Abada sparkles as Rogic stakes PoTY claim


An illness-ravaged Celtic swept St Johnstone aside in Perth yesterday with far greater efficiency than at Hampden last month.  St Johnstone went on a downward spiral after that semi-final, losing games since, but this was still an impressive performance.

Liel Abada sparkled in the central striker role, scoring two early on, and his Israeli team-mate Nir Bitton, tidied things up near the end.  Carl Starfelt made things interesting midway through the second half by conceding possession in a dangerous position, allowing St Johnstone to score with their only attempt on target.  Incidents like this will be a concern for Ange Postecoglou.

Liam Scales continued to settle into the side while Josip Juranovic on the opposite wing-back role put in one of his best shifts for Celtic.  Yet again, Tom Rogic made things happen.  The Aussie has flourished under Postecolgou and must surely be favourite for Player of the Year.

As Ange made clear after the game, the break could not come soon enough for Celtic, who ALWAYS prefer to play in front of a full crowd.

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  1. Great result on a crap pitch with an unrecognisable team. Thought Dawson was impressive and Scales & Abada too.



    Let’s regroup, rest up the lame, back the manager in January and come back better and stronger.



    Oh and eff the Huns.




  2. So, when they built the new ground on McDermid’s farm, did they do anything to the field other than add some lines and a pair of goals…🤔

  3. Some light relief in the pub I watched it in when the fellow Tims ironically cheered every time Barkas caught a cross from a corner.



    Barkas was always good at marshaling the box and playing out with his feet – he had a problem with any “shot” that was on target…..🤷🏻‍♂️



    Not at fault for their goal, where Saints still had a lot to do after the Starfelt interception.

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  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Was proud of the bhoys yesterday. Also demonstrated the benefits of a consistent coaching regime. We play the same way even with drastically different personnel.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Read the sevco statement.


    Was curious to see them use the term “old firm’s



    I was under the impression, from what was said at the AGM, that Celtic had paid for some sort of copyright on the term in order to prevent it being used.



    Does anyone know if that is indeed the case?



    If so, surely the Huns are in breach of copyright legislation unless Celtic have given the ok here.

  7. The next three weeks will decide if we win this league. Get the players in, Celtic. It’s there for us.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Yes to all of that – For me the only show in town is the league






    Thanks for the admin on the financials I was quoting £40m (it was a guess) your work is far more admirable




  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    So how do I feel ?



    After we lost our first couple of away games I was low frustrated even angry at our predicament



    Since then a couple of bits have caused me to swear 2 draws at home to Livingstone and Dundee United


    I was frustrated that we played our best players in the League Cup Final (which was a great win) at the cost of 2 more dropped points in Paisley



    We find ourselves 6 points adrift – after playing most of the season with half a team that was already low on options


    So it’s not a disaster



    The Huns will be feeling very happy with their halfway advantage


    But they know (and we know) if we win at home the league becomes a real possibility



    Credit to Ange from nowhere to giving us a fighting chance with half a team



    I welcome the break I think we all know it’s come at a good time for us



    It’s going to be a nervous 4 or 5 months






    I don ‘t know you but I love your style. I hope your health issues are improving big time and soon you will be aff oot for a well earned wee swally.



    The very best to you




  11. GENE



    Sorry to read the news about your brother James.



    Wee prayer said for a full and speedy recovery.



    God bless.

  12. GENE



    Prayers will be said for James. A stroke these days ususally can be recovered from.




  13. Out walking the dog on the beach and thought I would pass on to you all that it is unseasonably warm. 25 degrees. Most welcome.

  14. A sense of irony,screaming over every head at Ibrox,like the Red Arrows.


    H,mm,probably like that.

  15. Superbru Update



    We have completed the first 20 rounds and are handing out our first batch of prizes.



    This round saw a three way tie on 14.5 points, just one short of Bhoy From The Village’s leading weekly total of 15.5, which will surely be surpassed in one of the forthcoming congested double fixtures weeks. . The round winners this week were fess19, Hopeful Hoops and Pannysbhoy. The wooden spoon was awarded to Majestic Hartson with 1.5 points (as Gscbhoy, who scored 0, seems to have stopped participating).



    However it is the overall leaderboard that sees prizes awarded.



    In 3rd place with 121 points and earning £35 is Bhoy from the Village



    in 2nd place with 123 points and earning £65 is Big Archie




    But our first place and £100 goes to Call Me Gerry with 127.5 points. He should be offering a monetised football tips helpline to the rest of us and is the guy to aim at for the rest of the season.



    I will need to work out, with crc, a way to get the money to you and I will put up an e-mail address on the Superbru banter section where you can get in touch with me to advise.



    Our next set of predictions is not due until Monday 17th January when Celtic have a 7.45pm home game with Hibs. Many thanks for your continued support and , remember , there will be £355 to pay out in May at the end of the SPFL fixture list with money for the !st, 2nd and 3rd places plus a prize for the biggest single week total.,currently standing at 15.5 to BftV, to keep your interest alive even if you are in the bottom half.

  16. reminds me so much of pictures of my own family -wonderful








    34.4K Tweets


    See new Tweets






    Black jawed living room couch professor


    Arbroath, Scotlandinstagram.com/yoorwullieJoined November 2019


    1,041 Following






    Tweets & replies






    YourWullie’s Tweets








    Dec 25


    A vendor selling papers in the heavy snowfall, Edinburgh 1969.


    Photo Herald Archives


    YourWullie Retweeted








    Dec 25


    Replying to




    My Throwback Christmas photo. Me with 2 of my sisters. The sepia tinted photo and modest Christmas tree indicates circa 1978. Merry Christmas!Santa ClausGrinning face








    Dec 25


    Sadie sitting bang in the middle with a burgundy jumper on Up pointing backhand index


    Quote Tweet






    · Dec 16


    My great aunt Sadie and uncle Jim at a pub in Arbroath in the 1940s.


    Was delighted to come across this as i only ever knew her as a pensioner.


    Show this thread








    Dec 25


    Throwback to a family get together probably 79/80, I’m front centre on the left with my new hoops kit on Smiling face with sunglasses. Half the people in this photograph are no longer with us, here’s to them. Clinking glasses




  17. Hi peeps on planet CELTIC



    Hope everyone had a pleasant, peaceful Christmas and I sincerely hope you all wherever you are, have a healthy great New Year.


    If I have learned anything it is to never take yourself or life too seriously.



    Does anyone know the extent of Mr Jota’s injury please, info from the club has been deafening to say the least and he should be the very first to join us on a permanent basis.




  18. Meant to say, how about recalling the first few records you bought, could be interesting on this drab day.


    Mine were as follows


    Diana by Paul Anka, Peter Gunn by |Duane Eddy


    Elvis a big hunk of love, End of the World by Skeeter Davis






    ps Old Phart

  19. Great read Eddie. The Irish navvie is used as a catch all for ant i Irish crappola which is still ongoing.




    Where do you find all this stuff!? I’m fascinated by the Morrison story. I was born on Lewis, before moving to Partick. My cousins were Morrisons, from Ness, in Northern Lewis ). Back in the 18th century, it was probably the most common name in that village ). The only one I am in sporadic contact with is in a care home in Stornoway.



    If I were a betting man, I would bet that Jim Morrison’s ancestors came from Ness.

  21. INIQUITOUSIV on 27TH DECEMBER 2021 4:31 PM





    did you ever get compared to morrison in your younger days ?



    it is fascinating.

  22. GENE


    Just read back. I’m sorry to hear the news regarding your brother, James. I hope he was able to get treatment quickly, and that he makes a steady recovery.

  23. Regarding the value of qualification for the champions League using this document:






    Distribution to clubs from the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League and the 2021 UEFA Super Cup


    Payments for the qualifying phases



    Here is what Uefa would paid them for group stage champions league football this season, assuming they won one game and drew two, which may be a bit generous considering Malmo beat them twice in qualifying and drew one game and lost the other 5. Assuming no progress and finishing 4th in the group. Converterd from Euros at .85



    Participation: 13.29


    1 win: 2.38


    2 draws: 1.58


    Coefficient ranking – they would be 3rd bottom in rankings out of the 32 participants, so they receive 3 x €1.13m or £2.88m


    TV pool money – calculated in accordance withe values of the different tv markets. So heavily weighed in favour of the bigger countries with high value tv markets. In 2018/2019 with a slightly smaller total pot the Belgian team recieved €2m. £2m is possibly on the high side but won’t be far off



    Total, if they had gone straight into the group stages, won one and drawn two and finished bottom of the group is £22.14.



    That will not include any uplift from any commercial deals they have – there will be payouts dependent on CL participation. BUT very importantly there will be large bonuses to be paid to players and management and coaching staff.



    They would also, unless they finish 3rd, have ticket receipts from 3 home games



    According to the official UEFA document participating in the Europa League this season will be worth (assuming they go out against dortmund):



    Participation – £3.08m


    2 wins 2 draws – £1.42m


    Second place – £.47m


    Last 32 – £0.425


    Coefficient payment – They are the sixth lowest ranked team according to the Uefa rankings table = £.68


    TV Market pool – £0.85 (a guess based on previous distributions)



    Total – a kick in the arse away from £7m in total money from Uefa.



    So, around 15m difference if they had gone straight into the groups this season, but not nearly as big bonus payments.



    Next season if they do as we have this, they would have two home games in the qualifying rounds and then then another game against dortmund which they wouldn’t have if they’d been in the cl groups.



    3 home games less, with all that means for revenues.



    So its 15m difference from Uefa, 3 fewer home games, much bigger bonuses to be paid. I’d estimate the difference between the two is around £10m



    Or if you want to just add up the money they’d receive from CL participation they’re looking at £22m + gate receipts from 3 home games + uplift from commercial deals – bonuses.



    If anyone wants to explain how that makes £40m I’d be interested to see it.

  24. In short, whoever gets direct qualification for the champions league next season is likely to be around £10m better off than if they were to qualify for the Europa League group stages by failing in the non-champions route



    Assuming a win and two draws in the cl group stages and finishing bottom of the group or qualification for the europa groups and a second place and going out in in the last 32

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