A year of unadulterated indulgence


TIcket Office
The photo above, of queues out the door of the Celtic Ticket Office this morning, are a consequence of what happened 49 years ago today in the photo below.

It is impossible to overstate the cultural, sporting and social impact of this event on millions of lives.  You are in for a year of unadulterated indulgence.  Enjoy every minute of it and if you meet a Lisbon Lion, make sure he hears what he did for you.

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  1. On the Warbs disappearance . . .as noted by many already, strange he wasn’t there for the JB unveiling but if he was going to another job can’t imagine the JB signing would have gone through.

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    An appropriate little article for such a big cup, Paul 0:-)




  3. DENIABHOY on 25TH MAY 2016 1:12 PM



    Yes strange one that.



    Are Jabba/Level5 acting for King driving this now not Warbs (if he ever was) and they want Barton to placate the mob. Seemed strange timingfor unveiling too.



    Oh well time will tell.

  4. leftclicktic on

    Thank you to the Lions ,they are never far from Celtic park on matchday with John Fallon standing proud keeping his eye on they CQN corner roasters :))))





    HOOOOOOOOOPY BIRTHDAY again to Cowiebhoys da and starrys princess Hana Skye


    Ps 25th May 1967


    Was also the day huns1872 r.i.p were fatally wounded

  5. Paul



    Though now well into middle age, whenever I’ve had the joy of meeting any of the Lions, I still need to fight an urge to genuflect …



    On memories of that great night: I was in primary 2 in ’67; with it being a holiday of obligation, Catholic schools in my area were off for the day, but I got the next day off as well, since my parents decided that the excitement of it all meant I was too tired (and emotional) to last a full day at school. So I ended up having a 4 day weekend as a ‘reward’ for the Lions’ efforts.



    In case any employers (past or present) are reading this, I’d just like to stress that that was the only occasion I have missed work through being tired and emotional after a Celtic match.



    To the best of my recollection …




  6. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    49 years ago today I watched the match as an 8-year old in our room-and-kitchen in Oatlands (toilet on landing shared by two other families). Two unusual things about the game – it was on a Thursday (as next years anniversary will be) and it started about 5pm.



    Never to be forgotten, especially at the end. Just about every adult male in the street decamped to the Molls Mire – happy days.

  7. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    I was just about to turn 7 the following month in May 67 I remember them getting the penalty



    And in my innocence was outraged at the ref allowing inter to take said penalty while Ronnie was tying his laces



    It was much later ,seeing the rerun ,Ronnie dropped on one knee as the pen went the other way



    But as I say saw Ronnie on his knee and thought”that’s no fair”




    Lost interest for the next part of the game but returned to the bosom of my family when our house and the one across the road,( not the end of the block) exploded in noise




    We were back in it




    The rest is history ,I pulled on my “hoops” and went to meet my pal




    Our town was deserted ( the local junior team has the same 2nd name as the team from Kilwinning so we’re in the minority out here in sticks.



    I meet a stranger an adult he picks me up ,throws me up inthe air catches me rubs my head



    He must have run out of beer




    Anyway I was far too young to really appreciate the enormity but every year I thought this is the year we’ll do it again. Even up to my 20s and I was in Madrid 2 nil up from the first leg.



    But alas, changed days




    Would love to see it again




    Went in to welcome Brendan and was inspired to take up a season book again. Not had one in 10 year




    When will they become available to lapsed widden guys ?

  8. JIMBOB71



    Now reside in the Fylde Riviera resort called Lytham. Many a fine Fylde Fenian around the locale

  9. leftclicktic on

    My grandso 6 got his photo taken (again) on monday evening with Big Billy holding the big cup aloft, what an addition to the celtic way that is.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I was only 1 (and 2 months).



    I don’t remember it, but my mum always said that my faither was holding me when the winner went in, and up I shot and banged my head on the ceiling :-)



    Apparently a huge presence in our house around a tiny telly – in those days in Plains, there weren’t may houses with tellies, so neighbours shared things. It being Plains, though, 99% of the population were out in the street celebrating at the final whistle (so I’m told).



    My dad and two of my five big brothers were in at Celtic Park to see the coal lorry bring the team back.






  11. mullet and co 2 on

    Warburton had 5 hours of talks yesterday with Derby apparently.



    Could be made up rubbish but then some folk believe 11 Rangers players were attacked on Saturday.



    Might go and put a wee bet on Derek McInnes as their next manager with yogi taking over at Aberdeen.

  12. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Mild Mannered Pedro Delgado



    I’m sure if you get onto the Ticket Office before Friday, they’ll sort you out with a Season Ticket. They’re going fast.

  13. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Fellow Celtic Fans! :-)



    On 25th May 1967 I was just a wee bhoy of 8 years old. My first 3 football memories are of England winning the World Cup (Groan…); Scotland showing them who were, on their day, really the best team on the planet; and of course our wonderful win against a resilient Inter Team and a playing-out-of-his skin Inter Goalkeeper. The first two memories are somewhat hazy, but my memories of 25th May 1967 are in glorious technicolour (OK, the TV was in Black-and-white) and are indelibly etched in my brain. Gemmel’s opening thunderbolt, the fantastic play by the whole Celtic Team, and Chalmers’ coup-de-Grace are the highlights of the game for me. The most personal memory for me however is that as a wee 8-years-old bhoy I had never experienced anything so exciting and self-defining in my short life. At the final whistle I was so pumped up that I thought I would explode! I immediately ran out of the house and down the street shouting at the top of my voice “Celtiiiiic!!!!!, Celtiiiiic!!!!” It was only after a few minutes that it dawned on me that I was the only one, so I headed back home to celebrate with my family…



    The self-defining thing is important as this was a major staging post in my life. Although I was (AM) a Catholic and supported Celtic, and some of my friends were protestant and supported Rangers (IL), at that age I didn’t understand these things and they didn’t matter; the way it should be. I would always play football with my friends and in my head I was not me but Jimmy Johnstone; enjoying myself and playing my heart out like my hero. What I DID understand was that Celtic had done something incredibly special and were one of the best teams on the planet! What I DID understand was that the Celtic family were, and still are, something very special! For the next 9 years Celtic showed that they were indeed one of the best teams on the planet! I am a Celtic Supporter, for life, partially because of my upbringing, but mostly because I followed a team that were World-Class; how could I possibly support anyone else?



    Although our fortunes football-wise have diminished, though 2003 was amazing, I have come to realise over the years that the Celtic Football Club and Family is indeed very special and will never diminish. I sense that a new era has just dawned with Brendan Rodgers appointment as Manager, and I am still as enthused now as I was as an 8-years old bhoy. The key difference with age is the recognition that I need to play MY PART to nurture the fortunes of our club going forward by investing some of my hard-earned (Tickets, Merchandise, Jersey etc., plus Charity of course) to move the club forward to build a better Team. The way forward is to remember this feeling of togetherness and unity and to BUILD ON IT. The future for me is indeed Green and white! :-) I am not as young as I was in 1967, but I still live with hope in my heart!



    Yours in Celtic,






    P.S. The ONLY thing that has disappointed me in the last few days has been Brendan Rodgers speaking of his intention to have 60,000 supporters at Celtic Park every other week. WHY NOT 80,000 Brendan???? Brendan, Peter, Dermot, when will you show us some REAL Ambition and rebuild the main stand (and environs) to bring the stadium capacity up to a level that we can be even more proud of in the future? 60,000 (and continuity!) was Fergus’ amazing legacy to Celtic. Will 80,000, and perhaps another European Trophy, be the future legacy of Brendan, Peter and Dermott? :-) Here’s hoping! :-)

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I have a few nights in Lisbon either side of a holiday to the Azores in July, so hoping to make the pilgrimage to the Estadio NaçIonal.



    Just got to work on Mrs Hunderbirds………………….. Or take rope and gaffer tape :)))





    365 days of pleasure and anticipation?



    And a few days of even imagined memories on-site thereafter?



    The only thing better would have been to win it in a corresponding leap year!



    Aye,we’ll be there to honour those fine men who became legends in ninety minutes,legends which will never die even as they leave us or walk amongst us.



    “More than just a cup!”

  16. kikinthenakas on

    As a bhoy who had celebrated his 8th brith weeks earlier the 25th of May was an even better day.


    Mass was at St Teresa’s Newarthill and lasted all of 20 minutes. Myself and my dad galloped down the hill at Burnside Road, him telling me we would be talking about this game for ever. I knew little of how significant it would be both in my life and my family and friends.


    We arrived at our old prefab breathless from the run home but also the anticipation. My mum was telling us wh had arrived, uncles, cousins, aunties, assorted relatives and friends. The men were drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the living room, the women doing likewise in the kitchen..everyone nervously smoking including some of the kids! We congregated out the back. We had a huge back garden and my dad had made goals with nets! We had a kick about in our hoops, T shirts and homemade hoops tops!


    My mum shouted us in, the game was about to start. The kids ran in sat on the carpet in front of the TV, some of the adults sitting most standing other pacing about.


    I remember the butterflies still but think it was more to do with the adults. The game kicked of to cries of “God bless the Celtic”. I remember us playing well..then penalty! Soft! Then goal! Inter 1up. Half time came. Everyone on a bit of a downer til my dad said “the first team that scored in all the European Cup finals have never won” we had a bit more faith. Second half all I can remember is us playing them of the park with pure beautiful inventive football. Overlap smash goal Tommy! House goes mental chair broke drink spilled kids hugged, everyone hugging kissing singing “hail hail”. It was only a matter of time as we swarmed over them..Stevie Goal! 2-1. Magnificent. Final whistle..house mayhem..men greeting, women greeting, kids kicking the ball about the house..perfecting the goals with drunk adults. Everybody out the back, anybody that didn’t have hoops was inter..adults were allowed to play with slip on shoes and holding drinks.


    Celebrations went on til the early hours. 8 o’clock my da came in to wake me up for school. “Canny believe we’ve done it” he was crying tears of unadulterated joy. Hugging n kissing me and my sister. “Give school a miss today”. Many neighbours and friends did the same and they partied hard again as we relived every part of the game out the back and drank beer and read the newspapers.


    I always wondered if the team that scored first never won and I have never wanted to know. You believe every our father tells you at that age. “Celtic Champions of Europe” he said every 5 minutes. That was true..he was my hero with the Lions..still the same.




  17. On this day in 1967, I was just finishing Primary 7 at St Joseph’s in Busby and looking forward to going to Holy Cross in Hamilton after the summer (as the only bhoy in the then Lanarkshire side of the village). Happy day indeed!



    HH to all





    So did my Dad!



    Got the photie,jooooost magic!

  19. leftclicktic on

    My memory being just over 6 was being unhappy at aww they selfish older ones crammed round oor telly and having to push my way in through neighbours and uncles :))))))



    The pandemonium when the final whistle went will live with me forever


    Grown men cry CSC

  20. If I remember correctly we all piled into Dan Boyle’s living room in Carfin to watch the game from Lisbon, him being one of the few on the street who actually had a telly, curtains drawn and a pall of cigarette smoke to improve the lungs of the Bhoy Starry:)




    Tins of beer that you had to make two holes in to get the beer oot and big screw taps as well:))




    Lots of fiddling about wi’ the ariel for the telly as well.




    Oh the roar when Stevie pit the baw in the Inter net….




    A happy wee place was Carfin that night.




    And many many re-runs of the game in the Chapel hall as the priest had acquired a film print of the game:))




    Whit a place Carfin was in the 60’s





  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Twists-BMCUW will bring *flares to the team…


    Fixed that for you ….:))

  22. 49 years ago the #LisbonLions lifted the European Cup. Watch that special game in full here, celticfc.tv/freeview?video…




  23. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    I was 12 watching it on the ol’ black white telly (the colour tv came in time for Mexico WC 70).


    Kenneth Wolstenhome was doing the commentary, so it must have been on the Beeb.



    Feared the worst when the early soft penalty went in.



    However, when the teams went in at half time, it seemed incredible that Inter were still one up.


    There was only one team in this.



    The Celts continued to press forward and make chances.



    The breakthrough came and the rest is history.



    I will never forget that day and the next when Jock and the Bhoys came back to Paradise with the big cup.



    Hail hail to Celts everywhere !

  24. 49 years ago I wasn’t born and none of the previous generation in my family are football supporters, so I’ve nothing to add.



    Just for balance.

  25. Truth beauty and freedom



    Why would we spend circa £25/30 million on bringing the stadium upto 80,000 when we would never fill, I don’t think we would even fill it against the rotten mob

  26. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Weeminger @ 2:03


    A fascinating story. Brought a tear to my eye.






    PS 0:-)



    ( Just in case you are wondering!)

  27. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Agreed. I would rather have, say, 40,000 in a 40,000 stadium than 50,000 in a 60,000 stadium.



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