Abada indicates Postecoglou, McKay, direction


Celtic made the first significant spend of the Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay era yesterday by splashing £3.5m on Israeli winger, Liel Abada.  The 19-year-old has made 48 career starts and 19 substitute appearances in senior football, all for Maccabi Petah Tikva.

After Liam Shaw (20) and Osaze Urhoghide (21 this month) joined from Sheffield Wednesday for training compensation fees, Abada’s signing is further indication that Celtic are intent on developing a team, rather than attempting to buy finished articles (like the definitely finished Shane Duffy).  Two years from now, we should see the benefits of this approach, but as you know, there is a lot of football to be played before then.

What can you tell about a player who has played as few games as Liel, all of them in Israel?  Israeli football is not a backwater, it is strong enough to test a teenage talent but the volume written about 48 starts will be a short book.  With added travel restrictions, we can be sure he has not been watched often.

We are in familiar territory in signing players after so few appearances.  Virgil van Dijk made 63 starts before signing for Celtic.  Since then, the window before players with speculative potential reach eye-watering prices has shrunk.  If we left Liel another year, we may find his progressed stalled, or that he has moved out our price range.  We are going to kiss a lot of frogs when shopping in this sector, which is OK.

I had hoped Leigh Griffiths would remain at Celtic this season and was pleased when he signed a new one-year deal earlier this month – what feels like a long time ago.  For me, yesterday’s news that he will not face criminal proceedings does not restore his position as a Celtic player.  Better for all that he finds a new club as soon as possible.

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  1. Sevco a la Rangers are nine years of age, nothing more nothing less. MSM are going to eat their lies and destroy what’s left of their make believe credulity. The BBC, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Daily Record et al are all as fraudulent as one another. The dominoes will fall alright.


    Ave Ave

  2. Good morning CQN



    Ange as demonstrated in our last friendly wants a fast tempo possession game with a high press plan



    Keep the ball, if lose it, win it back very quickly through the press, we won’t have a big physical team under Ange, technical ability and high levels of fitness will be the cornerstones of the Ange revolution, the builder is in the early stages of his Celtic rebuild, to soon to judge



    PL has been in charge and is still carrying out transfer business, anybody believing the propaganda that our new rugger CEO is doing the deals I have a bridge to sell, however, It appears we are getting Ange first signing from Japan, highly rated by Iniesta no less





    Good luck to Kriss Ajer looks like his Celtic career is at an end, a Ronny Delia prospect brought from Delias native Norway is bringing much-needed cash to the PL CEO retirement plan (wee smiley face) Kriss is still young enough to grow as a player has all the attributes, height, pace, energy, attitude, technical abilty, the EPL will provide the platform to grow notwithstanding increased earnings obviously a big factor, some of the footballing nonsense on Celtic social media about Ajer is laughable, right up there with I would run Van Dijk and Denayer to the airport, that was a CQN poster



    Excellent read spelling out the cronyism and attitudes of broken Britain


    Brideshead Britain





    There will be a troll along soon to tell you all Bojo is just misunderstood



    Have a good day

  3. Pleasantly warm morning with a nice summer breeze in the Chilterns…



    SFtBs @ 12:19 AM,



    Firstly my apologies for not being clear, the “wierd” signings were more to do with PL’s general recruitment policy and nought to do with moneyball – I did state…



    Likewise the perennial issue regarding recruitment, fholk defending Peter Lawwell’s recruitment methods are totally out of order in my opinion



    This goes much further than his ametuerish approach to moneyball.



    They are weird signings because…



    Boerrigter was a very talented player whose time with Ajax was up as he had a career ending injury – we pay good money for this obviously injured player.



    Loan Guidetti was a Prima Donna who was never as good as he thought he was – as real Moneyball potential Teemu Pukki sat on the benches – then we tried to sign him on a full contract when he didn’t want to come, he slagged us and went dashing off into obscurity.



    Arzani, Celtic agree to sign a player on loan from Australia at the behest of Man City who are trying out a new experiment to move around group assets – the Celtic manager isn’t consulted and doesn’t want him – he comes over, the Celtic manager states he’s not ready for first team football in Scotland he is hounded into playing him – he plays him, the lad is not ready for first team Scottish football and picks up a career threatening injury.



    Kris Ajer was not an unknown quantity from an unfancied league, far from it – Martin Ødegaard, Kris’s contemporary, had every major Club looking at him.



    I know that in CQN and Celtic PLC we have a wrong minded view of moneyball, yet even so, the Ajer, scouting, signing and development was as traditional to football as pie and bovril.



    Good to see some Japanese talent joining us, obviously Ange has been backed, welcome to Celtic – Kyogo Furuhashi.



    Hail Hail

  4. celticforever on

    as one reader tweeted I would take Iniesta



    one of the finest to grace Celtic Park

  5. Afternoon Tea and Scones Day….is upon us.


    Okay there wont be much in the way of Tea or Scones…most likely BEER and other forms of Alcohol.


    I have reserved some seats/Tables at the back/rear of the Pub, near the small stage.


    Kick Off is around 2pm, although I will be there for around 1pm.


    Please remember to bring your MASK, ( unless you have an NHS EXEMPTION CARD), that you should wear when going to the Gents or outside for a Smoke.


    Please NO Celtic Shirts etc.


    On ENTRY you will be asked to sign in and give a contact phone number .



    NO Hooliganism, Vandalism or RIOTING in the Street is allowed.




    IF you arrive late, Please be aware that it will not be possible to sit with the Main Table etc, as Frank the owner has to abide by SOCIAL DISTANCE Rules etc. So you may have to sit at another table nearby ?



    Thats enough about Rules etc from me…Just enjoy the Glesga Banter and the Bevvy.



  6. Good morning from a sunny North Wales



    Welcome Kyogo Furuhashi who I think we can all agree is an Ange signing.

  7. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH JULY 2021 7:05 AM


    A big warm welcome to Kyogo Furuhashi




    Is he a Striker/Defender or what ?


    Is he another ” Project” ?


    Does he offer Eastern Promise…Like wee NAKA did ?





  8. celticforever on

    BIG JIMMY hes the top scorer in the Japanese league and recommended by Iniesta no less

  9. LIONROARS67 on 16TH JULY 2021 6:46 AM]



    Thanks for the link. It is a strange thing how so many are fooled by Johnson’s ‘charm’ when he is so utterly transparent. Then again perhaps they’re not, which in many ways is worse…

  10. GENE on 16TH JULY 2021 7:11 AM


    And I bet you’ve been chumping at the bit.




    Yes I have to be honest mate, although it will be extra special to see and DRINK again with my Mate DAVID66…and the others that I have met before, or maybe one or two that I havent met before ?


    I had a good wee Bevvy on Tuesday, bit Ive stayed at home the last Two Days so that I am ” In Shape” for Today.


    This Day OOT has been a while in the making due to COVID and me being unwell etc with other ailments outwith Covid.


    Big DAVID66 is my ” Local Hero”…a TRUE GENT and good mate.


    I fully expect many Bad Jokes and Puns…… and LIES will be told….its what us Auld Yins do best over a few Beers.




    I hope that you and the family are well GENE.




    HH Mate.

  11. CELTICFOREVER on 16TH JULY 2021 7:15 AM


    BIG JIMMY hes the top scorer in the Japanese league and recommended by Iniesta no less




    Cheers mate, I have just read that about KYOGO.


    He is 26 years old, and has scored 14 goals in 20 appearances.


    Did KYOGO have a ” YEN” to play for Celtic FC ?


    OOOPs..the Bad Puns have started already and Ive not had any Beer yet !



    HH Mate.

  12. celticforever on

    dont care if he is full of hashi as long as he scores a barrowload for the hoops

  13. PAUL THE SPARK on 16TH JULY 2021 6:39 AM


    Celtic have signed a Japanese forward. Kyogo Furuhashi




    Sorry PAUL…I didnt see your Post BEFORE I asked if Kyogo was a Striker etc.


    My apologises mate.



  14. Morning all from another glorious day in the Garngad



    Big Jimmy – I will be there the back of 1pm.



    D :)

  15. PL goes and plucked an unknown Japanese. Never heard of him before so must be pish.



    Another money saving project from Celtic.



    The club should just ask me and I will give them a list of players and managers I have heard as their go to list for signings and appointments!.

  16. DAVID66 on 16TH JULY 2021 7:44 AM


    Morning all from another glorious day in the Garngad







    Big Jimmy – I will be there the back of 1pm.




    MAGIC Davie Bhoy.


    See you then.


    HH Mate.

  17. quadrophenian on

    Hammer of a shot on him. Nice variety in way he scores.


    As was said, likely AP’s first ‘owned’ pick.


    Yokoso, Kyogo-san: Au revoir Eddy!




  18. PHIL01 @ 7:47 AM,



    Well I agree with Gene, he is obviously an Ange signing – let the lad get over and show what he can do…



    Really looking forward to this season, if we accept its a rebuild transition season and we are the underdogs anything we achieve is a plus.



    Hail Hail

  19. More transfer news which if true is welcome but I’m now at the stage where it’s the Club’s twitter feed I get transfer news from and so far, we’ve a lot to do.



    The proposed Japanese signing illustrates perfectly my frustration at Celtic. This is clearly an Ange signing so why haven’t we got this over the line weeks ago ? It’s all a bit last minute.com days from a CL qualifier.

  20. vinniethedog on

    The Japanese Market opens again …….boy seems quick but small …I would imagine very hard working ..which fits anges vision…..still fingers crossed stuff ………big Ajer wonder where Brentford will play him …. LOL… …the managers on here make me laugh

  21. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Remember those distant days when Celtic existed to excel as a football team rather than a player churn factory that generates financial returns to a PLC?

  22. Can’t have too much excitement over a new signing….haters going to hate 🤣😂







  23. Welcome to Celtic, Kyogo Furuhashi.



    Fingers crossed this is the first of several announcements today.



    The Club has spent somewhere around £9 million this window and we’ve other positions to fill so we’re clearly going to back Ange.



    Let’s hope we’ve enough talent already here to get past the Danes.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Welcome, Kyogo Furuhashi.



    Now we are talking!



    This guy is a player!

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 16TH JULY 2021 8:48 AM



    This guy is some player, no negativity from me on this one!