A week for leaks


This seems to be a week for leaks.  I hear one club recently refunded two investors to the tune of £500k each.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t Celtic, and I hear the club involved are one of the most financially secure in Britain.  I also hear the national broadcaster rejected a former presenter’s request to return to the fold.

Still nothing from the SFA, who were responsible for issuing associate membership to Newco Rangers, on the leak from the club’s board meeting that the Association expressed alarm that earlier information had leaked from chairman, Malcolm Murray.  Mr Murray recently instigated an investigation into the relationship between Craig Whyte and Charles Green, the nature of which could invalidate Newco’s associate membership.

Far from being alarmed at leaks, the SFA should be keen to see full disclosure.  Reports suggesting otherwise are alarming.  I am sure the SFA president has already demanded openness and clarity…….  Relax, standards of corporate governance at the SFA are as high as ever.

I am also sure the leak from Newco was not a shot across the SFA’s bows, providing a glimpse into what looks like some murky conversations which people at the Association could have much to lose from being exposed.

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  1. The Boy Jinky on

    Maleys bhoy



    I wouldnt recommend eating one of those bad boys :(






    It was the size of a train …




    A guy I worked with used to refer to that call of nature as ” just going to see wee broon aff to the seaside “

  2. Thindimebhoy



    Had read what was said in the CG/ CW clip – first time I’ve heard it.



    Sounds as if the bold Craigy Boy was wired-up somewhere close to his voice-box – the old hidden mic in those big stupid knots he sported in his ties?



    Q as in CQN007!

  3. Talking of Jabba I always enjoy a smile when I think of that eejit writing an article where he started the piece with the famous phrase ……..”Football reporting without integrity means nothing!” He actually used the term ‘integrity’, when he was actively trying to get a job(bie) with Sevco!

  4. Afternoon Bhoys and Ghirls, just love what is going on over know way.



    Heading for LA on 18th June for conference looking to catch up with a few of the team over there, looking for a bit of guidance on places to visit and accommodation

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I liked


    Just going to drop the kids off at the pool

  6. Thindimebhoy on




    First time hearing it myself hearing “ffin conned stupid” grabbed my attention



    It just adds to the duplicity



    As for the mic location ?



    A button on CWs shirt perhaps, old tech I know but when Q was a lad it was new tech



    Hail Hail

  7. when going for a number 2, i like to refer to it as ,



    away for a Derek Johnstone.

  8. Viewfaethewindy 13.29.



    Spot on mate . a bit of pressure from our club , and others .would have brought this farce to an end long ago.

  9. I see from last thread there are a lot of Delta Blues music fans on here. I was down on Beale Street, Memphis one time and went into the Memphis Music Store and bought a CD of Clyde Hopkins and he was sitting right there. He autographed it for me. If you have never been to Beale Street try to spend a weekend there, the street is closed to traffic FRI/SAT. night and it is just one big party.

  10. Here are the first four sentences of that article that jabba wrote away back in March 2012. have a laugh.



    “The main currency, in fact the only currency any of us in the newspaper game should have in our moral banks must be integrity.



    Without it we, as journalists, are of no use to anyone. We have no value. None at all.



    Without integrity we fail our readers, our papers and our employers. But just as importantly we fail ourselves.



    Integrity, honesty and the desire to call it out no matter the consequences is what defines us. Thankfully it’s also what sets us apart, especially from all those ‘brave’ keyboard thumpers out there in the world of social networking sites and football forums.”



    That’s us he’s referring to at the end, of course.

  11. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Compliance Notice allows Mr Wright to plead not guilty, since he didn’t assault anyone on 11th May and he’d be factually correct. He did assault someone on the 12th under similarly described circumstances.




  12. All this talk of relief and here’s me bound up due to meds, I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.



    On a lighter note any links to the celebrations at the weekend would be greatly appreciated






  13. WeefratheTim on




    Thanks for that, I was scouring the calendar there. :))



    Weefra HH

  14. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on




    Show’s how much I had afterwards! Must have woke up Sunday late on!




  15. Doc



    I remember years ago reading Traynor when he worked with the Herald. His articles were always balanced, informative and reasonably well written.



    Something happened when he went to the Record and it wasn’t good.

  16. WeefratheTim on




    Hope you are feeling a lot better with less pain. :))



    Weefra HH

  17. Row Z..



    The game was on Saturday..the 11th



    Unless he showed up at Lustig’s house on Sunday? ;)

  18. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Aye OK yooz tee totallers!



    Unreserved apology for misleading the doublecheckers.




  19. Bobby Murdoch,



    Thanks for the kind words earlier.



    I can tell you that “the handbrake” has spoken and I’m on a bond of good behaviour, so Bristol is safe for at least a month :)

  20. hamiltontim



    think jabba was still at the herald when he started to go bad?

  21. The Boy Jinky on




    I thought we were being light hearted …. but maybe that was just rhyming slang ;)

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ferrytim-was there a few years back,there was a good bar called Red Rock on Sunset Boulevard just up from the Viper Room.English guy owned it had pool table ,dart board ,good food.A bit of a place for British singers/bands to hang out.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Jabba won the crossbar challenge but competition rules prevented him from collecting the million pound prize, hence the fallout.

  24. WeefratheTim on




    You sound like you are coping well, as you say, a bit at a time. You will soon be absolutely fine I’m sure. Take it easy now. :)



    Weefra HH

  25. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on




    14:29 on 14 May, 2013





    think jabba was still at the herald when he started to go bad?




    It was when jabba was there that the herald went bad!

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