A quick £13m profit for Green and pals


Charles Green and his initial backers have achieved a remarkable result with what is already evident in their prospectus.  Page 66 notes: “In the period to 31 August 2012, a total of 25,340,000 shares were issued for a total consideration of £7,719,000”, issued at approximately 30.4p per share.  At a price of 70p per share these shares would be worth £17.738m, a cool £10m profit.

Since that August date Green has enjoyed something of a windfall.  Page 83 notes, “The contractual right to an option over 10 per cent. of the enlarged ordinary share capital of RFCL was exercised by Charles Green on 31 October 2012 by a partial exercise notice pursuant to which 5,000,000 ordinary shares of 1p each in RFCL were issued to Charles Green on 31 October 2012.”

That’s 5m shares, worth 70p each, which is a stunning £3.5m to add to the above £10m!

Have you heard how great the CQN Annual is? You can order online here, not many posting days left before Christmas!

Next month a raft of new bodies will have notifiable shareholdings, specifically: Hargreave Hale, Artemis Investment Management, Cazenove Capital Management, Legal & General Investment and Insight Investment Management, all of whom will seek returns for their money.

2012 was the year Rangers were liquidated.  It was also the year the assets were snatched from the grasp of an array of Rangers fans by people who saw an opportunity.

2013 will bring an SPL Commission and Upper Tier Tribunal issues for oldco but the consequences of these share issues will determine the performance of newco for decades to come.  I think you and me should keep quiet about this.  Let Charlie carry on and do what he needs to do over the coming weeks.

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    I genuinely cannot remember that one-no reason to doubt you,of course!-but I do remember Glenn Loovens doing similar in the six-yard box against them too.



    It must have been hell being a centre-back for Celtic these last seven or eight years or so against that lot.



    Yer gonna get kicked,punched,elbowed,jumped on,all frigging day with no protection from the ref,unable to protect yourself cos you’ll get sent off,and called all sorts afterwards by your own fans after “allowing yourself to be bullied”.



    Unless yer name’s Bobo,of course.





    I posted a link to an article about half an hour ago. Twice,since I thought I had cocked it up the first time.



    I presume it is held in moderation,quite probably due to bandwidth!



    Sorry,mate-should have noticed that.



    Can you delete them for me please,save any problem later?




  3. Philbhoy



    Was Forster’s kick to Watt an assist?



    Forster aimed the ball in the direction of Watt, Watt made the run, Xabi’s tired attempted block couldn’t prevent the ball from going through, so yep. it was an assist. If you don’t buy a ticket…

  4. sixtaeseven: Armageddon ain't a bad place to be! on

    weeminger – thanks for that info.



    I have little or no knowledge in the financial side of things.



    Seems strange, even to me, that something that was flogged for a pound a year ago is now considered to be worth tens of millions of pounds (did I read 70million somewhere?).



    StillDoesNotCompute CSC




    It is out there. It just has to be put out there.



    I really doubt anything can top the bravery of the SM footage. It was, obviously, instantly deleted from any highlights package. Another example of a very controlled media.



    I am asking a lot of CQN but I know it will come up with the goods.

  6. Burruchga always claims an assist on Maradon’a second goal aginst England in 86. H e made a five yard pss inside his own half.

  7. The Honest Cover-up on

    Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton



    I don’t think so. Just a non story concocted by the tabloids.


    It’s a nonsense to be talking about fixture congestion and re arranging games to help Celtic.


    We laughed at the Huns for moaning about the season not being extended long enough to help them in 2008. Let’s not go down that road.


    We have advanced in Europe and will hopefully go further still. If that creates fixture congestion before the split then so be it. We’ll play 4 games a week if need be. No moaning, no fuss.



    I think the tabloids are looking to create a problem here. “Lennon rages at SPL Bigwigs” with obligatory snarling picture. Should give the phone-ins a hot topic to keep them busy. I heard that their “experts” were asking the callers to fill them in on details on the 67 Oldco players suing Sevco.


    Shows how inept they are that they require punters to phone them and inform them of breaking stories.



    Na na na na na na na na,


    Charlie Charlie Green,


    Charlie Green,


    Charlie Charlie Green!

  8. PeteTheBeat – Nicely done! (thumbsup)




    Gordon_J – I still don’t understand why Green hired Jim Traynor.



    I can understand why he wanted Walter on board – to help separate the facecombers from their cash – but what does Traynor bring to The Rangers Reunited party?



    Also with all these inflated salaries being paid out at Sevco I’m beginning to get the feeling the new club has no intention of living within its means on a sensible budget. It’s almost as if its owners don’t expect to be around when the financial muck hits the fan. (thumbsup)

  9. Well said Paul, personally I rejoiced when Green initially came in and when he refused to be bumped out by a last minute Walter /Blue Knights bid. This guy does not give a fig about R*ngers/Sevco he and his backers are in for the quick buck, any cash raised by the disillusioned will be filtered back in repaid Loans to initial investors. The Club will probably be left solvent, Green & his backers will probably own 80/90% but won’t have invested a penny, the supporters will effectively have paid for the buy out but will only have a miserly stake and most importantly they will have nothing in the coffers for player purchases. All above is a best case scenario based on the disillusioned coughing up in the first place.

  10. Fholks,



    Someone posted last week that a ghuy was appearing on Mastermind with the history of Celtic this Friday. Just checked the listings and he does not appear on the advertised programme, anyone know when he is now scheduled to appear?



    Cheers in advance.

  11. Folly Folly – Bad news, Pete: these days, the only podiums of substance are those garnered when Philvis is actually in the building.



    Somebody had to say it. (thumbsup)



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – Even Homer may nod. (thumbsup)



    Vmhan – Thumbsup right back at you buddy (thumbsup)

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Fixture re-arrangement is a nonsense – we should play our games as obliged.



    Other teams are in the league to compete against us, not do us favours…and that’s how it should be.

  13. We’re busy on the new issue of CQN Magazine which should be with you by the end of the week. The features in this edition are easily the best one yet so something to look forward to.



    We appreciate the considerable support we have received to date on the CQN ANNUAL and thanks to everyone who has purchased and for the compliments subsequently posted on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter.



    Can we encourage everyone on here to look at buying the CQN ANNUAL for the following very valid reasons:



    1. It really is a fantastic read – with 196 pages all about Celtic and CQN – what better stocking filler? Great value at a tenner.



    2. It allows you to put something back into CQN.



    You can order directly from CQN from http://www.eklektik.co.uk/



    Or you can buy from Amazon.co.uk or pick up a copy at Timland in the Gallowgate.



    Online orders are shipped next day.

  14. It’s going over my head now – is the share issue going to be a success or not? If he has institutional investors lined up then that means they believe RIFC will be a decent and safe investment. Legal and General don’t strike me a risk-taking operation.


    Or am I missing something?





    If Charliebhoy can sell shares in Rangers,PAUL67 can certainly sell sunblock in December.



    His promise of an Indian Summer would be more trustworthy,IMO…….

  16. petec – How well do you think Celtic will do in the Champions League this season?



    I’m optimistic as long as we don’t get a German team like Paris Saint-Germain. (thumbsup)

  17. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    Tim Malone Will Tell


    13:45 on


    11 December, 2012


    Fixture re-arrangement is a nonsense – we should play our games as obliged.



    Other teams are in the league to compete against us, not do us favours…and that’s how it should be.






    Yes ,it is a nonsense, but also a non story. As far as I know no-one from Celtic has asked for anything to be moved . No story here, so let’s make one up.



    Thanks for the reply The Honest Cover Up 13.38pm.




  18. Oldfirmfacts ‏@Oldfirmfacts1



    Kyle Lafferty is to sue Rangers in what will be known as “The Big Twat’s Case”.

  19. BTW here’s an interesting story about televised games .


    The Celtic v Rangers 28 Dec, 2011. A wet and very stormy day with real fears the game would be called off.



    a.) – It was the only big game being played in Europe that night and was being broadcast everywhere. So it was an earner.


    b.) – To cover himself against cancellation a pal of mine tried to get a bet on the game being scrubbed. No takers amongst the internet bookies.



    On the basis of a.) and b.) above he made some private wagers, at decent odds, that the game would go ahead. He came out smiling. Unlike some of his mates, who didn’t make it to Glasgow because of the weather. He did. Some people are just too wide.




    There isn’t a futures market in sevco shares. If there were it would tell an interesting story.

  20. DeniaBhoy – 13:52 on 11 December, 2012



    A lot of institutional investors will go for a mix of safe, low return and high risk, high return investment. If this is seen as an easy opportunity to make a modest return very quickly they’ll take it.

  21. Gordon_J – The official explanation is that Jabba will “oversee the development of all media platforms including Rangers TV, digital, online and print publications”.



    But he isn’t a businessman, he’s an ex-hack who had a side job winding people up on Your Call.



    Also, for some reason I don’t get the feeling Charles Green has any intention of being around long enough to fund any significant development of Sevco’s media platforms.



    Maybe Charlie thinks he needs someone to manage the media for him while he completes Operation Grand Slam, but I can’t think why. It’s not as if the Scottish media are interested in asking him any tough questions. (thumbsup)

  22. weeminger – cheers. But how do they make such a quick return? If they buy shares at x and then can’t sell them at x+1 due to there being no demand for the shares once they begin to trade openly, they lose (this is what happened to institutional investors when the Facebook shares went public. They thought they were on a sure thing, the market disagreed). So where is the return coming from? Apologies if it is there in black and white in Paul’s article and I am missing the point.





    Pretty darn sure it has something to do with a meal in Edinburgh about three months ago,with Traynor,Smith and Murray the only attendees.



    Smith won’t do anything which would meet with Murray’s disapproval,Traynor does what he’s told.



    Murray’s interest can only be speculated upon. Guarding his back? Pulling the strings?

  24. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    I dont think Jabba is there because Green wants him particularly. Call me a cynic, but this is a long promised reward from minty, and it suggests to me that minty still holds some influence, even over supposedly new owners.



    Hmmm? Hmmmmmmm?

  25. DeniaBhoy – 14:06 on 11 December, 2012



    True, but the market makers will make the market by buying and selling all the way to the bottom. So if they buy in at 35p and the shares launch at 70p provided they’ve got rid of them all buy the time it drops back to 35p it’s all profit.



    If (for some reason) there’s enough demand to make it rise a little, they may be able to sell out a lower point than entry and still make a profit overall.



    Market makers are a very important, and much maligned part of the AIM exchange.

  26. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just watched the Celtic v Barca vid again again and Im welling up here. You’de think after 60 + yrs?. I guess it never leaves you!!

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