A quick £13m profit for Green and pals


Charles Green and his initial backers have achieved a remarkable result with what is already evident in their prospectus.  Page 66 notes: “In the period to 31 August 2012, a total of 25,340,000 shares were issued for a total consideration of £7,719,000”, issued at approximately 30.4p per share.  At a price of 70p per share these shares would be worth £17.738m, a cool £10m profit.

Since that August date Green has enjoyed something of a windfall.  Page 83 notes, “The contractual right to an option over 10 per cent. of the enlarged ordinary share capital of RFCL was exercised by Charles Green on 31 October 2012 by a partial exercise notice pursuant to which 5,000,000 ordinary shares of 1p each in RFCL were issued to Charles Green on 31 October 2012.”

That’s 5m shares, worth 70p each, which is a stunning £3.5m to add to the above £10m!

Have you heard how great the CQN Annual is? You can order online here, not many posting days left before Christmas!

Next month a raft of new bodies will have notifiable shareholdings, specifically: Hargreave Hale, Artemis Investment Management, Cazenove Capital Management, Legal & General Investment and Insight Investment Management, all of whom will seek returns for their money.

2012 was the year Rangers were liquidated.  It was also the year the assets were snatched from the grasp of an array of Rangers fans by people who saw an opportunity.

2013 will bring an SPL Commission and Upper Tier Tribunal issues for oldco but the consequences of these share issues will determine the performance of newco for decades to come.  I think you and me should keep quiet about this.  Let Charlie carry on and do what he needs to do over the coming weeks.

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  1. LordLuvRocket “The other problem we have is that UEFA don’t allow us to schedule games in the same week as European ties.”


    UEFA are now promoters with the power to throttle competing tournaments.

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Was Fosters clearance to Watt for the goal against Barca an assist?

  3. The players pathetic “performance” against Arbroath comes back to haunt them as we have a back log due to the game against Utd having to be cancelled due to it and the weather will probably see the replay postponed anyway, making it even worse

  4. petec



    12:35 on 11 December, 2012



    I do not believe it is cash that makes theses people conform but blind fear.


    They are terrified that they will come in for the same treatment as Neil Lennon.


    The price of safe houses would go through the roof.

  5. Gordon_J



    I suppose if I picked up assets valued variously from 20m to 80m for the princely sum of 5.5m, making money from this purchase might just cross my mind!



    But I’ll wager one thing….when he rides off into the sunset with his bag of swag, the carnage left behind will be Timmy’s fault (led by the uber-Tim Peter Lawell)

  6. The Comfortable Collective on

    “The other problem we have is that UEFA don’t allow us to schedule games in the same week as European ties.”



    I’m certain that last season English Premier League games were played (and I’m sure, though not certain – televised) on the same night as Uefa Champions League games were taking place.



    12:24 on


    11 December, 2012


    Things you thought youd never hear or see



    Charlie Green and fiddle in the once sentence, well done that mhan.





  8. sixtaeseven: Armageddon ain't a bad place to be! on

    Paul (or anyone else)



    Can you explain to me how a newly-formed third division outfit can propose shares at 70p, while a last-16 Champions League club from the same city (but plays four leagues higher than other outfit) trades shares at 39p (approx)?



    DoesNotCompute CSC

  9. Sheik Yerbouti, this guy is miles ahead of Craigy.



    Jimmci, they will take not a blind bit of notice. If those excerpts had been found on a Celtic prospectus the revolt would be well underway by now.



    Garngad to Croy, true.

  10. Gordon_J



    Just read your article…are you taking over from Paul McConville ?



    good stuff indeed

  11. Ntassoolla



    That’s a bit disingenuous of Mr Blair to raise that as for a start, Celtic can’t play in midweeks with European games because we will be playing in Europe and UEFA don’t forbid teams from playing in other competitions when European games are on. What they do is forbid TV companies showing these games so if for example there was still a backlog of games and if in the worst case scenario, we go out of the last 16, there is nothing to stop a game being scheduled in the week of the quarter finals. it just can’t be shown on TV.



    However, this didn’t stop the EPL and english FA from playing games on TV in competition with Champions League last year. I think they ended up getting a small fine.




  12. Silver City 1888 on

    Ah, it was for an assist. I thought I’d missed Forster coming up for a last minute corner. That’s something else missing from his game.

  13. Green and pals get to make and keep a tidy wee profit .



    The support get to pay the running costs .



    Will the support finally get that the joke is being made at their expense ?





    Sadly,I cannot take the credit for that one-sadly,I can’t remember the name of the genius who wrote it first.



    I certainly wasn’t gonna let it go to waste!

  15. Paul



    I’m sure you aware that, in some quarters, Tims, Tagues, Tattie Munchers, Fenians, their allies, apologists and sympathisers simply cannot be trusted: not that I would necessarily pigeon-hole you into one of those groups, but I suspect that whatever you said on this matter would be treated with due disdain … !




  16. Your posts are carrying more & more intrigue with each passing day. Paul67.



    Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli would struggle to keep up with you.




  17. Nice one, Paul, and followed up by another belter from Gordon J.



    Traynor’s quote re: Sevco will and SHOULD haunt him forever in his new employ.



    I wonder, though, who will be the first ‘brave’ Scottish journo to throw it at him in a presser?

  18. Here’s an interesting thought …



    Who do you think will be in post longer: CG or CO?




  19. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Gordon J


    Another nice explanation about the sevco 2 share issue. I urge the financial types on timternet to keep us up to date with goings on at greyskull during this time. Good stuff! We won’t expect keach jackpot to spell it out going by his defence of jabba and his article today

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Re the Sevco / Oldco / Anyoldco shares etc..



    It’s becoming like RE in the early 70s as my teacher told me there were 3 persons in the one god..



    I puzzled on that for yrs as did Dougal in FR Ted!



    Lovin the chaos, the MSM daily name changes..



    One constant in our life…. CELTIC!!




  21. up_over_goal



    12:37 on 11 December, 2012



    Did you also see the effort that Stephen McManus made to header a ball in an “old firm” game at Celtic Park whilst on the ground flat out just outside the box?



    If ever there was a clear indication of real media bias, that was it. I never recorded that game though so I ‘m annoyed I don’t have it to view and share. It is definitely out there though.



    Anywhere in the World would be marvelling in the utter bravery of Stephen, in Scotland it has never been shown again.



    My memory is getting worse as I get older, too many party pills when I was younger (that is why I don’t join in the Friday night quiz) and I hope someone has the ability and knowledge to upload the screenshot/video of Mick trying to header the ball despite being about 6 inches from the grass as a hun tried to shoot at the edge of our box.



    My shame, I can’t remember the exact game, it was a low scoring game at Celtic Park and the huns were shooting towards the Celtic end.



    Anyone who seen the footage would instantly recognise just what Stephen McManus would do for Celtic.



    This is a real test for CQN. Find that footage and upload it. It was never repeated in highlights.

  22. Mort I think Blair was trying to imply that scheduling Celtic’s postponed opponents’ games adds to the problem.



    TCC what you say rings a bell. I’m sure there were a couple of early evening mid week kick-offs in the EPL.



    I didn’t want to waste space casting aspersions on Blair because I see no point in preaching to the converted.



    My point that UEFA kicks aside other tournaments stands. UEFA have an 11 week winter shutdown for their tournaments.

  23. sixtaeseven: Armageddon ain’t a bad place to be! – 12:56 on 11 December, 2012



    It depends on how many shares there are in issue eg if we have 100m shares in issue at 30p we’re nominally worth £30m. If another club has is worth £10m but only has 10m shares in issue it’s shares will be £1.

  24. Afternoon all. Beautiful and very cold here.



    Paul67, you seem to be enjoying what you’re reading of the prospectus. Can those who grabbed the assets be tackled before they disappear over the horizon? Those who might be in a position to do so are most probably more concerned with flag flying. Hell mend them. Apologies in advance for the language.

  25. Mort good point about UEFA banning the screening of games at the same time as their games are being televised.



    Imagine if you ran a shop and were able to dictate the opening hours of your competitors.

  26. Paul 67


    Surely BDO need to reverse the sale of oldco’s assetts on behalf of the creditors before anything else including this share issue goes through.

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