A word on Odsonne and Kyogo


Ange, can we have a word?  Ever thought of trying Odsonne on the left with Kyogo through the middle?  When Odsonne first broke into the Celtic team, it was on the left side of the forward line, with Moussa Dembele leading the attack.  In the three years since Moussa moved on, Odsonne has occupied the central position.

When we first heard of Kyogo we heard he was more of a wide player, or second striker, a bit like that guy we signed from Feyenoord in the 90s.  Henrik Larsson was stuck in a peripheral striking position until emerging from Tommy Johnson’s shadow (cough) during season 1997-98.  It was a change that transformed Henrik from a place on the Feyenoord subs bench into legendary status.

It may sound ridiculous to want to tinker with the attack after we score six goals but only one came from Odsonne or Kyogo and not every team has a goalkeeper like St Mirren’s.  It feels inevitable that our man from Japan will eventually make the central position his own.  I would switch them now, even during games.

The only surprise about the racist incident directed at Kyogo yesterday was its coverage in the media and statement from the offending supporters’ club.  The entire squad has an opportunity to respond in the most appropriate manner possible on Sunday.

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  1. Paul67,



    I agree. Odsonne is better running at the goal rather than having his back to the goal. Who knows we might be holding back this switch for Sunday.

  2. PARK ROAD 67 on 23RD AUGUST 2021 12:12 PM




    “Sharper than Kyogo !!”



    We’ve got Abada on the wing, we’ve got por cierto doing his thing!

  3. Eddy shows down the game too much, Kyogo running off the shoulder, will give Goldson and Co nightmares

  4. ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD AUGUST 2021 11:14 AM










    ‘Hartson got called it on here sometime ago.’








    The term ‘soup taker’ has to pretty much be devoid of all meaning if it could be applied to someone like BBJ given that until he signed he had no prior connection to Celtic.




    It was ST STIVS who mentioned that Hartson had been called a ‘soup taker’.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    You can be sure the Huns are all over the internet as we speak looking for something to drag Celtic in to their racism.



    If nothing is readily available we’ll soon be reading about Mark Walters or Nacho Novo ‘death threats’.

  6. I would go with Abada Kyoto Forrest and leave Eduoard on the bench with Christie both at AZ and Ibrox

  7. Eddy’s sublime goal coming from the left at Ibrox when played in by Moussa from a central position in the 3-2 ten-men victory, is a clear illustration of Paul’s point.



    Eddy ‘footers’ when receiving in a central position and almost always is disposessed – in fairness he usually has three marking him.



    We will face a fully-motivated & frenetic opponent at Ibrox – it will be the acid-test for “Ange-ball”.



    A big week for Celtic, Ange and his players.

  8. It would indeed be a statement if Kamara or Tavernier made a point of embracing Kyogo as our own Captain did last season in similar circumstances.



    As a Club we should be taking the knee before kick off, if the other side don’t and their own fans boo us, then so be it.

  9. Paul67



    Celtic quick news includes the quickest condemnation from Sevco on record. No news of the new club is bad news, it’s ramped up in record time by SMS media to perpetuate the ‘old firm bless them ones as bad as the other’ nonsense (see the 10 year old that racially abused Alfredo Morelos… how did that turn out? ) If they seriously wanted to out Rainjurz endemic racism they should have started when Rangers died.



    A new more important job for Celtic twitter? who gave us the nod to make official club statements just think what they could should have commented on in the previous ten years. The sound of silence has sometimes served Celtic well, but this is a new era and if the players take the knee against racism, so should the directors.



    We will not now be tweeted differently CSC

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “It may sound ridiculous to want to tinker with the attack after we score six goals but only one came from Odsonne or Kyogo”




    I can see us being more fluid and lots of our players chipping in with goals.


    Man City last season often didn’t even play with a recognised CF for example. Or look at Liverpool, where the two “wide” forwards both score far more goals than the central attacker.


    From what we have seen so far it looks like it is much more about developing moves to create chances and relying less on individual skills.

  11. For Thursday and Sunday we need both maximum energy and recovery speed.


    Would run with mid to front of Soro, McGregor, Turnbull, Christie, Abada , and Kyogo. Neither Rogic nor Eddie offer much in the way of recovery speed.

  12. Sevco are remarkably quick to ‘launch internal investigations ‘,maybe we should ask them to look into the fire bombing at PL’s house?

  13. The Hun game will be more AZ than St Mirren. Protecting our kamikazee tactics, and still fragile defence (imho) will be as important as our attacking threat.



    The huns will play to punt the ball into our box constantly and match up the likes of Kent or Aribo on our full backs. Taylor remains a big risk defensively, given his size and lack of physique and is an obvious target.



    Would love to see us sign a player who could help at the back this week on the LHS.




  14. Paul67 et al



    Would that be the same Henrik Larsson who played for Sweden in the 1994 World Cup Finals in the USA? Or an admission that you had never heard of him until he walked through Parkhead’s gates?


    Or both?

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tom McL’s post earlier (previous thread) included a legitimate conflation (IMHO).



    The local pub of a grade one referee (him previously captured on video among Sevco fans) is home to a Sevco supporters bus currently under investigation by Sevco for racist behaviour.



    I wonder how well he knows them?

  16. Traffic congestion heading to CP is as bad as I have ever known it. Now need to leave my South Lanarkshire bunker at least 30 minutes earlier than pre-lockdown days.



    Time to get certain traffic lights disabled and get the cops to keep the flow moving.

  17. Celtic have a first team squad of 34 plus 2 on loan on the official website. plus a full B squad of 34



    Most seem focussed on adding players but we also need to get reduce the numbers. If Ange has identified where he needs to add players then we need to either sell off players or loan them out.



    Griffiths will never play for Celtic again and we should at least loan him out.



    Hazard, Boli, O’Connor, Connell, Robertson, Henderson, McInroy have not figured and dont seem likely to play

  18. BIG WAVY,



    Taylor remains a big risk defensively, given his size and lack of physique and is an obvious target.







    Would love to see us sign a player who could help at the back this week on the LHS.




    Of course you would.Never doubted it for a minute.

  19. I hope,personally,that Ange,if he wants to press high,he goes with Abada,Kyoto,Christie,as front 3,RC coming in from the left.Great energy .RC can get up and down middle to front all day.Would let us play Turnbull Rogic Calmac,in middle.


    Abada looks to me quick and direct enough,loves a pop at goal,to partner Kyogo through the middle.

  20. St Mirren keeper…



    “I’ve got to pay a lot of respect to Joe Hart. At half-time he walked over to me and said ‘Regroup and make saves.’



    “I thought that was class from him. This is someone who has played at the highest level but someone who has been in the position I was in himself. He knows what it’s like to be in that situation.



    “He’s had some massive ups and downs throughout his own career. He’s made mistakes in World Cups, Euros, you name it. For him to speak to me, I didn’t expect it, but at the same time I wasn’t surprised knowing the type of man he is.



    “I respect him so much because of what he did at that moment. He didn’t have to do it.



    “I ended up making a couple of the best saves I’ve made since coming to St Mirren.

  21. Bada Bing – always admired sportsmanship. While the partisan football supporter in me probably wonders why anyone would do that during a game, the basic human decency and professional empathy is tremendous. Well done Joe Hart. Genuinely impressive.

  22. Paul67



    I have been wanting to see Odsonne left and The Wee Chap in the middle .


    Since The Wee Chap joined us .



    One thing on Henrik .



    I thought he was given his opportunity through the middle when Darren Jackson had his brain tumour.




  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    EXPAT_CELT on 23RD AUGUST 2021 2:51 PM


    I want to see Ralston get Morelos sent off.





    Me too. But more likely to happen in the other direction!



    Agree with ROBERTTRESSELL – full focus from the team should be – and I’m absolutely sure will be – 100% on Thursday. Game could go either way – 2-0 was a fabulous result, but could go the opposite way in Holland.


    We do look as if we will score anywhere though, so even if we lose 2, I still think we would go through. Hope – if we concede at all – that it is not early in the game – don’t want our confidence to take a dunt, or AZ to get their tails up.



    At the moment Sunday’s game matters not one jot – that’s a consideration fro Friday’s training session. Doesn’t stop us musing about it, right enough.







  24. Tom McL & B2B,



    There’s a pic online of a message to the Westwood RSC apologising for the behaviour and stepping down from the committee.



    It appears to Westwood EK. Does the referee not drink in Bellshill?

  25. Didn’t realise Sevco have a private or public investigation service


    Can you hire them



    What do the Polis do ?


    Do they have an investigation body ?


    Do they uphold the law



    Or is It left to the Sevco investigation team 🤔



    Smoke and mirrors

  26. “He’s had some massive ups and downs throughout his own career. He’s made mistakes in World Cups, Euros, you name it”



    Coming from an ex-Ibrox employee, that sure sounds like a hefty back-handed compliment to me – it’s mostly about Hart’s failure at the very top level……why would he go in to such detail?

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