Aberdeen-Celtic in proxy for the final


Aberdeen were on fire in March, winning all four games, scoring 11 without response. Form since has been a contrast. They fell apart at home to Newco, and to St Johnstone, snatched a win against Hibs at Hampden, but recorded decent wins away to Hearts and St Johnstone.

With Celtic already champions and Aberdeen having secured second place, tonight’s Premiership game will be a proxy for the real event when the teams meet in their second cup final of the season in three weeks.

I can’t see Brendan Rodgers experimenting with youth, as he did against St Johnstone last week. The last thing he’ll want is to give Aberdeen encouragement ahead of the final. Much better to give them a bloody nose.


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  1. Winning team for tonight





    Lustig Simunovic Boyata Tierney


    Armstrong McGregor


    Roberts Rogic Sinclair





    Can’t see BR experimenting tonight, full strength available team. Bring a couple of youngsters back on Thursday.


    any word on cyclists did they all make first pit-stop.how many punctures first day.????????????????????

  3. O.G.Rafferty on

    ‘The name on the back of the watch matched that of a former unionist politician who was also a member of the UDR’.


    Another layer added to this story.






    Factoid alert:


    The bird in Kes (I’m reading A Kestrel to a Knave, the book it’s based on) belonged to one Robert Nairac, who was then at school in Yorkshire.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bognorbhoy, top class treble on the podium. Have got any raffle tickets for the big swally raffle though?



    You deserve a top class dram to help wallow in your newfound triple stardom……..:-)




    Aberdeen would need to be especially good to beat us tonight. I cant see them meeting that criteria.



    Celtic will continue the march towards invincibility.

  5. BIG JIMMY on 12TH MAY 2017 6:31 AM






    I have asked VFR800 to either give you my email address…or for him to give me yours…or both ?




    Depending on circumstances I may be able to accept that season book ?



    Am I 1st to ask ?……………………2nd place is nothing ! LOL






    ….WEEBABBITY & Others,


    I will post later as I have to go oot just now.



  6. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Read ‘Death of a Hero’ by John Parker



    Nairac was a strange one. I’ve no idea what he was hoping to achieve.

  7. celticforever on




    I see you went to the GREG (St. Gregorys) in Cranhill



    i went there myself from 1977 to 1982 a wee bit after your good self



    Pity its not there anymore



    Some famous name also went there – for example Peter Houston the Falkirk manager went to and was a couple of years above me

  8. O.G.Rafferty on



    Indeed. Eoin McNamee’s The Ultra’s is a fictionalised account that feels closer to the truth than anything else I’ve read

  9. South Of Tunis on

    The MOONBEAMS Poll – ( previous thread ) .



    No !.



    Experience has made me a cynic. . The history suggests a wee bit of polite babble and a whole heap of inaction..



    Cloudy and very warm -way down south . Might rain / might not rain . We’ll see .



    Today’s 3 from 67 ( a very good year !!!!)


    7″ -Chocolate Watch Band -Are You Gonna Be There ( At The Love In ) ( Tower )


    7″ _Soul Tops —Good Things (Treasure Isle )


    7″ -Soul Brothers -Out Of My Mind (Island ).



    3 C90 tapes made for the 50 years on party in Salamanca . 26 5 67 . On the way home from Lisbon — the day after -European Champions. / Glaswegian / 17 and a feeling that the world was my oyster… Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Inspired by most games in the EPL)



    somnolent /ˈsɒmnələnt/ 





    1. drowsy; sleepy 


    2. causing drowsiness 


    3. Inducing or tending to induce sleep; soporific.


    4. In a condition of incomplete sleep; semicomatose.



    Derived Forms 


    somnolence, somnolency, noun


    somnolently, adverb



    Word Origin 



    Word Origin and History for somnolent




    mid-15c., sompnolent, from Old French sompnolent (Modern French somnolent) or directly from Latin somnolentus “sleepy, drowsy,” from somnus “sleep” (see Somnus). Respelled 17c. on Latin model.





  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning Champions.


    It’s a Champion day in the central Highlands, bright sunshine, blue skies.


    Heading to Embra for the weekend to visit Mrs H’s daughter.


    Heading down A9 about 4pm. Will have to be anti-social when I get there, and plug the ole headphones into the iPad to see the game. Looking forward to it.


    The top two teams in the country going head to head. I think tonight is the biggest threat to our chances of going an entire season undefeated.


    Will it be a full house? Doubtful I reckon. It’s Friday night and many fans will of course be visiting the farms and small holdings in the fields of Aberdeenshire.


    Well everyone likes to try and get a lumber of a weekend ;)




    The excuse that will be given for no title stripping is the titles were SPl ones and the league is now the SPFl so it can’t be done wait and see

  13. The Green Jedi on

    strong team tonight, lets not give the sunbed King McInness any hope or notions that he thinks he can match us man for man… I also like the thought of giving him & his thug players sleepless nights for the next 3 weeks when the real Celtic will be waiting for them at Hampden at 3pm on May 27th

  14. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    A CEILER GONOF RUST on 12TH MAY 2017 6:49 AM


    Begging letter!!!!


    Please, please, please buy a raffle ticket for BRTH’s big swally raffle ya tight arsed basturt.



    Seeing you asked so nicely, raffle tickets purchased :-)

  15. Derek McInnes & The Bottlemerchants will be without captain Ryan Jack (no one ever seems to mention his surname) and Dons Young Player of the Year Rayn Christie.

  16. Busy day ahead before heading up to Aberdeen at around 4pm.



    The match report tonight is being written by a young Bhoy from the Greenock CSC and he also will be at the match, as will Geo. Need to find a way to bring all that together and post as soon after the final whistle as possible.



    I have been on the trail of the Celtic supporter who wore the original Jock Stein t-shirt in Lisbon and I have found him……..in VIETNAM!



    Hopefully we’ll have an interview shortly and a selfie with him wearing our 2017 version of his fabulous design of what was the best ever Celtic t-shirt.



    Probably the second best one was our PERSISTENCE BEATS RESISTANCE and for some reason I dug that out this morning to wear to Pittodrie tonight. One thing not mentioned yesterday is the apparent recognition that BDO may have lost their Appeal. Now the parties do get informed in advance don’t they?



    We are running our Q&A with Tommy Gemmell today. This happened in 2013 and Paul asked you to post questions for Tommy to answer. He took a considerable amount of time doing just that, I seem to recall it took him about a week!



    Read part 1 here:






    We are staging a CQN Lisbon event on Friday 26th May at the Greenock CSC and you are all welcome. The Lions will pick up our Thank You gifts which we have been working on for a while. This week Paul launched the raffle – it’s only £2 a ticket and you can win a Lisbon Celtic shirt, the last one Tommy signed, and Willie Wallace will get all the other Lions who are participating in the 50th Anniversary celebrations to sign it too.



    It has already been signed by Tommy, Yogi, Charlie G and Willie and Paul McStay also added his signature when he came in for a chat.



    You can buy your raffle ticket, tickets for the event at Greenock, the Jock Stein t-shirt with the In the Heat of Lisbon book all at cqnbookstore.com – with the profits from all of this going to thank the Lions.

  17. GARY67 on 12TH MAY 2017 8:58 AM


    Winning team for tonight







    Lustig Simunovic Boyata Tierney



    Armstrong McGregor



    Roberts Rogic Sinclair







    How strong does that team look,even without Broony and Dembele?


    Frightening for the rest.

  18. 50 shades of green on

    “A bloody nose”, is 2 good for that mob,



    a right good kick in the haw maws will do.







  19. Turkeybhoy



    Frightening for the rest.





    Exactly. Tonight’s motivation for Celtic is the psychological damage they can inflict on the opposition for the Cup Final and next season. I pointed this out before the game at Ibrox. If we tank everyone in the top 6 they all start next season at a psychological disadvantage (as well as an quality one)…

  20. DAVIDOPOULOS on 12TH MAY 2017 10:31 AM



    What they should be working on is improving the goals to opportunities ratio.



    There’s far too many missed chances.



    It’s OK domestically because the competition is so poor, but Europe will be a different matter.

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