A quick £13m profit for Green and pals


Charles Green and his initial backers have achieved a remarkable result with what is already evident in their prospectus.  Page 66 notes: “In the period to 31 August 2012, a total of 25,340,000 shares were issued for a total consideration of £7,719,000”, issued at approximately 30.4p per share.  At a price of 70p per share these shares would be worth £17.738m, a cool £10m profit.

Since that August date Green has enjoyed something of a windfall.  Page 83 notes, “The contractual right to an option over 10 per cent. of the enlarged ordinary share capital of RFCL was exercised by Charles Green on 31 October 2012 by a partial exercise notice pursuant to which 5,000,000 ordinary shares of 1p each in RFCL were issued to Charles Green on 31 October 2012.”

That’s 5m shares, worth 70p each, which is a stunning £3.5m to add to the above £10m!

Have you heard how great the CQN Annual is? You can order online here, not many posting days left before Christmas!

Next month a raft of new bodies will have notifiable shareholdings, specifically: Hargreave Hale, Artemis Investment Management, Cazenove Capital Management, Legal & General Investment and Insight Investment Management, all of whom will seek returns for their money.

2012 was the year Rangers were liquidated.  It was also the year the assets were snatched from the grasp of an array of Rangers fans by people who saw an opportunity.

2013 will bring an SPL Commission and Upper Tier Tribunal issues for oldco but the consequences of these share issues will determine the performance of newco for decades to come.  I think you and me should keep quiet about this.  Let Charlie carry on and do what he needs to do over the coming weeks.

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  1. BTW Neil can I’m not being pedantic or ducking the issue when I say “a memorial in support of” does not mean a fundraiser in support of. A memorial service is in support of a man’s life work. Whether or for what funds were raised is besides the point.

  2. The Prince of Goalkeepers on



    12:13 on 12 December, 2012



    No problem mate, used to see a lot of this type of message at work via email, so I’ve learned to recognise them.




  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Right enough you never mentioned fund raising, you did mention supporting a terrorist organisation, so I’ll rephrase my question, where did you get the info that the memorial service was in support of a terrorist organisation ?

  4. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby


    12:19 on


    12 December, 2012



    Totally agree mate



    Isn’t it good…………




  5. The minging detective your literal interpretation of one half of my post gains nothing by repetition.


    It just highlights your refusal to do the same with the other half of my post where I ask you a question.


    I did warn you that to continue your petulance would not be advisable.


    IMO,if Stokesy was present at a memorial for a childhood or longterm friend,then he should be commended for remembering where he came from.



    I’ve attended funerals and memorial services for people who were good friends to me,but would be unpalatable on here.



    And I expect a fair few of us have.



    It’s a personal show of friendship and of respect. That is all.