A winning window?


We have watched Celtic through many transfer windows but I don’t think we have ever hit as many targets before – both in terms of who we brought in and who we moved out.

It is still early in the season but Kyogo Furuhashi (26) looks every inch a superstar in hoops.  Two years ago we pondered who was better, Edouard or Dembele, without reaching a clear conclusion.  Today, Kyogo would be first pick from the three of them.  It has been 17 years since we have seen a striker with such promise – so no pressure, Kyogo.

The first assumption is that Georgios Gialouakis (26) will have to wait on Kyogo being rested to make his mark.  With a long season ahead, who knows?  Georgios offers an aerial target that we have missed for many years, there could be occasions when he is preferred, or when both are used.

I hear great things about Josip Juranovic (26) from Zbyszek.  He was a stand out for Legia last season and no one there is happy he has left.  He gets forward, has an end product and can defend.  The defence is already vastly more stable than it was last season, the addition of Jura should help.

Carl Starfelt (26) is frustratingly difficult to assess.  He is good on the ball, fast, and reads the game well enough to cover for teammates.  Then there are the mistakes that cost goals.  At the same stage of Christopher Jullien’s Celtic career, the French defender was sitting on the bench, unable to win a place in the team that exited the Champions League.  Christopher soon settled, Carl must do the same.

That’s four 26-year-olds added at their athletic peak.  Not often we do that.

Paying £3.6m for a 19-year-old from Israeli football is at the higher end of what Maccabi Petah Tikva could have hoped for.  Liel Abada’s instant return in goals and assists indicates why they got that figure.  He is the youngest of the 12 signings this window and will continue to develop for years.

Joe Hart (34) is by some margin better than any of the three keepers who shuffled through the starting line-up last season.  He has already brought authority – as well as saves (!) – to the team.

Five years ago, James McCarthy (30) was miles out of our reach.  The subsequent seasons have not been kind, as the player’s appearance stats were subverted by various injuries.  30 minutes into his Celtic career, he again missed out through injury.  James has controlled games in the EPL.  If we get him fit, he will play in our most important games.  Let’s hope.

Filipe Jota (22) has skill and incredible pace.  Last season he was on loan at Real Valladolid, who finished 19th in La Liga and were relegated.  There is a rule of thumb I used whenever Patrick Roberts moves.  Patrick is a slight and skilful player, similar to Jota, but since leaving Celtic, Patrick has mostly played for teams at the bottom end of the table, where robust defending is required, often at the cost of creative players.  The slight, pacey and skilful players should ply their trade with clubs operating at the top end of the table.

There is development work ahead for Jota but he starts from a respectable high.

Cameron Carter-Vickers’ (23) signing was not quite as late as John Guidetti (another story) but he slipped through the window with minutes to spare.  My big worry about central defence is that I don’t expect Christopher Jullien to contribute much before Christmas (he is a slow starter to the season), leaving us short of cover for the Europa League.

Jota and Cameron both have the incentive of a permanent deal with Celtic to play for.  This worked well for Odsonne, let’s hope for the same.

Liam Scales (23) is the same age as Cameron and will hope to force his way into either central defence or left back.  £500k is decent money to pay for a League of Ireland player, his addition should ensure we do not force Nir Bitton back into the middle of the back line again.

Liam Shaw (20) and Osaze Urhoghide (20) are unlikely to see much game time this season.

Do you want to know how important it is that we sold Odsonne Edouard and (to a lesser extent) Ryan Christie?  Wait and see what happens across the city, where a team who publicly made it known they needed to sell players were unable to do so.

You either manage your assets or you fail to manage your assets and they expire looking more like liabilities.  Under different circumstances, Odsonne, Ryan and Kristoffer Ajer would have been sold a year ago, but the decision was made to retain them for the 10-in-a-row season.  I know, you all said “Sell them!” at the time………

None of them attracted clubs of the calibre that Kieran and Moussa did.  That we got north of £30m for them from EPL bottom dwellers is above my expectations.  There are deductions for sell-on clauses, of course, but this money, in addition to the revenue from Jeremie Frimpong (minus sell-on) and Patryk Klimala will have a huge impact on Scottish football in the years ahead.

Leigh Griffiths moved on, thank goodness.  Boli Bolingoli and Vasilis Barkas did not, both will wither on the vine.

So, are we going to win the league?  I’m feeling good about it.

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  1. Weebobbycollins on



    “Whatever happened to the blueprint produced by Henry McLeish which was designed to drag Scottish fitba into the (then) 20th century?”


    It was folded over and used to stabilise a shoogly table at the SFA…

  2. WBC



    They have so much more in common than they seem to realise.



    And there’s so much responsibility for last season’s debacle, that they needn’t worry about missing out on their share.



    I wish both the best of luck as people and equally hope that neither sets foot inside Celtic Park again representing Celtic in any capacity.



    HH jg

  3. Hrvatski Jim/David66 form around 5pm yesterday (Covid cert scanning etc)



    When I travelled recently to the UK, my vaccination status print out from my Irish GP was Ok for the flight. I also used it to enter restaurants in the west of Ireland with a bit of persuasion.



    Currently in Dublin though, photo ID and the EU Vaccination Passport is needed (i now have the latter) and it is still table service.



    We can can load the cert onto the government Covid tracker app on our phones so that coffee shops, for example, will scan this and then you have to give a phone number.



    I noticed in Scotland that a lot of outlets have their own apps now to check in and out.



    If Scotland go down the same tech road as Ireland, stewards with scanners outside the gates to scan QR codes on phones or print outs would not cause too many delays. If the scan doesn’t work, you step out the queue to sort it. Stewards at CP don’t do much on match day anyway.





    You mentioned vax status/HR/workplace return. I got an email from work yesterday to say we are to come back in a phased manner from 20 Sep to 26 Oct as per the Gov advice a few hours earlier (in other words, unless you have an excuse – back on 20 Sep)



    They specifically mentioned a survey on vax status but said it was not legally binding (GDPR etc) but knowing the seniors as i do; there will be a list of who did not fill it in 😎

  4. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2021 9:49 AM


    WBC- A snapshot of last year’s shambles…..



    Well put .


    At least it’s now festering outside of CP rather than inside .

  5. AN TEARMANN on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 11:29 PM



    Thanks very much for your concern, AT. Much appreciated. My self-isolation ended on Tuesday and I managed to get out to the shops yesterday. Thankfully the COVID I experienced was no worse than a heavy cold. My wife has a much heavier dose of it than me but is improving .I hope the two oul’ fellas are keeping well.



    It’s a real worry though about going to the games. The club aren’t doing much about encouraging/enforcing the wearing of masks and I don’t know how much attention is being paid to the hand sanitisers in the ground. My big worry is that I’ll bring it back from a game and spread it amongst family members and affect their schooling, ability to go to work etc. Tough decisions lie ahead.



    You, and everyone else on CQN, please take care.



    Have a great day AT. HH

  6. Good Morning all. For info, I was pinged as a close contact on Tuesday lunchtime, had a PCR test same afternoon and negative result yesterday afternoon – thankfully. I mention this only because of the Hoot on Saturday, which I attended. Not to say that was the cause, but who knows. Just reinforces the need to be vigilant. Stay safe everyone.



  7. If youve had a virus then you should be immune to getting it again. Ever.


    A strong natural immune system is the best way to stay healthy.


    A strange thing now seems to be occurring .


    The double jabbed seem to be the ones catching this thing.

  8. BAMBOO on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2021 10:15 AM



    Can you tell us what scientific or medical qualifications you have so that we can properly assess how much credence to give to your assertions?




  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    “Inverness Caledonian Thistle will receive a six-figure sum as part of Scotland midfielder Ryan Christie’s transfer from Celtic to Bournemouth.”




    Wee Bobby – can you share the source of the above?



    Not a challenge. Just keen to understand the provenance.



    If true, sheds some more light on the fee.



    If ICT are due six figure sum? … no way Ryan was sold for the reported £1m.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Wee Bobby – you’re on a roll this morning.






    “Whatever happened to the blueprint produced by Henry McLeish which was designed to drag Scottish fitba into the (then) 20th century?”



    It was folded over and used to stabilise a shoogly table at the SFA…






    Serious question ….



    Can anyone recall a single example in the last 40 years of the SFA



    – conceiving (not copying)


    – owning


    – leading


    – executing to completion



    A strategic objective that delivered significant and genuine value into the national game?



    I can’t.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PS – Henry McLeish?



    Case in point.



    Part of the problem.



    A political chancer who once kicked a ball in the amateur game.



    As broad and imaginative as the SFA’s thinking gets.

  12. Sorry guys, I was oot with the dugs…


    Back to Basics…I saw that quote in the BBC gossip column…from the Press&Journal apparently. No idea of the veracity.


    Re Leigh and Lennon spat. I wonder if that played a part in the overall seemingly ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude from some of the players last season. Lack of strong leadership methinks!

  13. ERNIE



    My qualifications are common-sense and logic. And -not accepting everything the media say.


    Its called -doing some research.


    That is -listening to the professors and scientists and doctors who are not following the media narrative.


    Then after hearing BOTH sides I can make a truly informed opinion.

  14. Bamboo



    It’s Facebook, innit!



    All joking aside, as this is a deadly serious issue…



    People can get Covid again


    People do get it even with vaccinations


    Worryingly, the effect of the vaccinations seems to wane over time


    Even more worryingly, the virus seems to be mutating in a clever way(s) that’s currently outpacing our science


    Shouting, talking and even breathing spread it all too well.



    Take care.





    HH jg

  15. Thousands of scientists and medics worked on the vaccines. They all have declared an oath to protect life.



    Hundreds of thousands if not a million medics globally (who have all declared an oath to save/preserve life) support the vaccine.



    Are we now saying they are all now psychopaths intent on harming everyone?



    No, instead we are asked to believe those who are stuck at home watching you tube clips and calling it evidence are way ahead in medical research and pandemic history.




  16. Bamboo



    Are you the same Bamboo that told us that 5G gave you covid?



    or the Bamboo that told us covid was part of Bill gates plan for the great reset?



    or the Bamboo who told us that covid was deliberately released by China to ruin the west’s economy?

  17. MARTIM1980



    People do as they are told . The politicians and health staff are following orders .You know like in 1930’s Germany and in the communist countries.


    Speak out and you lose your job or get demonised and smeared by real virus-the media.


    But thankfully there are courageous doctors and nurses . Some telling over a huge increase in strokes and heart issues in vexed peoples. Search “Doctors With Ethics”.


    Every region in Scotland now has rapidly growing “resistance” groups.


    If you want to know whats really happening get to George Square this Saturday at 1pm.

  18. BAMBOO on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2021 10:48 AM



    So you have absolutely no scientific or medical qualifications then?

  19. You seem to hold health professionals in very low regard.



    It’s important for everyone to get some fresh air…..including the misguided.




    Its the Bamboo that showed you how to access the government statistics on covid vaccine injuries and deaths. Remember?


    The “Great Reset” is no secret anymore. Spoken about openly by politicians etc. Just another conspiracy theory thats come true. Like V passports.

  21. scottish football will not change casue those running it pass the same mistakes onto the next generation. There is a legacy issue past down the generations.



    Kids football still has dad’s that want teams to win over all else. In pro youth, coaches often place winning higher than anything else.



    The best kids play all the time the lesser kids stay on the side. Both get the wrong message, neither group see point in trying.



    Coaches still send kids round pitches in the name of fitness.



    We have kids playing on adult pitches aged 11 years old, crazy, it promotes to much space and time on the ball and encourages bad habits, it’s hard to physically hold the correct positions and to move with the shape. Also get less action and the Magic outball comes out I.e. long over the top to quick player.



    Discouraging use of skill cause you might lose the ball.



    Not allowing kids to play with their pro youth club, school and/or local youth club. The more the kids practice and play the better they will be for it, at least until they reach 15.



    Playing football in the winter months in scotland again does nothing to promote good football.



    Ending boys professional careers at 18/ 19 cause their is no reserve league (Pathway to vista team blocked)



    No overall vision about what type or style we want to develop beyond the long ball.



    Cost of playing football for kids is an issue.



    Fear of change from those that have always run football their way.



    Technical skill has to be encouraged throughout the development pathway.



    The physicality will vary from player to player, but education, diet exercise would aid all players.

  22. ERNIE


    I’m a ex -forestry worker-fencing contractor and now wood carver (with chainsaws)


    I invite you to George Square this Saturday.


    To hear another side.

  23. Bamboo


    So does 5g give you covid or was that something you “researched that turned out to be bollocks?

  24. I seen on the internet that COP26 is just a front for a meeting of the worlds greatest criminals known as SPECTRE and that magnetic seagulls can give you Covid.



    or something like that.

  25. Football



    Looking at the season so far there are 3 things that have made me more optimistic about Celtic’s progress under Ange



    1 A range of players scoring.


    2 AZ Alkmaar not soring against us in the first leg. When was the last time we played a decent Euro team and had a clean sheet at home?



    3 Not collapsing after losing a goal against Hearts or hanging on for 25 minutes in a panic.

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    Griffiths –



    “His training was first class. I just had a disrupted pre-season and was then trying to catch up with the boys, who were flying.”





    Training? Didn’t think you knew the meaning of the word.



    Hopefully you will never don the hoops again, you had no idea how privileged you were when you pulled them on.

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BAMBOO on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2021 10:15 AM


    If youve had a virus then you should be immune to getting it again. Ever.





    The common cold is a virus.

  28. SAINT STIVS on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2021 11:25 AM


    I seen on the internet that COP26 is just a front for a meeting of the worlds greatest criminals known as SPECTRE and that magnetic seagulls can give you Covid.




    or something like that.



    Saint Stivs


    Hopefully Bamboo Bond turns up in his Aston Martin ( Will have to be electric or Greta will be unhappy) to save all us uneducated sheep. I will have my vaccine shaken not stirred.



    I see Leigh Griffiths is squaring up to Neil Lennon in the gossip columns…





    I wonder who’ll win that one then…?






    A) The meeja, and everyone and anyone else who despise Celtic, us and ours!




  30. Regards Denmark and modern football this is the height of the outfield players of the Italy team that won the Euros in ascending order



    5’ 4”


    5’ 5”


    5′ 8″


    5′ 9″


    5′ 9″


    5′ 11″


    6′ 0″


    6′ 1″


    6′ 2″


    6′ 3″



    Their midfield was 5′ 8″, 5′ 11″, 5′ 5″, one of their wingers was 5′ 4. Even immobile, at 6′ 1″ isn’t a typical target man, he’s a hard working goalscorer.



    The Spain team they beat in the semis, 5 players 5′ 10″ or under. Small full back, and midfield, a 5′ 10″ striker.



    5′ 7″


    5′ 9″


    5′ 9″


    5′ 10″


    5′ 10″


    5′ 11″


    6′ 0″


    6′ 0″


    6′ 2″


    6′ 2″



    Denmark punched above their weight in the Euros, they’re a very good team with some great leaders, very well organised, who play to their strengths but they aren’t an example of a particularly progressive team tactically imo.



    Italy were the best team in the competition, with some talented individuals but no superstars. Team tactics played to their strengths.



    I think we should look to them and not Denmark if we’re looking to develop a footballing philosophy for every player in every age group and the first team



    We seem to have a manager who shares that vision.