A quick £13m profit for Green and pals


Charles Green and his initial backers have achieved a remarkable result with what is already evident in their prospectus.  Page 66 notes: “In the period to 31 August 2012, a total of 25,340,000 shares were issued for a total consideration of £7,719,000”, issued at approximately 30.4p per share.  At a price of 70p per share these shares would be worth £17.738m, a cool £10m profit.

Since that August date Green has enjoyed something of a windfall.  Page 83 notes, “The contractual right to an option over 10 per cent. of the enlarged ordinary share capital of RFCL was exercised by Charles Green on 31 October 2012 by a partial exercise notice pursuant to which 5,000,000 ordinary shares of 1p each in RFCL were issued to Charles Green on 31 October 2012.”

That’s 5m shares, worth 70p each, which is a stunning £3.5m to add to the above £10m!

Have you heard how great the CQN Annual is? You can order online here, not many posting days left before Christmas!

Next month a raft of new bodies will have notifiable shareholdings, specifically: Hargreave Hale, Artemis Investment Management, Cazenove Capital Management, Legal & General Investment and Insight Investment Management, all of whom will seek returns for their money.

2012 was the year Rangers were liquidated.  It was also the year the assets were snatched from the grasp of an array of Rangers fans by people who saw an opportunity.

2013 will bring an SPL Commission and Upper Tier Tribunal issues for oldco but the consequences of these share issues will determine the performance of newco for decades to come.  I think you and me should keep quiet about this.  Let Charlie carry on and do what he needs to do over the coming weeks.

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    first post on here a year ago.i asked who were the suits from S.F .A.meeting SALMON in EDINBURGH re the huns and herts going skint.today i ask what is SALMON meeting CELTIC REPS for.PAUL do you know?????? could be about STANDING AREAS i suppose!!!!!!!!

  2. Weeminger – thanks again. So if all of the institutional shareholders have the same intention then the price will fall through the floor before the first day is through? These guys must have a good idea what the shares will trade for on AIM and know that there is little appetite for football shares among the general public. There can be no way on earth the shares will trade at 70p or above unless Ibrox is sitting on top of a god mine.


    It’s all too complicated for me. I’m a way out for an hour on the bike to empty the mind :)

  3. DeniaBhoy, 14:23, “I’m a way out for an hour on the bike to empty the mind :)”



    So what are you going to do for the other 59 minutes? :)

  4. DeniaBhoy – 14:23 on 11 December, 2012



    I tend to agree with you, and I could be wrong, but it’s the only plausable reason I can see for somebody like L&G to get involved.



    There’s another angle to this. Let’s say your Chuckie, and you award yourself one share at a cost of 35p and one to your investor at the same putting the 35p in the bank. You both sell your shares at 70p and hold onto the cash. The price falls back to 35p and you buy in again but he has walked away with his profit. Whoopee you have both shares plus 35p in the bank to buy sweeties.



    By this method you can essentially get control of the club back from the investors having raised the cash you need to continue.

  5. DeniaBhoy



    They way I read it is, L&G are already shareholders, so they will make money once the newco floats.



    I might be wrong tho :-)

  6. Let’s cut to the chase.



    Whyte was paid by Murray to take the flak and disappear. Green has came in with a promise of making a profit when Murray comes back in like a knight in shining armour again to save Rangers. Smith and Murray then get back control of the club and start again.



    FFS wake up people, Murray has had this plannned to take the heat off him

  7. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton



    I think Kenny Shiels made a comment that the SPL should be doing us a favour prior to CL games.



    The hacks have followed this up and SPL have responded.





    If Ibrox WAS sitting on a GOD mine,I might be worried.



    But it isn’t



    So I’m not.



    But it certainly looks like being a gold-mine for some lucky fella.



    I’m Green with envy……..

  9. Shiek @13.44



    Went online and took the SFA survey. Basically a waste of time in the end – some of the questions were contradictory, some asked irrelevances (e.g. how did my club perform ………………. re. policing?!)



    The ranking you were asked to do in other questions was impossible if you did not know what they were, but you HAD to rank them to get past that page.



    It’s ok for me today, I’ve got time to waste, but if your time is tight don’t waste it on the SFA Survey!

  10. DontPatmadug



    12:49 on 11 December, 2012






    12:35 on 11 December, 2012



    I do not believe it is cash that makes theses people conform but blind fear.


    They are terrified that they will come in for the same treatment as Neil Lennon.


    The price of safe houses would go through the roof.





    I blame secular schools. ;))

  11. My lips are sealed Paul!!



    Any CQN lurkers in Hamilton library I’m the Bhoy in green in and white sitting across from the charlie head who’s raving in his seat!!

  12. Philvisreturns..could Jabba be there as the heavy weight deflector shield when the ole stuff hits the fan?..shouting as Chuck and co run into the distance with the bags of swag…”Run Charlie run..like the wind!”….or just answering the phones ?..”Sorry Mr Green is in a meeting at the moment..can I take a message?”..[thumbsup]

  13. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    14:26 on 11 December, 2012



    Not mine just a repost from twitter

  14. Jabba signs for Newco, the gift that keeps giving, I heard Keevins on Clyde last night still punting the line that Scoddush fitbaw will never, never,never ever ever recover from the demise of the Orcs, still got a sore face from laughing at him and BFDJ…

  15. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot


    14:40 on


    11 December, 2012


    Shiek @13.44



    Totally agree, I gave it a go, but what’s the point as I knew nothing about most things asked yet had to give an opnion. They’ve probably planning for an outcome they already expect. :)

  16. Hooper a doubt for tomorrow while Commons remains out. If Hooper is available, I’d rest Sammi, but otherwise I’d stick with the 3-5-2 from the Kilmarnock game::



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::: Ambrose :::::::::::::::::: Wilson ::::::::::::::: Mulgrew :::::::::::::



    Matthews ::::::::::: Brown ::::::::: Wanyama ::::::: Ledley ::::::: Izaguirre



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Watt ::::::::::::::::: Samaras :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  17. Jabba moves to Head of Communications at Newco is this evidence of a policy to promote from within?

  18. It seems to me that the profits being quoted so far are dependant on the shares actually trading at 70p per share on day one. If they are over valued then it is perfectly possible that


    they dont trade anywhere near that value in which case the profit goes down accordingly.


    Lets say they trade at 35p then CG has actually made (only) £6.5m .Or am I missing someting.

  19. We appear to have moved from the share issue and prospectus being a flop to it being successful and chuckles making a small fortune out of it.



    Tin hat on. Is this not what Fergus did only he was more open about it?

  20. weet weet weet-Meeting in the Park Lane,bottom of Hope St opposite Central Station,possibly going round the corner to Rhoderic Dhu in Waterloo St.

  21. re this crack about fixture congestion.



    Do the SFA really expect us to play in the Scottish Cup Final in Glasgow the day after we win the Champions League Final in London




  22. That Lickspittle Jeff (H*N) Winter is at it again. A hurting H*N trying to diminish Celtic’s achievements in the CL by calling our Sammi a diving cheat- how bloody well dare he!!!


    Hey Jeff ya fud – “we are havin a party in the champions league, jelly and ice cream in the champions league” – GIRFUY you sad git.

  23. Spare a thought for Scotland’s Sportswriter of the Year (sic),Keech”jingle jangle” Jackhun today,he hasn’t realised that Jabba is still his boss,bless.

  24. up_over_goal



    I’d give young Dylan some game time. I don’t know who you would leave out though.



    That is a full strength team, I like that, the Arbroath game is just as important as the Spartak game IMO.

  25. Nobody goes into an IPO claiming their business will be worth less than they are trying to sell it for.

  26. quantum, 15:20 I totally concur.


    It’s all flam to try and part ordinary fans with their cash.



    There are some bhad bhoys with laptops who have been going onto the internet and leading the good Mr Green a merry dance with their promises to invest in sevco.


    If the whole thing fails and Mr Green is made into a laughing stock, it’ll be their fault.


    These Celtic scoundrels are likely to show no remorse for their actions, and some might even be proud of themselves.


    I don’t know what to think.

  27. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Why have BDO allowed assets belonging to creditors be used to swindle more creditors. ?

  28. About this share issue.


    Would it be far off the mark to speculate that the big investors have been given the nod that charlie will do his best to let it all fail.


    Sell off the lot (what was it now 70 mil).


    Now we are talking serious money.


    No wonder murray is still about.

  29. CQN Annual purchased.


    Last word from me on Samaras discussion which kicked off yesterday.


    I compared him to a 1960s John Hughes and notice that set a few memory cells – including my brother the Celtic memory man Gordon- racing and recalling Yogi in sannies . That Aberdeen match saw him score 5 goals but it was the New Years Day game in 1966 on a snow covered Celtic Park which lives in my memory. Down 1-0 at HT against previous Glasgow rivals Yogi switched from boots and we scored 5 including a Steve Chalmers hat trick although Charlie Gallachers was a thing of beauty. Yogi ran the show.


    My folks had just bought me a twin spool tape recorder which I used on a Sunday to record Alan Freemans Pick of the Pops. I also recorded that match- and still have it. Some day once the museum is sorted I will donate the machine and the tape. Some of the songs might be a bit challenging to sensitive ears!!

  30. dixiebhoy @ 14.47



    there is a good irish bar called killians its just off marianplatz . also ned kellys aussie bar is in the same building . decent food and excellent beer and have most of the matches that are on sky /espn here . this is the address


    killians irish bar Frauenplatz 11 80331 Munich.



    hope this helps




  31. Paul67



    I think your mistaken here….. Charlies in it for the long haul… Champions league beckons for the sevconians .



    Murray park will produce the future quality street bears… World dominitation will follow… Universe shortly after … With 500m humans and gazillions of aliens watching the zombies on pay per view satellite tv.



    Shhhhhhhhh :)

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