A team with a hunted look to them


After a bad defeat, would you rather a difficult game against a Champions League team at Celtic Park, or an awkward visit to a Premiership side playing 10 men behind the ball?  Neither seems a great prospect, but in a tight league race, the latter is definitely not a desired option.

A big performance and result against a big opponent in a game with only money and coefficient points up for grabs is what this Celtic side needs right now.  Our best result of the season so far – the win at Ibrox – came after an insipid home draw to bottom of the table St Johnstone.  After that match, a patchwork squad found a cause which united them.

Give a team a cause and results will follow.  I would rather a team with a hunted look to them than one with a sense of their own brilliance, especially this early in the season.  We cannot be confident of taking anything tomorrow night, but we can be sure we will see fight from Celtic.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Man U proof that all the money in the world can’t compensate for a rotten core to the club.



    Meanwtime we should applaud FCK for showing clubs like ours the way. Great to see them despatching the horrible EPL rich boys.



    Just imagine what they could achieve if they had our world class leadership.

  2. Denmark, roughly the same population as Scotland.


    12 team top league.


    Average attendance <10,000.



    Celtic dwarf FC Copenhagen in every department on and off the field. Infrastructure Finance, record transfers, wages paid. Attendance.



    I know of Brondby and FC Mintylland, but without Google how many other teams can we name in the Danish top league.



    Far too often we use European finance as an easy and lazy way to " justify " our demise in European football. We often reference the standard of Scottish teams and use that as a convenient excuse for failing to step up to the mark.



    We do not expect to win the CL but a club of our size, stature and aspiration should be expected to compete.



    It can be done and FC Copenhagen prove it.



    Hail, hail.



    Hail, hail.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Group C in Champions League is interesting.



    Union Berlin finished bottom with two draws and four defeats.



    On the face of it – terrible.



    But they gave it a right good go and came up short …. four times.



    As for Real Madrid? Six wins from six.



    18 to 24 months ago their squad was looking old, tired and just about done.



    Great work rebuilding (they paid some premiums along the way).



    They now have a core of players in their early to mid-20s ….





    Vinicius Junior









    If in Summer 2024 they get Mbappe on a free and sign a young defender … they could be set up for next five years.

  4. peterlatchsfordbelly



    What is the “rotten core” of Manchester United?


    Is it the owners since 2006? An American Jewish Family?


    Who,bought the club from Magnier, McManus, Dobson and Desmond, Irish and Scottish owners?


    And under whom the club achieved great success, until Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, from which they have not won the English Premier League Title? Or the Champions League. Are they to blame?


    Are the American Jewish Family to blame? Are they rotten to the core?


    Are our present day investors, including the self-same Dermot Desmond, who stood alongside Fergus, rotten to the core?


    Not for me at United, or at Celtic they are not.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GREENPINATA @ 11:43 PM



    Really good post.



    I’d add one small point but (IMHO) an important one.



    FC Copenhagen are the dominant club in Denmark like Celtic are in Scotland.



    FC Copenhagen are the largest club in Denmark like Celtic are in Scotland.



    In the last ten seasons, FC Copenhagen have won five titles.



    I’ve no direct evidence to correlate but, generally, building a squad based on a philosophy the club believes in … to eventually compete in Europe



    Takes time and patience and some underperforming along the way until you reach that level Copenhagen have reached this season.



    Genuine question to all on here?



    Who would readily forego the title to Sevco every other year while we build a team that can reach the last 16 of the champions once in a blue moon?



    Honestly not sure I would.

  6. back to basics



    Think it is the first time in thirteen years that Copenhagen have qualified for the last sixteen, please correct me if I’m wrang, still a great achievement tonight, in a group which involved multiple EC and CL winners. Well done them! Anyways, new format next season, if we go on and win the SPL and qualify that is, which after tomorrows CL game, should be our absolute priority, from that point on.

  7. BR must have read my post earlier at 13.15 .



    I see he is now playing down our ability/ desire to bring in new players during the Jan window .


    Just as I predicted.




  8. Celtic Mac 12.51



    Sound enough post except for 1 thing



    Why highlight the Glaziers faith-jewish ?


    Dont follow mate,you dont mention the faith of Magnier,Dobson,McManus and Desmond,maybe just me Cmac dont think its relevant their faith.


    Seen OT67 on friday at christmas dinner along with a few ones from here.It was good seeing him out and he was enjoying himself but takin it easy :-))




  9. an tearmann



    It is true that there always some kind of opposition to the takeover of MU from McManus et al, expressed in the main to the way it was financed, then and now, but I do think there was and is an inherent prejudice amongst MU supporters re the Glazers to the extent that they would welcome a takeover from an Autocratic middle eastern Muslim oil state in preference to their American, and it has to be said, Jewish owners who, whatever their faults or weaknesses, have sanctioned massive investments in their team. Without too much success.


    Great news re Old Tim, I knew he had been in hospital recently, after an in house fallover, which can fairly be described as a crash bang wallop what a picture type of scenario. After which thankfully the furniture happily survived…..


    Hope to see you soon in due course Big Fellah!


    Hail Hail always

  10. Good Morning Fholk – Grand Day To Be A Tim,



    Good Discussion Yesterday…






    AN TEARMANN @ 7:07 PM






    Apologies for the late and brief response.



    Yes, we don’t look like we are going to do much in January, maybe a couple solid SPL types who are going to assist us over the Asia Cup migration.



    Making a real competition for the SPL title this season – woohoo…



    The cliques and nepotism at Celtic now is way beyond ridiculous, let’s face it, who out of that lot is covering themselves in glory?



    Naming monikers of the sleekit, who by their very nature want their actions clandestine is fraught.



    We have Burnley78, who is a “friend” of the Board/Executive and is open and transparent about what he says and contributes.



    We have posters who genuinely don’t think BR should be here for a number of reasons.



    However we had the SMSM wrongly attributing a quote in the “Rodgers has final say on recruit­ment” nonsense.



    Auldheid, who now seems to have more time for the Executive, even if he feels PL coming back was divisive, posted a X/Tweet by Barcabhoy on SC last week.



    It seemed to suggest, that the message the Board want to get through is correct.



    Recruitment is down to the Head Coaches and not the Scouting recruitment department



    It’s long and rather tedious, yet if folk wish to see the tweet and my take on it here is the link.






    Anyways AT, Aff Oot now, but I’ll keep my eye out for the Monikers.



    In the meantime we have a UCL campaign to right…






    Hail Hail

  11. Good morning all from a chilly, damp 5 degree Garngad.



    Anyone who thinks all is at well at our club with this board is not only sleeping at the wheel but PASHED.



    And for those who confuse pragmatism with doom and gloom.


    This current squad will drop at least another 5 points by the end of February AT LEAST.



    Now this doom n gloomer is going to have a fantastic day, well as well as you can have at work.






    Oh and ps B78 I coukd do as good or better than the 2 Lawells and I did apply but the problem with nepotism…ach forget it.



    D :)

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Impressive qualification from Copenhagen.


    I’m guessing they don’t have a domestic competitor that they are scared to get too far in front of?

  13. Interesting blog on videocelts this morning about how well Copenhagen have done with their low level of turnover ,well done them clearly very well run with their first team the priority, pity we are a plc first.

  14. Radio Scotland really turning the screw this morning. Firstly, it was waxing lyrical about how bad it was to attack the referees. This follows the actual physical assault on one in Turkey (and incidents in Greece and Cyprus). The implication was that anybody copying such attitudes was beyond the pail; giving the MIBs carte blanche to continue bending over backwards in their support of the deid team.



    Secondly, Goodlad was gloatingly trying to suggest that we Celtic supporters are all stressed. I turned it off at that point. Bitter man.

  15. Celtic Mac …an American Jewish family….really what size of Jack boots do you wear. Brown shorts over Celtic tops. How did we come to this.

  16. Heard dallas is in charge of referee development in Turkey, he won’t be shy in bringing up issues from his past but not including his performances, ratbag

  17. I read on here a while ago that our club recruited a chap from Man City ,Joe can’t remember his second name,as head scout,can someone shed light on this.

  18. David66



    Can you explain what kind of nepotism or privilege got Peter Lawwell the job at Celtic ?



    My only knowledge of his connection when he came in as COO was Tom Allison for whom he worked previously.



    He then delivered the plan and was promoted to CEO.



    Maybe I am missing something but if you have a much better plan and are capable of delivering it then I am sure any shareholder would be interested to hear it.



    Or maybe you prefer moaning on a blog about stuff you have only partial knowledge of than getting off your ass to do anything.

  19. An T



    Thanks for the update on Old Tim. Really good to hear he is on the mend. Hopefully Celtic can give him something to cheer in next few weeks.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Chairbhoy – cheers.



    Would you have a link to Barcabhoy’s Twitter page?



    I’ve looked for it previously but no joy.



    Assume it will be protected but I can always ask him.



    Enjoyed his contributions on CQN.



    Routinely well informed, factual, interesting and analytical.

  21. Lots of chat about Copenhagen.



    Their performance this year is the outlier though.



    Take the 8 Pot 4 seeds



    Average points gained will be approx 4.2 per team



    Take the same 8 Pot 4 seeds without those clubs from one of the top 5 leagues in Europe.



    Average points gained will be approx 1.75 per team. Maybe 2 if we get a draw tonight.



    The fact is for lower ranked teams from lower ranked leagues there is virtually no chance of success.



    Copenhagen did it one year out of 13. Even we have did it once in that timeframe.



    At least one of those obstacles will be removed next season when the seeding will not have the same impact as currently with the new structure.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ParkheadCumSalford – yip.



    Was inevitable the SMSM would conflate the assault in Turkey with pressure on Scottish refs.



    And was equally inevitable Shortbread would lead the charge.



    Shortbread have a very close relationship with Scottish refs and are more than happy to help maintain the status quo.



    All part of the plan.



    Nothing written down.



    A “handshake” suffices.



    – Kenny Clark routinely trotted out



    – Outlet used to disprove the theory that Crawford Allen is either Marcel Marceau or Harpo Marx. His voice was heard once “Kyogo offside” before he sank back into his lair



    – Rehabilitation of Bobby Madden. He’s “indebted’ to them if you’ll pardon the pun



    – Outlet of choice for Cheatin’ Beatin’ to whisper “No penalties conceded? Pure coincidence”

  23. We’re the same folks singing the praises of the chairman and CEO when despite being from an inferior league we did each the last 16 of the CL 3 times in the past 16 years. A better record than Copenhagen over that period. Or is it only to do with them when we fail ?

  24. I know the goss is we’d have to break the bank to land Mr Bojangles Miovski (tailor-made fan song right there!)


    Sammy Davis Jnr live – a class act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fju4UajL7g



    Surely Aberdeen would be up for some kind of swap deal that lets us whittle our squad while enhancing theirs?



    Guys like Welshy, Yuki ‘Japanese Benkovic’ Kobayashi, James Forrest, Siegrist and maybe even Mikey J could all spark up the Dons squad and balance out the monies due ?

  25. BURNLEY78 on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 10:19 AM


    We’re the same folks singing the praises of the chairman and CEO when despite being from an inferior league we did each the last 16 of the CL 3 times in the past 16 years. A better record than Copenhagen over that period. Or is it only to do with them when we fail ?






    Naw they were Liars then. now and forever.



    Sack them.



    D :)

  26. 1958: John Colrain grabs a hat-trick as Celtic win home league tie with Stirling Albion 7-3!



    Fullname: John Colrain


    aka: Big Colly


    Born: 4 February 1937


    Died: 14 July 1984


    Birthplace: Glasgow


    Height: 6ft 0in


    Weight: 13st 0lb


    Signed: 1953 (prov); 1957 (full)


    Left: 1955 (Army); 18 Nov 1960 (£5,000 to Clyde)


    Position: Centre-forward/Midfielder


    Debut: Celtic 0-1 Rangers, League, 1 Jan 1958


    Internationals: none




  27. “AIPPLE on 12TH DECEMBER 2023 11:35 PM


    ROBERTTRESSELL re: sill peeved at 12TH 9:51 pm


    I enjoyed that post.”




    As, indeed, did I.




    Cheers – Yes, Barcabhoy was a great contributor, well informed, smart chap.



    My understanding is that his twitter account is protected.



    Aff oot again



    Hail Hail

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