Aberdeen liberated of expectations for 90 mins


The euphoria of moving a further three points ahead on Wednesday night now gives way to the serious business of facing Aberdeen at what is expected to be high winds on Sunday.  Celtic always do well at Pittodrie, but you should question your victories as much as your defeats.

Celtic have won seven consecutive games at Pittodrie since back-to-back defeats there in season 2016-16, scoring 20 and conceding four in the process.  It has become a regular party away trip.  This will boost the players’ confidence and should worry Aberdeen, but every game is different.  Aberdeen are third in the table; this is one of our most difficult games left in the league campaign.

Derek McInnes is under pressure for the first time as Aberdeen manager.  The 0-0 he got at Ibrox this month surprised his own fans as much as anyone.  That game was a liberating opportunity for Aberdeen, free of expectations for 90 minutes, they found common purpose.  We will need to work for any points we take back down the road on Sunday.

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  1. Bankie. He returned to training Thursday, normally you would expect at least 2 weeks training before you get a game. However the way team is playing any of the injured ghuys might have to wait to get their place back.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    bankiebhoy1 on 14th February 2020 7:37 pm






    Thanks. Think he’s gonna be special



    Not if Scoddish refs and cluggers like Killie’s Power have their way…….his career won’t last long enough.

  3. GlenD…………..



    Agreed, mucker, that’s why we have to fix fitba by startin’ with emptyin’ Hampden….




  4. I see Derek McInnes saying that he will most likely stick with Curtis up front with Cosgrove on the bench. Suits us better, no? Julien and Ajer not at their most comfortable when big bruisers are pushing them about.




    Steve McQueen director of ‘ Hunger’ a hard watch of Bobby Sands (God bless him) time in prison.hh

  6. Got a tour of the H Blocks a few years back, stood in cell Bobby died in which was in the *Hospital*.


    Hospital my arse a cluster of cells around a central bit of a Hall.


    We got a detailed account of what the lads on the Blanket suffered & the Hunger Strikers ordeal, The only other place that chilled me as much was Auschwitz.



    This central Hall or room of the *Hospital* was where all the Press Conferences were held.


    When in the last days you saw various Church Leaders making appeals etc & being interviewed & filmed, Bobby was only a few yards out of shot dying slowly.

  7. Just back from the Mosset Tavern after a romantic meal with Mrs PMTYH, half pint of lager and a packet of cheese & onion crisps.


    Whilst at the bar I got into conversation with this big Killie fan and I mean big, 6’ 6” high and built like the proverbial brick khazi. He was telling me that he regretted not putting £10 on Killie at HT, apparently 100/1 to win at that point, when his wife found out I was a Tim she said “You’ll like me then as my son is called Larsson.”


    The Mosset also had a couple of contentious guest ales on, one being Speyside brewery’s “Sunshine on Keith” (obviously not popular with any hun types) and Fuller’s “Swing Low” which would be a big seller with the large English population in this area – the reason we have Mr red, red, red Douglas Ross as a Tory MP.



    I see Man City got a two year Uefa ban, it will interesting to see how long it takes CAS to adjudicate if the huns are anything to go by.

  8. UEFA should compensate clubs cheated by Man City’s financial jiggery-pokery over last 5 years. They should be given direct access to champions League and receive financial compensation.



    That would be fair.



    Instead UEFA will pocket fine and ignore victims.

  9. New article ! Probably up there with breaking Dunfermline story !! Story breaking from the huns ! or the man that complains about posters posting about playing golf with legends dads ! By the way the dad is legend himself!! Suppose it could be worse! He might kid on he will meet you and not turn up !! Forget wallet! Wee blade! Blah blah blah ! Anyway TrollcFC

  10. Just reading the BBC report on why Man City have been given the ban, it reads..



    “What have they done?


    In effect, concealed a number of payments. These were either made to individuals or to inflate sponsorship deals, which allowed the club to meet financial fair play regulations.“



    Ring a bell to anyone. Somebody should be on the phone to Man C pointing out that a certain South Side of Glasgow club got away with this for years!

  11. I wisnae able to watch the Bhoys Wednesday, still working doon in Angleterre.



    Phoned the wee man the following night and he was obviously buzzing.



    I seen the goals. A few crackers in there.



    Irony is Something else.



    Celtic were cheated by a Referee at Celtic Park because Celtic were so Good at set plays when Lenny was trying to get to that last 8 of the Champions/Corrupt as f …League



    Delighted to see the moody Ollie smiling. He can be a Top Drawer player and HOPEFULLY he excels with us for the foreseeable future.



    Lennys man management skills, I’d hazard a guess, they are oot the very tap drawer.



    He knows we will need the Squad noo, Oh My……..will we need the Whole squad.






    It’s gonnae be Mental trying to get so much Silverware.



    Lenny will go for every bit of Silverware.



    Go on Lenny Bhoy – You are the Man.



    The Legend Jamesie sent me a text after the game (not allowed mobiles in work), basically saying God Bless Neil Francis Lennon. That is what it is All about.



    Let Lenny do his cracking work. Right, Left and Centre.



    He is a Genius.




  12. Early Doors KO against Copenhagen, that means I will get to watch the whole game.






    I wonder if Broonie will be rested for this game?



    Who knows Anything?

  13. All over Hun Media,not anywhere else,at the moment.Jabba assaulted in Cumbernauld.Bedlam on there.Too funny.Everyone getting it from Mikey Stewart to SNP.Story growing arms and legs by the post.By tomorrow his whole family will have been wiped out,dog shot,house torched,car bombed,street Nuked,known friends assassinated.


    Best read in years.

  14. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Tb wonder if that 12yr old has a twin that Strathclydes finest can wheel out as the assailant

  15. I Think Celtic are gonnae win narrowly in Denmark and somehow win in Aiberdeen.



    Always Remember…. Noone knows Anything.

  16. Just in from a night out in Cumbernauld what a laff this fat bald guy was wrestling on the ground with this young red headed fellow banging on about the sash his father wore, then a big tall specky guy called Chris got involved and was telling them this doesn’t look good for the corporation, fuck knows what they were talking about but it was free entertainment I think

  17. Silver City 1888 on

    Following our charge as a result of Leigh’s bit of a shove a week or so ago, I was wondering when a similar charge was going to hit Sevco following the manhandling of their opponents after the final whistle on Wednesday night.

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