Aberdeen, progress and truths of competition


Winning the league is hard, or at least it should be.  Aberdeen are finding that out as they unnecessarily dropped points on Saturday.  Celtic have had it easy for so long we’ve forgotten a few truths of competition.

Sitting 6 points clear, and (again) confident of winning the league, we can constructively appreciate the job Derek McInnes has done at Pittodrie.  They are very likely to come up short this season, but the gap between them and Celtic is not the chasm it used to be.

For years we discussed that what Scottish football really needs is teams like Aberdeen and Dundee United comfortably outperforming Motherwell and Inverness.  No disrespect intended for the latter two, but Aberdeen have hugely better resources, if we are to receive a genuine challenge, it will come from there.
I was also delighted to see the 15k attendance at Pittodrie on Saturday, reflecting the bounce that has occurred at Tynestle this season.  Figures like that will help Aberdeen (and Hearts) solidify.  Both can make a profit at that level.

Progress isn’t linear, so don’t be surprised if Aberdeen or Hearts don’t leap forward next season, but the chances of them being overhauled by a smaller club is slight.  The future looks healthier than the past.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    weeminger on 29th February 2016 12:54 pm



    traditionalist88 on 29th February 2016 12:41 pm




    Quick question. Was the system not working when it put us into the lead in Europe or only when individual errors cost us the lead?






    A broken clock is right twice a day. I tend to take a result as being the score after 90 minutes plus injury time, not at a selected point during the match.



    There are so many problems at our club at the moment which cannot be negated by simply looking at mistakes from individual players.



    A ruthless manager in the dugout would see a huge reduction in the old ‘costly individual errors’. Poor Ronny eh, being let down by the players HE picks.



    The ‘if he hadnt done that, we’d have won…’ routine is tiresome. It goes so much deeper.



    If yer auntie had…




  2. Winning the league should be a easy for us. We have vastly superior players, sqaud and resources than other teams. Our Mgt team are making very hard work of it.

  3. FourGreenFields on

    Unfortunately Paul it’s more competitive due to Celtic dropping down a few levels more than Aberdeen getting better IMO

  4. traditionalist88 on

    Ah well, happy are the RD haters today then eh?



    They just love it when Celtic drop points, the agenda bus back in motion, it’s not like any Celtic supporters I’v ever known, I’m just glad I don’t run with people like that, don’t get me wrong I know them and distance myself from them at all times, these people I know like the ones in here just will never be happy, you’ll never be able to please them, and the ones who are involved in groups are the worse, no one is right but them, they had a meeting and that’s it we’re right.






    Headless chicken time again Tony.



    ‘Agenda’ suggests those questioning Deila, or those who would like to see him replaced, have a pre-meditated dislike of the man and had his card marked from day one.




    That is simply not the case. Even following early European debacles in which tatical errors were made he was given a chance and frequently had his name chanted home and away by the Celtic support.



    Many fans, probably now a majority, have lost all confidence in him as a manager for footballing reasons. The number of players signed on his watch who are evidently not good enough, the sometimes bizarre team selection/substitutions, the failure to publicly back a player who tried to play the ball(unless its a leg breaker, you back your player), the strict adherence to a system even when its not working, the inability to see out a lead(Malmo, Ajax, Fenerbache) and the lack of inspiration and fight when we need a goal.



    Ronny is a shrinking violet and the project hasn’t worked.



    This isn’t an agenda Tony, this is evidence based critique from many of us who stood and chanted his name in support in the earlier days.



    The process of recruiting a replacement has to begin now and give everyone a fresh start in the summer and renewed hope of seeing a reinvigorated Celtic




  5. ‘if we are to receive a genuine challenge, it will come from there’ (Aberdeen)



    Disagree with that. Sevco will provide the biggest threat, sooner or later. We all know it.



    I don’t think RD is up to it.



    Throwing Botaya under the bus was a disgrace. Would any of the following managers have done that, MON, WGS, NL, Alex Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger, Walter Smith? Not a chance in hell.



    Any doubts about Ronny’s future have surely been put to bed. He does not have what it takes to stand up to what is coming next season. The SFA and SMSM will walk all over him.

  6. FourGreenFields on




    Agree up to a point , but it’s not just RD who isn’t up to the fight .







    Ronny must come out fighting – acknowledge the negatives and accentuate the positives.




    CL – he must say that although we have failed, it was down to one poor performance each time – we had put ourselves in a winning position on both occasions, but sub-par displays let us down ‘on the day’ – he must say lessons have been learned.




    DOMESTIC- he must say that two ordering-offs may have deprived us of back to back trebles – however that is football and we look for a double to finish the season.




    SQUAD – he must explain the recruitment policy – why we are so high in numbers – what was the thinking behind Cifti and Cole etc – and where are we going from here. He must scotch, or, otherwise the suggestion that he does not authorise all signings.




    As someone suggested earlier, the surfeit of midfield players may have, by design, resulted in a ‘take it or leave it’ negotiation strategy with some who are soon to be out of contract.



    It may not be a bad thing- we may be attempting to get at least two years stability in the squad, whilst reducing the numbers – “if you are not committed for the medium-term, then goodbye’




    There is no doubt that we do not get value from our £38 million/year wage bill – it is, and will be next season, more than all other Premiership clubs added together. Maybe a new and more realistic figure is being worked on for the squad in general.




    Again maybe not a negative thing – it could allow us to bring in a couple of top- class experienced players,outwith the pay structure to supplement a young and inexperienced squad.






    Agree up to a point , but it’s not just RD who isn’t up to the fight .




    Do you mean players, or Board?

  9. Just been out cutting up wood as you do and the thought occurred to me when Dr John came out with his


    ” Those days are Gone ” stuff.


    What I really would like to know is…Who called him off and for why ?


    The sfa were on the ropes and they knew it, they didn’t have anywhere to hide and yet we backed off, and ever since things have gotten steadily worse re the referees.


    Anyways, I digress, the thought that entered my tiny mind was that we don’t want a level playing field, with a level playing field we would have little competition, sorry Paul, but we need the competition, and if we do sort the referees we would walk it year after year.


    Now I need to go and chop the wood, more inane thoughts will ensue no doubt.

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    SFTB said:


    ” Now Ronny may fail to be granted any more time. The majority of the Celtic support have turned against him. But, even if he does get sacked, I will remain unconvinced by the cheap arguments re cheap option, inexperienced, came from a poorer league, no Euro background etc; because those arguments will remain the nonsense that they are. “

  11. Mr Pastry, great points but that would require honesty from all at CP. If they had been honest from the outset about RD then maybe we would still be on the bus? The bus is being driving by Sandra Bulloch and chased by a Mr Reeves it feels…

  12. FourGreenFields on




    The players appear easily out fought at times and don’t dig deep when required.


    The board leave a lot to be desired when it comes to standing up for our club , it’s supporters and to the ongoing corruption in Scottish football.

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I for one am still behind Ronny but even I feel he needs to step up his game our football has become laboured and the players move the ball backwords as much as they move it forward.Also there seems to be a fear among the players which manifests for me in a lack of fight I also feel Ronny is to compliant when he is interviewed and he needs to show that he will not take nonsense from the questioner ( a bit like Warburton would be better ).Finally he needs to play two up front and get the team to go for the jugular we show in my opinion to much respect to other teams .I think his jaiket is on a shugglie nail and a decision about his future at Celtic will be made in the summer but the empty seats at Parkhead are doing him no favours. H.H.

  14. lennon's passion hated by the clique on

    Celtic to appeal Red card seems Ronny has changed his mind. No mention of the health and safety officer.

  15. lennon’s passion hated by the clique on 29th February 2016 1:39 pm Celtic to appeal Red card seems Ronny has changed his mind. No mention of the health and safety officer.



    That’ll be the easiest appeal of the season for the compliance officer. Your manager said it was a penalty. Case dismissed.

  16. GIGGSY @ 1:29




    Cheers for positive reply.



    I believe that now is the opportune time to act, to get everyone on side.


    All is far from lost – but we must ‘clear the decks’ as we anticipate another CL attempt and a bigger challenge next season when the Ibrox mob come back and if the likes of Hearts and Aberdeen continue to get stronger.



    We have a decent and talented, if slightly haphazard squad, assembled – it would not, in my opinion, take much to turn this squad into a real good team.


    It may take a bit of pruning and a couple of top class additions….or it may take a new manager – I can’t make up my mind.

  17. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I think a lot of people confuse the view that it is easy for Celtic to win the League with `it is easy for Celtic to win games`. We have always had greater resources than Aberdeen and Hearts but Pittodrie and Tynecastle were never easy place to go. We were never confident of victories at those venues.


    I do believe that the MSSM plays a MASSIVE role in shaping Public Opinion. People regularly tell me that they can make their own minds up. That being so, perhaps they could enlighten me as how they by passed the influence of genes, environment, random events and ever changing psychological make up in order to make up their `own minds` ?




    PS If Celtic sacked Ronny because of fan pressure, it would , perhaps, be the fatal action that finally convinces me that the attitude of our fans is not that far removed from the WATP mob.

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think that Ronny saying he thought the decision was correct will not have an adverse effect on the appeal. Rather than a knee jerk appeal, Celtic’s approach will be that it was an honest mistake by the ref. We also thought at the time it was a red card but now, having seen the video evidence, it is clear to us that the referee made a mistake and that decision should be overturned.



    That said, I still think they will reject the appeal.






    “You gotta spread joy up to the maximum



    Bring gloom down to the minimum



    Have faith, or pandemonium’s



    Liable to walk on the scene”







    Agree that the players lack fight, for which Ronny takes the hit. He lacks fight – they lack fight.

  21. lennon's passion hated by the clique on

    RD: “When you play a high line and press a lot, there is a lot of space behind us and can get into situations of one v one.” (MH)



    Ronny happy to leave space at the back. No chance in Europe with this tactic.

  22. garygillespies



    Ronny’s unpopular opinion at the game was another stick to beat him with, – just like his change of heart today.



    That’s life on the internet CSC

  23. I’m still mystified at the level of criticism for RD compared to NL.



    NL’s second full season, we finish on top with 93 points, we can get 95 pts this season.


    We scored 84 goals, we’re currently on track for 98.



    Rangers finished 2nd with 73. Aberdeen are on track for 78 but potentially 86 (if they win all games except against us).



    In that season Aberdeen finished 9th on 41, they already have 56. I think Motherwell look most likely to finish 9th with perhaps 43 but roughly in the same ballpark.



    The convoluted point I’m getting too is that despite RD performing at least as well as NL, it seems to be the resurgence of Aberdeen and to a lesser extent Hearts that has resulted in a higher level of criticism. Something he can do absolutely nothing about.



    It’s really quite an interesting phenomenon.

  24. THE EXILED TIM.@ 1.27.



    ” Those days are gone “..



    Said with exactly the same sincerity as these-



    ” We have 15 years worth of evidence in respect of weapons of mass destruction ”



    ” he has mobile biological warfare laboratories “

  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    BTW…Id continue with Bailly…..Craig Gordon spreads uncertainty throughout the team, when his heads not right, anything can happen….time for a rest.


    Rogic….I think he is a good player and could improve further, there are others need shifting first though.


    Derk needs chased pronto.


    And…If we cant win the league from this position,…we should chuck it.





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