A number 10


A journalist friend in Norway tells me Jo Inge Berget is a traditional no. 10, not a striker. We need both. Kris Commons fills the creative roll almost exclusively, we need someone to share the burden, but we still need a strong, penalty box striker, who can stand up to the pressures of Champions League football.

Best of luck to Tony Watt, best of luck to Standard too, who I hear have put a lot of skin in his contract. Belgium should give him a better chance of fulfilling his potential than anywhere in the UK. It’s head down and work hard time.

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  1. lennon's passion on

    Celtic underground tweeting Leicester are back in for Kris Commons is this his replacement.

  2. Is Jo a replacement for Kris??




    Celtic Underground @celticrumours · 1h



    Rumours Leicester are coming back in for Kris Commons

  3. Mmm must be really bad if even Paul is shouting out for a striker



    A striker won’t arrive until PL has gone as he won’t pay the going rate

  4. FourGreenFields


    12:44 on


    29 July, 2014



    Would be happy with that. Financially what’s the going rate?

  5. kevjungle – murdo macleod is my favorit celtic player ever.



    11:45 on 29 July, 2014





    11:22 on 29 July, 2014




    Ban the SMSM and then if ‘you’ read / listen to them and get hurt then, thats ‘your’ fault. Eh?


    You go and ‘support’ the team – good for you.


    But, what ‘you’ have to take into account is that, when ‘you’ pay money into Celtic, ‘your’ also paying the very folk who, run ‘your’ club and will roll about the same bed as the, anti-Celtic establishment on ‘your’ behalf.


    Get it now?




    Again, naw, no really.



    Your first statement was that the press should banned because the international community would ask questions. But clearly they wouldn’t and you’ve not explained why you think they would.



    Your second point was that we shouldn’t take advertising revenue from them because it’s “pennies”. Which it’s not and again you haven’t explained how this would stop them writing rubbish about Celtic even though I asked that question directly.



    You latest post suggests that we should “support” Celtic by not buying season tickets or going along to support the team. Again, you haven’t explained how this has anything to do with banning the press or what the objective is. And again – like banning the BBC, refusing to buy season tickets is a tactic currently being used by “The Rangers” numpties.



    So nothing you’ve said this morning makes any sense to me. All I can take from it is that you seem keen for Celtic and our fans to behave like “Rangers” and their mob.



    Of the 3 points you’ve failed to make though the real cracker is the 3rd. In essence – true Celtic supporters should not support Celtic.



    So naw – I really don’t understand what you’re getting at. Not at all.



    Could you explain for me?

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:13 on


    29 July, 2014


    I think watching a player on you tube can give you a false impression I remember watching Amido Balde and he looked the business unfortunately that hasnt been the reality.H.H.






    But then I dare say yon boy Messi has a nice YouTube collection. If you have a decent body of work, showing passages of play not just a few good finishes, then I think you can get an idea of a player at least.



    Based on very limited footage, I thought Berget looked more of a wide player than a number 10(Gauld would have been my choice as a true 10) but I dare say Paul’s sources know a damn sight more than I do.

  7. looks like another non scoring forward, i wonder if


    “The manager’s high-tempo, pressing, style of play.”


    requires a centre forward who regularly scores goals

  8. I’m sure that during the Kano appeal many of you will have met Martin’s dad, Matt. He was a real gentleman, a lovely guy and a devoted family man.



    Today would have been Matt’s 80th birthday. I’m sure that Martin and all of the Kane family have some great memories of Matt to get them through what will be a sad day. Thoughts are with you all.



    And I’m sure a few more messages for our friend Kano would be very much appreciated …

  9. embramike





    12:37 on



    29 July, 2014



    While that’s a good wee watch, it’s sad but that kind talent wont be on display tomorrow.

  10. Gary. Usually about 30 k a week min plus about 6m


    We sold vic for 12.5 and only 1m spent on griffifths so far


    We can afford it if we reduce the squad of duds. Derk Balde mcgeogh pukki stokes etc etc

  11. FourGreenFields on




    Sorry mate , just trying to lighten the mood :-)


    I don’t personally want Celtic to spend millions on a striker , what I do want us to do is buy a striker who is scoring goals on a regular basis .


    Doesn’t have to be a big name .

  12. four green fields


    janvenegoorofhesselink had quite a big name:-)



    tony watt on the other hand only had a wee name

  13. KevJ Oh wise one one of the sheep here what would you have us do to sort out the mess that is Celtic? Your epistles of wisdom are awaited with baited breath, do not let us down Oh Wise One. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  14. kevjungle – murdo macleod is my favorit celtic player ever.



    12:49 on 29 July, 2014





    12:46 on 29 July, 2014




    Nah, nothing can be explained to the obtuse.


    Did ye get that?




    I guess you would know. I’ve asked you to explain 3 statements you’ve made and you haven’t managed a single explanation. Obtuse? Too right you are. I wonder why?

  15. Glasgow curse book ..



    Anyone read it ?



    Worth a read.. Just finished fergusons 2 books and Few other options to start.. Seville book being one of them.

  16. SydneyTim


    12:51 on


    29 July, 2014



    You’re very selective on your buys and sells. Last season we took in approx. £21.5m in transfers and spent just under £14m, two thirds of what came in went out. I don’t have a problem with that, the problem is the signings themselves. Our scouting, previous manager, de facto director of football have got it spectacularly wrong in trying to sign a striker over the last 4 years. The money is there, the money has been spent (within reason) but its been spent badly when it comes to strikers. The Pukki/Balde money could have got a goalscorer, add in the Derk money and its a higher quality of goalscorer (the greatest player never to play for Celtic, Finboggasson would have been in our price range had we not wasted in on said three)

  17. SydneyTim


    12:51 on


    29 July, 2014


    Gary. Usually about 30 k a week min plus about 6m



    So Ross McCormack is too good a player to play for Celtic then?? ;-)

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