the point and said everything that needed to be said. Whatever your feelings if you want to continue the great days we’ve had under Ange with the continuous celebrations and feeling great to be a Tim then it is 100% necessary for each of us to get behind the manager and the team. The media will want us to be divided and will magnify any signs of weakness. We need to show a united front.



    We’ve learned a harsh lesson in recent years managers will leave no matter how much we love them as will players. Fans need to adopt a professional approach too from now on. Laud the manager who is doing well but don’t make the mistake of hero worshipping them.

  4. Paul67 et al



    Just heard what I think is the latest statement from Jeanette Findlay on the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as Celtic manager. Reappointment. When I say heard, I heard it read out by Jim White on Talksport earlier. To say it damned Brendan with faint praise does not do it justice, but what is clear that she does not support his appointment, but rather accepts it for the time being. Or something like ‘as long as he is there’ or words to that effect. Not great if said just before Brendan’s press conference later today.


    Martin O’Neill on the show this morning, always good input on any number of topics, not least Celtic.

  5. If all players, managers, fans groups and directors are united this season, we will be a formidable force.


    If any one of the above makes it purely about them, this will be to our detriment.


    Is everyone selfless enough to put the greater good first?


    Time will tell.


    Like politics, egos should be left at the door

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