Aberdeen liberated of expectations for 90 mins


The euphoria of moving a further three points ahead on Wednesday night now gives way to the serious business of facing Aberdeen at what is expected to be high winds on Sunday.  Celtic always do well at Pittodrie, but you should question your victories as much as your defeats.

Celtic have won seven consecutive games at Pittodrie since back-to-back defeats there in season 2016-16, scoring 20 and conceding four in the process.  It has become a regular party away trip.  This will boost the players’ confidence and should worry Aberdeen, but every game is different.  Aberdeen are third in the table; this is one of our most difficult games left in the league campaign.

Derek McInnes is under pressure for the first time as Aberdeen manager.  The 0-0 he got at Ibrox this month surprised his own fans as much as anyone.  That game was a liberating opportunity for Aberdeen, free of expectations for 90 minutes, they found common purpose.  We will need to work for any points we take back down the road on Sunday.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Garcia Lorca – you’re quite right, I missed Hibs from the seven remaining pre-split fixture. A tricky tie.

  2. The huns trying to be the bastions of anti racism in Scotland, you couldn’t mark their neck with a blowtorch

  3. HOT SMOKED on 14TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:25 PM



    No idea. Probably a delaying tactic for the Sports Direct action. Or maybe to give the directors some wriggle room if they are accused of trading while insolvent.

  4. ernie


    Thanks.With their apparent money problems, I would have thought they would want to avoid costly legal cases.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    All this shite from that mob only tarnishes the reputation of our league world wide. Folk looking would think this country is a cesspit of racism. Well it is in one particular stadium😱

  6. Celtic will travel to Perth to play St Johnstone at 3pm on Sunday, March 1 in the sixth round of the famous competition.


    While Hearts will host Rangers at 5.30pm on Saturday, February 29 before either St Mirren or Motherwell will host Aberdeen or Kilmarnock at 7.20pm

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Jesus do we have put up with that mob in town on a Saturday afternoon. Be drinking locally instead

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    Elite and Hummell have a three year contract with Sevco, of which this is year 2. The court ruled last year along the lines that this deal breached an existing contractual obligation with Ashley’s mob, who should be permitted to take over the deal. I gather Ashley starts supplying again in the summer.



    Ashley is due compensation for missing out on years 1 and 2. Meanwhile Elite and Hummell will be out of pocket for the final year of their contract which they’ll miss out on.



    It’s possible that Elite are withholding money due to be paid to Sevco for the year 2 business, on the basis that they’ll be owed more by way of compensation for missing out on year three.



    So, Sevco broke a deal with Ashley to strike a deal with Elite. Ashley sued for breach of contract and won. He’ll be compensated one way or another for the two thirds of the contract he’s missed out on.



    Elite are likely to sue Sevco for breach of their contract, their losses being one third of the contract value.



    Meanwhile Sevco are suing Elite for the money Elite are withholding pending their own case against Sevco.



    In all of this, Sevco will end up paying two kit suppliers for not supplying kit over three years, while running up a considerable sum in legal fees. It’s the very definition of business acumen.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    If you can’t see Paul new article, here it is. Even more acumen than I had gathered…



    Some clubs cannot get a break. Newco’s costly retail deal with Elite, which Sports Direct successfully challenged in court, is now in trouble, with the Ibrox club unable to collect £2.84m from Elite Corporation’s subsidiary, LBJ Sports Apparel. The club served proceedings on LBJ for recovery of the money.



    There are two principle reasons debts are not met: the debtor believes they can escape without obligation, or the debtor is unable to meet their obligations.



    LBJ’s last accounts at Companies House, for the year to 31 December 2018, show the business changed significantly from a year earlier:



    Stock increased from £1.7m to £5.1m.


    Money due in from debtors increased from £1.2m to £3.2m


    While amount due to creditors increase from £1.9m to £7.5m


    In short, the business expanded significantly in 2018.



    LJB’s most recent financial year was due to end on 31 December 2019, however, the company extended their accounting period until 31 March 2020. They will now not have to report their trading position until 31 December 2020.



    £2.84m is a lot of money to LBJ Sports Apparel, on 31 December 2018 they had £587k in the bank and net assets of £1.5m (which includes that £5.1m stock). The company had only £1k of share capital.



    And in case you are wondering, at their last reporting date (also 31 December 2018), the parent company, Elite Corporation, had £100 cash and total shareholders’ funds of £200. That’s not £200k, or £200m, just £200. Brains Optional FC saw no red flags here.



    Can you imagine what the due diligence report on Elite looked like? This stuff is too easy to avoid. We should all be suitably shocked it is heading for the courts.



    And yes, if you buy from Newco’s online store, you are transacting directly with Elite – even now!!

  10. Radio Snyde is comedy gold -Sevco orcs actually believe the refs are against them.😯😯😯






    D. :)

  11. Sevco Televisual “News”……..resolutely on The Journey.



    The hapless stooge trumpeting the guff couldn’t spell irony…………..never mind ask a question regarding its substance.




  12. Based on nothing more than casual observation…”let me say this about that”. Steven Gerrard has reached the peak of his managerial career. Like Souness before him, managing at Ibrox is the only place he will find any form of success. I expect he will go to England on the strength of his playing name not his managerial ability. And be poor everywhere he goes.




  13. Nosferatu…………..



    The Heid Kicker……………..a hunned-up two-bob(malcolm) Rocket.

  14. Alex Rae fails to reference his prediction of significant investment into Rangers in the last window .


    Now saved by the ad break .

  15. There is a good reason Sevco seem to fade after the break.


    They don’t have the depth or class we have in their squad..


    They have been punching above their weight in the first half of the season and it has taken a toll.


    We have experience, depth and players with more skill and guile.


    When you pay more you tend to get a superior product.


    We are a like well oiled, well maintained V8 engine competing against a Reliant Robin.


    When the road gets bumpy and you have a few parts unavailable the Robin will seize up while the V8 will roar ahead.

  16. Wouldn’t it be sweet if LBJ stiffed Sevco, Can you imagine their self righteous indignation of Companies not paying their debts.


    Having a quick peep at LBJ info it could be on the cards.

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