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After I mentioned the Overseas Season Ticket holders last week, Auldheid (an overseas supporter) pulled some thoughts together on what his relationship with our club is all about.  Here it is, well worth kicking back for five minutes and reading:

“The phrase “BeCeltic” intrigued me somewhat as we all have different ideas of what that might mean. For me there is something about being a Celtic supporter that goes way beyond football. Every Celtic supporter everywhere feels it to some degree or other and every Celtic supporter demonstrates it to some degree or other according to their circumstances and their life experience.

You meet a stranger in a pub and if he is a fellow Tim he is no longer a stranger. If he is a fellow CQNer he was already your pal even though you had never met before. This feeling of belonging to something greater than self… it ranges from a distant almost spiritual connection to the club and what it stands for, to attendance with fellow supporters at every game the team plays, home and away.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to BeCeltic (as I saw it) last season when I signed up for an Overseas Season Ticket.  You can read more about the genesis (and CQN’s part in it) here on Celtic Underground.

The concept on which the OST is based for me anyway reflects the Celtic ethos which manifests itself in the way we support not only the team but each other both in the official charitable work carried out by the Celtic Foundation and as everyday supporters doing mad stuff like a huddle on top of Ben Nevis for heavens sake!!! In support of our own deserving causes, like the Kano Foundation, which is but just one great example of the caring heart of the support.

The impact such work can have on people’s lives can never be fully appreciated until you meet someone, as I did whilst sitting outside a pub in Spain,  overwhelmed by the difference it made to their wellbeing.

Buying an Overseas Season Ticket was almost an act of faith in that I did not know if I had internet connectivity at my Spanish destination to watch Celtic TV. Initially I did not, but “God works” etc and a charitable neighbour gave me WiFi access that enabled me to watch ALL games home and away on TV, via connecting HDMI cable to the laptop, from the comfort of my flat overlooking the beach. (Hence the term life is a beach).

Even better, I had the option of watching games not televised by Sky or ESPN in local bars via WiFi on my mobile phone if the wife dragged me out for lunch in game time. (Bad stuff happens to good guys too you know).

Not all performances were great but both 4-3 victories over Aberdeen and Dundee Utd in the Scottish Cup were truly memorable. Luckily I returned home in time to attend the title winning game v ICT using one of my 4 OST match day tickets, which this season has become FIVE along with a £50 price reduction.

I was also very pleased to get a letter from the Celtic Foundation saying that my seat had been used in my absence by local organisations and as a Calton man I was delighted to see folk from organisations in my old stomping ground amongst the beneficiaries.

Personally I see last season’s OST initiative as simply another indication, along with the recent appointment of a Supporter Liaison and Service Officer, that progress is being made in an ongoing process of bringing the Celtic support even closer together using the wonderful communication tools we now have. I find that something to be excited about as a force for spreading good in a world where ethics (which is derived from ethos) seem to have been forgotten.

But lofty thoughts apart J : At  a very practical level the OST is a very good value for money way, especially at £250 for a Season Ticket with the ability to view all games on Celtic TV and attend up to five games when at home, given due notice, of not only being a Celtic supporter but of sharing the load of supporting Celtic across the full spectrum of the support wherever we are. From the Auldheids with grey or no hair to the younger gentlemen with too much and the Celtic ladies of all ages whom I find are even more passionate in their support (if you met my sister you would know what I mean).

So I have already renewed and if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford as well as able to make full or partial use of an OST, I would encourage you to do so via BeCeltic overseas season ticket.”

With fans like Auldheid, we’re in good hands. Trying hard to insist I’m not worried about preseason games……
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  1. This is what happens when there is no New Article post … the nonsense podium posts take over even more than usual.



    Will we have anyone fit for our opening game? Looks like Samaras and Stokes up front for lack of any other options.

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Malone Bhoy 12:10 on 13 July, 2013



    I think he done to be honest.



    Everton and Sunderland both took a punt on him and he lasted less than a year with both of them.



    Shame. He was a decent player at one point. But I think we can do better.

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    canamalar1 12:10 on 13 July, 2013



    No. I’ve been out the loop. Was away for almost two weeks, and I’ve only been posting regularly again in the last couple of days.



    That sounds like a decent plan.

  4. gordon_j backing neil lennon



    Like to think our new signing Balde was an option…

  5. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Great sentiments Auldheid.



    I wish there was some way to extend that idea to Bhoys living in England.

  6. On the subject of the Overseas Season Ticket, i admire those abroad who are able to pay for its use and the charitable reasons behind it, for use by them a couple of times a season if lucky!



    However I feel that in conjunction with the OST there would be a greater uptake by offering an Ex-Pats Season Ticket along the following lines: (prices were correct as of a few months ago)




    Home Jersey – £45


    2 x T-Shirt (Choice from a list) – £30 (Avg price)


    Celtic TV Subscription – £80 (Only price I could find)


    Beach Towel – £10


    Latest DVD – £20


    Choice of one home fixture, giving club notice of attendance – £29



    Total – £214 +Postage


    Example Offer Price – £188-80 +Postage (a price point fans will understand and remember!!!)



    The above is functional and allows fans abroad to feel part of whats happening even though they are far from home.



    I think this would have a good take up, what do you think?

  7. ASonOfDan




    12:20 on 13 July, 2013




    Omer Damari, Israeli CF will apparently be joining the Hoops according to a mate.



    We’ve been linked to him the last couple of summers. Just a shade short of 1 goal in 2 for Hapoel Tel Aviv over the last 2 seasons

  8. Gerry, at 11.58



    Hiya ,Palomine?



    Greet tae Greet Ye..



    Neil, may be tellin the Truth..aboot Tony’s Present Injury Troubles


    but ..



    Mebbe, Neil’s Info… is … ALSO… whit ye call ..



    A ..Convenient Truth!



    Look.. Neil. Owes Me and You, and You and You, an explanation as tae why



    Tony Watt, suddenly, became a Name that wiz missing fae the Celtic First Team


    and the Celtic bench.. Fur









    Tony. Shocked and Awed… the Fitba World ,by Single Handedly .. Pitting , BARCA .. to the Sword..



    Mebbe not so… Single Handedly. but nevertheless, that Sensational Goal of His..will remain Burned in Ma Mental Hard Disk. until Ah dee.



    Yep.. Neil And Watt hiv something Going Oan..aweright…



    Ye kin bet ye Sweet Patootie..that that is Kosher.






  9. Scenario – Big Vic and Hoops (likely) have departed paradise to join a couple of the elite clubs of English football. We are told the moves were never about money but it was all about progression as a player (Stop laughing in the background). So with our top 2 players offski and a probable 17 mill deposited in the biscuit tin





    1. What percentage of the transfer cash will be made available to NL to – Buy replacements.


    2. What position should NL splash the cash to cover – Striker, defender, playmaker?



    I think NL will be given an addition 2.5 -3.5 million to spend. The remainder of the money will be used to improve a couple of players contracts – Stokes and JL, some will be used to improve the area around CP, and some will undoubtedly be banked as insurance against our being pumped out of Europe prior to reaching the more lucrative stages of the competition.


    And as for a player – for me a midfielder who can pass, score, defend and make box to box runs, someone who is rarely injured and consistently delivers the goods on the park. We need a player with the combined qualities of Roy Keane, Stan and Lubo. Do ya think there’s one of these lurking undiscovered in footballs bargain basements!



    And one further question – can’t the wee video clip with Terry Butcher being interviewed be removed from the site. I for one find it extremely offensive. People should not have to look as such a visage.

  10. twists n turns on



    Make no mistake, like you, I’d like to see johnny Russell or similar type, in a hooped top, but, in the unlikely event of that happening in the next 5 days, I think sammy will be called upon. When there was talk of Kevin Doyle, I was praying it wouldn’t happen, because, he is sammy mark 2, and its a mark 1 we need.

  11. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    Gary Hooper’s situation is different to Vic’s.



    Vic has gone for the money. Gary Hooper is English and with a World Cup next year, and the worst English forward line in living history – probably even worse than the days of Crouchie + Heskey – his chance of grabbing a place would be pretty high if he was in the EPL. I think this is his real motivation for a move, and money is secondary (but nice to have).



    I expect Hooper to move to Norwich rather than QPR, and if he bags 15+ in the EPL he’ll be in Brazil next Summer (providing England qualify).

  12. DubaiBhoy, i don’t think he will get the chances with Norwich to score 15 goals , i think he has no real chance unless he gets a top club in EPL if he goes to QPR its about the money i’m afraid. If he stays and repeats what he has done in CL & SPL is he any worse off. Big gamble to take with your career for a WC. The quicker its resolved and we can bring in a few players with the funds the better imo.

  13. Dubaibhoy-”If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith.”



    12:45 on 13 July, 2013


    I expect Hooper to move to Norwich rather than QPR, and if he bags 15+ in the EPL he’ll be in Brazil next Summer (providing England qualify).




    Only if Norwich match Celtic’s valuation and bid more than QPR, or any other interested team, otherwise he is Celtic player at least until to Jan 2014.

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