A week for leaks


This seems to be a week for leaks.  I hear one club recently refunded two investors to the tune of £500k each.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t Celtic, and I hear the club involved are one of the most financially secure in Britain.  I also hear the national broadcaster rejected a former presenter’s request to return to the fold.

Still nothing from the SFA, who were responsible for issuing associate membership to Newco Rangers, on the leak from the club’s board meeting that the Association expressed alarm that earlier information had leaked from chairman, Malcolm Murray.  Mr Murray recently instigated an investigation into the relationship between Craig Whyte and Charles Green, the nature of which could invalidate Newco’s associate membership.

Far from being alarmed at leaks, the SFA should be keen to see full disclosure.  Reports suggesting otherwise are alarming.  I am sure the SFA president has already demanded openness and clarity…….  Relax, standards of corporate governance at the SFA are as high as ever.

I am also sure the leak from Newco was not a shot across the SFA’s bows, providing a glimpse into what looks like some murky conversations which people at the Association could have much to lose from being exposed.

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  1. @AgentScotland: Scott McDonald’s been offered opportunity to join pre-season with Celtic with a view of proving that he’s worth a contract, NL was a big fan






    Dont know how reliable this is but i hope its not true. Dont want him even on a free. Stokes,watt both better players.

  2. Borgo67



    I stopped reading the MSM regularly before he switched so you could be right.

  3. crushed nuts



    ha ha.



    my english teacher used to tell us to get the herald and cut out the editors section ,i think now he would tell us to cut it up

  4. Snake Plissken on

    The odds on the next Everton manager have been slashed – Martinez now clear favourite.



    Neil Lennon, Malky Mackay and Gus Poyet the next favourites.



    Ally McMoist is 35-1 or something and uncle Walter noSurname is apparently 100-1.



    Interesting odds.

  5. 31003,



    It may be a bit late, but Mr. Lunney has been busy.



    News reaching us that your registration of first post on this blog has been rescinded.



    Improperly registered, due to the omission of the final full stop.



    Late amendment not valid.



    Sorry, but them’s the rules, without fear or favour.

  6. WeefratheTim on




    How are you today, you must be well on the mend by now, hopefully.



    Weefra HH

  7. HT, to be fair and balanced, that’s true, when he was with the Herald he was yet to eat the succulent lamb. But he has long enjoyed the fine wine. Sold out his professional integrity a long time ago.


    Too long for it to count for much anymore, for me anyway.

  8. Wee fra


    Yes managing to get out of bed daily, bored though due to being immobile.




  9. hamiltontim



    i stuck with it for a while , mainly for non football related matters but it got so bad i couldn’t stand it anymore . Very anti Catholic.



    Parkheadcumsalford recommended the ‘i’ and its certainly an improvement but i still feel antipathy towards the msm

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    @AgentScotland: Scott McDonald’s been offered opportunity to join pre-season with Celtic with a view of proving that he’s worth a contract, NL was a big fan


    No thanks,hope it’s a wind up.

  11. WeefratheTim on




    How very true, we all take our mobility for granted until a crisis like yours and gsu occurs. As you say, it is very frustrating when you lose it. INFINITY AND BEYOND. :))



    Weefra HH

  12. Doc



    He’s a grotesque parody of himself but became much much worse upon joining the Record.






    That was the main reason I stopped reading it, nout to do with football or sport.

  13. Scott macdonal no thanks…


    unless wee Lenny wants to punch his greeting face..

  14. johann murdoch on

    Or if your talking about Boy jinkys ole workplace toilets..the return of the jobby..HH

  15. johann murdoch on

    Bring back skippy!!!!….whats that skip .?….jabbas stuck down the well!!…..have another beer.

  16. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Scott McDonald is not the strapping 6 foot plus striker I was thinking about us signing.



    But……….what if Neil Lennon signs him?



    In Neil we trust?

  17. If the Govan Club manages to wriggle clear on this …..and manage to retain any form of License….and NO HEADS roll at the SFA…..then…..


    The baw is well and truly burst in Scotland….


    And Celtic needs to get out of here…

  18. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    WeeMan67 @14.13



    I can top that.



    In 1994 during our first visit to the USA, I spent a few days in Branson, Missouri.



    I saw a street side advert for Billie Joe Spears performing one day, and after the rest of the family refused to go, I went in to buy a ticket for one. I found the venue and spoke to a nice wee lady outside who said she could help me. She was setting up a table to sell tickets. She was peely wally & very efficient. I returned later for the show only to find the same peely wally lady was actually Billie Joe herself. Once she put on her specs, stage clothes, bit makeup – there she was.



    Show was great, truly excellent band. I just told my family that I met the star. I just didn’t tell them how.




    BTW Beale Street is on my list.



    WalkinginMemphis CSC




  19. Things must be getting really desperate or that some Tim or other was indulging in a workplace prank.



    In ASDA this morning, a colleague announcement requested the presence of David Murray and Walter Smith in the ADMINISTRATION room.

  20. My dear wife has been suffering from chronic constipation recently….


    I called her in and invited her to read some to the posts on here regarding Ertha Kitts….


    She is now cured…



  21. Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die




    13:39 on 14 May, 2013







    Why would a Club refunded Investors £500k?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!





    I read a post on TSFM last week. The poster stated that he had friends who had given Sevco £1m in way of a loan on the basis that in a short space of time they would double their money. It was done on a water tight contract. Apparently they decided to cash in much to the annoyance of Chuckles.



    This might be something to do with what Paul is referring to although if I can remember right the poster said that they invested £1m to take out another £1m.

  22. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Can’t understand why the bbc wouldn’t have jabba back -it’s like a home for the retired hun

  23. As far as Jabba is concerned….


    Wasn’t he verbally abused and spat upon…. after leaving the Press Box at Ipox some years ago , by supporters of the Govan Club ?

  24. Mike Bhoyle



    Pretty tame that for them. This is the same clubs supporters who sent nail bombs and couldn’t guarantee the safety of a Catholic bishop in their main stand.


    Charles Green got death threats too. Guys I know who support Hearts, Hibs & Motherwell didn’t go to Ibrox because they were hit with everything from coins to mars bars and pies.


    Horrible club.




  25. On another note Bhoys, I’m coming home tomorrow to The Shire, I’m guessing Mrs Starry doesn’t need her summer clothes??



    How cauld was cauld??

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