Abada released from shackles


The story of the season was all there for us to see at a park in Paisley yesterday.  St Mirren dropped deep, they neither wanted not retained the football, yet they somehow managed to get a kick inside the Celtic Penalty area.

That was enough to knock the ball against Greg Taylor’s arm.  The referee missed the incident but from the moment the replays were shown until play eventually broke for a VAR intervention several minutes later, we knew the penalty was in the post.

St Mirren have the secret sauce to stifle Celtic.  It worked when we last visited in September, 80% possession and a 2-0 defeat.  It worked again in the first half, but Charles Dunne’s red card made holding onto the task impossible.  Kyogo pounced on his short pass back, Dunne brought the stirker to the ground, it was a red card and another correct decision to rescind the penalty award, as Dunne released the player inches from the 18-yard line.

It took 11 second half minutes for Celtic to equalise, 11 minutes with Liel Abada on the field. He looked like a player released from shackles, constantly darting back and forth looking for the ball, always looking for the goal.  For me, he starts on Wednesday.

Great to see Matt O’Riley get a goal too.  There is so much to his game already, regular goals is needed to turn him into the finished article.

So far, so good for VAR.  If a player fouls an opponent while attempting to play the ball and concedes a penalty, a yellow, not a red card should be shown.  If, however, the player fouls while making no attempt to play the ball, the card should be red.  Think back to Jeremie Frimpong in the 2019 League Cup Final.

Alex Gogic grabbed Oh’s shirt, the player fell and VAR again called on the referee to review.  It was another stonewaller.  Don’t get me wrong, in no way wanting to punish a team that can actually give us a difficult game when they are already beaten, but Gogic’s offence was a textbook red card that had been reviewed by VAR.  How on earth………

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  1. No internet or telly since Friday!



    Made for some good spring work in garden.



    Is this stat correct?



    1 in 3 league goals conceded by Celtic have been penalties. Zero goals conceded by Rangers from penalties. 1 in 40 scored by Celtic have been penalties. 1 in 7 goal scored by Rangers have been penalties.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Glad for Liel he played so well when he came on.



    He’s looked a good bit off it in recent games, IMHO.



    They’re not machines.



    Just wonderful that we have so many match winners in the squad.



    Just needs one or two firing on any given day.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    Law 12


    “Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offender is cautioned if the offence was an attempt to play the ball; in all other circumstances (e.g. holding, pulling, pushing, no possibility to play the ball etc.) the offending player must be sent off.”



    must be sent off



    It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

  4. Abada would make a better striker than a winger but unfortunately, or fortunately, we don’t need another striker.

  5. Weebobbycollins on

    Aye, but Stuart Dougal says the first hand-ball incident was a penalty and the McGregor incident wasn’t. Goodness! Who should we believe?

  6. Weebobbycollins on

    And BBC Scotland shows a photograph of Archie Woof holding a banana that was thrown at Mark Walters. It was supposed to demonstrate Archie’s hatred of sectarianism…



  7. Is it now 44 games since the team playing out of Ibrox conceded a penalty in the league? Going for 55?

  8. It took 11 second half minutes for Celtic to equalise, 11 minutes with Liel Abada on the field. He looked like a player released from shackles, constantly darting back and forth looking for the ball, always looking for the goal. For me, he starts on Wednesday.






    He did play well and added something direct.



    Leaves me scratching my head a little as to why he dived at Hampden, one wee jink and your passed the goon and able to shoot.



    who drops out on wednesday to let him play ?


    Jota, surely not.


    Maeda, who does the work that he does ?



    bench for me, not a starter.




    How very dare you!!! I don’t know how pointing out the strange and prolonged failure of officials to award penalties to opponents of the Rangers MK2 makes me a hun?

  10. McPhail Bhoy on

    With so many empty seats in Paisley I was left in no doubt why a significant proportion of Buddies don’t go to see their team, they are dire in every sense. This was not a lesson in football it was just dire from them. Their manager said after the game their plan was to soak up the Celtic pressure and catch us on the break. What? They had one shot on goal, this one was on target, the penalty kick, how were they going to catch Celtic on the break with no ball and no one to pass it to outwith their own half, Celtic lost the ball, St. Mirren just gave it straight back, dire stuff.


    The Buddies have voted with their absence regardless of them being in the top 6.

  11. Moderator1888 on




    It’s a standard question that gets asked when a new name appears



    It’s all good, more in fun than anything else

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SEANYPRAWNY on 6TH MARCH 2023 1:05 PM



    Is it now 44 games since the team playing out of Ibrox conceded a penalty in the league? Going for 55?






    “Going for 55?”



    Love it.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    They’d need to complete the remaining 11 games of the league season.



    Definitely doable.



    But, as some wise head previously pointed out ….



    … what are the chances of them conceding during the next game played after the league is mathematically won?

  14. I work with three buddies.



    None attends games at home versus us or 2nd rangers.



    They go to every other game.



    they hate them more than us just, oh and morton.



    As an aside there was a wonderful read in weekend paper from Tony Fitzpatrick.



    What a tough early career he had losing his kid at 6.

  15. No seen too much of Oh yet, but he does seem to fall over rather easily for a big lad. That was a clear penalty but perhaps the reason for the no sending off was because his touch was taking him away from the goal

  16. leftclicktic on



    It’s an induction question, no harm meant.


    We have all been asked.

  17. Dunfermline Athletic








    Tuesday will see the largest home league attendance at KDM Group East End Park in a decade 🏁



    ▪️Over 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ tickets sold!



    ▪️Largest home league attendance since 2013



    ▪️Home tickets only remain in the Norrie McCathie Stand

  18. Sophy Ridge on Sunday & The Take






    5 Mar


    Sinn Fein VP Michelle O’Neill agrees with Rishi Sunak that NI is in ‘a unique position’ of having access to both the single market and the UK market.



    She adds it’s a “huge opportunity” that she’s sure Scotland and Wales would welcome too.







    It is asked of first time posters like yourself.



    Keep postin.stick to one moniker




    Mod ta for edit.but it was bang on.




  20. Tobago St.



    If you are going on wednesday to hearts game come to the corner and put a few names to faces who posted past and present


    It is at the bridge entering the pools office,along from the Celtic shop.it would be good to see you there




  21. Yesterday, the BBC`s Sports Latest on TV let us read that Celtic Women had lost to Glasgow City Women but didn`t feel the need to tell us that Celtic had beaten St.Mirren 1-5.



    I realise this is not massively important but it does say something about the BBC`s `interest` in Scottish Football.

  22. Saint Stivs



    Funnily enough everyone connected with BBC Scotland saw it as a clear penalty.

  23. Gary Keown – at the Scottish Daily Mail sports desk – ranting like a true zombie supporter.



    “Things will get ugly (ier surely) at Ibrox ….. and marked man will deserve what is coming”



    all very sinister in language, and the sense of entitlement is off the scale.



    Does he stop at all to consider how they pay for it to match/beat an excellently run CFC PLC.






    zoom in, sit back and have a read, not for the faint hearted.




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