A team with a hunted look to them


After a bad defeat, would you rather a difficult game against a Champions League team at Celtic Park, or an awkward visit to a Premiership side playing 10 men behind the ball?  Neither seems a great prospect, but in a tight league race, the latter is definitely not a desired option.

A big performance and result against a big opponent in a game with only money and coefficient points up for grabs is what this Celtic side needs right now.  Our best result of the season so far – the win at Ibrox – came after an insipid home draw to bottom of the table St Johnstone.  After that match, a patchwork squad found a cause which united them.

Give a team a cause and results will follow.  I would rather a team with a hunted look to them than one with a sense of their own brilliance, especially this early in the season.  We cannot be confident of taking anything tomorrow night, but we can be sure we will see fight from Celtic.

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  1. Coincidence, what.


    Before BR, we had Kyogo and dare I say, Greg Taylor playing stormers.


    Now , they are both merde, funny that !!!1



    It’s the diabolical system adopted that makes it look that way.


    To me, Brendan is the sizzle without the steak, talks a good game, but !!!!



    Always on about attacking aggressive football, but that is certainly not obvious on the pitch



    pissed off KINGLubO

  2. Sevilla finish bottom of their CL group



    Also sit 16th in La Liga



    Interesting article about their accounts by Swiss Ramble:



    “Much of Sevilla’s success in the past was down to their player trading model, where they would buy talented players cheaply, develop them (while benefiting from their skill on the pitch), then sell them for a good profit.



    777 Partners identified this as a clear differentiator for Sevilla under their famous sporting director, Monchi. The strategy did mean that the team would regularly see its top players move on, but Sevilla managed to repeat the trick time and time again, allowing them to frequently outperform better resourced clubs.



    However, the club changed the winning formula a couple of years ago when it saw an opportunity to win the league, which would have been only Sevilla’s second La Liga title. The last time they were officially the best club in Spain was way back in 1946, so their enthusiasm was understandable to some extent.



    So, instead of buying players with an eye on future development, they opted to sign more experienced players, who would theoretically have an immediate beneficial impact. However, it’s fair to say that this has not exactly worked out, as the team has dropped down the table, leaving Sevilla with older players on high wages and little or no resale value.”

  3. Big decisions for Brendan Rodgers ahead. Having played Nat Phillips and seen him struggle both with the ball and when defending, he must decide whether to stick or twist. We haven’t seen anything of the 2 new centre backs, but we are also running out of games to get a look at them. The loss at the weekend leaves us almost no margin for error, though Rangers must surely eventually run out of opposition defenders who are willing to pull jerseys in the box. They will presumably drop points on hem selves soon.




    Midfield were compromised by the CB situation, but again we need to decide if Holm or AN Other can do the anchoring role.




    Up front, Oh looks like a really limited player. I would be surprised if he gets any more game time after Christmas, assuming we bring in so wine with experience in the upcoming window.




    Pressure mounting in a very interesting Title race this year.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    Maybe Mrs BR has told him she thinks it is better if players and managers stay at home with their families.



    I know that is how it would work in my house.

  5. We never got the go ahead from the govt to go abroad this time



    And saw how bad we got it when we did the go ahead



    So we are staying home

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Yeah, we definitely don’t want to emulate that Sevilla mob with their 7 Europa Leagues since we last won a knockout tie in Europe 😂😂😂. Top gaslighting 👍.



    PS seems you can’t give tickets away for the Feyenoord game. How many of those overpriced ECL packages is fat cat going to sell next season in the increasingly unlikely event we qualify? He’s killing the golden goose with his parsimony (except when it comes to himself and his cronies/ offspring).



    Closed top tier again in the name of world class business model and financial stewardship? Con man in chief and so many suckers always buy it.



    PPS maybe Sevilla have a*sed it up this year by appointing the Chairman’s unqualified son as their Head of Recruitment? Nah, no serious club would behave like a banana republic surely?

  7. Gary Hooper getting mention whilst warming up at Barnet v Newport match..


    only player to score in top 6 tiers in English football ,the FA cup ,the Scots Premier league, Scots cup final ,Europa league and the champs league , no bad Gary bhoy .

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    RC on 12TH DECEMBER 2023 9:16 PM



    have the GB been allowed back in yet






    Genuinely don’t know.



    Have the 267 registered souls agreed to go by the same rules as most of the rest of us?



    I assume that alone will be enough to get them back in?

  9. Would we, should we, bring in McKenna and van Veen? I’m 50% there.


    Van Veen could be both a handful for defenders and possibly a great mentor for Oh.


    McKenna was extensively demolished on here when we were first linked; surely he’s similar to Nat Phillips…


    I’m surprised Gus and Maik’s stock has fallen so quickly – both looked useful but raw in early showings.


    Upgrades on Welshy but still to reach Cam-like levels.


    BR spoke about player personality weeks ago – does that mean they’re too quiet, or not integrating fully?


    Feyenoord’s not a dead rubber in terms of fluency and psychology.



    BOONDOCK SAINT on 12TH DECEMBER 2023 2:22 PM – yup, perspective. Be well.

  10. Still peeved about the second half on Sunday. But it’s time for perspective.



    Never get too up or too down about wins and losses.



    Many of us are guilty of both.



    I’d be reasonably confident if CCV, maeda and abada had been available on Sunday we’d have weathered the second half.



    On reflection it was a bad second half and decent first.



    We know the problems and therefore the solutions.



    We have resources to address the problems.



    The ‘race’ is real. We’ve let them back into it. But that doesn’t change the fact that they have blown their wad on some absolute dross. We are not up against anything that we should be frightened of but there’s a level of hysteria when we lose that would have you think we were up against prime Barcelona.



    By the way, anxiety in the stands and online can get into the team. So we do have a part to play. Its not just players that need to show character and belief.

  11. Looks like the noise they provide is overshadowed by hassle they bring



    They could be a great force for good



    As in creating an atmosphere for the team



    The team lol



    But they want to diversify into areas that just get them (and Celtic) into trouble



    Whats the point??



    There are many ways to promote all they feel strongly about



    But they choose to do it in such a way that hurts them and CEltic



    Bring them back if they can behave



    Sure they cant tho

  12. PS: Australia joins Canada and NZ to call for a ceasefire. A token gesture that won’t change much.



    “The price of defeating Hamas cannot be the continuous suffering of all Palestinian civilians.” They say.



    No shit Sherlocks.

  13. In the past two seasons,Man U have spent £250 million on transfers.


    £179.5 million this season,and £ 80 million last season.

  14. Saudis have paused (not ceased but paused) diplomatic relations with Israel



    Massively uinder reported



    As they control the oil, the control influence

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Man Utd out of Europe after losing to Bayern Munich.



    Good sportsmanship shown by Dayot Upamecano at the end of the game.



    He very graciously let Man Utd’s SEVENTY-TWO MILLION POUND striker, Rasmus Hojlund out of his pocket to shake hands with everyone.



    See these projects? Pah !!!

  16. Would we, should we, bring in McKenna and van Veen?



    we are better than that , or are we and just get in horses for courses for the SPL.

  17. Glasstwothirdsfull,


    We played two games ,one with 9 men,the other,10.We dominated the ball for 44 minutes against Feyenoord.Sending offs killed us.We were a fraction from taking the 3 points against Napoli when Palma scored.


    You can’t just take the end result without how we got there.


    But it suits you.

  18. RC



    Would we, should we, bring in McKenna and van Veen?






    only if the green brigade get back



    Otherwise we should aim higher

  19. Well done to Copenhagen. Maybe Peter’s first two signings in January should be Copenhagen ‘s chairman and CEO.

  20. BADA BING!! on 12TH DECEMBER 2023 10:02 PM


    Bet you Copenhagen haven’t got £72 million in the bank



    Always get one anomaly in the CL.Good group of players coming together at the one time.Few bits of luck required.

  21. Anyway,will leave the discussion to the doom and gloom brigade.God,don’t they just fekin love it.Like reading the SMSM in disguise.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    WESTCRAIGS @ 10:09 PM



    Well done to Copenhagen. Maybe Peter’s first two signings in January should be Copenhagen ‘s chairman and CEO.






    He doesn’t have the time WC.



    He’s still too busy trying to sign the chairmen & CEOs of Bodo Glimt (the monocarpic from two years ago) and Brentford (last year’s)




  23. Latchford



    Anyone would think you were a wee tiny bit bitter about something.



    I think Celtic40me might have been suggesting the model similar to Celtics current model failed when they referred to buying perceived ‘quality’ as distinct from young potential.



    Anyway you enjoy your wee broken clock moment of celebrating Celtic having a tough week or two …. Or even a tough season or two. In my life and especially the last 23 years or so we have had a good bit more success than failures. And will have again.



    Of course, as I have said you could always man up and actually put your case forward to be in charge yourself. I am sure if you are as smart as you seem to think anyone with a vested interest in the clubs success would be desperate to do it your way.

  24. Turkeybhoy- News just in- Everything is going brilliant at the Good Ship Celtic, sleep well knowing that.

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