A rising tide lifts all boats


The annual KPMG Football Benchmark included Celtic for the first time, this year.  The report provides an Enterprise Value for elite clubs, which are otherwise often ranked by simple revenue or coefficient point tables.

While there is often talk of the ‘big five leagues’, 21 of the 32 clubs are from either England (9), Italy (6) or Spain (6).  Germany and France have three each, while Turkey (population >80m) lost their third club this year and now have just two.  Ajax, Benfica and Celtic are the remaining three.

The inclusion of Benfica and not Porto, tells the story of the formers dominance of Portuguese football in recent seasons, winning five of the last six titles.  Ajax runs counter to this argument, having won their first trophy in four years this month, although I hear they have done well in European competition recently also.

There are no clubs from Greece, Switzerland, anywhere in Eastern Europe, Belgium or Scandinavia, all territories we would expect to compete for Champions League spots with.

Being on the list, in itself, is not going to put break on the table, but it has value, nonetheless.  Players of exceptional value will continue to leave Celtic for wages well in excess of what they can earn in Scotland until league structures change.  But the fees Celtic have been able to command are significantly less than what Ajax or Benfica can get for similar talent.

This is because the grade of our domestic competition inhibits what we can test here.  Being the best central defender in Scotland is worth less than being the best central defender in the Netherlands, as talent in the Netherlands is valued higher.  This metric is an inhibitor on Celtic.

It was JFK who said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  If Celtic central defenders are rated higher, this reflects in the value of those who score against them, so everyone in Scotland should benefit from our inclusion.  Celtic being dominant is good for all.  As a consequence, the Scottish Premiership is a quoted league.  I know it’s hard and football does not really work this way, but the rest of them should be happy for us.

I also over promised on this stuff (below) if we won the Treble Treble.  Orders have been placed…

Eden Mill Treble Treble Gift Set

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Kinglubo- no The Stock Exchange needs to know first I’m sure, Neil is a smart guy, never dived in during Saturday’s euphoria. He will be getting his ducks lined up, he’s been done over before by PL,so he will want cast iron guarantees,he won’t carry the can if it all falls apart next season. Properly back him…..

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TONYROME on 29TH MAY 2019 6:53 PM



    Thanks Tony, once we get to 9 the sheer priority of this over all else will very quickly come sharply into focus, I’m really hoping that DD / PL are working on a short term one off two year plan NOW,



    It will be also very interesting to see how sevco handle their European aspirations once we get to 9, I suspect they will either formally apply not to participate or simply crash out at the first opportunity,



    in fact they might even do that (crash out early) this season to stop us even getting to 9.

  3. We need a rightback, centrback, centremid and centreforward. All those players should be first picks.



    We should allow all the out of contract players to leave and We should try to empty out the kiddy on fringe players.



    We should only look at backup players who have the potential to be first picks in the near future i.e. academy and/or younger players ( aged between 18-22). We should never sign up any player over 25 years old to simply fill in when required.

  4. glendalystonsils on




    The weakening of the squad by failing to replace key players is baffling but equally baffling is the complete and continuing loss of form by the others you mention . We have lost Paddy , Armstrong and Moussa but we have as good as lost Rogic , Sinclair and Ntcham when we compare their recent contribution to their previous contribution. Whether it’s too much football , casting their eyes elsewhere or even something unrelated to football , we have suffered as a result.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Look at the language used this season, ‘excessive force’ brutality threshold ‘….WTF are we playing at in this country? No surprise Hearts more cards than anyone, Sevco 12 reds…..we know what’s going on here

  6. glendalystonsils on




    You forgot Tonev’s ‘balance of probability’



    Making it up as they go along.

  7. VAR has to be a clear and obvious wrong decision:


    There in lies the issue….. Imagine a cheating Hun feck in charge of that in a Celtic V zombie game, it will be the same cheating shite.



    Dearie me



    D. :)

  8. GG,



    If this playing in England and live on SKY with multiple camera views and microphones and excitable commentators it would be a great advert for English Peprem league.

  9. glendalystonsils on




    Sorry ..off watching the London derby . Poor game .



    Yes BR’s handling probably a factor but each one ‘s different . Ntcham eyes on Portugal? Tom too many thousand miles clocked up? Sinclair…..who knows?

  10. My goodness, that was quite some header by Giroud to, unfortunately, put Chelski 1 up.

  11. Don’t know why I’m posting the score – if you’re interested you’ll be watching + if not you won’t be



    Ps 4-1

  12. IniquitousIV on

    No idea why anyone thinks the Chelski-Arse game is dreary. Stunning goals from Giroud and Iwobi, plus 3 more. We couldn’t muster that many attempts at goal last weekend.

  13. IniquitousIV on



    Touché! But if we can’t get a penalty on target, we would be bad indeed.

  14. IniquitousIV on



    Fair enough, but their opposition is also on 100,000 a week. We were playing Hearts and yet their goalie didn’t need to make a save. When we play with one striker, our attempts at goal are minimized. With a squad our size, it is unfathomable how we allowed ourselves to be in a position of having only one fit striker.

  15. And here’s me thinking the distance from seat to playing surface at Hampden was a joke ….my God everything about this final is wrong – location, time difference, ticket allocation, view for spectators. What wisdom to give them a European final and 2 quarter finals in the next European Championship – defies all logic.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH MAY 2019 7:10 PM



    Kinglubo- no The Stock Exchange needs to know first I’m sure, Neil is a smart guy, never dived in during Saturday’s euphoria. He will be getting his ducks lined up, he’s been done over before by PL,so he will want cast iron guarantees,he won’t carry the can if it all falls apart next season. Properly back him…..



    *When Neil Lennon was appointed to the full time position 9 years ago he spoke of walking up the tunnel to an empty stadium late at night, I believe it was around midnight, negotiations had taken that long, so I have no doubt it won’t be any different this time around great fhan or no.

  17. Yes, I know PR is off to Norwich but it still doesn’t stop me disagreeing with JF on his Paddy Roberts article.


    First off, no player should be guaranteed first team football. They have to earn it.


    Second, there is a way we could guarantee PR first team football each week but that is purely down to PR showing he is the best player we have in that position.



    In his first stint at Celtic PR showed he can be a game changer. He could be the type of player to split open the bus parked across just about every opposing teams 18 yard line.



    But, you do have to ask, why has he only played a handful of games since he left Celtic?



    One answer has to be a question, is he playing in a side which suits him?


    You might be the best striker in the world but if you are playing in a team which parks the bus each week and you are forever back on your own 18 yard line, you’ll be hard pushed to show your goal scoring ability. Players need to be used such that their skills are given the chance to shine.



    I wish PR every success at Norwich. The game needs players who can take on and beat their opponents. I am so tired of watching games where players, faced with an opponent turn and pass backwards. Boring as….

  18. fairhill bhoy on

    Mea culpa-think PR has already played his best for us,his last season was very hit n mis

  19. IniquitousIV on



    Just worried that unless we do something to generate more attempts at goal per game, we will be in some difficulties next season.

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